Create a Tapas Board for Your Next Get Together

Jul 10, 2020 | Adult Parties & Events, Parties

Now that summer is in full swing and 4th. of July Barbecues, Cook-Outs, and Picnics are done it’s time to plan simple adult get togethers.  Sure the hot dogs, burgers, games, and fireworks of last week were great even though at our house it was on a smaller scale than usual (social distancing and all are still practiced at our house); but I for one am ready for something calmer and more sophisticated.

For the rest of the summer, at least until Labor Day, I’m thinking adult time with a few friends are in order.  Under normal times friends and I usually get together for meals at our favorite restaurants, but with the ominous warnings of second and third waves of this virus going around it seems that most of us are avoiding public places that can possibly get crowded.  So small gatherings at our homes are just the thing.

But hosting any type of event no matter how small still calls for some planning.  Basically what to serve, I don’t worry too much about entertainment as my small gatherings are usually “talk story” time as we say on the island.  I focus more on what to serve.  I try to keep it simple, something I can prepare and serve quickly so that I can spend most of the time with friends and not in the kitchen.

Recently “Boards” have become the rage when it comes to at home entertaining.  I’ve seen Cheese Boards, Charcuterie Boards, Snack Boards, Breakfast Boards, French Fry Boards, and more; some of them are quite elaborate. Boards are really just a way to display and serve food based on some sort of theme.  I love it!   I love and embrace the whole Board idea!

After toying with this whole Board idea I decided that a Tapas Board was something I needed to make.  And why not?  I filled it with our favorite hot and cold Tapas.  Well actually I couldn’t think of a neat way to put my favorite Gambas Al Ajillo on it so I had to serve it on the side, but no big deal.  So what’s on my Tapas Board?  I have Patatas Bravas, Torta (Spanish Omelette), Blistered Peppers, Olives, Pickles, and Queso Fresca. I served a basket of breads on the side, mostly for dipping in the Gambas Al Ajillo’s buttery garlic sauce.  Now served with cocktails, wine or a pitcher of Sangria (I love the Cava Sangria made with a sparkling wine) this Tapas Board is amazing!

Here are a few ideas and recipes you can put on your Tapas Board.  Just remember Tapas are really small portions of Spanish food or any other food you prefer. And a Board is basically a display of the food you’re serving creatively placed on a wood or glass cutting board or tray.  So go ahead and create a Tapas Board for your next gathering!

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Patatas Bravas

Click here for the recipe!


Click here for the recipe!

Blistered Peppers

Click here for the recipe!

Blistered Olives

Click here for the recipe!

Gambas Al Ajillo

Click here for the recipe!





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