Things have been rather busy around here. Not so much on the blog, but the baby has kicked things into high gear. That’s what they do, right? But he’s so snuggly and squishy and these days are so few that it’s very much worth it. And we still managed to find some time for these fun Craft Stick Monsters!

A fun Halloween craft, I actually love monster crafts any time of year. I just do. All the eyes placed haphazardly, the assorted wild colors, the crazy hair, and the fact that you can make them any way you want because, well, they’re monsters. And monsters aren’t supposed to look ordinary.

Colorful Craft Stick Monsters, Halloween Craft

These Craft Stick Monsters are made with craft sticks. That was obvious, right? Painted in assorted acrylic paint colors with googly eyes in various sizes. Then add bright construction paper hair and arms with a mouth drawn on in black sharpie, and you have a really fun and so easy that we can get it them done in one of the baby’s infamous 20 minute nap spurts.

Craft Stick Monsters

Supplies needed:

  • craft sticks
  • acrylic paint in assorted colors
  • googly eyes in various sizes
  • construction paper in assorted colors
  • black sharpie marker
  • scissors
  • glue

First, line up 6 craft sticks side by side. Cut a piece of scrap paper to fit the width of the craft sticks and glue on back. This will hold the craft sticks together. Let dry.

Colorful Craft Stick Monsters, Halloween Craft

Flip the glued together craft sticks over and paint in assorted colors. Let dry. Randomly glue on googly eyes in various sizes. Draw a mouth with the black sharpie.

Cut strips of construction and bend in an accordion fashion for the arms. Glue in place. Also cut a quadrilateral out of the construction paper to fit the width of craft sticks. Snip spikes or waves into the top of the paper and glue in place for hair.

Colorful Craft Stick Monsters, Halloween Craft

We’ve made some fun monster crafts before, but this has to be another one of my favorites! Be sure to check out more of our