Craft Stick Basket

Apr 7, 2023 | DIY Crafts, DIY Holiday Crafts, Easter

Craft sticks have never looked so good! Here’s how to make this playful Easter basket:


– Large craft sticks

– Screw hole punch

– Hot glue

– Top of a round take-out container (ours was about a 4” circle)

– White acrylic paint

– Craft brush

– Burlap or another fabric scrap (for the inside)

– ½ burlap ribbon



  1. Make a template craft stick where you put a hole about ½” down from the top in the center. Using your ‘template’ mark 18 (or more!) craft sticks with where you need to make the hole and punch it out.
  2. Paint each craft stick white and let them dry.
  3. Hot glue the bottom of a craft stick (without the hole) to the round and hot glue the rest of the craft sticks until the entire plastic base is covered.
  4. Cut a piece of burlap or fabric and attach it to the inside of the basket with a few dots of hot glue to make a nicer finish.
  5. Finish the basket with a strip of burlap ribbon on the bottom of the basket. Attach the bow with a few dots of hot glue and trim it to fit.
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