Most of the time, your dad will want to celebrate Father’s Day outside, flipping burgers with one hand and a bottle of beer in the other.  There are different ways in to make dad happy this Father’s Day. Father’s Day is just around the corner, with a little planning and some help you can make it an incredible and unforgettable day for him.

celebrating father's dayMake this year’s Father’s Day an event to remember and show your dad how much you appreciate and value him.  Usually when you’re in charge of planning a celebration, you tend to spend your time planning and overseeing the event.  You end up missing out on the party itself.  Proper planning and the right kind of help will let you enjoy the party!

For a memorable Father’s Day party spruce up the space with a bit of decoration. Setup outdoors if you need more space. You can set up a tent for shade and areas for the kids to play during the party. Make everything stand out from chairs, tables and even tents; with the use of colors and other décor, you can even have a theme.  Make the party theme about your Dad, think about what he likes; golfing, fishing, or other sport; or his hobbies, cars, wood working, or whatever.

Before you start planning find out what Dad likes, if you don’t already know.  If you can’t think of a theme get ideas online. You’ll find many tips on how to decorate a party, create a schedule, games, music, food, venue and etc.   I’m sure you’ll creative ideas to celebrate the day in a fun and unique way.

Invite of your dad’s friends, relatives and other people close to him. It will make the party so much more enjoyable!

Once you’ve decided on a theme, or not, it’s time to decide who you want to help and what you want them to do.  Consider party rentals, you can rent everything from a tent, to tables and chairs, inflatables for the kids, and margarita machines for the grown-ups!  Best of all the rental company will set up and break down all your rentals, that way you can concentrate on your decorating!

Then there’s your menu.  Serve your dad’s favorites.  Homemade is great, he’ll love it!  But if you don’t have time or have a huge guest list consider catering.  You can choose to have the caterer cook, deliver, and serve the food or order dishes from dad’s favorite restaurant and pick it up just before the party.

And don’t forget dessert!  Everyone loves dessert, it’s the best part of the meal!

When it comes to spoiling your dad for a day, there’s no time than Father’s Day.