Barcelona With Kids

Barcelona With Kids

Last April we ended up in Barcelona with kids.  We were there with our daughter, son-in-law, and grandsons aged 8 months, 5 and 10.  Pretty wide age gap I know and finding things for the kids to do can be challenging at times. Specially when the adults want to do things too!

But Barcelona is a pretty kid friendly city and there are quite a few things for kids to do and a lot of fun places for them to visit.

Ever since my kids were small I always liked to mix things up when we went on family vacations and I see no reason why the same wouldn’t  hold true with vacationing with grandkids.  What I mean is I feel that vacations are a fun way to learn about the world and the different people and cultures that live in the many places we visit.  That’s why as part of any vacation I include something educational, like museums, local cuisine, and architecture, and something fun, like a beach day or an amusement park, in our itinerary.

So here are 7 kid friendly places and activities that will make your Barcelona with kids vacation fun for everyone.  I’m sure you’ll find something to suit your family!

This article contains affiliate links too help you plan your Barcelona family vacay!

Exploring Gaudí’s Work

Let’s face it one of the main tourist attractions in Barcelona are the whimsical buildings designed by Antoni Gaudí.  And whether you’re in Barcelona with kids or without those buildings are a definite must see.

Kids may not be that impressed with the unfinished Sagrada Familia Basilica but they’ll probably find the fairy tale buildings and sculptures in Parc Guell fun and charming.  And they’ll probably love seeing the dragon like roof of Casa Batló and the wavy facade of La Pedrera aka Casa Mila.

Ok that’s a lot for some kids to take in, actually it’s a lot for some adults too!

So what’s the best way to see all this?  Well a private guided tour of La Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell is a great start!

You can book a kid friendly tour of both the basilica and the park with a guide who will tailor the experience for your child.  The guide will make visiting these places both fun and educational.  Best of all the tour includes skip the line tickets to both attractions (who wants to stand in line for hours to buy tickets and gain entrance, specially when you’ve got antsy kids with you!) and a cab ride between the two sites.  And since it’s private you decide how long you want to spend in each place.

So you can fit in a time for some silly photos.  Like spelling out YMCA in front of the Basilica!  Or letting the kids do a bit of running and climbing at the playground located across the street from the church.  Hey while the kids let off some energy parents and grandparents can grab a sangria and a snack at the truck located in front of the playground entrance.  There are tables and chairs located in the same place where you can rest and have a snack or drink while admiring the front of La Sagrada Familia.  (Just beware of pick pockets, they love to work the crowded sites. Keep your belongings in front of you always and keep and eye on the kids in the playground!)

Click here to book a kid friendly private tour of Barcelona’s 2 great attractions!

After visiting 2 of Gaudí’s masterpieces take a stroll down Passeig de Gracia if you still have the energy!

Here you’ll find high end fashion boutiques including Gucci, Chanel, Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Hermes, and more.  Definitely the Rodeo Drive or Fifth Avenue of Barcelona!  Kids might enjoy the store window displays along the boulevard, or they can check out the Apple Store or the little fashionistas might like to pop in to Desigual, a clothing brand headquartered in Barcelona that features trendy and chic clothing for the whole family.  We love Desigual!  They have fun clothes!

Along this wide street you’ll also pass Casa Batló and La Pedrera.  You can if you want buy tickets and check out the interior of each building, they’re pretty cool and some kids might find it interesting.  Our kids did not.  They preferred window shopping, go figure!


Stroll down La Rambla

La Rambla is Barcelona’s main pedestrian street.  It’s a crowded bustling pedestrian zone that stretches from Placa Catalunya right off Passeig de Gracia down to the Columbus statue towards the waterfront.

It’s lined with souvenir shops, hotels, cafés, fast food joints, restaurants, street vendors, and street artists.  Kids like La Rambla because it’s lined with shops and vendors hawking things kids love like gelato, ice cream, and even toys.  Our 10 year old basketball fanatic loved the NBA store and café.

Also on La Rambla you’ll find La Boqueria Market.  Kids love markets!  They’re colorful, fun, and filled with good things to eat.  Specially these frozen fruit bars!

Drop in around lunchtime and gather some picnic fixinigs!  You’ll find everything you need for a family picnic including fresh bread, deli meats and cheeses, fresh fruits and veggies, locally made olives and pickles, and more.  Or you can find ready to eat tapas like fried shrimp and calamari.

If you don’t want to take your food to go you can sit down at one of the tapas bars inside the market.

barcelona with kidsMosaic Class

Kids love arts and crafts.  Take them to this hands on Mosaic Class and let their creativity run wild for a couple of hours.

Kid friendly artists will teach kids the art of mosaic making.  The kids will learn how to handle and set tiles to create a mosaic which they will take home at the end of the class.

Our kids loved this!  Click here to book a Mosaic Class for children.

Camp Nou Private Tour

Football (Soccer) fans old and young will enjoy  a private tour of Camp Nou, home of the FC Barcelona or Barça.  This is the current team of Messi and the former team of other great players like Neymar and Ronaldo.

The tour includes one way transportation from Barcelona city center, guided tour of the stadium and museum,  and a light meal.  Of course you get to shop in the megastore for logo items such as shorts, shirts, balls, and more.  Click here to book a private tour of Camp Nou!

Barcelona with kidsL’Aquarium

Spend a couple of hours at the Barcelona Aquarium.  It’s one of the largest aquariums in Europe and is home to the world’s largest collection of Mediterranean Sea Life.

We love aquariums and have been to some of the best around the world.  The one in Barcelona is a definite must if you find yourself in Barcelona with kids!

Click here to get your skip the like L’Aquarium tickets!

barcelona with kidsBarcelona Zoo

Located in the city’s Cuitadella Park the Barcelona Zoo is another kid friendly favorite.  Founded in 1892 it is one of the oldest and most modern zoos in the world.

This zoo prides itself on it’s humane treatment of its animals.  It’s modern facilities and habitats do seem to house happy and content residents.

You can ride the train around the zoo or rent an electric buggy to putter around in.  Then of course there’s a restaurant serving fresh meals as well as snack vendors.  You can easily spend a day here and the kids will love it!   Avoid the ticket ques and click here to purchase your zoo tickets!

PortAventura and Ferrari Land Theme Parks

Spend the day at 2 theme parks!

Thrill to the super speed rides in Ferrari Land then the breathtaking coasters in PortAventura.  Truly and adrenalin junkie’s dream parks!

For those of us not so interested in heart stopping rides and the younger kids find family friendly rides and venues in both parks.  PortAdventure features a Sesame Street section complete with Big Bird and his gang!

The parks are located outside the city center and the tour includes roundtrip transportation and admission to both parks.   Click here too book this awesome tour!

Ready to book your family vacation to Barcelona?  Let Savvy Nana Travel help you plan a family friendly custom itinerary!

Barcelona – 10 Things Not to Miss in Barcelona

Barcelona – 10 Things Not to Miss in Barcelona

Barcelona is the cosmopolitan capital of the Catalonia region of Spain.  Barcelona is known for its architecture and art, and of course Catalan cuisine which is not the same as Spanish cuisine.

Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is blessed with sub-tropical climate and is pleasant year round.  It is a favorite port for cruise ships on the Med route.  It’s a lively city filled with whimsical architecture, world class sports venues (it did host the 1992 Summer Olympic Games), beautiful theaters, bustling plazas, fashionable shops, trendy bars, and outstanding restaurants.  In short there is something for everyone in Barcelona, it’s one of my favorite cities!

You could spend a week in Barcelona and still not see it all.  Here are 10 must do things in and around Barcelona!

BarcelonaLa Rambla

Everyone who goes to Barcelona ends up wandering around La Rambla.

La Rambla is a tree lined pedestrian street in the heart of the city.  It connects the Passeig de Colóm (Columbus Monument) to the Plaça de Catalunya.

The 1.2 kilometer street is lined with street vendors, restaurants, bars, and shops.  It’s a favorite with tourists and locals.

There are many side streets branching along La Rambla that will lead to more Plaças and cool neighborhoods.

Don’t forget to grab a table at one of the outdoor restaurants for a snack or beverage.  It’s a great place to do some serious people watching.

But to stay alert on La Rambla.  Like many crowded areas in any city La Rambla is a hot spot for purse snatchers and pickpockets.

BarcelonaLa Boqueria

Mercat de Sant Josep or more commonly known as La Boqueria is a huge public market with an entrance on La Rambla.

It’s filled with colorful fruits and veggies, meats, fish, cheeses, and other delicious food.

You can eat your way thru La Boqueria at very reasonable prices as you gawk at the colorful displays.

It’s open Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 8:30 pm.  Closed on Sundays.

The market can get pretty crowded so stay alert and hang tight to your belongings![spacer height=”-20px”]





BarcelonaPlaça Reial

Located in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter Plaça Reial is a lively square that’s popular with tourists and locals alike.

One of the entrances to this plaza is right off La Rambla, so it’s not hard to find.  If you exit from the gate by the Philippine Consulate you’ll end up in the heart of the Gothic Quarter.

Plaça Reial is busy pretty much most of the day, but it gets busier in the evenings where everyone makes their way there to eat, drink, and be merry.

Grab a seat and order a pitcher of Sangria, you deserve it after a day of wandering.  It’s a refreshing way to enjoy the evening and people watch as you sip!


BarcelonaSagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia is a large unfinished Catholic church.  Construction began in 1882 under architect Francisco Paula de Villar who quit a year later.  Antoni Gaudí took over in 1883 and worked on it until his tragic death in 1926.  Even though Gaudí worked on the church for 43 years the project was less than a quarter complete at the time of his death.

Relying solely on private donations progress on the church construction is incredibly slow.  The plan is to finish construction by 2026, a hundred years after Gaudí’s death.

The Nativity façade and the crypt of the Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Família were named UNESCO Cultural World Heritage in 2005.  They are part of the collection of sites that UNESCO calls “Works of Antoni Gaudí”

Today the church is open daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 or 7:00 pm depending on the time of year.  Tickets to the church can be purchased online and start at €15 per person for the basic ticket.   Guided tours and visits to the towers are not included in the basic ticket.  Click here for more ticket info and to purchase tickets.

You’ll find a few vendors and cafes right outside the Sagrada Familia.  If you’re tired an outdoor table at one of the cafes is perfect to rest and relax with a view of the beautiful church.


barcelonaPark Güell

This public park is one of Antoni Gaudí’s major works in Barcelona.  It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and is part of the “Works of Gaudí”.

It’s a delightful place with gardens and whimsical statues and structures.  It’s definitely worth the visit.

It’s open daily from 8:00 am t0 5:30 or 8:00 pm depending on the season.

Tickets cost €8.  Click here for more info and to purchase tickets.

BarcelonaCasa Batlló

Located in the heart of Barcelona is’s Casa Batlló.  It is one of Gaudí’s masterpieces.  Gaudí began renovation on this private home in  1904 and finished in 1906.  It has gone thru several restorations since, always preserving this architectural treasure.

I have to admit this is one of my favorite buildings in Barcelona.  I love the “scaled” roof that resembles a dragon in my eyes.  It’s truly a testament to Gaudí’s creativity!

Today the owners open the doors to the public and also rent out spaces to be used as event venues.

The building is open daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.  Admission cost is €23.50.

Click here for more info and to purchase tickets online.

[spacer height=”-20px”]






barcelonaCasa Milà

Casa Milà or more popularly call La Pedrera (Stone Quarry) is yet another Gaudí masterpiece and UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Located not far from Casa Batlló this building was designed and constructed by Gaudí between 1906 to 1912.

Today it is home to the cultural center with spaces for exhibitions and other public uses.  It of course show cases the works of Gaudí,

La Pedrera is open daily from 9:00 am to 8:30 pm.

Tickets cost €22.

Click here for more info and to purchase tickets online.


BArcelonaHospital de Sant Pau

The Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau came to be in 1401 with the merging of 6 hospitals in the city.  The original building is one of the  most important examples of Catalan Civil Gothic architecture.

The new hospital, designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner, was laid on 15 January 1902, though the new facilities would not be opened until 1930.  This was built in the Modernista style.  The hospital complex was used until 2009 when it moved to the new complex.

Today the old complex has been converted into a museum and event Barcelona

For more info on hours, activities, and tickets click here.



Head to the seaside neighborhood of Barceloneta for some sun and surf.  There are beaches along the coast.

The area is also known for the nightclubs and restaurants along the boardwalk.  You can get some of the best seafood paella at one of these restaurants.

It’s a fun place to hangout for families during the day, and for those who love the nightlife!  [spacer height=”-20px”]





barcelonaMontserrat Abbey

Located just 30 miles from Barcelona and accessible by car, train, or cable car, the Santa Maria de Montserrat is definitely worth a half day trip.

Nestled in the crags of the mountain of Montserrat this Benedictine Abbey was founded in the 9th. Century.  It still functions as a monastery to day housing about 80 monks.

The abbey is home to  Virgin of Montserrat (the black Madonna), who is Catalonia’s favourite saint, and is located in the sanctuary of the Mare de Déu de Montserrat, next to the Benedictine monastery nestling in the towers and crags of the mountain. The Escolania, Montserrat’s Boys’ Choir, is one of the oldest in Europe, and performs during religious ceremonies and communal prayers in the basilica.

The setting and the buildings are amazing!

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