Colors for August Weddings

Colors for August Weddings

For couples getting married in August, colors for your wedding can be chosen from a wide variety for this versatile month. Whether you want a seasonal feel or want to decorate with neutrals, you’re sure to find a color combination that fits your wedding vision. Find tips on choosing the right August colors to match your wedding theme, style, and locale.

Hot Colors for August Weddings

Some of the hottest color trends for weddings can work perfectly for August nuptials. Still considered summer but on the brink of fall, color choices range from vibrant fiery tones to cooler color combinations.

Crazy for Yellow

While pale and pastel yellows are typically better suited to early spring, yellow is in vogue, and there are many shades that work well for August. Consider shades of yellow such as:

  • Goldenrod
  • Sunflower yellow
  • Saffron
  • Dandelion

Yellow is a versatile color and can be used with many other colors in a late summer wedding, such as white, ivory, browns, oranges, blues, and violet/purples. However, yellow with pinks or greens is typically more popular for spring weddings.

yellow Gerbera daisy bouquet

Orange Explosion

Another on-trend wedding color is orange, in every shade imaginable. From peachy pinks to rich rust, orange can be a lovely August wedding color. Shades to consider:

  • Pumpkin orange
  • Peach
  • Tangerine
  • Dark salmon
  • Terra Cotta
  • Mango

Pair orange shades with yellow, brown, ivory, rich pinks, burgundy, or green colors.



orange, pink, yellow chair decoration

Bold Brown

While chocolate brown continues to be popular, seen in everything from bridesmaid dresses to invitations, dark, serious browns such as seal brown and baker’s chocolate also provide plenty of appeal. Color combinations to consider for August:

  • Champagne and baker’s chocolate brown
  • Deep brown and ivory
  • Cinnamon and orange
  • Black brown and ice blue
  • Brown with mustard yellow and shades of pink
  • Bride and groom smiling in rural field

Neutral Grey

Grey is a hot color, and incredibly versatile! While silver is well-suited to winter weddings, many other grey hues are great for late summer or early fall weddings. Consider:

  • Pearl grey
  • Dove grey
  • Steel grey
  • Slate

Pair grey with shades of blue, violet, or purple. Other hues that look striking with grey include yellow, deep aqua, and medium or muted oranges.


gray suit with blue

Choose Contrasting Colors

August is a month that hints at change, and your wedding colors can reflect this sense of the season. Though bright greenery may still be on the scene, in many locations a richening of the landscape may occur with the colors of the harvest season and lightening skies. Use nature’s prompting to come up with a scheme of two or three colors. Consider colors that may not initially seem to complement each other and you may be surprised at the stunning results.


vivid blue with bright bouquet


For example, take candy red, robin’s egg blue, and black-brown. While you may not immediately think of these shades as typical August colors for a wedding, when you look at the combination together it presents a fresh, modern, and yes – appropriate for August – scheme. Other combinations, like purple and yellow, that utilize unique colors for fresh appeal for this interval month include:

  • Light grey, orange, and cream
  • Medium grey, deep butter yellow, and ivory
  • Deep brown, maple red, and slate
  • Wine or burgundy, wheat, and deep or navy blue
  • Goldenrod, violet, and burgundy
  • Wine with claret accents
  • Chocolate, black, and gold
  • Forest green and brown
  • Midnight blue and orange
  • Jade, maple, and ivory

Colors That Match Your August Wedding Theme

After considering all of the wedding colors appropriate for August, you’ll have to make a choice that fits your wedding vision. Keep these factors in mind before making the final decision.

Seasonal Feel

A large factor in choosing the right August wedding color is the seasonal feel in the locale where you will be saying your vows. If you are planning a destination wedding where bright flowers will still be lending a mid-summer feel even at the end of August, you can easily go with bright colors like pinks, tangerines, and yellows. If you’re getting married in your hometown that experiences an early onset of cool weather, you may want to opt for more autumn-inspired choices like burgundy, gold, or dark brown.


Fancy party table

Wedding Atmosphere

Another consideration for an August wedding is the style and atmosphere of the wedding. A formal catered wedding at a reception hall in August may be stunning with dark blue and light grey. A rustic outdoor August wedding, on the other hand, would work well with colors like russet brown and sunflower yellow.


Old autumn wood for wedding ceremony - Colors for August Weddings

Beautiful August Wedding Ideas

Whether you go with a highly original or classic color scheme for your wedding, remember that if you love the colors and they reflect your style, what is traditionally an August color or trendy for the moment is secondary to creating your special stamp of color on your wedding day. You can’t go wrong with wedding colors that make you happy!

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DIY Holiday Crafts

Fun Ideas For An All-Adult Party!

Fun Ideas For An All-Adult Party!

If you’re going to be having a party, then you may want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of it. The most important thing is that everyone is going to be able to enjoy themselves, and that’s why you’ve got to think long and hard about some ideas to make your party great. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at what some of these ideas are, so keep reading if you would like to find out more.

Go Do Something Childish

The first thing that we are going to suggest is that you go and do something childish. It’s hard being an adult, and it’s exhausting. It’s for this reason that sometimes we just want to take a step back and do something fun, maybe even a little bit childish. For example, you could all dress up as characters from a film or TV show and have a fancy dress party. Or, you could head out and go bowling, go to a laser quest center, or whatever else you think you might enjoy. The point is for it to be as fun as possible, so something that you used to enjoy when you were a child might be a good idea. Think about the things that you used to love to do, and then choose one for your party.

Hire A Bar

Another thing that we are going to suggest is that you hire a bar. Not everyone drinks alcohol, it’s true, but for those who do, this is going to make the party that little bit better. A company like Party Pony Trailers LLC may be able to help you out here as they have mobile bars! This means that if you want the party to be at your home, but you also want a bar, then something like this is the perfect solution! 

Or, you could simply just have alcohol on the table and allow everyone to mix their own drinks. At least you can be sure they’re going to like what they make for themselves!

Game Night

Finally, have you thought about having a game night? Everyone can get involved, and it can be a super fun idea. Choose a bunch of different games that everyone can play together, and then let the fun begin. Ensure that all the games you’ve got are suitable for the amount of players that you are going to have so that nobody ends up left out. Get some snacks, a few drinks, and this could be the perfect night in for you and your friends. It might not be the same as having an actual party, but it’s just as fun for a small gathering!

We hope that you have found this article helpful and now know some of the fun ideas that we’ve got for an all-adult party. These ideas don’t make up an extensive list, so there are plenty more things that you can do if you would like to. Hopefully, you have a great time, and so does everyone else involved. 

Be The Perfect Guest: Appropriate Behavior and DIY Hostess Gifts

Be The Perfect Guest: Appropriate Behavior and DIY Hostess Gifts


It’s sad but I’ve hosted many events where there is someone who behaves so poorly that I make a note never to invite them back.  I still have some folks whom I don’t speak to due to their rudeness at my son’s wedding, and that was over 3 years ago!  During the upcoming holiday season many of us will find ourselves guests at various holiday functions.  Whether it be Thanksgiving dinner with family, an office Christmas party, or a friend’s New Year’s Eve bash it is important to behave appropriately and considerately.  You don’t want to be the guest everyone remembers for obnoxious behavior or the one whose outrageous antics will be talked about for years to come.  Most importantly you’ll probably want to be invited back soon.

Here are a few tips on party etiquette that should ensure you don’t go home with a bad rep!

1.  Always acknowledge a party invitation!  Whether it be a formal written invitation to a wedding or an informal call asking you over for a neighborhood barbeque, let the host know if you will be attending.  If the invitation comes with an RSVP card mail it back by the due date, if it’s an informal call or email respond appropriately with a call, text, or email.  Your host needs to know how many people to expect so he can prepare accordingly.

2.  If you accepted an invitation but must cancel do so as soon as possible.  If you are sick don’t spread your germs, stay home and call in your regrets.

3.  Arrive promptly.  There is no such thing as “stylishly late”.  If you are going to be unavoidedly late, more than 10-15 minutes, call your hostess and let her know you’re running late and when you expect to arrive.  If you are going to be more than an hour late, call and let them know you’ve had an emergency and will not be able to attend.  Unless the event is an “open house” where times are between certain hours, do not arrive a couple of hours late and expect to be served a hot meal!

4.  Dress appropriately!  You don’t wear your ballgown or tux to a backyard barbeque and you don’t wear shorts or jeans to a formal affair.

5.  Practice good personal hygiene and grooming.  There is no excuse for sloppiness and uncleanliness.  You don’t want to everyone to endure an evening breathing offensive odors.

6.  Unless you’ve been invited to a pot-luck leave your famous pasta casserole at home.  You may ask your hostess if there is something you can bring to her party, but if she says no thank you don’t insist on bringing your award winning dish, it may not fit in with her themed menu.  If you must bring your famous dish or dessert package it as a hostess gift and present it to your hostess as something she can enjoy later, don’t insist it be served immediately.

7.  Enjoy the food, drinks, and company, but don’t overindulge.  No one wants to hear or smell offensive bodily sounds.  And do not get stinking drunk and act stupid.  It’s a sure bet if you do either you will not be invited back.

8.  Act sociably, friendly, and appropriately.  Don’t get into loud debates or arguments with other guests even if you’re passionate about a topic.  Sure you’re entitled to your opinions, but there is a time and place for everything.  An office party is probably not the right place to loudly voice your political or religious views which ever side of the aisle you’re on.   Acting inappropriately at office functions may cause you to be passed over for that promotion you’ve been hoping for!

9.  Mind your manners and respect your environment.  If the meal is served buffet style don’t pile your plate with the delicious seafood dish, take a serving and leave some for other guests, you may be able to go for seconds later.  Use cocktail napkins or coasters when placing drinks on tables.  Try not to spill that red wine on your host’s white carpet, if you do let the host know immediately so that it can be dealt with as soon as possible.  If you use the bathroom be neat about it, don’t leave it messy and nasty for the next person.  Do not start packing food to take home unless your hostess offers you the opportunity at the end of the party.  There is no excuse for rudeness.

10.  Bring an appropriate hostess gift, it’s always a nice gesture.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, a small token will do.  Here are a few suggestions that may get you invited back.

Thanksgiving Spice Kit is a  nice gift for the holiday season by The Mixing Bowl Kids. You can add a recipe card with a recipe for using the spices.

Learn how to make it here![spacer height=”-100px” id=”8″]


This yummy Marinated Feta Cheese from Dabbles and Babbles makes a great gift your hostess can enjoy later.  Present it in a pretty jar as shown or a Mason Jar with a nice ribbon.

Learn how to make it here![spacer height=”-100px” id=”8″]



Rosemary infused sea salt from Valley & CoLifestyle is inexpensive and easy to make, and your hostess will love it!

Learn how to make it here![spacer height=”-100px” id=”8″]



This Lemonade Kit from The Idea Room would make a great hostess gift for a backyard barbeque!

Learn how to make it here![spacer height=”-100px” id=”8″]



Your hostess will love this Dinner in a Jar by Play. Party. Pin.  She’ll probably be tired after entertaining and won’t want to make dinner the next day, she can enjoy it then!

Learn how to make it here![spacer height=”-100px” id=”8″]


Every hostess will love this Spruced up cutting board by Sugar and Charm.  

Learn how to make it here![spacer height=”-100px” id=”8″]


How about homemade Limoncello by The Happier Homemaker.  

Learn how to make it here![spacer height=”-100px” id=”8″]




If you don’t have time to make anything a nice bottle of wine is always a great gift.  Make it special by wrapping it in a nice dish towel like the one shown here by Cotton & Flax.

Learn how to do it here![spacer height=”-100px” id=”8″]

 Wine Gifts-300x250




Party Planning 101:  Budget, Guest Count, Date & Venue

Party Planning 101: Budget, Guest Count, Date & Venue

Everyone loves a good party and every hostess aspires to be the hostess with the mostest.  But before the first guests arrive there is much work to be done in order to make each event memorable. That calls for Party Planning 101!

Whether you’re planning for your dream wedding, a friend’s baby shower, your child’s first birthday, an office Christmas party, or even just a backyard barbecue, the key to a successful event is planning!

Planning in my world means making lists and lots of them.   It starts as soon as you decide you are hosting a party or event.  Lists keep you on track and on budget.  Believe me parties can easy morph in to a budget busting extravaganza, lists keep you focused and help you trim the fat so to speak.

Here are the first 4 steps I take when I plan any event or patry:

1.  BUDGET –  Have an idea of your budget and write it down!  How much can you spend on this event? This will determine most if not all of the choices you will be making.

2.  GUEST COUNT – Have an idea of how many people you are thinking of inviting.  You need to have an idea of how many people may be attending so you can decide on your venue, menu, etc. and be able to stay within your budget.

3.  DATE & TIME – Choose your date wisely.  Sure you may want a Saturday evening wedding in June,  or a Christmas party on Christmas Day, but keep your budget and guests in mind.  Everything wedding related is more expensive during the wedding season that spans from May – August; and many people may have family obligations on Christmas day.  Unless your party will be at home remember that venues are at a premium on weekends and holidays.  You may be able to negotiate a better deal for weekday or off season events.  Also breakfast/brunch and luncheon affairs are usually less expensive than dinner ones.

4.  Decide on your venue and secure it.  The first 2 questions you will be asked when inquiring about a venue is date and guest count, followed by budget,  so have them ready.

Choosing a venue, unless you’re having a party at home, can be the most difficult part of planning, specially if you have to coordinate dates between 2 venues, like a church ceremony and a reception venue.  If this is the case you may have to reserve both at least 6-12 months ahead, specially if your event will be during the peak seasons.

*  Before looking at venues write down 3 words that best describe how you imagine your event;  Memorable, Fun, Beautiful, etc.  Keep these words in mind when you shop for a venue.  Consider venues that can be tailored to fit your expectations; if you want a memorable beach wedding then looking at ski resorts in Aspen would be a waste of time.

**  You should decide in advance which is more important, your date, venue, budget,  or guest list.  You may have to be flexible on one or the other.  If that romantic mansion can only accommodate 75 people are you able and willing to trim your 200 person guest list down?  If the ballroom at that glamorous hotel isn’t available on your date are you willing to change the date?  If renting that banquet hall takes up half of your budget can you increase your budget or do you shop for a different venue?

Once you have decided on and secured these for things the real planning fun begins, the details!


Themed Party Invitations Set the Stage

Themed Party Invitations Set the Stage

So you’re planning a party!  FUN!  Our family loves to throw parties.  The more elaborate the better!  We like to celebrate every occasion we can think of with a party, and planning is half the fun; well usually.

Of course we first have to get the serious stuff out of the way, budget, guest list, and venue, before the fun part starts.  Once that’s settled we move on to our favorite part; deciding on the party theme!

I’ve been planning themed parties for years, back when my kids were young, when it wasn’t necessarily all the rage.  Well these days themed parties seem to be the thing, from bridal showers to birthday parties to weddings and even corporate events; everyone wants a theme!  (We’attended a 1920’s themed corporate event last fall!)

Don’t think themed parties are just for kids’ parties.  It’s so “in” that even my mom insisted on a theme for her 80th. birthday party last year!  (We did a 1950’s theme, it was a blast!)

Choosing a theme can be confusing, there’re so many cool ones out there! Consider the event, venue, and menu when deciding on your theme, then pick one, and get creative!

Now that your theme is decided you’ll start thinking of menus, cakes, activities, and decor; but don’t forget the first thing will see, the invitation.  Set the tone of your party with a Themed Party Invitation!

For informal events like a backyard barbecue or game night an email or text will work.  But it doesn’t have to be a plain one, take the time to create digital stationary for your event, it’ll be much more inviting!  But for most other events, specially weddings and other formal celebrations, a written invitation is a MUST!

Invitations tell guests important information such as event type, date, time, and address.  A Themed Party Invitation sets the stage and creates excitement.  Along with the standard information you’re giving your guests what to expect at your event, you can even make dress suggestions so guests can come dressed appropriately.  You don’t want guests showing up in a tux for a beach party!

By the way Themed Party Invitations shouldn’t break the bank!  You can print them up yourself or order them from Wedding Paper Divas or my Etsy shop Savvy Nana Crafts.  Here are a few Themed Party Invitations we’ve used for our parties!  (we’ve even shared a template to make your own!)

By the way click on the event and get more ideas for that theme!

Party InvitatonsJett’s Farmhouse 3rd. Birthday Party

Everyone loved these invitations, shredded paper “hay” was a great touch!

Click here to order this for your party![spacer height=”-20px”]





themed invitationLuau/Roast & Toast 40th. Birthday

A roast is a great idea for adult milestone birthdays!

And because this roast was also a luau guests came in colorful “Aloha” wear![spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]



80th invite1950’s Theme Invitation

This was the invitation to my mom’s 80th. birthday party.  It definitely did the job!  Guests showed up dressed in period costumes.  It was perfect![spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]







onederland inviteOneder-land Theme

I love this theme for first birthdas!  I was so happy my daughter-in-law, Sheena, chose it for her twins.  So if you’re looking for a baby’s first birthday theme try this one; you can only use it once!

Other variations of the theme for all ages are:


Winter Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland



Ticket Style Invitations for a Thomas the Train Party & Planes Party
Train ticketplanes invite

We really loved ticket style invitations that’s why we used it twice!

You can use ticket style invitations for sports themed parties too!








Super Hero inviteSuperhero Party

Everyone loves superheroes, work a theme around your favorite!  Devon’s has always been Captain America, but Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are just as cool!

Let us help you design your theme invitation! Click here!

We can design it and send you a finalized jpg file to print on your own or you can choose to have us do all the work and just send you the finished product!




Bowling party invitBowling Party 

This was an easy party!  Just invite guests to the local bowling alley and you’re pretty much done.  The alley’s snack bar provides the food and let everyone bowl a game or two.  The only thing you’ll have to bring is the cake!

Click here for instructions to DIY this invitation and the free template!





party invitationsFootball Party

Next month we’re hosting a Football Themed party for Devon’s 9th. birthday at our neighborhood park.  Check back for more party ideas posting soon!

This theme and invitations work great for Game Night get togethers and Super Bowl Parties too!



Whatever your theme I’m sure you can create the perfect invitation.  Whether it’s a digital, printed, or handmade invitation it will set the stage and build excitement for your special event.  You’re guests will look forward to your party!

DIY Banner Cake Toppers

DIY Banner Cake Toppers

Banner Cake ToppersIf you’re a Pinner on Pinterest like we are you’ll have noticed how popular Banner Cake Toppers are these days.  If you’re not sure what they are they’re the string of miniature flags strung together on posts and stuck into cakes.  I love the idea!  It’s more fun than writing “Happy Birthday” on the cake itself.

You can buy these Banner Cake Toppers at most party stores and online. They start at about $8 for a basic kit.  But what you can buy are the generic types that say “Happy Birthday” or “Just Married”.  If you’re looking for something personalized with names or themes you may have to special order them, meaning they’ll cost way more.

But really they are so simple to make and won’t cost you nearly as much if you DIY it!  I made this topper for my grandson Devon’s 8th. Birthday.  It turned out a bit too big because I thought they were going to use it on his full sheet cookie cake, but they decided to put it on a 9″ round cake instead.  Next time I’ll make a smaller one.

I used chipboard Micro Pennants for this one, mainly because I had a pack of them I had gotten as part of a craft store grab bag I got on New Year’s Day.  Each pennant measure 1 1/4″ x 2″, that’s why it would have been perfect for that sheet cookie.  But you don’t need to use chipboard, you can use card stock, construction paper, or what ever paper you have on hand, just cut out small triangles.  This is less time consuming, using chipboard that was natural colored involved painting them, but on the other hand I didn’t have to cut out 18 tiny triangles.  I had a good time painting them and chipboard is much stiffer than card stock or paper.

Anyway the basics are the same whether you use chipboard, card stock, construction paper, or plain paper.  The idea is to use small triangles, rectangles, or whatever shape you want.  Because I used chipboard I painted each pennant with Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint.  For the letters I found stickers at Walmart that worked perfectly, you can also hand print the letters on the pennants if you like, or even leave them blank.

I used Baker’s Twine  to string them up and attached them to straws I had left over from the twin’s Onederland 1st. Birthday Party.  Easy!

Here’s how I made Devon’s Banner Cake Toppers, and really it cost me nothing because I used supplies I already had in my craft room!


Banner Cake ToppersTriangle cut from paper, chipboard, or card stock in your choice of colors (if you use chipboard you may have to paint them the color you want)

Paint & Brushes (if you’re using chipboard)

Baker’s Twine & Yarn Needle

Straws, Bamboo skewers, chopsticks, or dowels

Letter stickers




Cut out  triangles about 1″ on the top side and 1 – 1 1/2″ in length.  (or whatever shape you want).  Cut enough shapes for each letter of the words you are spelling.  If you are using card stock or paper cut the shapes out in the color or colors you want.  Quick hint:  You can even use paper or card stock with patterns or designs.  You can get really creative with this.

Banner Cake ToppersIf you are using pre-cut chipboard you may want to paint them to your desired color or colors.  That’s what I did.  Be sure you paint both sides!

Then using a something pointy, like an ice pick, make a small hole on either side of the top corners of the triangles or what ever shape you are using. [spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Banner Cake ToppersPrint your letters or place your stickers on each pennant.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

IMG_5253Thread Baker’s Twine in to the needle and string the pennants together.  Leave enough twine on both ends for tying and make the twine long enough to allow for some slack so the pennants drape in the center. [spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Banner Cake TopperTie ends to straws, dowels, bamboo skewers, or whatever you are using to hold the pennants up.  Stick the straws into the cake arranging it the way you want.  The example above isn’t the best, but you get the general idea!

I love these Banner Cake Toppers!  You can use them to dress up any cake.  Best of all they’re super easy to put together and you can have lots of fun with them.  You can put any kind of message you want or  add the celebrant’s name to make your cake extra special.  It’s a great idea for Mother’s Day next month, Father’s Day in June, Grad Parties, Baby and Bridal Showers, or just because days!