Want To Look & Feel Nicer? Think About These Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

Want To Look & Feel Nicer? Think About These Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

Most people have dreamt about looking nicer in some way. For many, that leads them to develop a skincare routine. Other people might want a little more than even the best routine would have to offer. That could lead to you considering non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

These have become increasingly popular in the past few decades. That’s because, as the name implies, they don’t require as much work as some of their alternatives. Despite that, they can have a significant impact on your appearance. You could end up feeling better about yourself because of this.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then there could be a few non-invasive cosmetic procedures that you might want to consider.

Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures You Could Consider

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers have become popular among people looking to fight the signs of aging, especially wrinkles. These plump up your skin and make it look and feel much smoother. As a result, wrinkles and other fine lines will appear reduced. Sun damage should also be minimized.

You’ll notice the impact of dermal fillers almost immediately. This can wear off over time, however, so you may need to get them relatively regularly. A lot of this can vary depending on the type of filler and your specific case.


Coolsculpting has become quite popular in recent years, although many people don’t know what it is. In short, this is a way of eliminating fat cells and sculpting your body. A fat-freezing procedure, this typically targets areas of fat that are difficult to get rid of with diets and exercising.

Many people have come to see this as an alternative to liposuction. While it wouldn’t give you the same results, they can appear somewhat similar. That could make it one of the more recommended non-invasive cosmetic procedures for reducing weight and getting a better body.

There’s also relatively little recovery time with this, and it’s quite affordable. That could make it more than tempting.

Chemical Peels

Quite a few people worry about the effects of aging. Most of these worries focus on wrinkles and fine lines. One great way to minimize these is by using chemical peels. These remove layers of dead skin, which then makes your face look smoother and healthier.

You should also see much fewer blemishes while scars should appear reduced. There are multiple types of peel that you can choose from. It’s worth noting, however, that your recovery time can depend on which chemical peel you get.

By coupling these with dermal fillers, you shouldn’t have a problem looking younger.

Wrapping Up

Non-invasive cosmetic procedures have become increasingly popular over the past decade or so. That’s led to the technology and methods used in such treatments becoming increasingly advanced. Medical professionals can do a much better job than they did decades ago.

You shouldn’t have anything to worry about with these treatments. If you’re looking for an affordable and recommended way of quickly improving your appearance, then non-invasive cosmetic procedures could be an effective option.

The above could all be more than recommended.

Top Benefits of Insuring Your Car

Top Benefits of Insuring Your Car

It is vital to have a car in today’s world because of the high cost of public transportation. But unfortunately, many people can’t buy a vehicle outright and need help from a lending institution. 

Fortunately, financial products are available that will allow you to get behind the wheel without breaking your bank account! One such product is automobile insurance. Several benefits come with having this type of coverage on your car. They include:

You Get Personal Accident Cover

With the personal accident cover, you get coverage for personal injuries while traveling in a car. This means that the insurer will cover all medical expenses, and rehabilitation needs. 

It will also cover other associated costs such as anyone that gets injured while traveling with you in the exact vehicle. To ensure you get coverage for these claims, it would help to hire a car accident lawyer. They will know how to negotiate with your insurance provider the right way.

No Claim Bonus 

There are many benefits to insuring your car, and one of the biggest is that you will get a no-claim bonus. This could help you save money on future premiums by awarding you discounts for having an accident-free history over time. 

For example, if you have not had any accidents in five years, this can lead to up to 50% off your next premium. Many companies also offer rewards such as loyalty points or cash back when it comes time to renew. So, if they do happen to increase their rates slightly because of something like inflation – at least there’s some return for taking good care of their investment.

Third-Party Liability

In a third-party liability policy, the insured is responsible for compensating for any loss or damage they cause to others. For example, if you cause an accident and injure someone else’s property, this type of insurance will cover your liabilities towards them. 

These people can sue you for compensation which can be expensive. This policy will help you pay for those expenses and settle the lawsuit.

Cover of Damage or Loss 

Covering damage or loss is the most popular reason people own car insurance, and there is a good reason. No matter what happens to your vehicle, whether damaged in an accident or stolen from you without warning, you will get covered by your auto policy’s comprehensive coverage, which gives you more peace of mind. 

If an uninsured driver damages your vehicle while at fault in an accident with you on the road, then their liability protection would cover damage costs such as fixing/replacing windows and doors or repairing any other damage to the vehicle.

This is a good way of protecting yourself from any unforeseen events that may cause harm or loss to your car and ensures you get covered in case of an accident, theft, or vandalism. It also covers repair costs if another driver damages your car while they are at fault for causing the accident with you on the road. 

In conclusion, insuring your car can be a great way to ensure you are always protected from the unexpected. It is also helpful for those who want extra coverage against damages and injuries they might cause others on the road. 

How To Buy Good But Affordable Car Insurance

When it comes to buying car insurance, we all want to get the best and the most cost effective option that is available. As such, there are a number of things that one can do so that they can find affordable and good car insurance. The fact that there are thousands of companies that sell car insurance means that there are good deals that you can go for.

Now, what are some of the tips that one can follow so they can find suitable car insurance? Other than Balsiger Insurance, where else can one buy affordable car insurance? What kind of terms and conditions do they need to fulfill for them to buy affordable and effective car insurance?

Well, here are some tips to help you find affordable car insurance:

Shop Around

This is definitely a common thing people do when they want to find bargain items. The same case applies to insurance companies. It is true that there are thousands of insurance companies that sell car insurance. Therefore, for you to find affordable or suitable car insurance for your needs, it is important that you shop around to find out what the various companies have to offer. It is important to know that different insurance companies offer different rates for their auto insurance clients. The best way to find the right one is by contacting insurance companies. Visit their websites and even make a call to the insurance companies and get to know their auto insurance rates.

Think about group auto insurance

It is possible to buy car insurance through your employer, just like it is easy to buy health insurance in the same way. One advantage of group auto insurance is that it offers effective and cheap insurance coverage. This kind of insurance coverage also comes with other perks such as towing, repairs, discounted car rentals and so on. If you work for a company that has many employees, it is possible to enjoy group auto insurance coverage.

Drop the auto insurance coverage that you don’t need

It is important to know that you may not need all the auto insurance options that are offered. The law only requires one to have the basic coverage of liability insurance. This means that one will need to have third party insurance coverage where they will pay the drivers and other third parties that they injure or make damages to their property. There are other extras that one can add on top of the basic auto insurance. However, if you want to make some savings, it is important that you choose only the auto insurance coverage that you need.

Bundle your auto insurance with other policies

Bundling your insurance coverage will help you get better rates. Just like it is possible to bundle TV and internet services, the same can be done for insurance coverage. You could get better rates by buying more than one insurance cover. You could, for instance, bundle your car insurance with life insurance. You could also get better rates if you insure more than one vehicle or driver. This way, your insurance provider will definitely offer you better rates.

Don’t forget your car accident attorney

A car accident attorney is a necessity for every car owner. If you are involved in a car accident, whether you were at fault or not, an attorney can help you navigate the legal process and ensure that you get the best possible outcome. A lawyer like attorney Eric Ramos can also help you recover damages if you were injured in the accident. Even if you were not at fault, an attorney can negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company to get you a fair settlement. If you do not have an attorney, you may be taken advantage of by the insurance company and end up with much less than you deserve. Thus, it is essential that every car owner has a car accident attorney on their side.

Kroger Cake Review

Kroger Cake Review

Image source: Pinterest

Cake is one of the most important thing when you are having a party or during a holyday. This is why you need to pick the right cake to light up the party. There are a lot of things you should take into consideration from selecting the cake to receiving it at your front door or picking it up from the store. Also, take into consideration the design, the ingredients, and of course, your budget.

In this article we are going to review Kroger in order to find out more about their products and the designs. If you want to learn more about how to order a cake from Kroger and about their prices, you can visit them in person or search for the fees online. Kroger cakes prices are going to help you decide if this store is the best one to order the cake your want.

A Cake for Every Occasion

Kroger offer cakes for every occasion. At this bakery you can find cakes for birthdays, a baby shower, graduation, and even a wedding. For every occasion they have different licensed cakes. They have a vast selection of models and designs to choose from.

Birthday cakes
When it comes to birthday cakes, this is the area where Kroger excels. They have a lot of models for kids and for adults. Also, they have licensed designs for boys and girls. Some of their designs include Star Wars, Paw Patrol, Frozen, and Spiderman. All of these are very interesting and your kid is going to love the bright colors and his or her favorite character on the cake.

They also have simple designs which are great for a birthday cake. You can select a simple white or chocolate cake with a few sugary flowers as decoration. These are suited for anybody and they can even be a great birthday gift. One of the best thing about these cakes is the price. They price range between $24 and $47.

Baby Shower cakes
As we mentioned, Kroger has different cakes for every occasion. What better occasion to have a cake then a baby shower. They have licensed special designs for this event. Some of their most known designs include Baby Special Delivery Stork and Baby Block. The price of these are almost the same as the ones for birthday cakes.

Wedding cakes
If you want to have the perfect wedding but you are on a tight budget, you should pick out a cake from Kroger. They have 2 options: a 2-tier or a 3-tier cake. The designs are going to amaze you. These cakes look exactly like the ones you find at a renowned bakery and they also taste amazing. Also, this way you save some bucks on your wedding cake.

Build-a-Cake Service

One of the best things about Kroger cakes is that you can actually build your own cake just the way you like it. It is a great thing for people who want something special or simply when they don’t find the exact design they were searching for. Also, the best thing is that you can select everything from the cake type to the frosting and the decorations.

This option is great for those who want to celebrate a different event than a wedding or a birthday. With build-a-cake option, they are allowed to make the cake just the way they want. You can customize the cake by selecting the type of cake (sheet or round) and then choosing the icing, flavors, and the decorations. Get creative when purchasing a personalized cake.

Getting the Cake

After you selected and ordered the cake the only thing you can do is wait until the cake is ready. One thing you should consider is to pick up the cake a day before the part or at least a few hours before to make sure that the cake is ok. Kroger cake also offers a delivery option but not all Kroger stores have this option.

Unfortunately, cakes need to be picked up from most Kroger stores. It is important to order the cake about 72 hours before the party to make sure that the bakers have time to make it. Also, if the party is during a holiday you will need to plan ahead.

All in all, Kroger cakes have a great quality-price report. Since the price of the cakes are a lot smaller than the ones you will find at a renowned bakery, you should also expect the cakes to have a good design not an amazing one. Kroger makes it simple for you to order the perfect cake from their licensed designs or to build your own model. Just choose the one you like and enjoy it.

What’s a Bark Box? – Super Fun Doggie Stuff!

What’s a Bark Box? – Super Fun Doggie Stuff!

What is a Bark Box?  Why it’s a box of super fun doggie toys and treats delivered monthly to your door!

My daughter Jaime has been getting these boxes for her 2 French Bulldogs for a while now.  She’s been telling me about them for months.  She said her pampered canines loved them.  They now inspect every box that’s delivered to her door; just to make sure it’s not their monthly delivery!

Our friend Jowanna gets Bark Boxes too for her 2 dogs.  She tells me they KNOW when the box arrives and get so excited!

Well it took me a while, but last week when I was waiting for my daughter Jenny at the DMV I was browsing on Facebook and say this ad for Bark Box.  Better yet they were offering a deal to new subscribers, $1 for the first box! Wow, what a deal!  So I decided to give it a try.

First of all Bark Box is a subscription, you can choose 6 or 12 month subscriptions which you can cancel at any time.  I choose the 12 month of course, my Cannoli is pretty spoiled!   We got our first box in 7 days!  By the way shipping is free if you live in the continental US.  I live in Hawaii so I pay $5 shipping.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  When you subscribe you choose what size pooch you have, small, medium, or large. I’m sure this helps them pack just the right size toys and treats for your pet.  I ordered the medium, Cannoli is a Siberian Husky and weighs 42 pounds.

Then you decide on the subscription length, put in your shipping and billing info and you’re set.  Now all you got to do is wait for the Bark Box.

When I got the Bark Box I was excited to see how Cannoli would react.  I popped the box open and took it out to her.  You can see from the video she was a bit reluctant at first, but when she sniffed out those treats she got the idea!

In our first Bark Box we got:  The boxes are themed, can you guess what our theme was this month?

bark boxLady Liberty Ball




bark boxPretzel Rope Plush




bark boxRoasted Duck NYC Jerky Chews




bark boxHunder’s Crunch Minis




Etta Says Bison Chews – don’t have a photo, she ate it as soon as she got it!

Cannoli loves her Bark Box and so do I!  Not only are they fun to receive, I think they’re a great buy as well.  I know I got my first box for a buck, but I will pay $21 each month.  (Prices vary depending on dog size and subscription length).  That’s a great deal!  Have you seen the prices for good quality dog treats and toys lately?  The monthly price is equal to a bag of treats and maybe a toy from your local pet store.  Dog treats can cost $15 or more and toys they’re pricey too, $20+ for a Kong Ball!  So really Bark Boxes are a great deal!

If you don’t have your own doggie pal you can send Bark Boxes as gifts to friends and family too!  It’s a great gift idea for the dog lover’s in your life!



Handy Kitchen Gadgets for the Holidays

Handy Kitchen Gadgets for the Holidays

Wow!  I can’t believe it’s the holiday season again!  This year’s gone by so fast!  Well, now that Thanksgiving is done it’s really time to get down to work on the winter holidays.  I know there’ll be a lot of cooking and baking going on.  Before I start on my serious holiday baking I like to make sure my kitchen’s ready.  That means organizing and stocking the pantry (I did that before Thanksgiving), making sure all the appliances (large and small) are ready to work hard, and checking that I have all the handy kitchen gadgets I need.

Almost every year I find a new kitchen gadget that I feel I can’t live without, it doesn’t always work out for me, but I  just love kitchen gadgets so I keep buying them!  Over the years I’ve accumulated some really handy kitchen gadgets.  I know I can’t live without them!

Here’s a list of my favorite kitchen gadgets and why I love them.  I won’t say they’re “must haves”for every kitchen, but they sure do make my life easier!

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kitchen gadgetsDash Go Rapid Peeler peels fruits and veggies in minutes.  I picked this up a couple of months ago to replace my batter powered peeler I purchased in Beijing almost ten years ago.  I loved that old peeler, but it finally fell apart 2 years ago and I haven’t been able to find a replacement until I found the Dash Go Rapid Peeler.

This handy kitchen gadget is even better than my first peeler!

The Rapid Peeler uses 4 “AA” batteries.  It will peel apples, potatoes, oranges, and just about any fruit or veggie you want.  I used it to peel apples for my homemade apple sauce, that’s the most tedious part!  The Rapid Peeler cut my prep time 75%!  I can’t wait to try it out on oranges so I can make some candied rind!

Here’s a short video of my Rapid Peeler at work!

kitchen gadgetsPotato Ricer makes perfect mashed potatoes.  I’ve had this kitchen gadget for well over 10 years.  It’s probably the best kitchen gadget investment I ever made.

This Potato Ricer is the easiest way to make mash potatoes!  Forget peeling and mashing.  I just wash the potatoes, boil, cut in half, then place each half (skin side up) into the ricer; squeeze and the potato comes out leaving the peel behind.

The resulting mashed potatoes have better consistency than potatoes pounded by a regular masher.  It’s thicker and more substantial and robust.  Of course I stir in butter, cream, and garlic to make the best mashed potatoes ever!

Potato Ricers come with 2-3 inserts that have holes in varying sizes.  They can be made of stainless steel or plastic and cost anywhere from $8 – $30.  I have a plastic one with 3 inserts that I purchased so long ago I’ve forgotten the price.  Obviously it was well worth it because I still have it!

By the way it’s also a baby food strainer!  So for moms who make homemade baby food (my daughters and daughter-in-law do, as I did when they were babies) this is a handy kitchen gadget. Just steam your veggies and squeeze them thru the ricer, healthy baby food every time!

kitchen gadgetsMake perfect gravy every time with a Gravy/fat separator.  The best gravy is made with meat drippings, but no one wants greasy, fatty, gravy.

Solve that problem by pouring the dripping into a gravy separator. Grease/fat floats up so you can pour it off before adding the drippings to your pot.

There are many different separators out there.  Some with fancy lids and spouts.  I’m happy with the simple plastic one, I’ve had my for years.

kitchen gadgetsA Digital cooking thermometer is a must have in my kitchen.  I’ve used one for over 20 years.  Ever since I worked in the food industry where it was a requirement.

Digital cooking thermometers take the guesswork out of cooking.  I use it for roasting, baking, grilling, and candy making.

Back in the day they were pretty pricey, but now you can pick one up for under $10.   Definitely worth it!

kitchen gadgetsThis Herb Mincer is a handy kitchen gadget if you love to use fresh herbs.  It’s super handy when you grow your own herbs like I do.

I love cooking with the fresh herbs I grow on my kitchen window ledge.  This mincer makes it easy.  I just snap off what I want to use, toss them in the mincer, and I have fresh ground herbs to sprinkle on anything I want.

It grinds dried herbs too!


kitchen gadgetsCookie cutters are always handy!

They come in all shapes and sizes.  These are my metal Christmas cookie cutters I use during the holidays.  You’ll definitely need some to make your Christmas cookies!

Don’t think cookie cutters are just for making cookies!  You can cut bread to make cute finger sandwiches, dough to make ornaments, and other crafting materials.  You can even use them as stencils, tree ornaments, and gift ornaments.

I tie one on to a jar of homemade cookie mix I give as gifts to friends and family!


kitchen gadgetsThis Cordless Cookie Press makes beautiful Spritz or butter cookies.

My daughter-in-law gave me this for Christmas a few years ago.  I think the brand has been discontinued, but Wilton makes a very similar one.

This cookie press makes baking cookies a breeze.  Just load the cookie dough in, choose a design, and squeeze cookies on to a cookie sheet.

It also comes with decorating tips for icing.  I’ve not used the decorating tips, I prefer to use regular tips with a pastry bag.  I just feel like I have more control, but that’s just me.



kitchen gadgetsI love my Silpat Silicone B Non-Stick Baking Mat!  It makes baking a joy and clean-up a breeze!

The mats help keep the food from burning or over browning, and from sticking.  You can also knead dough and make candy on these mats.

If you don’t have them no worries, you can use parchment paper instead.

kitchen gadgetsCake Decorating Tip Set & bags are a must have for anyone who loves to bake and cook.

Decorate cookies and cakes and ice cupcakes with decorating tips.  It’s easy!  I also use larger tips to pipe filling for my deviled eggs and cream cheese on open face tea sandwiches.

It makes your baked goods pretty and your tea parties fancy!





kitchen gadgetsCoffee Grinders aren’t just for grinding coffee beans.  I have a separate grinder I use to grind nuts, hard candies, and other food.

Making my pecan pies is a breeze with an electric coffee grinder.  No need to smash the pecans with a mallet, that can be messy!

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kitchen gadgetsMake perfect hard boiled eggs and other dishes when you use a Kitchen Timer.

I like this simple 60 minute timer because it’s loud.  I can hear it from anywhere in the house.  It avoids the waste of burning food!

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