Things to Prepare for as a Mom of Multiples

Things to Prepare for as a Mom of Multiples

It can be overwhelming to prepare your home for twins, especially if you’re not sure what to expect. You should take time to prepare for the arrival of your twins and make sure that you have enough space and time to care for them. The first thing you should do is decide how you are going to care for your twins. Are they going to share a room or are they going to have their own? If they share a room, how will this affect the sleeping arrangements in your home?

You’ll also want to make sure that there is plenty of space in each room and that it meets the needs of each child. You’ll also want to consider how much furniture you will need when the babies arrive, as well as any other decorating items that may be needed.

Tips to Help You Get Ready for Twins

The joy of having twins is indescribable. But before you get too excited, there are some things you should do to prepare for them. First, find out your insurance coverage and make sure you have enough money saved in case something goes wrong. But then, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough of everything for both babies, such as a twins stroller and double cribs and so on. You may also want to talk to a pediatrician about what they believe are the best ways to keep your babies safe from harm.

What to Expect From Twins and Multiple Births

Twins are a relatively common occurrence in the United States. About one in every 160 pregnancies results in twins. Triplets and quadruplets are even more common, with about one in every 100 pregnancies resulting in multiple births. Multiple births can be very challenging for both the mother and the babies, but they can also provide an opportunity to learn more about how human biology works.

Multiples can be a challenging time for parents and their children. It is important to prepare for the challenges ahead and know how to handle them. There are many ways to cope with the challenges of multiples, but it is important to remember that they are not just going away. They will always be there and it is best to try and embrace the change rather than resist it.

Tips on Surviving Twins’ First Year with Health & Happiness

Twins are a common phenomenon in the world today and they come with their own set of challenges. Here are some tips to help you.

– Make sure you have plenty of time for yourself. You need time to relax, take care of yourself, and spend quality time with your children.

– Be prepared for the day-to-day challenges that come with having twins. It’s not just about feeding them or changing their diapers – it’s about making sure that one twin is not pulling the other twin down or getting left out in any way.

Mom’s Night Out, Social Distancing Style

Mom’s Night Out, Social Distancing Style

Are you still practicing social distancing? Me too. Despite the pandemic, my friends and I have still gotten in a couple of mom’s night out hangouts, social distancing style. They’ve not only been fun, but SO helpful, and I dare say, necessary!

Tending to our mental health and well being is so important- and even more so during this time full of uncertainties. Getting together with your friends to vent, laugh, and talk about the elephants in the room can be so therapeutic. Here are some fun ideas to make it happen.

5 Pandemic Proof MNO Ideas

01 – Have a bonfire: Everyone brings their own drinks, snacks, and chair to sit 6 feet apart around the fire. There’s something about a fire that sets the tone for the night.

02 – Take a walk/hike: Grab coffee near your walking location and prepare for a great time of nature and connection.

03 – Go kayaking: or canoeing. This is a perfect way to stay socially distanced together and chat at the same time.

04 – Go mini-golfing: A round on these holes isn’t just for kids; this can be a really fun, chill time with the girls.

05 – Plan a picnic: Eat together in one of the parks around town. Three local favorites: Kalamazoo Nature Center after a hike through the trails, Ramona Park by the water, or Kindleberger Park on the big hill.

Mom’s Night Out, Social Distancing Style

When we shape our image, women face a hopeless task. We should look sexy but not slutty, beautiful but unobtrusive, feminine but not too young. When we get dressed, we continue to face problems—even from ourselves—about who we want to impress. After stopping dressing up for more than a year, these worries feel less important. We are ready to dress to be seen, which is different from dressing to meet expectations. We will see full-touch fabrics, brilliant colors and low-hanging necklines-clothing that highlights life. We have guaranteed our body safety; now we are going to take them to a party.

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Parenting Tips

How to Keep It Together as a Busy WAHM Mom

How to Keep It Together as a Busy WAHM Mom

Being a mom is a challenging role to fill on its own. Add work on top, and it can quickly feel overwhelming. It’s essential to strike a healthy balance between your work needs, children’s needs, and your own.

If you’re struggling to keep it together as a WAHM, fear not, below are a few tips and tricks to help you to get organized and feel your best.


By spending most of your time at home, it’s easy to slip into your oversized t-shirt and sweatpants most days. And in a rush to get ready to go to the supermarket or join a baby group session, you may pull on a pair of jeans. 

But, instead, why not opt for comfortable, stylish clothes following your morning shower. Curves N Combatboots enable you to Be Empowered with clothing that is practical and fashionable. Making you feel good and look good at the same time. Choosing outfits that work as loungewear, store wear, for playdates, and your yoga session, later on, means less time spent changing. And more time spent looking great whatever you do on a given day. 


Aside from work and taking care of your kids, it would help if you had a project or hobby set aside that’s solely for your enjoyment. A hobby will help you unwind and relieve stress from the tantrums you’ve experienced throughout the day and strict deadlines you’ve had to work towards. 

If you’re unsure of what you’re interested in, try a few things that could work in your busy life, like baking, gardening, or upcycling furniture.


It’s so easy to slip into a regime of giving your children your all and forgetting your own needs, such as hydration! 

The more we take from our body, the more we need to put back into it to keep our immune systems healthy and our energy levels high. Which is why it’s essential to keep on top of simple but easily forgotten tasks, like keeping hydrated. 

Plan Ahead

One essential way to stop your busy work and mom life getting the best of you is to plan everything you can in advance. Use an organizer to map out important dates. Such as school trips, healthcare appointments, kids’ birthday parties, etc. With notifications in the week leading up to them to get stuff ready for each event. Such as outfits and birthday gifts. 

Organizing and preparing in advance will make you feel more in control of your busy life. 

Keeping it together as a WAHM takes work and a lot of self-care to strike a healthy balance. 

Whenever you’re feeling low, above all, it’s important to remember why you’re doing everything you are. Whether it’s because you said you never wanted to miss your babies’ early years. Or you’re working to pay for a big family holiday next summer. Your why will keep you motivated throughout the hard times.

Classic Halloween Movies for Adults

Classic Halloween Movies for Adults

With Halloween just around the corner many of us a busy with last minute preparations including finding the perfect Halloween movies.

I know one of the the favorite activities during this season is watching scary movies, everyone wants to be scared for just a little bit.  But it seems that  Halloween movies get bloodier and gorier each year and the higher the body count the more popular the flick is.   I personally don’t like blood and gore.  Watching zombies chew up body parts are not my idea of a scary Halloween movie, gross but not really scary.  I much prefer classic Halloween movies that don’t involve too much blood and guts splashing across the screen and screaming high school kids frantically running from zombies or monsters.

In my opinion classic Halloween movies that play on your mind are much more scary and can really send goosebumps up your arm for days if not weeks to come.

So pop some corn, grab your movie partner, and get comfy, I’m going to share with you 6 of my all time favorite classic Halloween movies.  If you prefer the blood and gore then pop one of John Carpenter’s Halloween movies in your DVD.  I hope you enjoy them, but if you’re looking for something that’s subtly scary read on!

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classic halloween moviesThe Sixth Sense

“I see dead people” the boy whispers, it never fails to send chills down my spine.  The movie hooks you in from the start and ends with an unexpected surprise.

I love this movie!  If you haven’t seen it you must, if you’ve seen it before it’s definitely worth seeing again.

It’s not violent, bloody, or gory; but it’s very spooky![spacer height=”-20px”]





classic halloween moviesPsycho

When I say Psycho I mean the original 1960 version, not the recent remake.  Although I have to admit watching the series for a while, it was pretty good.

But the original version of Psycho is classic Hitchcock.  Easy on the gore; heavy on the suspense.  The soundtrack is enough to bring on nightmares!

Did you know that Hitchcock filmed this movie in black and white because of the infamous shower scene?  It’s true, he did because he didn’t want the bloody scene to be too gory.  He felt it would detract from the story line.



classic halloween moviesWhat Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

This classic movie is a real thriller.  Jane, aka Baby Jane in her child star days, and her wheelchair bound sister, Blanche, also an aging child star, are forced to live together in an old Hollywood mansion.

Watch the sisters’ plot and plan as one is bent of revenge and the other desperately trying to regain her childhood career.

Very suspenseful![spacer height=”-20px”]





classic halloween moviesThe Exorcist

This movie was released when I was in 8th. grade.  After much begging I finally got my parents to agree to let me see the movie.  I had nightmares for months!

The whole movie is about a teenage girl played by Linda Blair, who somehow gets possessed by the devil.  The desperate mother turns to a Catholic priest who spends days trying to rid the child of the evil entity.

Ever since I first say this movie I’ve never been able to eat pea soup again!  Watch it, you’ll see what I mean.



classic halloween moviesBram Stoker’s Dracula

A list of classic Halloween movies wouldn’t be complete with out at least one vampire movie and Dracula is probably the most famous or infamous vampire.

Over the years since Bram Stoker’s classic novel was published in 1897 there have been numerous movies produced.  It’s actually hard to choose one as I actually like a couple of them.  Old time favorites are  Christopher Lee’s  1958 movie The Horror of Dracula and Bela Lugosi’s 1931 Dracula.

But recently those 2 favorites have gotten to seem a bit campy, what with all the new fangled special effects they use these days.  So my current favorite is the Francis Ford Coppola 1992 production.  It does not disappoint!



classic halloween moviesThe Good Son

This 1993 thriller with child star Macaulay Culkin of the Home Alone movies fame is a lesson in good and evil and that things or people aren’t always what they seem to be.

These are just 6 of my all time favorite Halloween movies, I hope you find them enjoyable.

Do you have a favorite Halloween movie?  Please share it with us!

Happy Halloween!



Relaxing Bath Salts

Relaxing Bath Salts

Nothing is more relaxing than a hot bath at the end of a long day.  So why not make your bath more enjoyable by adding a handful of these Relaxing Bath Salts to the tub?

These Relaxing Bath Salts are made with lavender essential oil and have a wonderful soothing aroma when released into the warm bath water.  Lavender is said to have soothing qualities that help people who suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other ailments.

Now you can buy bath salts from most anywhere that sells beauty supplies, but why pay more for commercially packaged bath salts when you can make these wonderfully scented Relaxing Bath Salts easily and inexpensively? These bath salts have just 4 ingredients, epsom salt, 2 types of essential oils, and coloring.

Making it is easy peasy, just combine all the ingredients in a big bowl, mix well, then store in airtight containers like mason jars, and you’re done!  They make a great addition to your nightly routine and also make awesome gifts and party favors.

Before you start here are a couple of things you should know about using and working with essential oils:

Never apply essential oils directly on to your skin – always use a carrier oil like coconut, almond, avocado, or whatever you prefer – your choice will mostly be to the scent or scents you like

You can also dilute essential oils in water – this works well for mists and steams as oils mix better when the water is hot – in the case of bath salts the salts will be your carrier, oils dilute so much better when mixed into the salt

Never ingest essential oils without first consulting your doctor or health care professional

Test oils on a small patch of skin before you use it to make sure you aren’t allergic to them

Use metal or glass bowls when making things like salts, melts, soaps, etc.  with essential oils. Plastics absorb the scents which you may never be able to wash off.

So if you’ve got a little time, say about 15 minutes let’s go make some Relaxing Bath Salts!

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2 Lbs. Epsom Salt

10 drops Lavender Essential Oil

4 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

Coloring – soap or food coloring whichever one you have will work


Place epsom salt in dry large metal or glass bowl

Add essential oils and mix very well

Add color you want and mix very well

Place Relaxing Bath Salts in airtight containers like mason jars and store in a dry place until ready to use.



A Year of Date Nights – Ideas For Each Month

A Year of Date Nights – Ideas For Each Month

A few years ago I was telling a couple of girlfriends that my husband and I had gone for an evening drive around the island the night before; they both giggled and said, “Oh how cute, you had a date night”.  That was the first time I’d every heard the term “date night”, and I liked it!

The “date night” concept wasn’t a new and revolutionary idea, in our 30+ years of marriage my husband and I have gone out many times.  We just didn’t call it “date night”.

We called them going out to dinner for our anniversary, birthdays, and Valentine’s Day; these fell in the special occasion category.  When we went to the movies, the beach, and other places we just said we were going out.  Going out covered many activities including a trip to the ice cream shop, fishing, and evening drives around the island.  When I think about it I guess “going out” really was a “date night”. So clearly I been having date nights all my adult life.

I think the term “date night” can be misleading, implying that the date must be in the evening.  It can give the impression that you must go somewhere and do something special and romantic the whole night.  It can also be interpreted to mean that a date night must cost a small fortune.  It can be all of that or none of them.

In my opinion a date night can be anytime, anywhere, and last as long as you want it to.  It can be extravagant or almost free.  It can be romantic, fun, educational, or just about anything you want. The idea of date night is to spend alone time with your partner in an enjoyable environment.

Here’s some date night ideas for every month of the year to fit just about any budget.  I like to mix it up, do something extravagant at times and something cheap at others.

I’ve listed 3 different ideas per month ranging in price from extravagant $$$ to almost free $.  You’re not limited to doing an activity once, if  you both enjoyed it the first time, then by all means do it again.  Remember the idea of date night is for you and your partner to spend time alone doing something you both enjoy.  If you have kids plan for childcare; love the kids but date night is adult only!

January – Ring in New Year’s Day with a date night.  Drop kids off at grandma’s New Year’s Eve for an over night stay if you can.

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$$$ Check-in to a luxury hotel, bed-and-breakfast, or resort on New Year’s Eve.  Ring in the New Year in style at a near by night spot.  Wake up on New Year’s Day and enjoy a romantic champagne breakfast in bed.  If you have kids this will only work if  you have overnight childcare for them.

$$ Have a lovely brunch at a restaurant near you.  Arrange to leave the kids with a friend or relative for a few hours if you haven’t already dropped them off to spend the night at grandma’s the night before.

$DIY breakfast in bed.  Plan to feed the kids earlier and have an activity that will keep them entertained for a couple of hours, better yet drop them off at a friend’s house if possible.

February –  Folks dealing with nasty winter weather are more than likely sick of it and are dreaming of a tropical getaway by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around.  Make this month’s date one of those special occasions.  Turn the heat up by planning a fabulously romantic Valentine’s Day date.

Date night
Riviera Maya – Image from Savvy Nana’s Travels

$$$ Fly off for a weekend at a tropical resort or set sail on a Caribbean cruise.  Bask on sun soaked beaches or enjoy a fruity drink on the pool deck.  Watch romantic sunsets on the beach and pamper yourselves with a couples massage at the spa.

$$ Reserve a table to dine at a romantic restaurant in your area. After dinner go home and snuggle up to a nice romantic movie.  Set the stage for romance with candles and flowers, and don’t forget the bubbly!

$ Create a romantic nest in your living room floor with cushy pillows, soft blankets, flowers, candles, and soft music.  Then have a picnic in your living room and let nature take its course.

March – Spring is in the air, warm breezes are ushering old man winter out.  Take advantage of warmer weather and take your date outdoors.

Date night

$$$ Spend a day or two in our Nation’s capital while the cherry blossoms are at their best.  Visit a museum or two, dine at one of the fine restaurant this city has to offer, and stroll along the Potomac on a moonlight night.

$$ Go for a horseback ride in the country.  Many ranches offer trail rides and horse rentals.  Find one not too far from you and plan to spend the day there.

$ Go for a walk at your neighborhood park and play on the playground equipment.  Don’t be afraid to push each other on the swings and ride the teeter-totter.

April – Spring is definitely here bringing along some April showers.  Spend rainy days doing something fun indoors.

Date night
Bridge in Paris -Image by Savvy Nana Travel

$$$ Nothing is better than Paris in springtime.  Fly over for a few days of dates.  View masterpieces at the Louvre, stroll along the Champs Elysees, and have dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

$$ Spend the day at the local museum and go out for lunch at your favorite bistro.
$ Whip up a meal of your favorite rainy day comfort food.  After dinner surf the web together and explore new places.  Spend the evening making your travel bucket list.
May – Summer’s almost here which means the kids will be out of school very soon.  Take some time this month to charge up for the summer.
Date night
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$$$ Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in San Antonio, Texas.  San Antonio’s Market Square turns into party central on May 5 with concerts, dance performances, and more.  End the day with dinner at one of the fine restaurants on the River Walk where you can get some awesome Mexican food and mean margaritas.
$$ Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at a Mexican Restaurant near you.  Enjoy the food, the drinks, and the mariachi band.
$ Cook up some hot tamales, mix up a pitcher of frosty margaritas,  and watch a DVD of Nacho Libre in your living room.
June –   The kids are out of school and in your hair.  The first days of summer are fun times with the family, the summer doldrums have yet to set in.  Take some time for yourselves to recharge from all the summer activities.
Date night
Ballooning in France – Image by Savvy Nana’s Travels
$$$ Go on a balloon ride.  It’s amazing!
$$  Meet your partner for a long leisurely lunch at  your favorite cafe while the kids are at their friend’s house.  It’s a good time to catch up with each other and plan the rest of the summer.
$ Go for a hike at a nearby nature trail at sunset.  Pack a picnic dinner and gaze at the stars.
July – For many July is family vacation time.  We’re busy traveling by planes, trains, and automobiles.  Squeeze in a date or two wherever you may be.
Date night
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$$$ Find a concert, Broadway show, or ball game nearby and score some front seat tickets.  Indulge in a romantic candlelight dinner at a fabulous restaurant before or after the show.
$$ Spend an evening at the county fair.   Enjoy childhood favorite fair foods such as funnel cakes, BBQ, and sno-cones.  Ride the thrill rides and play carnival games.  End the night on the ferris wheel just before you go home.
$ Watch the Fourth of July parade in your town then head out to the park at night to watch the fireworks
August – By now the summer doldrums have set in, the kids are bored and you’re ready for school to start again.  It’s a good time for a break.
Date night
Roman Forum – Image from Savvy Nana’s Travels
$$$ It’s the best time of year to be in Rome.  The locals have left town for their vacations so there’re less crowds.  Enjoy a romantic dinner in an out of the way trattoria, toss a few coins in the Trevi Fountain, and rent a row boat at the Borghese Gardens.
$$ Play a game or two of miniature golf at the local fun park, looser buys ice cream.
$  Go for a moonlight stroll along the seaside or lake.  Take some time to stargaze and dream.
September – It’s autumn and the kids are back in school.  Life is getting back to “normal” and we’re gearing up for the busy times ahead.  Get away before the holiday chaos begins.
date night
$$$ Take a Fall cruise to New England and Canada.  Enjoy a few days to take in the colorful foliage.
$$ Get a couples massage at a day spa.
$  Go for a drive to see the fall colors
October – The leaves are definitely falling!  In our house October ushers in the holiday season.  From Halloween to New Year’s everyone is busy crafting, baking, shopping, and entertaining.  Don’t forget to schedule  some couple time in the midst of the madness.
Date night
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$$$ Rent a cabin  in the Adirondacks one weekend.  Spend some time outdoors before the weather turns cold, and romantic evenings snuggled up in front of the fireplace.

$$ Take a ghost tour or visit a haunted house
$ Rent a horror film to watch once the kids are in bed.  It’s a good excuse to cuddle, just in case you need an excuse!
November – This is a very busy month, too much going on.  Be sure you plan a break or two to unwind and relax.
date night
$$$ Book a full day for two at a fancy day spa, the relax and be pampered from head to toe.
$$  Go to a  Murder Mystery Dinner, it’s lot’s of fun.
$ Romantic movie night at home.  Choose one chick flick and a guy movie to watch and curl up in front of the TV with a bottle of wine, cheese, and chocolate covered strawberries.
December – This is the most wonderful time of the year, and it’s also the most hectic.  Our lives center around family activities and it can get a bit crazy when relatives come home for the holidays.  Scheduling a date night or two will help you keep your sanity.
 date night

$$$ Get away for a day or two to a ski lodge before guests arrive.  Even if you don’t ski the food is good, and sipping wine in front of the fire place is romantic.

$$ Have high tea at a local teashop, it’s a great place to find a quite corner and just enjoy each other’s company

$ Put the kids to bed early and enjoy a glass of wine in front of the fireplace.  That’s so romantic!


Ready for your next couples getaway?  Call Savvy Nana Travel for all your travel needs!