Creative New Year’s Party Ideas

Creative New Year’s Party Ideas

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in style with one of these fun party themes.

Five. Four. Three. Two. One! Say goodbye to 2019 and hello to the New Year by hosting a theme party for friends and family. Whether you’re looking for over-the-top fun or a more low-key celebration, the countdown to midnight will pass in a flash with these ten fun New Year’s party ideas. You won’t want the night to end!


We may be heading into 2020, but who says we can’t party like it’s the ’60s or ’90s? Centre your New Year’s party theme around your favourite decade and invite your guests to come dressed to impress for your chosen time period. If the ’60s are your decade of choice, think retro, whether it be with psychedelic décor colours (think electric blue, orange, pink and purple) or food that defined the era like crescent rolls stuffed with hot dogs, also known as “Pigs in a Blanket.” The possibilities are endless with every decade, so be sure to get creative no matter which nostalgic way you decide to celebrate the New Year.


Serve up some Old Hollywood glamour as you celebrate the New Year with this throwback-themed party idea. Encourage your guests to come dressed to the nines—think red-carpet-worthy gowns for the women and classic tuxes for the men. A cocktail-party setup works best for this theme, as it allows guests to mingle while they sip on drinks and munch on appetizers. For your décor, use accents in classic Old Hollywood colours like black, red and gold. Wow your guests by adding a red carpet to your front entryway and place lit candles around the party setting to create a romantic mood. Remember, it’s all in the details!



With the popularity of TV shows like The Walking Dead and its spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, zombie mania doesn’t seem to be letting up, so why not throw a zombie-themed End of the World party? Sarah Conley, owner and operator of Celebrations by Sarah in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, suggests inviting your guests to dress up as zombies or a character from their favourite zombie-themed show or movie. To achieve an apocalyptic atmosphere, Conley recommends staging areas of your home with overturned furniture, having almost-empty kitchen cupboards and a playing a video reel of a fake news broadcast about the rise of the zombies. “At midnight you could really freak your guests out by shutting off the power, getting a strobe light going and having zombie actors move through your space,” she says. It’s a fun and unforgettable way to ring in the New Year


Invite your guests to contribute to the execution of a successful New Year’s party by hosting a potluck. Ask each guest to bring a savoury food dish, dessert or drink. Ensure there’s a variety of things to feast on by making a list of specific items you want (keeping in mind dietary restrictions) and assigning one to each guest. It’s the best way to make sure you provide options for all your guests to enjoy. These 11 potluck recipes are sure to be a hit if you’re looking for recipes that make great sharing dishes. Remember to let guests know ahead of time in order to avoid duplicate or disappointing dishes. In the end, it’s all about coming together and counting down to a New Year.


Deck your home with black and gold accents to celebrate the New Year in luxe style. Start by incorporating black and gold helium balloons—they will float up to the ceiling and hang dramatically as your guests walk through your home. If you plan on having a sit-down dinner, your dinnerware should follow the same colour scheme as your theme. Adorn your table with gold candelabras and black candles to add a touch of sophistication and romance to the overall setting. Hints of gold glitter add an extra-special touch and tie the theme together. Stuck for ideas? How about edible glitter on the rim of cocktail glasses, or a DIY gold glitter ‘Cheers’ garland that can be used as a backdrop for a photo station where your guests can goof around with props and capture some of these memorable moments.



Who needs to get dressed up for a night on the town when you can stay in the comforts of your home and host friends and family for a fun-filled game night inspired by the popular show Minute to Win It? “Anyone can compete at these silly, yet challenging games, so this New Year’s Eve party idea would be great for families, especially those with tweens tagging along,” says Conley. The challenges require supplies ranging from pencils and plastic cups, to pantyhose and cotton balls—mostly items you’d have around the house or can be easily found at your local dollar store.


Bring out the masks and celebrate the New Year in Venetian style with a masquerade ball. Adorn your home with table linens, pillow throws and props in jeweled-tone colours such as quartz purple, emerald green, ruby red and sapphire blue. And let’s not forget the most important element: the masks. Encourage your guests to come dressed the part and remind them that over-the-top masks and elaborate costumes are welcome. Create an extravagant menu made of simple foods like hors d’oeuvres and other light finger foods. Set the mood by serving champagne cocktails as your guests arrive. It also wouldn’t hurt to have the Phantom of the Opera theme song playing in the background to complete the overall atmosphere as you ring in the New Year.


Say one last goodbye to those decadent foods that most people plan on giving up after New Year’s with this indulgence-themed party. Are some of your guests cutting back on sugar? Dairy? Red meat? Create a dessert table with everyone’s favourite treats, or serve the cheese and charcuterie platters of their dreams! The possibilities are endless with this theme, so be sure to enjoy these guilty pleasures one last time with those you love before it’s time to stick to those New Year’s resolutions.


Celebrate the New Year and a new season of the popular British period drama Downton Abbey by throwing a formal dinner party based around the 1920s aesthetic of the show. To execute, Jordan Maxey and Devon Dunn of Smitten Events, a Vancouver-based event planning company, suggest you focus your attention on the details. “Think place cards, menu cards, beautiful place settings and multiple forks,” says Maxey. To create the perfect table setting, check out these helpful tips on how to set your dinner table. For the menu, start your posh dinner party off with class by serving up Raw Oysters on the Half Shelf as an appetizer. For the main, this Porchetta-Style Barbecue Pork Roast is the perfect dish to serve with sophisticated cocktails like this Orange Fizz. If a formal dinner party isn’t your style, an elegant tea party is another way to execute this theme. Of course, you can’t forget to look the part! Invite your guests to dress up in fashions from the 1920s: flapper dresses for the women and classic and sophisticated suits for the men.


If you’re not a fan of staying up late and celebrating into the night, why not host a confetti-themed New Year’s Day brunch? To bring this theme to life, simply purchase ready-made confetti, or source colourful construction or scrapbook paper from your local craft store and do it yourself by cutting small circles out of the paper. Scatter confetti around your brunch table and fill clear balloons with it to create a festive atmosphere. Invite your guests to wear pastel-coloured clothing to complement your theme. Serve brunch in style by creating a buffet table filled with brunch staples like, pancakes, waffles, crepes. Let’s not forget the mimosas or Caesars—it wouldn’t be brunch without them!


Could Real Estate Be The Right Career For You?

Could Real Estate Be The Right Career For You?

Real estate has always been one of the most important industries in the world. People need places to live, and this means that those selling properties are able to build high demand without having to spend a lot of time marketing their work. Of course, though, getting a career in the field of real estate can be quite challenging, and it is always worth considering the work that will go into a career like this before you start putting loads of time into it. To help you out with this, this article will be exploring some of the key considerations you need to make before diving into a career like this.

The Benefits of a Career in Real Estate

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to working in real estate. Depending on your role or the type of business that you work with, you may have different experiences in this job. This should still give you a good idea of what you can expect when you start a role like this, though.

  • Flexible Work: Working as a real estate agent is a very flexible role. While you will need to work around the needs of your clients, you will also have a lot of room to choose the type of work you would like to do.
  • Earning Potential: Many real estate professionals either earn commission or money directly from the properties they manage, giving you the chance to earn a lot of money when you do a job like this.
  • Satisfaction: Selling properties can be an exciting job, giving you a lot of satisfaction as you reach your goals and achieve new records. Of course, though, not everyone will care about this.

The Downsides of a Career in Real Estate

Alongside the benefits, it also makes sense to consider the downsides of a career in the field of real estate. You can learn a lot about this type of work from professionals like Michael Ducote Tennis, giving you the chance to get started with your career with knowledge under your belt.

  • Competition: The real estate market is very competitive, and this makes it hard for a lot of people to find success. Of course, though, this will be easier if you have a company behind you.
  • Pressure: If you work for a real estate company, they will expect you to meet performance goals. It can be very stressful to face pressure like this, and some people aren’t target-driven in this way.
  • Complexity: Real estate professionals have to have knowledge about the law, construction, and the areas they serve. This makes the job quite complex, and you have to be confident to perform it well.

 As you can see, working in real estate can come with loads of different downsides and benefits. This makes it worth considering the job you want to do very hard, as it can be all too easy to make a mistake when you’re making choices like this in life.

Festive Feasting Ideas For 2021

Festive Feasting Ideas For 2021

Drawing nearer to the end of the year, we all have some time to reflect on the year that was while laying down our plans for 2022, and all around the country, we’ll be exchanging thoughts, celebrating victories, and yes, mourning losses too.

The sticky gluey stuff that’s going to keep it all together? Food. Certainly in the United States, we’re a nation of hearty eaters that covers the entire culinary world of experiences.

But we also know that bringing it all together requires more than just great food – it requires a party. A fest if you like, and to that end, we’re going to give you just a few ideas to get you inspired to create one of your very own.


If you’re only planning one party this season, or you fancy yourself the host with the most you’re going to save yourself endless drama by taking a look at your calendar and getting a few dates (or just the one) locked and loaded. This will allow you to plan your catering and entertainment accordingly, taking care not to repeat anything and keeping all of your ideas in one strategic place.


Now that you have your dates down, you can start planning your menus. Exciting, experimental, traditional, fusion – whatever you’re planning on as a theme for your party, your menu should reflect some of it, or be a combination of a couple of different styles. Be cautious not to design an overstimulated menu. Too many rich, starchy dishes are not going to score you any points at all, while an entire menu comprised of the ubiquitous rabbit food is the other end of the extreme and your next RSVP should probably turn out a little thin as a result.

Festive fare doesn’t have to be waistline busting, you can prepare healthy and hearty meals too, just like this homemade cream of chicken soup recipe.


Libation is an essential element of a good party and when enjoyed responsibly can be something of a highlight in and of itself. Try out this take on the Moscow Mule.

Any cocktail that you can make with alcohol, you can make without so don’t feel pressured to create boozy menus if you’re not a drinker or if your guests are not either.


As you’re working through your holiday schedule and planning your parties, remember to plan your music too. It’s not a party without music and investing some time into creating themed playlists that start more chilled and relaxed and build-up to more appropriate party music is a great way to set (and manage) the tone of the evening.

Remember that responsible entertaining is not just the right thing to do as the host of the party, but it is also the legally required thing to do, and if your guests have enjoyed a little too much of the party then be the host that takes the lead and have a taxi service on standby or the guest room with fresh towels.

However, you celebrate this season, be well, blessed, happy, and safe.

Family Travel Tips

Family Travel Tips

Traveling with the whole family can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot to organize. If you have a few generations traveling, there’s a lot of people to keep happy and cater to. To keep your family vacation fun instead of stressful, try some of these tips. 

Take It Slow

When you travel with the whole family, everything will take longer than you expect, including:

  • Checking in at the airport
  • Getting through security
  • Buying snacks and drinks
  • Boarding the plane

Get to the airport early and leave lots of extra time in case things go wrong.

You don’t want to miss your flight because it took longer to get through security with your stroller and bottles. 

Flying is just one example of having to take it slow. Leave extra time for all parts of your trips. When you have kids with you, you might not be able to squeeze in several museums, dinner, a New and Gauley River Adventure, and a walking tour all in one day. 

Don’t Overpack

Families often pack everything that the kids use at home. Bringing some familiar things can keep routines consistent and you’ll have everything you need. 

However, at the end of a long day, you’re bound to have to carry at least one child, so you don’t want to also be having to carry a lot of luggage too. 

Pack as little as you can. Traveling will change home routines anyway, so trying to preserve them won’t work. You’ll just end up annoyed. 

If you do find you’re missing something while you’re away, you can just buy it at your destination in almost all vacation spots that have families in mind. 

Pre-Book Everything You Can

Of course, you need to have your flights booked for your trip, but your pre-booking shouldn’t stop after the airport. If you like to travel alone, you might be used to just showing up somewhere, exploring, and planning as you go. This doesn’t work out well with kids.

When you arrive somewhere new, you will want to go straight to where you’ll be staying, drop off your luggage, and give the kids a chance to rest if they need it. This is even more important if you have had a long trip. 

Know where you will be staying before you arrive. If you want to be a bit flexible in your location, book the first couple of nights ahead of time, and then decide where you want to stay for the rest of your trip when you arrive and have got settled. 

Prebooking can go even further than flights and hotels. Anything that you can book ahead is one less thing that you have to think about while you’re trying to keep the whole family fed and entertained on your vacation. 

Use the right credit card for any flights, hotels, and trips that you book in advance, so you have some protection if you need to cancel or amend any bookings.

The Best Themed Drinks 

The Best Themed Drinks 

What’s a party without some liquid refreshments? A drink list should be on your mind when it comes to Halloween party ideas. A full bar is always good to have when planning a party. Here are some of our favorite Halloween-themed boo-zy cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks:

  1. Dragon’s punch: What’s a party without a punch bowl? To tie in fall flavors and spices, make a spiced-pomegranate punch with rum — or easily make it non-alcoholic. Plus, the blood-red color will be right on par with the Halloween theme.
  2. Halloween hot cocoa: This Halloween hot cocoa is perfect for cold nights, is non-alcoholic, and a great option for the kiddos. Make traditional hot cocoa, but add some drops of green food coloring. To take it over the top, add some orange or purple marshmallows or even some creepy gummy worm candies.
  3. Cider Sidecar: There’s no such thing as too much apple cider this time of year. Upgrade your favorite sidecar cocktail recipe with apple cider.
  4. Witch’s Brew: Take any soda or beer bottles and make a DIY label that says “Witch’s Brew” and tape it around the bottle for a unique twist.
  5. Pumpkin spice White Russian: Move over pumpkin spiced latte! Introduce this fan-favorite autumnal ingredient into a classic cocktail like a White Russian.
  6. Black Magic Margarita: Make a classic margarita, but add some drops of black and red food coloring to achieve an eerie black look. Top off with lime for garnish.
  7. Ditch the martini glasses: Ditch your classic martini or cocktail glasses and switch them out for vials. For a frightening flare, paint inexpensive candelabras black and set the vials inside.
  8. Bloody Mary syringes: Every Halloween party needs a little blood. Whip up a classic bloody mary recipe and serve them in syringe shooters.
  9. Halloween ice cubes: Polish off any drink with Halloween-themed ice cubes. Freeze olives into ice cubes for “eyeballs” or freeze some gummy worms or plastic spiders into ice for a creepy surprise!

Tip: Make sure to have enough non-alcoholic drink options at your party, especially if kiddos are around.

Festive Halloween Party Ideas for Adults

Festive Halloween Party Ideas for Adults

Music: check. Invitations: check. Costumes: check. What more is needed for throwing a good Halloween party? Lots! But the good news is, it’s super simple to throw a small and intimate gathering for adults that is festive and also stylish. Have your guests talking for years to come with these easy and festive Halloween party ideas.


How Do You Plan a Halloween Party

Even if Halloween is full of treats and tricks — planning a small gathering this season doesn’t have to be tricky! We’ll cover everything you need to make your Halloween party spectacular with these important to-do’s:

  • Set a date and time: Make sure you plan your date and location ahead of time. Sometimes, Halloween doesn’t fall on a weekend, so plan accordingly! Also, decide where you’ll be hosting your get together to make planning the rest of your details a breeze.
  • Pick a theme: Once you’ve planned the date and location of your Halloween party, pick out your theme! Some good theme ideas include “Freak Show”, “Haunted House”, “Autumn Harvest”, or “Hollywood Horror” to name a few. Get creative with it!
  • Send invitations: Now it’s time to send out the invitations. Use your DIY skills and create some memorable and spooky invites to send out to your guests. This is also a great time to state if your party will be practicing social distancing.
  • Choose or make your decor: Start planning your decor details according to your theme. Whether you plan to go shopping or DIY, the options are endless.
  • Put together your menu: It’s not a party unless there’s food and drink! Make sure to have your food and drink ideas planned well-before the party so you don’t have to do last-minute shopping or cooking. You can even create a pot-luck list if you want your guests to contribute.
  • Plan activities: Create a list of social distance-friendly activities that your guests can enjoy at the party. This will ensure everyone will have something to do and will make your party memorable. Make sure you have appropriate activities planned depending on if you’re throwing a party for adults or if it’ll be kid-friendly.

Spooky Decor Ideas 

girls with halloween decor

If you want your spooktacular get together to truly stand out, incorporate whimsical yet sophisticated décor elements and finishing touches. From festive centerpieces to fall flowers, these pieces will transform your Halloween party to a frightful and fun holiday event.

  1. Creepy candles: Add a twist to your traditional candles and light up your table with antique-style candle holders or even set them in wine-turned-potion bottles to set a mysterious mood.
  2. Entryway party favors: Stuff some cute bags with fun treats and place them in a bowl near your front door for a sweet and welcoming surprise.
  3. Tableware: Set out plain white serving dishes so you can add pops of orange and black — like striped straws, paper plates, napkins, and funky drink glasses — elsewhere.
  4. String lights: String up some white twinkle lights to set a magical mood. To tie in the Halloween theme, hang pretty orange and black DIY tissue pom poms from the lights.
  5. Candy: Halloween candy is a fantastic way to decorate the table, and gives guests some tasty treats to nibble. Fill clear glass containers with classics, like candy corn and candy pumpkins, and add embellishments, like spooky printable labels that say, “Boo” or “Happy Halloween!”
  6. Florals: A must for every table setting is a floral centerpiece. For this particular occasion, go for something joyful and beautiful with fall flowers.
  7. Paper jack-o-lanterns: Fresh pumpkins, although a staple, can be really messy. Avoid clean up duties and make them out of paper! Then, string them up around your party for some extra festive decoration.
  8. Succulent centerpiece: Spice up your table with a DIY succulent pumpkin centerpiece. Pumpkin succulents are a great way to show off your favorite succulent variety at the party.
  9. Paper bat garland: Cut out paper bats and attach them to string with clothespins. Then, string them around your doorway.
  10. Spider web placemats: Spruce up your table with DIY placemats made out of parchment paper and puff paint. Using the puff paint, make web shapes onto the parchment paper. Let it dry overnight and then peel the paper off the back. Place the mats under clear plates to show off your craftiness.
  11. Upgrade your bar cart: A bar cart is always a nice touch for a party, and is also a great piece for showcasing your fun themed drinks and DIY Halloween decorations.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to DIY! Decorating a Halloween party doesn’t have to be expensive, and making decor yourself is a fun activity to enjoy with your friends or family.

Delicious Halloween Party Food Ideas

table with halloween treats

Halloween and sweets are pretty much synonymous with one another. Here are some simple yet sweet treat and appetizer ideas for your Halloween party.

  1. Pumpkin pie cheesecake dip: Fall is all about pumpkin flavors, and it’ll sure be a hit at your Halloween party. Make a sweet pumpkin-flavored cheesecake dip and serve it in a pumpkin-shaped dish with some pretzels or graham crackers for dipping.
  2. Mummy brie: Class up your Halloween party with a yummy cheese and cracker platter. To match the theme, wrap puff pastry around round brie for an instant mummified look.
  3. Scary sugar cookies: These are an easy one, and are great in a pinch. Cut out dough using Halloween themed cookie cutters and frost them however you like!
  4. Candied apples: For a twist on the traditional candied apple, serve “poison” apples with all-black toffee instead of caramel.
  5. Candy corn cupcakes: Make candy corn themed cupcakes using orange and yellow batter. Then, top with creamy marshmallow frosting and candy corn pieces.
  6. Monster pizza bites: Everyone loves pizza! Bake some pizza bites in the oven — these serve as great finger food. To give it a Halloween touch, place black olive slices on top for eyes.
  7. Spooky spinach dip: Amongst all the sweets you may have at your party, make sure to have some veggies! Make your favorite spinach dip and place it in a bread bowl that’s shaped into a cauldron. Serve with pumpkin-shaped tortilla chips.
  8. Mummy meatballs: The tastiest party bites get a Halloween twist. Wrap the meatballs in strips of dough so they resemble mummies and bake in the oven. Serve with your favorite condiments for a delicious appetizer.

Tip: Since guests are likely to mingle, foods that you can eat with your hands are ideal. Also, be sure to have balance when it comes to the amount of sweet and savory foods you’re serving!

Fun Halloween Party Activities 

photo of kids doing halloween activities

Making sure to have enough things to do at a party is important! Here are some great Halloween party activities that are fun for adults and will also keep any kids entertained:

  1. Scavenger hunt: Bring fun and adventure to your Halloween party with a themed scavenger hunt. Divide your guests into teams to hunt for items on the list. Whichever team wins gets to enjoy a nice cold drink.
  2. Horror movie trivia: Play a drinking game or movie trivia with classic scary movies.
  3. Candy corn toss: Sweets are just as fun to play with as they are to eat. Just like the classic ring toss game, make it unique and turn cones into candy corn using spray paint.
  4. Apple bobbing: Revive this classic game of apple bobbing that kids love. To take it to the next level for adults, swap out the water for white sangria!
  5. Halloween charades: This activity is great if you’re hanging out with a group of friends or if you’re with family members. Just swap in Halloween-themed phrases and clues!
  6. Mad scientist guessing game: Cut a hole in a box or fill non-transparent jars with funky-textured foods. Let your guests guess what’s inside by using their hands to feel what’s inside.
  7. Halloween pinata: Have some candy-filled pinatas for the kids, or fill them with mini bottles of alcohol for a more adult-friendly pinata.
  8. Murder mystery: If you have a large enough group, plan a murder mystery game for a chilling touch to your party.

Tip: Be sure to accompany these fun Halloween party ideas and activities with a playlist with all of the best seasonal hits!

Halloween is a night of fun and fantasy — and there is no better excuse to gather with close friends or family on a cool autumn night. From yummy treats and drinks, fall flower decor and these other Halloween party ideas, you’ll be sure to make it a fright night to remember.