5 Ideas To Keep The Magic Alive And Teens Entertained This Christmas

5 Ideas To Keep The Magic Alive And Teens Entertained This Christmas

There are countless ideas, images, and inspo online about creating a fantastic Christmas gathering, activities, games, and so on for kids to enjoy the festive season. No doubt, their belief in Santa makes each day leading up to Christmas exciting and magical too.

On the other hand, tweens and teens are entering a stage where they’re kind of stuck in between. They’re not old enough to drink and be merry at an adults Christmas party, and they may feel too mature to visit Santa’s grotto or sit at the kid’s table on Christmas day. 

Plus, they may have lost their belief in the man that clumsily slides down the chimney. As such, they often need different entertainment and treatment to keep the magic of Christmas alive.

To add the spark to the festive holidays for your teens, here are a few ideas to create Christmas gatherings and activities they’ll adore. Just as much as any of your youngest children.

Get Teens involved In Setting Up Christmas

Teens who have a knack for style, DIY, or crafts may love the opportunity to get involved in designing the Christmas theme for their home, so why not let them? 

By giving them the chance to make Christmas unique in their home, it will boost their self-esteem and make them feel much more Christmassy while also exercising their creative skills.

Whip Up An Unconventional Christmas Dish Together

If there is anything tweens and teens love, it’s tasty food. This year you could bring them into the kitchen to cook up some traditional or even unconventional dishes they might love this winter. Like buffalo chicken from Yellow Bliss Road, making pizza from scratch, or some yummy quesadillas. 

Let Them Choose A Christmas Outfit

Christmas jumpers can be hit and miss with tweens and teens. It’s the age they begin to become a lot more conscious about their appearance and personal style. And so, why not give them the means to choose what they want to wear this Christmas so that they can express their Christmasy side their way instead?

Play Co-op Video Games

Despite the lousy rep video games get, studies have shown that video games have multiple benefits. From boosting happiness to developing memory and hand-eye coordination skills. 

This is why you needn’t be so quick to ban video games during Christmas events. You could even set it up in the living area for everyone to join in. 

Video games for your teens over Xmas is bound to be something they’ll enjoy doing, more so if you and the family get involved. 

Give To The Less Fortunate

Explaining to your youngest that others don’t have as much as they do, is difficult for toddlers and preschoolers to comprehend. 

But tweens and teens are more equipped to take this message on board. To encourage your teen’s appreciation for everything they have, why not recommend they choose things they no longer need to give to the less fortunate. 

In doing so, teens are likely to feel much more grateful for their loving family and home this Christmas.

From cooking up new dishes together to letting them take over the decor and gifting things to goodwill, there are numerous ways to make your teens feel magical, entertained by Christmas this year.

Fun Ideas For An All-Adult Party!

Fun Ideas For An All-Adult Party!

If you’re going to be having a party, then you may want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of it. The most important thing is that everyone is going to be able to enjoy themselves, and that’s why you’ve got to think long and hard about some ideas to make your party great. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at what some of these ideas are, so keep reading if you would like to find out more.

Go Do Something Childish

The first thing that we are going to suggest is that you go and do something childish. It’s hard being an adult, and it’s exhausting. It’s for this reason that sometimes we just want to take a step back and do something fun, maybe even a little bit childish. For example, you could all dress up as characters from a film or TV show and have a fancy dress party. Or, you could head out and go bowling, go to a laser quest center, or whatever else you think you might enjoy. The point is for it to be as fun as possible, so something that you used to enjoy when you were a child might be a good idea. Think about the things that you used to love to do, and then choose one for your party.

Hire A Bar

Another thing that we are going to suggest is that you hire a bar. Not everyone drinks alcohol, it’s true, but for those who do, this is going to make the party that little bit better. A company like Party Pony Trailers LLC may be able to help you out here as they have mobile bars! This means that if you want the party to be at your home, but you also want a bar, then something like this is the perfect solution! 

Or, you could simply just have alcohol on the table and allow everyone to mix their own drinks. At least you can be sure they’re going to like what they make for themselves!

Game Night

Finally, have you thought about having a game night? Everyone can get involved, and it can be a super fun idea. Choose a bunch of different games that everyone can play together, and then let the fun begin. Ensure that all the games you’ve got are suitable for the amount of players that you are going to have so that nobody ends up left out. Get some snacks, a few drinks, and this could be the perfect night in for you and your friends. It might not be the same as having an actual party, but it’s just as fun for a small gathering!

We hope that you have found this article helpful and now know some of the fun ideas that we’ve got for an all-adult party. These ideas don’t make up an extensive list, so there are plenty more things that you can do if you would like to. Hopefully, you have a great time, and so does everyone else involved. 

Saving The Memory Of A Lost Loved One

Saving The Memory Of A Lost Loved One

This year has made many of us really reevaluate what is important in life. After almost a year of not being able to spend time with the ones we love, it’s become more and more clear how important loved ones really are. 

But what happens when a loved one is lost? 

Dying is a natural part of life, and sadly we will all eventually have to say goodbye to the people closest to us as they find their final resting place. 

Today we hope to help you understand how to keep the memory of a loved one alive even after they are gone. Here are some of the best ways to allow the legacy of a loved one to go on long after they are back in the earth. 

Silly traditions 

One of the fun ways to honour the memory of a loved one and keep their memory living on is to adopt one of their little quirks or traditions. Everyone has small quirks and if you are able to carry this small action on within family life, it will keep a memory alive for longer. For example, if your loved one had the habit of breaking out into songs that describe what they are doing – you try and do this too! It’s not only a fun activity but it’s something that will make you feel closer to the ones you have lost. 

Decorate the grave 

When remembering a family member after they are gone, one simple way to do this in a physical way is to decorate the grave itself. Using cemetery grave markers and a gravestone is a wonderful thing, and you can also add photo frames, flowers, and more. Decorating the grave with special items and mementos is always a brilliant way to save the legacy of someone you love for years after. 

Invest in an urn 

If you haven’t decided to bury a loved one but instead have decided on cremation – it is a good idea to invest in a beautiful urn to hold the ashes of your loved one. You don’t even have the stop there – you can also consider investing in an urn ornament and plaque which will remind people every time they visit of the person you love.

Create a t shirt cushion 

The worst feeling in the world is losing someone, and one of the hardest parts is knowing you never get to hold them again. This is why it is a great idea for you to create a cushion out of an old t shirt or jumper of your loved one that you can cuddle while you go to sleep as a beautiful reminder. It will make you feel as if you are closer to your loved one and will make you feel as if you are holding a little piece of them even after all this time. 

Ashes to jewellery 

In recent years many jewellery designers have found ways to make family ashes into stunning prices to keep with you at all times. When it comes to turning ashes into stunning jewellery to keep – you can have a necklace, bracelet or even a ring made with the ashes of the person you love. It will be a constant reminder of their importance in life and will allow you to carry a piece of them with you throughout your own life. 

Keep happy photographs 

It is incredibly important when you lose someone you love to keep a memory of their face alive. It is a sad fact that over time you are likely to forget small details of a loved one’s face, but hanging photos of them will allow you to keep their memory alive. There are so many companies who make custom prints, mugs, canvases and more so that you can keep a picture of your loved ones close by always. 

Write in a diary 

One of the fun ways to keep the memory of a loved one alive is actually to write about them in a diary. As you remember small anecdotes and things about a loved one who has passed – you can write these things in a diary and you can pass this down to your children to keep the memory alive. It is a sweet gesture and can be read out on the anniversary of their death or their birthday each year. 

Losing a loved one will never be easy however it is an amazing idea to keep memories through the years after they pass. We hope these ideas will help you move on from the loss and be happy.

Rustic Cabin Thanksgiving Party

Rustic Cabin Thanksgiving Party


I hope you all have a splendid day!

I just love the acorns made out of doughnut holes, pretzels & sprinkles. How cute are the cornucopias and teepee’s made out of sugar cones, too! The whole party is simply darling!
“This was a Thanksgiving Party focused on ideas for the Kids’ table and entertainment.”
Not So Scary Halloween Movies for Younger Kids

Not So Scary Halloween Movies for Younger Kids

We all love to watch scary movies during the month of October.  It helps us get in the Halloween mood.

I know that there are many horror film aficionados who can’t resist a violence filled gory movie like John Carpenter’s Halloween, a true horror classic.  Then there are those like me who prefer the subtler thrillers like The Sixth Sense.  But I think most of us will agree that neither of those types of horror flicks are child appropriate.  I doubt anyone wants to spend endless nights soothing kids’ nightmares after having watched such horror.

But of course we want to watch Halloween movies with the kids.  It’s part of the deal!  So here are some of our favorite age appropriate films to watch with your kids.  I’ve grouped them by levels starting with pre-school all the way up to Middle School.  Hope you find one you and the kids will love!

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Pre-School – Kindergarten

Room on the Broom

Based on the children’s book by Julia Donaldson this short film is perfect for ages 3 and above.  It’s about a friendly witch who keeps dropping her things which animals retrieve in return for a ride on the broom.

This film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

This film is available to stream live on Amazon Prime or you can buy the DVD here!

Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie

It’s a haunted Halloween in the Hundred Acre Woods.  Tigger warns of the Gobloon who’ll turn you into a Jaggedy Lantern if he catches you, and Roo has a new best friend called Lumpy.

It’s a cute an cuddly fun adventure with Pooh and the gang.  The whole family will love it!

It’s available for rent on Amazon Prime or you can order the DVD here!

Mickey’s Treats

Dress up and join Mickey and his pals for some spooktacular Halloween fun!

They’re headed to Pete’s house for a Halloween party, but first they must get thru the Candy Corn Patch!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fans will love this short flick!

Click here to buy your DVD! (Trust me you’ll want your own DVD, the kids will watch it all year long!)

Elementary School


This latest Scooby Doo movie was released last July.  This full length film explores the origins of besties Shaggy and Scoobie and the rest of the gang.  Did you know they met on a Halloween night?

After solving many mysteries that feature spooks, goblins, monsters, and things the go bump in the night  the gang sets out on their toughest case yet.  They must save the save the world from a global “dogpocalypse” when an the evil ghost dog Cerebus is unleashed.  In the process they discover Scooby’s secret legacy and a destiny beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

This movie is available to stream (buy HD) from Amazon Prime or order your DVD here!

Hotel Transylvania

Watch one or all three of this adorable movie.  Join Dracula and his friends and family for a hilarious good time!

I won’t tell you the plots but rest assured they’re not scary at all!  These are 3 of our favorites!

The movies are available to rent from Amazon Prime or you can buy the 3 DVD Collection here!




Be careful what you wish for and things aren’t always what they seem!

This creepy movie was  adapted from the book of the same name.  It’s a cross between fairytale and The Twilight Zone.

Coraline discovers an alternate family in parallel universe where things look much better than her home in the real world.  But things turn out creepier and more dangerous and she must use all her wits to return to her normal life.

You can rent this movie on Amazon Prime or order your DVD here!


Middle School

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

This one’s for the Tweenies!  Those kids that are too old for the cute Halloween movies but too young for a real horror flick.

It’s loosely based on the series of books by the same name.  The movie follows a group of kids who investigate local legends before the legends get the better of them!

You can stream this movie on Amazon Prime or order your DVD here!



Based on the children’s horror books by R. L. Stine which have become modern day classics.  These short movies are scary enough for this age group but not so scary that it will keep them up all night.

There are many different DVDs, just like there are many books.  Choose one that’s a favorite or find something new and different.

Order your own DVD sets here!



It’s a good time to introduce your kids to this Tim Burton masterpiece about a pair of ghosts who want to scary off the family that moved in to their old house.

It’s a fun and not so scary movie for the whole family!

You can rent it on Amazon Prime or buy your DVD here!




Many of our favorite Halloween movies are adapted from a favorite Halloween book.  If you’re looking for a Halloween Reading List check out our post “Halloween Reading List for Kids”  it has a lot of great suggestions! Click here to read that post!



Halloween Reading List for Kids

Halloween Reading List for Kids

It’s Halloween Month! Yay!  Our family loves Halloween!  It’s spooky, filled with treats, and you get to dress up.  What’s not to love?

For me Halloween heralds in the Holiday Season.  I tend to lump it all together and look at it as a train gathering steam until it hits New Year’s Day when it comes to a resounding stop and things return to the usual normal everyday stuff.  So starting in October we basically plan our activities and events around the upcoming holidays.  At least that was until 2020 brought us the Coronavirus, lockdowns, social distancing, and all the changes we’ve had to incorporate in our new normal.

I’m really not sure how Halloween will look like this year.  I’m fairly certain that a huge Halloween party is out of the questions and Bobbing for Apples is a big NO NO.  I imagine trick or treating will be a huge challenge, in fact we’ll probably pass on that whole thing.  I do plan to decorate and play You’ve Been Booed with the neighbors.  In fact that might be a reasonable substitute to trick or treating this year.

Like I’ve said I’m not certain how Halloween will be this year but I am certain that no matter what it can still be fun even if it means just celebrating with those in your household or bubble.  So to get everyone in the spooky mood we’re at Savvy Nana will be dedicating this month to Halloween.  We’ll be sharing fun Halloween and Fall recipes, crafts, and activities that we hope will be fun for everyone.

So let’s set the spooky stage with a reading list for kids of all ages.  Adults will love reading them to the kids!

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Pre-school thru 3rd. Grade

Pete The Cat’s Happy Halloween

Every child from pre-school on up loves Pete the Cat.  My grandkids sure do.  So begin by helping Pete the Cat gather all his friends for a Halloween Parade!

Kids with love this fun board book by Kimberly & James Dean.



Room on the Broom

Go on a not so spooky adventure with the witch and her cat as she makes new friends in this cute book by Julia Donaldson.





Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich

Monster life isn’t all about frightening people and sucking blood.  Monsters  have issues too!  Read these 19 hilarious poems by Adam Rex and discover some clever truths about Frankenstein, Wolfman, Dracula, and a bunch of other monsters.




Frankenstein Takes the Cake

Continue reading about the trials of tribulations of monsters in this follow up book Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich.  Again Adam Rex delights with side splitting humor about a monster’s life.  I mean really why is Dracula throwing such a fit about garlic bread?




4th. – 6th. Grade (Older Kids too!)

Goosebumps Series


A Halloween reading list wouldn’t be complete without a book or books by R. L. Stine.

Older kids love being scared by these books!  I actually find them fun too!  But they aren’t recommended reading just before bedtime.






This modern classic by New York Times and Newbery Award winning author Neil Gaiman is also an Academy Award nominated film. It’s a must read for children of all ages, specially Tweenies in the 5th. and 6th. Grades!

This book is part fairy tale, part horror.  Coraline learns that all that glitters is not always gold when she opens the door to a seemingly better home.  Things get a bit hairy when the new family within won’t let her go back to her ordinary life.

Read how she must use her wits and courage to fight her way back to her home and normal life.




Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Books

Horror fans will be delighted with this classic collection of books by Alvin Schwartz.

These are collections of Folklore retold by Alvin Schwartz and illustrated by Stephen Gammell.

Between the tales and the drawings you’re sure to have nightmares!  You’ll also think twice about walking thru a graveyard at night!

High School

What Waits in the Woods

City girl, popular girls in class, and camping in the woods, what more needs to be said?  These are the ingredients for a scary teen novel that you just know will turn into a harrowing night filled with mystery and terror.

What Waits in the Woods by Kieran Scott explores love, loyalty, and the tough decisions we must sometimes make to survive.

It’s a great read for the teens in your life!




The Girl from Rawblood: A Novel

Introduce teens to Gothic Horrors with this award winning book by Catriona Ward.

This hauntingly brilliant book is a gothic tale of love and madness.  It’s complete with eerie atmosphere, darkness, love, and ghosts of the past.

Teen girls who love romance (which is almost all teen girls) and mystery will be delighted with this choice.




Do you and your kids have a favorite Halloween book?  Please share them with us!  We’d love to hear from you.