Spring Flamingo Birthday Party

Spring Flamingo Birthday Party

Looking for a fun and flirty party theme for your next big event?! Check out this completely darling Spring Flamingo Birthday Party

Its vibrant color combination,  festive sweets, and super cute stationery are sure to give you the inspiration needed to plan one fabulous fête; a fête that will most certainly have friends and family a flocking!

Here are the details included in this fabulous birthday celebration that I can’t seem to get enough of:

  • Spring Flamingo-inspired stationery + printables
  • Pineapple cake pops
  • Custom Flamingo and flower cupcake toppers
  • Paper fan arch backdrop
  • Colorful balloon bunches
  • Flamingo, pineapple and fern-shaped sugar cookies
  • Banana marshmallows
  • Hand-painted macarons
  • And more!


Sign from a Spring Flamingo Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas - KarasPartyIdeas.com (19)

Cake from a Spring Flamingo Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas - KarasPartyIdeas.com (6)

Cake Pops from a Spring Flamingo Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas - KarasPartyIdeas.com (7)


Doughnuts from a Spring Flamingo Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas - KarasPartyIdeas.com (8)

Drink Bottles from a Spring Flamingo Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas - KarasPartyIdeas.com (9)

Cookies from a Spring Flamingo Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas - KarasPartyIdeas.com (10)

Cupcakes from a Spring Flamingo Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas - KarasPartyIdeas.com (11)

Favors from a Spring Flamingo Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas - KarasPartyIdeas.com (12)

Cupcakes from a Spring Flamingo Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas - KarasPartyIdeas.com (13)

Flamingo-inspired Cupcakes from a Cupcakes from a Spring Flamingo Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas - KarasPartyIdeas.com (14)

Macarons from a Spring Flamingo Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas - KarasPartyIdeas.com (15)

Macarons + Sugar Cookies from a Spring Flamingo Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas - KarasPartyIdeas.com (16)


Cookies from a Spring Flamingo Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas - KarasPartyIdeas.com (18)


Spring Flamingo Party Details:

This is what Angie shared about the party- “Since Caitlin’s birthday is in April, we thought it is just fitting to have her 1st birthday with an array of Spring colors and flowers to make it vibrant and festive. And for an extra dose of fun, we added pink flamingos and pineapple and ferns to the mix!

We added custom made cute flamingo and flowers cupcake toppers as well as the pineapple shaped cake pops to reinforce the theme. On top of the flamingos lawn decoration flanking the birthday cake, and the cookies, we also had to spice up our macarons by hand painting it with flamingos and pineapples for an extra dose of cuteness. Glass bottles are dressed up in custom wrapper ready for the orange punch, while banana marshmallows adds just a zest of yellow to the table. The backdrop with the colorful combination of paper fans and honeycombs just brings everything alive! We are very thrilled with how this table came together.”

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring Party Themes

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring Party Themes

When the seasons change, so do the party themes and trends. As we move towards spring we are moving away from the earthy, rustic, and natural colors and decorations that were popular in the fall and winter, and start bringing is fresh, bright colors, a rainbow of floral decorations, and themes that celebrate life, love, and new beginnings as the world begins to bloom anew all around. At GOFF Tents and Events we’re ready for spring, so let’s party.


Bright, vibrant colors

Spring is in the air, and the colors are starting to change all around. We’re moving from golden, red, orange, and brown, and brightening up the color scheme for the spring-themed parties. Flowers are blooming, and you can get every color of the rainbow, and they are bold, bright, juicy, and vibrant.


Fresh flowers and fruit

Much like a gourmet meal, using fresh ingredients will elevate every party. The more you can take from nature to complete your decorations, the more beautiful and luxurious your party will be. Use fresh fruit and fresh flowers to create gorgeous centerpieces and decor for your party.

There’s nothing more beautiful than bright yellow, fresh, juicy lemons and limes in a bowl, or fresh apples, oranges, and berries. Use nature to guide your spring party decor.


Spring-themed linens and tableware

You don’t want to go overboard with the colors. Your spring-themed party should make you feel like you are trapped in a bowl of Jelly Bellies. Stick to a few natural decorations and use them strategically.

If you already have a lot of colors from flowers and fruit, stick to neutral linens, which will complement the rest of the decor but won’t overpower. White linens may seem too formal, so you can try linens that are soft, muted yellow, blue, or green that will accentuate your decor, but won’t make your party too chaotic with color.

Let one of our Wedding Planners and our new Floral Department at Goff Tents and Events usher you into spring in a colorful way.

Boozy Easter Eggs

Boozy Easter Eggs

Boozy Easter Eggs!!!!! My Grandmother’s birthday just happens to be April 1st, which happens to be April Fools fools day. Her favorite wine just happens to be Sutter Home, so last year I made her Boozy Easter Eggs and placed them in an Easter Basket. Figured it would be a gift that would sure make everyone giggle AND one my Grandmother would enjoy since she does love her wine!!!!

The Boozy Easter Eggs were such a hit with my family, that I decided this Easter season I would make the eggs for y’all over here on the blog!!!!

The plastic eggs can be found at Dollar Tree and you can purchase the mini Sutter Home bottles at any store that sells wine for ridiculously cheap. My local store even sells four packs for around $6! Perfect for an Easter gift for your besties or a Grandmother like mine who loves her wine!

Cheers & Happy Easter!

Boozy Easter Eggs


• Large Plastic Easter Eggs (Dollar Tree)
• Easter Grass
• Jelly Beans
• Sutter Home Mini Wine Bottles


Boozy Easter Eggs

1. Fill each plastic Easter Egg with Easter grass.


Boozy Easter Eggs

2. Place your mini Sutter Home Wine bottles in the plastic Easter Eggs.


Boozy Easter Eggs

3. Sprinkle in a few jelly beans.


Boozy Easter Eggs

4. Close the plastic Easter Eggs.


Boozy Easter Eggs

5. Hand out to your besties!!! Happy Easter!!

7 Easy Steps to Pulling Off an Epic Easter Egg Hunt

7 Easy Steps to Pulling Off an Epic Easter Egg Hunt

Hosting an egg hunt this Easter? Here are the basics to planning a successful holiday hunt without breaking a sweat.


Ask any kid who’s been a part of one: Egg hunts are the best part of Easter celebrations. There’s candy, outdoor activity, colorful eggs, a little light-hearted competition, and, best of all, prizes. While you’re probably familiar with the modern Easter game of hiding hard-boiled eggs or plastic eggs filled with candy for kids to collect, versions of this particular Easter tradition appear to have been around for centuries. According to History.com, sources suggest the concept of the Easter bunny may initially derive from lore about an egg-laying hare, introduced in America by 18th century German settlers in Pennsylvania. Children would set out homemade nests, in which this ancestor of the Easter bunny could lay its pretty-colored eggs.

These days, it’s the perfect excuse to get outside for some springtime air and watch kids young and old search for hidden treasure. Thinking it’s time you stepped up to host the annual Easter hunt extravaganza? Or maybe you’re plotting a small-but-spirited at-home hunt for the little ones in your immediate family. Follow these easy steps for pulling off a classic Easter egg hunt like a pro.


1. Set the Date
Of course it’s traditional to have an Easter egg hunt on Easter Day, but it’s certainly not required. In fact, you may be attending a few in the neighborhood, in addition to hosting your own, so realistically not all egg hunts can happen on the same day. An ideal timeframe would be Easter weekend, or even the week/end before. If you’re planning on hosting outdoors, have a back-up location plan in case of rain or chilly weather.

2. Pick a Location
Whether the hunt is taking place in your front yard or the grounds of the community center, make sure the location works for your group. Pick an area that’s large enough for your hunters, but not too large that it’s impossible to find the eggs. You’ll also want a spot where you can clearly define the boundaries, has plenty of grass, and is set far enough away from a road or pond. If you’re hosting inside, try and make sure the adventures take place on one floor so there are no stairs in the mix.

3. Stock Up on Eggs
Quite possibly the most important part of an Easter egg hunt. While some hosts prefer to hide real eggs, it’s often best to use plastic eggs, especially if there are a lot of little kids invited to your hunt (and bonus, you can fill each plastic egg with candy, knick-knacks, and even coins, if you’re feeling generous!). You’re also welcome to use a mix of both—the more eggs the merrier. If you’re not sure about how many to have on hand, we’d suggest about 10 eggs per child, depending on the age group.

4. Have Baskets, Buckets, and Pails at the Ready
You could host a BYOB (Bring Your Own Basket) Easter egg hunt—and it would be great if everyone showed up with baskets—but play it safe and assume you’ll need to have egg-collecting gear for all your hunt attendees. Plan to have at least one vessel for goodies for every guest invited. Easter baskets are always traditional, but tote bags, beach pails, or even cute small boxes are fun Easter basket alternatives.

5. Hide the Eggs
Before you start hiding anything, count the eggs. (You’ll thank yourself later.) Choose hiding spots that make sense for the ages of the kids invited. You’ll want some eggs in more obvious locations (right on the open lawn), and others hidden in more challenging spots like tucked inside a mailbox, in a plant bed, or hidden behind the stump of a tree.

6. Ready, Set, Hunt
If you’re hosting many kids of all different ages, think about letting kids start in rounds by age group or range. To be fair, let the the littlest hunters have first dibs on eggs. Once they go, start a countdown of a minute to 30 seconds (any longer and you’ll probably make some enemies) before giving the older age groups the go-ahead to join in.

7. Count the Eggs
When you’re certain that all the eggs have been found (this is where counting them before hiding them comes in handy), it’s time to make the final tally. Sometimes even the egg hiders forget about those clever hiding spots. If you choose to reward the all-star gatherers—beyond the goodies inside their bounty of plastic eggs—now’s the time to offer up festive Easter prizes.

Fun Holiday – Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Fun Holiday – Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Tell a Fairy Tale Day is on February 26. The unofficial holiday encourages celebrators to read, tell, and listen to fairy tales from around the world.

Fairy tales are a genre of literature that features fantastical and magical characters. Usually in the form of short stories with fairies, elves, trolls, and witches as central characters, fairy tales are set in a magical world with events that take place “once upon a time.”

Oral Tradition

A form of folk tales, fairy tales have a strong oral and written tradition all around the world – with cultures adopting whole or parts of tales from other cultures.

Before the 17th century, fairy tales often had themes unsuitable for children and were written mostly for adults.

Children’s Genre

Today, fairy tales are considered to be a genre of children’s literature and the term fairy tale is used to refer to happy events and happenings, such as a fairy tale romance or a fairy tale ending.

The holiday is also known as National Tell a Fairy Tale Day in the United States.

How to Celebrate?

  • Set your imagination free on this very fantastical holiday and re-read all your favorite fairy tales.
  • If you have children in your lives, why not introduce them to some of the world’s most famous fairy tales?
  • Bring out your inner writer and pen down a fairy tale. Who knows, you could be the next Hans Christian Andersen!
  • Watch movies based on fairy tales.
  • Host a fairy tale party. Instruct your guests to come as their favorite fairy tale character, decorate the venue as if you were in an enchanted land of fairy tales and serve foods from all your favorite fairy tale stories. Some ideas include caramel apples (Snow White), pea salad (The Princess and the Pea), pumpkin soup (Cinderella) and porridge or rice pudding (Goldilocks and the Three Bears).

Did You Know…

… that at least 500 versions of Cinderella have been found around the world?

Tips For Looking After Your Childrens Health

Tips For Looking After Your Childrens Health

Having children is one of the best experiences you can have in life, although they aren’t always easy. Part of looking after your children and helping them grow up is to look after their health, even if they don’t want to themselves. Things like going to the dentist, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, doing their homework or getting enough exercise is all important. These are all things that you need to consider when helping your children live a healthy lifestyle. Below are four tips for helping your children be healthy: 

Eating Their Five a Day

One thing that every child should do is eat five-piece of fruit or veg a day. Now, this can be tricky sometimes as a lot of children don’t like vegetables and will fight to not eat them. One trick that is useful is to put the vegetables into a sauce so that they don’t realise they are eating them. For example, peas in a spaghetti bolognese, peppers in a curry, or onions and tomatoes in a fajita. Most of the time they won’t realise they are eating the vegetables as the dish itself has lovely flavors to it. 

Exercise Enough 

Do your children exercise enough? A lot of children are happy to run around a park and have fun, but others are more introverted and want to stay in. If it’s a case that your children don’t like to exercise as much, then it’s time to get them out and exercising without them realising they are doing it. Why not get a trampoline and jump on it together or go on family walks together and get their step count up? You can make it a competition and see who can do the most steps! They will be exercising in no time without even knowing they are doing so. 

Dental Visits 

Teeth are extremely important to both adults and children which is why it’s important you take your children to the dentist when they need an appointment. If they don’t want to go because they might be scared then tell them it’s ok and that you go to the dentist as well. If you need an appointment you could always visit a recommended cosmetic dentist and let your children come with you to see that it’s ok and nothing to be afraid of.

Getting Them To Sleep 

Bedtime can be a pain sometimes, especially if they don’t want to go to sleep. Depending on their age they should be aiming for a set amount of sleep, but if they are struggling then there are many ways you can help them. You can set up a bedtime routine, relax before bedtime, check the noise or light within the room and make sure they feel safe when sleeping. 

Your children’s health is important and you’ll find many tips for helping them online. Although they can be hard work sometimes, there are so many great memories that you will share with them.