Turkey Leaf Craft Template

Turkey Leaf Craft Template

Grab some print out our funky looking turkey leaf craft template and let’s make this wonderful fall activity.

Our fall craft template is great for kids of all ages (perfect for preschool and kindergarten), although you can just as easily make this project without the template.

Fall is abundant in wonderful (and free) crafting materials… There are a whole lot of fun things you can create utilising leaves of all colours (have you seen our leaf lion?).

We love picking leaves, it almost feels like we never have enough (although we have way more than we’ll ever use) and we love creating with them even more – be it crafts for display such as this turkey craft or all kinds of fun decorations.

For this particular project, we were grabbing maple leaves in all colors. This project will look fantastic with any color although I must say, yellow and red leaves turned out the best! Naturally you could even color the leaves or add some texture to them with markers to take this crafty project idea to a whole new level.

Ready? Print out our template (you can find it at the end of this tutorial) and let’s get crafting!

How to Make a Leaf Turkey with our Turkey Leaf Craft Template

What you need:

  • our printable template (you can grab it at the end of this tutorial)
  • leaves, lots of colorful real leaves
  • paper (heavier paper is best, regular paper will be OK too)
  • coloring supplies
  • scissors
  • glue

When it comes to decorating, glitter glue is always welcome!


Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions with Pictures

Print out our template. We recommend printing on heavier print paper as it will withstand the wetness of the blue better and won’t wrinkle. Regular paper will be OK too.

There are two pages included, one with only one turkey on it that can be used as a base (you can skip this one) and one with two turkeys for kids to color in and cut out.

Color in the turkey. We used markers to color it in but any coloring medium will be fun to use – crayons, chalks, coloring pencils…

Once colored, cut out the turkey and it’s feet.

Take the other sheet of paper, with the turkey craft base and apply a generous amount of glue on the tail area.

Alternatively you can also apply glue on the leaves only.

You can cut of stipules of the leaves, or just leave them as they are.

Stick the leaves on the turkey template.

If you want a multi-colored turkey tail, we recommend you make the base with larger red leaves, and place smaller yellow leaves on top of them.

Continue sticking leaves on the template, adding glue either on the leaves or on the base as you go.

Once happy with how the turkey tail is starting to look, glue on two turkey feet on the base (you can also glue them directly on the colored body, whichever feels easier).

Take the colored turkey body, apply a generous amount of glue on the back.

Press the turkey body to the base.

Give the glue some time to dry.

Voila! You’ve made a fun looking turkey with our Turkey Leaf Craft Template.

Tips to Save for a Family Vacation

Tips to Save for a Family Vacation

Saving for a family vacation is a smart idea; it means you keep your family finances under control, and you can reduce any money stress you might have when traveling. No matter the size of a family vacation, use the tips in the article for savvy saving to improve the experience.

Family Project 

Family projects involve all the family members meaning that everyone is invested in the project, and you stand more chance of making it happen. Start early, a year in advance, for major overseas vacations, and create your goals and timetable for earning money and planning trips. 

Although children won’t be put to work, there are ways they can contribute to the holiday fund. If they have toys or games they no longer play with, you could suggest selling them online and using the money for their vacation next year; this helps educate them about money and saving. 

Automatic Saving 

Saving for anything requires discipline and patience, two qualities that are hard to practice when your paycheck arrives, and you want to spend. Of course, much of the paycheck will be accounted for already with bills and expenses; after that, you will want to spend on yourself. 

The best way to avoid the temptation of spending is to create automatic savings in a special account. On payday, the money you need to save is taken from your paycheck and placed in a savings account, you have less to work with, but it helps you accumulate the money you need.  

Smart Investments 

Don’t forget about investments when it comes to saving. The wheels of the economy are always turning, and you can be sure your money will go further if you can invest in the right places. Smart investments mean identifying the best type of investments for better short-term gains. 

Dividend funds might be worth looking into if you are saving for a major holiday next year. Dividend funds payout every quarter or every half year depending on the investment fund. A dividend can offer you a lump sum if you invest in the right way, contact gips consulting today. 

Income Streams 

The fastest way to save is to earn, which is why multiple income streams are a great way to save for a vacation if you can find the time for them. One of the biggest barriers to multiple income streams is finding a way to balance family life with a full-time job and income streams.

Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities these days for multiple income streams. A second income doesn’t have to occupy too much of your life; in fact, you can dedicate a few hours a week to a business and earn enough for the family flights. Find out more about side hustles

Everyday Savings  

One of the best ways to earn money is to save it; after all, money is hard enough to earn. Save on small everyday things when planning a holiday in the near future; you can also give up unnecessary expenses like monthly takeouts as long as you replace them with an alternative.

How to Have Amazing Hands

How to Have Amazing Hands

An area of beauty that many of us neglect is our hands. Our hands are so visible so often, whether we are walking or talking animatedly, that it is important they look their best if we want to make a good impression and look great no matter what.

With that in mind, take a look at my top tips for always having amazing hands:

Moisturize regularly

Your hands, like the rest of your body, need to be moisturized regularly if they are to look as smooth, radiant, and youthful as possible. However, your hands may need a little more moisture than the rest of your body.

Why? Because we tend to wash our hands with hot or warm water multiple times a day, and hot water can dry the skin out fast. Ideally, you would apply a little hand cream each time you wash, but if you can’t do that, then applying hand cream 3- 4 times a day should help.

Oh and if you have eczema on hands or some other skin condition, then be sure to use prescribed moisturizers and emollients only as many store-bought brands can cause the condition to worsen and your hands will get sore and inflamed as a result.

Wash with lukewarm water

On the subject of hand washing and heat, you do need to wash your hands regularly for hygiene reasons, but if you do not want them to dry out and crack, then using lukewarm water or hand sanitizer gel instead of hot water is a really good idea.

Get a manicure

One thing that will really help your hands to look amazing is having a regular manicure whereby your hands are moisturized and your nails are cleaned, cut, and polished if you prefer.

Hands that are looked after, and ails that are well-kempt will always look better than those that are not given much attention. Of course, if you cannot afford regular manicures, you can learn how to do your own, which will save time and money, and give you something soothing to do as an act of self-care that will improve your hands significantly.


A lot of people seem to skip exfoliating their hands because they just don’t think it is necessary for some reason, But, of course, your hands are covered in skin, and any area that is covered with skin beads to be exfoliated so that dead skin cells can be removed and fresh new ones can be revealed. 

In order to exfoliate your hands, simply use a body brush to scrub them at least once a day when washing, Follow up by applying a thin layer of hand cream and your hands will instantly look more youthful.

Apply vaseline

If you are going to be heading out in cold conditions during winter winds or snowy weather, for example, then mixing some vaseline with your usual hand cream and applying a thin layer will help to protect your hands from the elements, while also moisturizing them at the same time. 

You might also want to wear gloves in the cold weather. Leather gloves wore over the vaseline/. Hand cream mixture will work really well, but wearing gloves or vaseline alone will also help to keep your hands protected so it is really up to you.

Cold weather can really dry out your hands, so it is important you take extra care of your hands in the winter months.

Deal with hang nails

If you have hang nails or you break a nail, then don’t leave them until later to deal with – simply ensure you always have a nail file and clippers on hand so you can fix any issues fast. The longer you leave broken nails or hang nails, the worse they are likely to get and the longer you will have to go with less-than-perfect hands.

Use a cuticle cream

If you do not want your cuticles to look bad, and if you want to ensure your manicure always looks amazing, you need to be using a cuticle cream on a regular basis – it really is that simple.

Eat a healthy diet

Eating a diet that is high in vitamins E and C, collagen and fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and good fats, will help you to grow strong, healthy nails, that will look great whether you simply trim and buff them or have them professionally painted.

As you can see, taking food care of your hands is actually really simple, so what are you waiting for?

Apple Stamping Pumpkin Craft

Apple Stamping Pumpkin Craft

This Apple Stamping Pumpkin Craft is such a fun harvest time activity for the kids!  The kids will love the googly eyes!

Every year since my oldest son was born, my Mom, my youngest sister, and I have taken my kids to our local pumpkin patch. Sometimes Daddy has the chance to come along but it’s faithfully been the three of us for the past 6 years.  It’s one of our favorite Fall traditions and every year the pumpkin patch has something a little different like burlap slides and pony rides to the yearly favorites like their pig races and corn maze.

This apple stamping pumpkin craft is such a fun fall activity for the kids and reminds them of their visit to the pumpkin patch.  You really only need a few supplies to make these little guys.  Not Fall season….swap out the orange paint for red or yellow and you have some cute little apple faces



  • Apple, cut down the center
  • Orange Paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Brown & Green Pipe Cleaners



  1. Cut your your apple in half. Using a small paint brush, dab some orange paint on one half of your apple.  Carefully press down on the paper.  Touch up any unpainted parts with your brush if desired.
  2. While you painted pumpkins are drying gather your remaining supplies.  We liked to use different size googly eyes 🙂  Cut your brown pipe cleaners into small stem sizes and twist your green pipe cleaners around a pencil to create a curly leaf.
  3. Glue on your stem and curly leaf.  I personally used hot glue because my kids are impatient 🙂  but craft glue works too…it will just take longer to dry 🙂
  4. Attach little googly eyes.
How to Keep Your Mind Sharp When You Retire

How to Keep Your Mind Sharp When You Retire

Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean your brain has to go to bed as well. You can do many things to keep your mind sharp and engaged. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Take Up A New Hobby

One of the best ways to keep your mind sharp is to take up a new hobby. It could be something as simple as learning to play an instrument or taking up gardening. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could learn a new language or go skydiving! Choosing something that interests you and that you’ll stick with is essential.

Do Some Mental Exercises

Just like you need to exercise your body to stay in shape, you need to exercise your brain to keep it sharp. There are many ways to do this, from doing crossword puzzles and Sudoku to playing memory games or learning how to solve Rubik’s Cubes. In addition, some apps and websites offer brain-training exercises designed to keep your mind sharp.

Socialize Regularly

Staying social is another excellent way to keep your mind sharp. Meeting up with friends for coffee or going out for lunch are all great ways to stay connected and engaged with the world around you. You could also join a book club or start volunteering—which are excellent ways to meet new people and learn new things.

Eat Healthy And Stay Active

Eating healthily and staying active are essential to keep your mind sharp in retirement. Eating a nutritious diet and regular exercise help to improve blood flow to the brain, which helps keep your mind strong and focused. So, ensure to include plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet, and aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise most days of the week.

Take Some Supplements

In addition to eating a healthy diet and regular exercise, consider taking some supplements to help keep your mind sharp. Several supplements are specifically designed to improve cognitive function, including omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and ginkgo Biloba. Kava is another supplement that’s often taken for its ability to enhance mental clarity and focus. You can buy kava online or at most health food stores.

Travel Often

Of course, one of the best ways to keep your mind sharp is to travel often. Seeing new places and experiencing different cultures is a great way to stimulate your mind and learn new things. So, if you can, take advantage of your retirement years and travel as much as possible. Your mind will thank you for it!

Surround Yourself With Youthful People

One of the best ways to stay sharp in retirement is to surround yourself with youthful people. Spending time with young people can help keep you feeling young at heart, and it’s also a great way to learn new things. So, if you have grandchildren or nephews and nieces, make sure to spend plenty of time with them. You could also volunteer at a local school or community center.

Your brain can only retire if you’re working full-time. But, by taking up a new hobby, doing some mental exercises, socializing regularly, eating healthy, and staying active, you can help keep your mind sharp well into retirement age!

Fall in Love With These Quirky Fall Friend

Fall in Love With These Quirky Fall Friend

I don’t know about you, but strolling around town this time of year, I find it hard not to be distracted by all of the beautiful colors and shapes of leaves that have fallen to the ground. It always makes me a little sad, to see such beauty go to waste. With this fun craft, you can breathe new life into those fallen leaves!

On your next nature walk or stroll outdoors with your little one, pick out some of your favorite leaves. Collect them in a small bag and bring them indoors. Press them between the pages of a heavy book for several days. Once the leaves have been pressed for a few days, you’re ready for your craft!



Leaf Friends

  • Pressed Leaves
  • A black marker or paintpen
  • A white marker or paintpen
  • A sticky notepad
  • 2 leather cords


Leaf Friends
Take a leaf or two and draw animal faces on them. You can even make a pair: how about a cat and a mouse?

Leaf Friends

Make pairs or groups of your animal leaves to tell a little story! For example, many of these leaves lend themselves to being made into baby birds. Draw googly eyes with the white and black marker, then add a beak.



Leaf Friends

I’ll help you set the scene for the story: take your brown leather cord and lay it across your paper to form a tree limb to let the birds sit on. One of the birds is just beginning to hatch! Take a larger, brown leaf and cut it at an angle so that it looks like the baby bird is coming out of it. Now it looks like one of the baby birds is learning to fly! Take 2 smaller leaves and glue them to his back. What happens in the rest of your story about these baby birds?



Leaf Friends

For this story, you’ll need to make a bunch of fish from your pressed leaves! Rotate them so that the stem is pointing either left or right. With your markers, draw eyes and fins. Then, add decorative scales to your fish. Lay down your piece of blue leather cord for the surface line of the water. Look at how many creatures are already swimming there! For a spin on the story, drop a fishing rod down into the water and see what happens…

Leaf Friends

For a fun matching game, pair up your fish! Glue each one on a sticky note and have your little one pair up the fish that are looking left with the fish that are looking right.

Leaf Friends

Want even more leaf crafting ideas? You could frame your favorite leaves, or make a flip-book with your favorite leaf characters. Happy Crafting!