What To Know When You Adopt A Pair Of Kittens

What To Know When You Adopt A Pair Of Kittens

Kittens are regarded as some of the most beloved domestic animals in the world, and along with puppies make everyone in the vicinity collectively go 


If you are looking to adopt a pet this year and you believe that a kitten is the right choice for you and your lifestyle – now is the time to take a look and consider what you are to expect if you do adopt a kitten this Christmas. 

They are crazy 

If you have seen pictures and videos of kittens calmly sleeping for hours on end, this is accurate – however what you don’t see is the hours between these short naps where a kitten is running around the house like a crazy person. Kittens are incredibly playful and curious, and when you bring one into your home they will spend a lot of their time exploring and running around playing with anything they can find. Be aware that in the first few months of kitten ownership you need to be all hands on deck! 

They sleep a lot 

As well as running around and playing, it is not unusual for a kitten to sleep for between 16 and 20 hours everyday. Kittens are still babies, and until they are around 1 year old they will be very much like having a baby or toddler in your home. Be sure to place lots of beds and blankets around the house for them to curl up and take a nap. 

They love to chew 

Just like babies, at around 16 weeks old your kitten will start to teeth. Teething in kittens is thankfully not as traumatic as a child; but a kitten will chew anything from toys to furniture to cables, and even sometimes you. Be aware to stock up on hard toys for their teething stage and make sure there is always a toy in view for your kitten to teeth with. And don’t be alarmed if you find a tooth on the floor now and again! 

They need their own space 

Like all cats, kittens need their own space as well as space with you. When you first bring a kitten home you should have a room set up in the house which has a bed, food and water, and litter box in easy reach. Your young kitten needs to know where everything is in their new home because if they don’t it could cause anxiety as well as a little accident. Leave this room as their main room, but also bring kitten toys and beds into the rest of the house so that when they are ready to explore, they feel like this is their home as much as yours.

They have sensitive tummies 

You can’t feed a kitten the same things as a fully grown cat – and if kittens eat things that are inedible whole playing they will get an upset tummy. It is a good idea to stock up on vitamins and supplements on petness.com to ensure that you can give your kitten everything they need in their diet to stay healthy and solid.

Practical Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Bundle Of Joy

Practical Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Bundle Of Joy

Are you expecting a precious little baby? Congratulations! Pregnancy is always a special moment that certainly changes you in more ways than one. Now, what next? Many questions race through every expectant mother’s mind when it is their first pregnancy, which is normal. However, this period of anticipation is an excellent time to receive (and follow) clear medical guidance from your doctor. Although each pregnancy experience may differ from mother to mother, there are some things you should know to be fully prepared for the journey ahead. So, are you wondering what your next step is after finding out that you’re pregnant? Did you just find out that your partner is pregnant? Here are a few things you should know. 

Your due date

Only a handful of women ever deliver their babies on the precise due date given by the doctor! But once it’s assigned, your due date on paper always remains the same – unless your ultrasound scan reveals a large discrepancy with the assigned due date. Beyond knowing your due date, you should also learn as many facts as possible about your condition. Fortunately, there are many websites and blogs that you can rely on for information like pregnancy belly shape and size guide, as well as specific symptoms you can expect to experience. However, you need to ensure that you visit recommended websites and blogs from other mums for all your research to get the right information.

Not everything will go according to plan

One thing many expecting moms must realize is that things may not always go according to plan. You may spend a lot of time planning every step of the process, considering every detail, but childbirth is more than enough to send your plans flying through the window. Every expecting mother needs to have a well-prepared birth plan in place. However, do not obsess about perfecting every detail, as that can be enough to put you under a lot of stress, especially when things do not go your way. Make room for unexpected circumstances, and accept that things will get a little crazy sometimes. The great thing about allowing for flexibility in your plan is that it will make you more open to alternative ideas, and thus, more flexible to handle each surprising turn of events. 

Self-care is essential 

Ensuring that you take excellent care of yourself isn’t only about you but also about your unborn child. It helps to promote your well-being and that of your child at the same time. Proper self-care means that you only consume the right food, stay away from the ones that can be harmful to your child, and exercise as much as you possibly can. Self-care goes beyond making you feel good; it also helps you maintain a sense of self-worth, which is essential whenever you feel too stressed or tired to go through another day. Some expecting mothers have said that they lost their sense of self-worth during pregnancy and let their health and bodies go. Taking good care of yourself helps you to remain healthy, both mentally and physically. 

Expect to do nothing sometimes

There will be times when you cannot bring yourself to do anything around the house, especially after giving birth. Childbirth is one of the most challenging things to do, even when you have previous experience. Therefore, your body needs to get all the time it needs to recover. During this period especially, expect to do nothing. Also, during the latter stages of your pregnancy, you may be in the right condition to complete as many daily activities as you used to. That is why it is essential to have as much care and support as you can from your partner, family members, and loved ones.

Bonding with your baby may take time

There’s nothing like a mother’s bond with her unborn baby – an unexplainable feeling of joy that takes over most mothers during the months of pregnancy. Although mothers bond with their little angels from day one, on the other hand, not every new mother will feel that jolt of excitement. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that; it may take some new mothers weeks or even months after delivery to start building that mother-child bond, and different reasons may account for this. The most important thing is to make sure that you do not allow yourself to be stung by guilt if this happens to you. Just commit yourself to your little angel, shower, then with all the love you can muster, give the process some time.

You may need to eat more than you did before

Every breastfeeding mother needs 500 additional calories every day. When you start bottle-feeding your child, you should give your body enough healthy food to recover. Unfortunately, when you are busy taking care of your little one, it is quite easy to lose track of your own needs and forget to eat regularly. Therefore, it is best to stock up on some healthy snacks that you can munch on with one hand while your other hand is busy. Doing this will keep you from starving yourself without realizing it, as it is not suitable for your health or baby. You should also expect your newborn to have quite an appetite, especially when you’re breastfeeding them. You might only require a small amount of regular bottle-feeding. However, breastfed babies will need to eat a lot more often. So, don’t be tempted to make a breastfeeding timetable; let your baby alert you. 

Pregnancy tests your relationship

It is vital to get as much assistance as you can from trusted friends, family, and loved ones, especially during the first couple of months after giving birth. That is because raising a child is one of the most challenging jobs (albeit one of the most rewarding), even when you are fortunate enough to have supportive spouses or partners. If you have a supportive partner beside you throughout the process, tension may still arise between you two. Your partnership will be tested during your time of expectancy, but the most important thing is to ensure that you do not allow such times to impact your relationship negatively.

Are You Spending Too Much On Your Bills?

Are You Spending Too Much On Your Bills?

Spending too much on your bills is easy to do. Companies try to trick us, we get used to it and think things are more expensive than they need to be, and most of us are just too nervous to even try and haggle! However, once you gain a bit of confidence in handling your finances in this area, you’ll be able to lower your bills more than ever before. So without further ado, here are some things to think about if you’re sick of seeing those bill amounts read higher than the money you make every month. 

The Benefits of Paying in Advance

Right, the first thing to think about is the benefit of paying more than you need to. Of course, this only applies in certain areas, such as credit card debt. If you fork out more than you need to per month, and your credit company will tell you what the minimum payment is, you’ll reduce the interest down to nothing, and ensure your credit score goes up and up as a result. But when it comes to paying bills to keep the lights and the heat on, the principle doesn’t quite apply. 

Work Out the Basics

So you’re going to need to work out the basics here. You’ll need to work out what you actually need to pay for, and what you don’t – a.k.a., what you want and what you need. You need to put food on the table, but that food doesn’t include a bag of donuts every time you visit the shops, for example. 

If you have a budget already, it’s time to revisit it. Work out what’s costing you, and whether or not it needs to cost you. Look at it in terms of monthly expenses and yearly expenses, and match it up to your income. And if you don’t have a budget, you can easily make one right now. If you have internet access, you have access to calculators that’ll help you work out what the biggest expenses are going to cost you, such as your mortgage payments. 

Be Ruthless with Your Providers

Once you’ve worked out the basics, you’ll have the power to be ruthless with your utility providers. Getting on the phone is the most effective move here, but you could also use live chat via websites, and even writing in to the company’s mail office could work too. 

Just remember that your providers don’t want to lose your custom, and if you’re insistent enough, they’ll put you through to the people who can actually cut your bill, by removing features you don’t use, or setting up a payment plan that actually suits you. 

Spending too much on your bills is going to cost you down the line. It’s not fair, and it certainly shouldn’t continue just because you don’t know what to do next! So make sure you keep tips like those above in mind, because you deserve to save some money here.

Focus on Finances:Can You Save Money In These Areas?

Focus on Finances:Can You Save Money In These Areas?

A lot of us are taking a long, hard look at our finances at the moment. The COVID pandemic has hit our finances hard, and many of us are beginning to think about how we can get back on track, and how we can reduce our costs. It can be a lot easier said than done, though. Here are a few ways in which you may be able to save a bit of cash if you are overstretched and need to review your finances.


Unfortunately, many of us have a debt of some sort, and since they can get you into serious economic situation and impact your credit rating, they need to be prioritised. It could be that if you are struggling, you need to consider extra sources of income or seek specialist financial or debt advice.   

You may also want to think about calling lenders to reduce your repayments or to come up with some kind of payment plan to help get them back under control while leaving you with enough cash to survive on. You could also seek advice on debt forgiveness

Cut Your Outgoings

Take a look at your utility bills (gas, electricity, and water) first and find out whether you are getting the best deal possible. It could be worth calling your provider and seeing if they can give you a better deal, and if not, switch providers. It is reasonably easy to these days. 

Do the same with things like your car, home and health insurance, cell phone provider, internet provider and so on. Even a few dollars saving each month adds up over the course of the year and can make a huge difference.

Look at what you are spending

The odds are you are wasting money. Everyone does it to some degree.  It could be the sneaky grande latte on the way to work or that lunchtime burrito. It could be the bottle of water you grab when you are out or that membership to the gym that you never have the time or energy to use. For a week, keep a list of all your expenses and see what you can leave out. Take a flask of coffee with you to work, a packed lunch and a reusable bottle of water, and take up running or home exercises and cancel the expensive subscription to the gym.

Some of these behaviors can be more difficult to stop than others. They are usually well ingrained into your everyday life and it is easy to think that a few dollars here and a few dollars there will not make a difference. However, when you total them up at the end of the week, you will be surprised.

With some discipline, planning and preparation when it comes to your finances, you can save a significant amount of money to put away for the future.

Time-and-Money-Saving Recipes for a Tasty Weeknight Meal

Time-and-Money-Saving Recipes for a Tasty Weeknight Meal

So many of us love to cook but don’t always have the time (or the money) to make elaborate, fancy meals. Luckily, there are easy ways to make truly scrumptious meals that don’t take hours in the kitchen and don’t cost a fortune in random ingredients. With a little creativity and know-how, you can make delicious and fun recipes in a snap that use ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen. Here’s a few of our favorite ideas:

Creative Salads

Salads are a lot more than just a random handful of romaine, a few slivers of carrots and a tomato or cucumber wedge. Salads can be bright, crunchy, crispy, fruity, spicy, and topped with creamy dressings or a drizzle of oil and vinegar. Spruce them up with your favorite herbs, chunks of cheese, crunchy nuts, or nutritional yeast. Eat them atop brown rice or quinoa for added bulk, or throw them on top of leftover pizza. Salads can be the perfect accompaniment to a grilled meal, or eaten on their own for a quick and healthy lunch.

In summer, a simple cucumber and tomato salad with a wedge of crispy cornbread is the perfect meal. This salad recipe from Budgetbytes.com is a perfect version that you should definitely try. For something a little classy that goes great with chicken dishes, try a strawberry and spinach salad, adorned with crunchy honey-almonds and feta cheese. No need to hit up the fast food joint for that amazing asian salad – you can create your own with fresh steamed edamame, chow mein noodles, crisp spring onions and your favorite store-brand spring rolls.

Stir Fries

Stir fries don’t have to be boring. The truth is, stir fry is incredibly versatile and the only thing you need to take them out of a rut is a great sauce. Whether you love veggie stir fry over rice, quinoa, grits or a bed of mashed potatoes, whipping up a delicious stir fry sauce is the key to keeping things fresh and new. Try a spicy orange sauce, a lemon-basil vinaigrette, a savory french onion sauce, or a sweet, spicy sriracha honey sauce to brighten your meats and veggies and turn your stir fry into something the whole family will love.

The One Pot Craze

The instapot and slow cooker are all the rage for a reason – they save you so much time in the kitchen and the results are delicious. Yes, they’re perfect for that traditional pot roast or pot of chili, but your slow poker or instapot can be used for a whole lot of other creative recipes, too. Fun ideas like slow-cooker lasagna, pho with tofu, and even low country boil can all be made in your favorite trusty appliance while you’re at work or out running errands, and you’ll be shocked at how delicious they are.

Breakfast for Dinner

Whether you enjoy your breakfast for dinner or your breakfast for breakfast, it’s easy to make your favorite morning staples in a flash. From three-ingredient pancakes (that happen to be gluten free), to bacon-in-the oven, to a make-overnight strata to wow last-minute guests, there are easy hacks to make breakfast a snap.

With just a few simple, creative tricks, you can have food on the table in no time flat, without spending a fortune.

Thinking of Getting a Dog? Here are 8 Things You’ll Need to Buy

Thinking of Getting a Dog? Here are 8 Things You’ll Need to Buy

Are you thinking of getting a dog in the near future? Then there are several things that you’ll need to purchase ahead of bringing them home. Welcoming a dog into the family is one of the most amazing steps that you can take, but there are certain costs associated with the process that you’ll want to budget for – it’s not the cheapest endeavour after all.

To ensure that you’re as organized as possible, here is a list of 8 things you’ll need to purchase. Of course, this isn’t a complete list – so you’ll need to conduct other thorough research before you bring your furry friend home. But to make sure that you start off on the right foot, the following are essential purchases:

1. Pet Insurance
One of the most important purchases that you’ll need to make is pet insurance. Why? Because it will ensure that the majority of costs associated with any treatments are covered. Giving you the peace of mind that not only your dog is in the best hands but that your finances aren’t significantly affected, it’s a must-have from the get-go.

Luckily, there are plenty of providers to choose from – meaning that you can find one that suits your budget. Many also offer finance plans, giving you the chance to either pay monthly in affordable chunks or annually if that better suits your circumstances.

2. Good Quality Dog Food
Ok, so this might sound like a given; but it’s still worth mentioning. Before you bring your dog home, you should purchase high protein dog food for them. Nutrition is key to helping them to thrive, so you want to give them the best possible start – whether they are a puppy or an older dog.

Along with their everyday food, you might also want to purchase delicious treats for them to enjoy. If you really want to get creative, you could also start to make these yourself – just make sure that you’re aware of the types of food they can and can’t eat.

3. A Dog Bed
You want somewhere where your new pooch can sleep. And although over time they will undoubtedly try to sleep on your bed or on the couch, giving them a bed to enjoy from the beginning is a must. Their own personal place to relax, they will love having a comfortable bed.

4. A Lead and Collar
Although these, of course, are two separate things they can be linked together under one point as they are both physically worn by your dog. A lead will ensure that you can take your pup on lovely long walks while the collar and ID tag will guarantee that people will be able to contact you if they ever went missing.

5. Toys
Playing with your dog is essential to bonding and their development. So as part of this, it’s a good idea to invest in some toys for them. There are so many to choose from – from plastic toys to soft ones. Available in most stores and online, you’ll be spoilt for choice for what you can buy for them.

6. Food and Water Bowls
Along with their food, you’ll also want to purchase food and water bowls for them. Something that won’t cost you more than $15 for each of them, they are another must-have that you should purchase as soon as you settle on the dog you’re going to get.

7. A Stairgate
Whether you’re getting a pup or a dog that requires some training you may want to consider investing in a stairgate for your home. This will ensure that they can’t get upstairs and know that the downstairs is where they should sleep/spend their time throughout the day. Although this isn’t an essential, it’s an item that many dog owners will invest in and use from the beginning.

8. House Training Pads
Yet again, this item can be useful whether you’re getting a puppy or are adopting a dog. As you introduce them to your home, chances are that they won’t be toilet trained. You’ll therefore have to take them through the process by investing in house-training pads. To do this effectively there are plenty of online tutorials that you can use.