Set The Clock – It Is Time To Speed Clean Your Laptop

Set The Clock – It Is Time To Speed Clean Your Laptop

Or most of us, our laptops are filled with everything from photos (and plenty of them are double), files, big old files you don’t remember using, music, videos, work, work and more work… 

Not to mention many apps that you haven’t opened after the free trial expired – it is time to clean house. 

Laptops that are filled with old, big and unused files are still going to use memory and power to hold all of that information. 

And, when you need to search for something, the laptop will go through those files, too – making the process take much longer. 

So without taking too much time, who really has a lot of free time to clean up a laptop? Here are things you can do to quickly and efficiently get your laptop back in excellent working order – without the fuss. 


When you take photos, do you take three or four in a row and then never get around to choosing the best one and getting rid of the rest? If that sounds like you, then you could have more duplicates than you know what to do with. 

They take up a lot of space and pretty quickly. 

Most people don’t have the time or the inclination to find the duplicates manually, but there are great software options that can help you find duplicates at speed – and delete them. 

Most of the software options will show you all of the duplicates they have found so you can double-check them. But if you are going for speed, then you most likely won’t want to check them all. But it is worth taking a second glance if you know there are some treasured memories on there – like photos of your childhood pet or people you have lost. 


Do you still need the downloaded tickets from the family event you went to 3 years ago? Do you still need the brief that your client sent you a few months ago? 

Anything that is still in your emails you can do without. In which case, it is time to head into the downloads folder and get rid of everything you don’t need. 

If you diligently move everything out of your downloaders folder, then you might have to take a little extra time to find things. 


You’d probably be surprised about just how many temporary files are clogging up your computer and slowing it down. Clearing your computer’s cache is one of the longer tasks, but there are some software options that make it much quicker. 

For a windows laptop:

  1. Type Disk Cleanup in the search bar, and click Disk Cleanup when it appears.
  2. Let it work its magic – you will see a list, and you can select which files get cleaned.
  3. Tick temporary files and decide on the rest.
  4. Click delete files. 

For a MacBook: open Disk Utilities, go to first aid and click repair. This will scan and patch anything that needs to be taken care of. 


This might be the longest part of the job if you can’t make decisions, but otherwise, it can be very swift. To make grouping easy, choose broad subjects like client work, household, reading, writing, art – or whatever makes sense to you. 

Start working through your files and putting them where they should go – it can be a working process; this is more about making a start. 

Once the folders are in place, it is time for you to make sure that every new thing that you add to your computer is put in the correct file straight away. This will prevent clutter. 

Any files that haven’t been opened in the last 6 months can be shipped to an external hard drive or deleted. 


If you can’t remember the last time you opened a specific file type and the app that it pertains to, it is time to say goodbye to that app. Applications take up a huge chunk of memory, and often it is a case of out of sight out of mind. Since you aren’t opening them constantly, you might forget that they are there. 

Be ruthless, even if you have a soft spot for that Adobe software that you used once or the app that is designed to help you work more productively that you never used after the first week. 

Commit to them or bin them! 

As you go, it can be pretty interesting to see just how much memory you are getting back. 

Cleaning your laptop is a great way to prepare it for your next big project, and if you’re into DIY, then check out this: Craft Room DIY for $120 or less! – Savvy Nana.

4 Reasons to Cook More Homemade Meals This Year

4 Reasons to Cook More Homemade Meals This Year

Reaching for the takeout menu can be extremely tempting after you’ve had a long and tiring day. Although you may not feel like getting busy in the kitchen, it is the most satisfying habit you can get into this year. Whether you’re getting your children involved in the great art of cooking, or you simply want to brush up your skills, there are so many reasons to cook more homemade meals this year. Not only are handcrafted meals extremely tasty, but they also come with numerous health benefits. Consider some of the following reasons to cook more homemade meals this year and enjoy every step of the process.

     1. They’re Delicious

If you aren’t an avid cook, then you need to start getting creative in the kitchen, because the outcomes are simply delicious! Whether you’re trying out a simple fermented hot sauce recipe or you want to attempt a classic family lasagne, there are so many incredibly tasty recipes to try out. Experimenting with fresh herbs, garlic and spices will give you a glimmer of what it’s like to create mouthwatering dishes from scratch. If you’re feeling extra creative, you could even try growing herbs and spices in your very own back garden. There is nothing better than stepping into your yard, pulling up a selection of delicious herbs for your upcoming dinner and tasting them that very evening. It’s the freshest, simplest and easiest way to enjoy a meal; you should definitely consider growing your own produce if you have the means and space to do so!

     2. It’s Healthier

It’s natural to seek out a healthier way of living from time to time, and the ultimate way to achieve this is by cooking delicious meals from scratch at home. You can add a healthy twist to most of your favorite dishes so that they’re lower in salt, fat and other additives. Eating out in restaurants or ordering takeouts can quickly become a bad habit that causes you to feel groggy and unhealthy over time, so consider cooking more if you can. When you are fully aware of what is going into your food, you can have complete peace of mind that you’re doing the best thing for your body. Unfortunately, a lot of so-called “healthy” foods on our shelves at the moment are packed with sugar, salt, processed additives and unhealthy trans fats which can wreak havoc with your day to day health. Cooking wholesome meals from scratch can assure you that you’re only putting whole, fresh ingredients into your dishes every single day. That’s not to say that processed foods can’t be enjoyed from time to time, because there is always a time and a place for them; it’s all about balance.

     3. You Can Have A Lot of Fun

Cooking is an experience to be enjoyed by everyone involved. Pour yourself a glass of wine, set some mood lighting and turn on your favorite playlist; setting the right atmosphere will create an enjoyable experience whilst you cook. You may even want to re-jig the layout of your kitchen so that it feels more stylish or practical as you’re cooking. Getting your environment just right is the only way to get the most out of your cooking experience, so why not give it a try? Don’t forget to bring your partner, friend or family member on board to enjoy the experience too. A cooking party is a sure-fire way to create memories, have fun and enjoy homemade food with the people you love the most.

     4. You’ll Save Money

By cooking at home more often, you will save money in the long term when it comes to your food bills. When you eat out at restaurants regularly your savings will quickly drain if it becomes a habit. Planning out your meals for each week can help you stay on track with your weekly food bill and reduce your outgoings dramatically. Creating a menu is an enjoyable task you can complete every Sunday so that you can buy all of the fresh ingredients you need for a successful week of cooking in your home!

As you can see, cooking delicious homemade meals creates numerous amounts of benefits for you and your family. Whether you’re looking to kickstart a healthier way of life, or you simply want to save some extra money along the way, cooking at home will help you to achieve all of these things. Try it for yourself, and make sure you share the results with all of your nearest and dearest, because there is truly nothing better than sharing a hearty meal with those you love.

The importance of hiring a trusted roofing company

The importance of hiring a trusted roofing company

A roof is a necessary part of any structure, whether a residential or commercial building. It provides the required structural support, protecting the elements underneath or inside the house from damage, especially during bad weather conditions. Additionally, proper roofing also adds value to your home.

During roofing, repair, or replacement, you have two options. You can choose to do it yourself, or you can hire a roofing company to do all the work for you. Of course, in this option, hiring a trusted roofing company is the best option because it prevents several benefits. Read this article to learn why it’s essential to hire an expert for roof repair and replacement.

Why DIY roofing is not a proper option

Some people opt to do the roofing themselves because they think they save money. Unless you have proper training in this field, doing so can benefit you. On the other hand, DIY roofing projects can cause injury. If you hit yourself or fall off the roof, the medical expenses will be upon you. Secondly, repairing or replacing a roof can be time-consuming. That’s why you need an expert for such a project.

Benefits of hiring roofing experts

  • Get honest and unbiased advice

When building a roof, you would like to achieve different things. Primarily, if installed correctly, the roof will help add value to your home. That’s what the expert will bring when you give them a call. First, they will thoroughly inspect the roof to diagnose where the problem lies.

They will then give you expert advice on the best ways to deal with the issue. And the truth is, if they have been in business for a very long time, they already know what works and what doesn’t. If you are a DIYer, you may not get this benefit.

A good tip when hiring is to find an experienced company. Companies or professionals with a proven track record increase your chances of having quality services and a stable roof.

  • Proper installation for your roof

Let’s face it. Roofing specialists have installed numerous roofs around your area and in different places. They understand the basics and the complex process of installing a proper roof. Furthermore, they know the local authorities’ regulations in your area layout in your area. Hence, they will do a perfect job.

A roofing expert will estimate the amount of time required for the project and carry out the necessary repairs and replacements without any hurry.

Besides that, remember that these experts will have the required tools that your toolbox may lack. They also have the necessary machinery to handle the most complex roofing tasks.

  • Get a warranty

Typically, most roofing experts will install the roofing and provide extra support if any issues arise when they leave. Let’s be honest. If you are to do the repair or replacement by yourself, do you think this will benefit you? Definitely, not. You may have to repeat the entire job by yourself and incur the costs of it.

On the other side, the warranty ensures that the provider will fix any arising issues without you having to incur any costs. And remember, for you to get this benefit, ensure that the expert you hire for the job is a local and trusted professional.

  • Proper insurance

Trusted roofing experts should have a functional licence. Having such a document ensures safety since you know that the company is trustworthy. Now, think about injuries that may take place during repairs. For instance, let’s say one of the experts falls off the roof, or your property gets damaged through the project. You don’t have to worry because the repair company’s insurance will cover the damage.

Also, on your side, if you follow the regulations that your local authorities set for you, your insurance company will cater to the cost of repairs and replacements. The benefit of this is that you get peace of mind. You don’t need to worry in case anything happens to your roof.


Hiring experienced companies or professionals comes with numerous benefits, as you can see in this article. Furthermore, taking matters into your hand could lead to extra expenses, especially if you fail to repair or replace the roof as it should. Another thing; hire a local professional to whom you can reach out in case of an issue. Such experts are reliable, and they will get to your residence within the shortest time possible.

3 Measures For Involving Your Children In The Great Art Of Cooking

3 Measures For Involving Your Children In The Great Art Of Cooking

There are some life skills that all children need to learn. This involves being able to socialize and share, so that they can build friendships and grow over time. It’s also important for them to learn how to manage their finances when they come of age, be that through learning how to save, how to judge the value of a given purchase, and how to work a little harder for more money.

Yet there are also life skills that are so important, we can begin teaching our children from the moment they’re able to understand the associated concepts. The ability to cook will be a life skill they keep with them until their golden years, and keeping that in mind will encourage you to involve them in this process as of the moment. In this post, we’ll discuss how that can be, and a few select measures for getting the most out of our efforts here. 

Furthermore, we’ll discuss how safety and fun are two essential elements of teaching our children how to cook:

Show Them The Basics

Cooking can seem rather complex for children, as all of the heat, chopping, stirring, and seasoning can seem like an art that requires a lot of refinement to get right. This is why it’s always a good idea to bring it back to basics. You can show them the basic food groups, such as a meal that has carbohydrates (rice), protein (chicken), vegetables, and dairy, such as a glass of milk or milkshake after the meal. This way they can more easily understand how a balanced plate should look.

Make A Fun Together-Meal

It’s good to focus on how fun cooking can be to begin with. Nurturing a love for the craft is key. For instance, this taco dip recipe from Magical Slow Cooker can provide a fantastic dip to enjoy during a large together-meal, or when eating dip-snacks such as nachos. A meal like this can bring everyone together, perhaps with some finger foods surrounding our plates. This way you show just how tasty and versatile cooking can be, and how it brings everyone together. Giving them some authoritative control over the recipe, such as helping them season it too, can allow them to see the value in taking some time for your craft.

Try Your Hand At Baking!

Baking can also be a great way to show that indulging the sweet tooth need not be unhealthy. For instance, putting together a beautiful cake made from natural ingredients, rolling pastry for a fruit pie, or crafting some vegan cookies and brownies together will help them see that despite the mess, baking and cooking can be tremendous fun, and if you’re patient, you’ll often come out with something better than what you could buy prepared in the store.

With this advice we hope you can more readily involve your children in the great art of cooking. Who knows how far they’ll take it? Perhaps one day, they’ll give these lessons to their own kids.

4 Things To NOT Do When Communicating With Elderly People

4 Things To NOT Do When Communicating With Elderly People

When communicating with an elderly person, you may need to adapt your style of doing so, as a lot of elderly people struggle with hearing loss and related conditions. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the things you should not do when communicating with an elderly person.

Do not underestimate the importance of body language – When communicating with an elderly person, it is imperative to make sure that you do not underestimate just how important body language is. You can learn more about how this can help you to communicate online. It is especially important when communicating with someone who has hearing loss. 

Do not make the person feel like they are giving control up – This is one of the most important things that you should not do. The chief battle when speaking with an elderly person, especially a parent, is that they feel like they are giving their control up. It can be difficult for parents to accept their children looking after them when they have looked after their children all of their lives. So, it can be difficult to feel like the roles are reversing.

Do not refuse to accept the opinions of other people in your family – There are going to be times whereby you are not all going to agree on the care of your loved one. And, there is usually not a right or wrong answer when it comes to healthcare. This is why it is important to make sure you are considerate of how other people feel. 

Do not assume you know what your parent wants or what they are thinking – Aside from the points that we have mentioned so far, it is important to make sure you do not try and rush your parents into making decisions. You may assume that you know what they want or what is best for them, but you need to let your parents have their own voice and you need to respect their decisions and opinions. 

Do not try to tackle a number of different things at once – Last but not least, you should only try to tackle one issue at one time. If you try to broach several things at once, it can be overwhelming for someone who is older. This can end up causing frustration and confusion, which is the last thing that you want to happen. This is why it is important to have patience and to make sure you only tackle one issue at one time. 

So there you have it: some of the different things that you should not do when communicating with an elderly person. We hope that this has given you a better understanding of how you should communicate effectively with someone who is older. When someone is older, it can make it more challenging to communicate as effectively as you may have been able to do in the past, and so it is critical to keep this in mind.

Teaching Your Child Confidence In The Kitchen

Teaching Your Child Confidence In The Kitchen

Once you decide that your child is of the correct age to learn their way in the kitchen, slowly and appropriately, then they have the chance to develop an amazing life skill as they develop. It’s important for children and especially teenagers to know the value in eating healthily, in cooking properly, in managing the logistics of their refrigerator and making sure they can fill their stomach with good food for less.

This can prevent them from falling to constant takeout foods, from accidentally giving themselves food poisoning from poor technique, and of course, from wasting money when cooking with proper ingredients can be so helpful. This can be especially useful to learn during the student/early professional days, when our beloved children get out into the wider world for the first time.

Teaching your child confidence in the kitchen, then, is a worthwhile use of your time, and there’s plenty of fun to be had here. With that in mind, let’s consider how you’d even achieve such a task:

Baking Can Be A Great First Step

Baking can be a great first step when it comes to introducing your child to the kitchen. This is because there are rarely any sharp objects in use (you don’t need a sharp chef knife to separate dough, for instance), flour is fun to play with, rolling dough and pastries can be a fun skill to learn, and the treats at the end are easy for a child to learn. What child wouldn’t want to try making cookies or a cake they can enjoy? This can be an afternoon task the two of you go through together, and you can show them the value of separating, properly handling, and weighing ingredients.

Simple, Beautiful, Delicious Recipes

Simple, beautiful, delicious recipes can show the benefit of good cooking and that it’s not a complex science, just a rewarding organizational task that always pays dividends at the end. You can even show them how simple great food can be, particularly with the right tools. For instance, this delicious chicken tortilla soup instant pot can provide a thoroughly tasty and nutritious meal with only a slight amount of preparation and cleanup. This can nullify a child’s or teenager’s impression that cooking requires a hefty amount of effort to get right.

The Basic Food Groups

Of course, education means more than just playing around with ingredients, but you can use those ingredients as tools for education. Showing our kids the most important food groups, and how to balance a meal can be a great first step here. Showing them how each meal should be balanced with a light amount of carbs, proteins and vegetables (which encompass both but also provide fibre) can be a healthy way of helping them think of meals as a balance, almost as if you were teaching a newbie guitar player the chords to create songs before actually teaching them songs to begin with.

With this advice, your child will slowly become more of a natural in the kitchen, but more importantly, they’ll enjoy their time within that space.