How To Win The War Against Your Modest Sized Property

How To Win The War Against Your Modest Sized Property

If you are a little frustrated about the lack of space in your property, you are far from alone. As families grow and housing prices soar, millions of people find themselves settling for somewhat modest spaces. However, there is no need to start waving the white flag just yet.

With the right strategy, it will be possible to make your home feel bigger and better. Here’s all you need to know.

Introduce More Natural Light

Natural lighting can completely change the vibe inside your home. It tricks the eyes into perceiving that living spaces are bigger while also boosting the sense of positivity. Many of the steps also boost temperature control and air quality. From dressing the windows to skylight installations or painting the walls a lighter tone, there are many options. Better still, it is a step that can be used regardless of your interior design style.

Hire A Storage Facility

The average family now owns more physical possessions than ever before. When home storage is at a premium, services like SMARTBOX Solutions, Inc. come to the rescue. It is particularly useful when you want to store seasonal clothes. Or sentimental possessions that are not currently needed. While it will require a small outlay, it is a far cheaper and more convenient solution than moving to another property.


Moving some of your possessions into external storage is a great opportunity to analyze your home. In many cases, there will be a large number of items that you no longer want. They can be sold to generate funds and save space throughout the property. From clothes to electronics and homewares, you’ll be surprised by just how many items you’ve accumulated. As well as the immediate benefits, your should find that the home becomes easier to clean.

Choose Compact Furniture

It’s not the size that matters. It’s how you use it. Your approach to interior design can have a telling impact on the look and practicality of your home. Selecting small dining tables is a very useful idea. This Home Designing guide can help you with this challenge. Another popular solution is to opt for wall-mounted TV units or display units. If it enables you to save valuable floor space, the modest dimensions of the room will far less important.

Embrace Outside Spaces

Your property isn’t only about what’s inside the four walls. If you are blessed with outside spaces, it is imperative that you learn to utilize them. A well-designed patio, for example, can bring a whole new dimension to your home life. It is a place to relax, share home date nights, or entertain friends. For optimal results, you may wish to consider the addition of sliding doors to connect internal and external living areas.

Lose The Guest Room

Finally, if you have a guest room or garage space that rarely gets used, you must address this. Whether you turn it into a playroom or an office doesn’t really matter. As long as you give it a renewed sense of purpose, it will be a step in the right direction. Making your home feel smaller simply so that your in-laws have a place to stay for two nights of the year is a terrible trade-off. The sooner you appreciate this, the better.

5 Signs It’s Time For a Divorce

5 Signs It’s Time For a Divorce

Contemplating divorce is never easy. The thought of tearing your family apart is enough to make you want to stay but there are times when it becomes clear that would be the wrong choice. The most important thing you can do is talk to people you trust when you’re having difficulty in your marriage.

If you’re wondering if now is the time to leave, take a look at some of these clear signs.

You’re Not Happy

Perhaps you’ve noticed that you’re not happy in your relationship. No matter what you try, you can’t seem to make yourself or your partner happy. Being unhappy is often a sign that the relationship isn’t healthy anymore.

Perhaps your partner is difficult to communicate with or maybe your partner is still very immature. You should never ignore your feelings; they will only get worse over time.

Your Interactions Are Negative

Do you tend to argue with your partner more often than not? Perhaps your comments are greeted with sarcasm or disdain. Happy couples often find it easier to interact positively with each other which encourages their relationship to grow and strengthen.

If you do opt for divorce, you may find that it’s difficult to come to agreements with your partner. It will be wise to use a family law attorney to mediate during the process.

You’d Rather Spend Time With Someone Else

When you’re on your way home from work, do you dread coming home to your partner? Perhaps you create excuses to spend time with other people so you don’t have to spend time with your partner. Or it could be the other way around.

Have you noticed your partner taking on more hobbies or spending more time away from you? If you’d rather do anything than spend time with your partner, it doesn’t hold much hope for the future.


Have you caught your partner cheating? When one partner cheats on another it can ruin the trust in a relationship entirely. You may feel like there’s no way back to the way you were before. 

If trust can’t be reestablished, you may think that it’s time to move on. The only way to do that is by cutting ties through divorce.

You Live Like Roommates

Has your partner become your roommate? Perhaps you don’t sleep in the same bed anymore and you lead separate lives. Some partners can become like ships passing in the night and it can take a toll on the relationship. 

If you’re starting to acknowledge each other less and your home has become somewhere you use for basic needs, neither of you are going to feel comfortable. If your partner feels more like a stranger now, it may be time to consider going your separate ways.

It’s worth talking to a family counselor before seeking a divorce. There are times when a lack of communication can be fixed through mediation and the relationship can be saved. When you’ve done everything you can, divorce may be your only option.

Hobbies You Can Start at Home Right Now

Hobbies You Can Start at Home Right Now

Those of us who got to spend some time at home during the pandemic discovered hobbies and skills we didn’t know we had. Of course, it doesn’t mean we didn’t go stir crazy from time to time even if we could have fun while we were at home. It’s important to realize that just because you are at home doesn’t mean you have to stay there, however you can start a hobby from your house. It’s nice to be able to do something for yourself that’s outside of your family connections and your relationships and your friendships. 

It’s nice to go home from work and know that there is something you can immerse yourself in that makes you feel happy and fresh. There are some hobbies that you can do without even having to leave the house if you want to, and I know that you’ve probably spent a lot of time indoors because of the pandemic but that doesn’t mean you can’t still embrace your home life now. With this in mind, here are some hobbies you can start right now from home without waiting.


  • You could learn calligraphy. There is something super mesmerizing about seeing calligraphic writing. With the way the pens move, the letters appear on the page, and even the type of paper you have, you can make calligraphy something really fun. There are practice books and brush pens that you can buy online and have them delivered to the house in a day, and you can then learn upper and lower case lettering and start doing your Christmas cards in the most beautiful penmanship.
  • You could start exercising. Before anybody runs away and hides under the duvet just hear me out, exercise is good! Sweating it out and moving your body can be exciting especially if you find some excellent dancing tutorials online. If you don’t feel like going out to the gym, all you need to do is push the sofa back and exercise from the comfort of your living room. Tons of fitness centers even offer virtual workout options these days, and that’s in addition to peloton another class is. All you have to do is show up!
  • You could learn how to cook. One skill everyone needs in life is the skill of being able to cook. If you use your time at home to be in the kitchen you can go beyond generic recipes and instead, learn to make delicate French patisserie or learn how to perfect spun sugar Croquembouche. There are so many ways that cooking can bring you joy and this is a hobby that you could eventually monetize if you wanted to. Cooking can also be an impressive skill to show off to your friends about; dinner party, anyone?
  • Learn how to knit and sew. Are you ready to dive into the world of weaving cottons and wools? Good, because needlework and knitting are skills you can carry away into your later years. You can knit blankets and throws for winter, or you can learn to sew your own clothes and create your own miniature line of beautiful items. There are so many different things that you can create when you know how to work a needle and it’s time now to get involved and figure it out!
  • Pick up an instrument. Instruments are a good option when you are discovering new talents. If you love to rock out on Guitar Hero, then maybe taking lessons via YouTube could get you started. There’s never a better time than now to connect with your inner rockstar than now and you have the time and the inclination to go for it!
  • Have you considered painting? Channeling your inner Picasso is just as good as trying to splash paint on the wall of the home. This is one of the most relaxing hobbies because you can put your all into it and no one is going to judge you. Painting is relaxing and it’s a nice way to be creative and enjoy just exploring colors and textures.
  • Learn to make candles. Candle making is a lost art, and you have to think how you could grow this hobby. You can even make them scented if you wanted to! You should think about how you can make your home look and feel warm with the right candles and making your own can often be as fulfilling as anything else! Don’t be afraid to get stuck into this one; much like the wicks you put into the candles.
Fixer-Upper Stress: Tools and Tactics To Achieve a Grand Perspective

Fixer-Upper Stress: Tools and Tactics To Achieve a Grand Perspective

It’s vital we find a healthy and happy home for us and our loved ones. Opting for a fixer-upper is very popular these days. It helps people to save money, but the reality is that a fixer-upper can come with a lot of stress. It’s important for any first-time buyer to be aware that stress is part and parcel of the house buying process, and therefore, ensuring you can cope with the stress of a fixer-upper is about having a wide variety of tools at your disposal. What do you need to consider? 

Due Diligence

Due diligence is a tool that can help you in the long run. For example, if you’ve been considering renovating an old church that’s been on the market for so long that no one wants to touch it, you may very well think this can be an amazing home and, no doubt, it would be, but you’ve got to be incredibly nosey on that first visit. A building like a church is undoubtedly a large project, not just because of the aesthetics, but because you’ve got to preserve the structure. There are a number of things that can make this process quite overwhelming. Churches are notoriously drafty and, therefore, having the right church heating systems and insulation will make sure it doesn’t just become a great place to live but is structurally sound and comfy. 

This is why due diligence is so important. A building that looks like it’s been cobbled together from a number of random bits and shows signs of being added to multiple times can compromise the overall structure and, therefore, the integrity of the home. It’s best to avoid these circumstances because you are saving yourself a lot of stress. 

Having a Plan

Whatever you plan on doing with the property, you will need to have the right plan in place. Prior to purchasing the home, you need to have an inspection to determine the overall condition. This should be your reference point before you start off. When it comes to planning, it’s far better for you to go for the larger jobs first. These will include the kitchen or adding an ensuite bathroom to your bedroom. 

Opting for the bigger part of the plan first doesn’t just make the process easier in the long run because you get the hard stuff out of the way, it also means that you are getting the permits and professionals in at the very outset. Having a plan ensures that you can put a structure in place before you start altering the structure. 

A Realistic Budget

Part of putting a plan in place is about ensuring you have a budget that is realistic and within your means. It can be one of the hardest parts of fixing any fixer-upper. Making all of these updates will guarantee a greater return on your investment, but the problem many people have is that they think they’ve got to overinvest at the outset to ensure they are getting the best bang for their buck. 

Property values can fluctuate, especially during tough times. If you are planning on selling in a number of years or if you are flipping the property, you’ve got to straddle that balance. Ensuring that you have a budget that is realistic and manageable, but is also not going to bankrupt you in a few years’ time is going to reduce your stress levels considerably. 

The best approach is to add an extra 33% to your budget. This may seem unachievable, but it will make a big difference in the long run, especially if you run out of funds in the middle of the project. Rather than trying to complete everything as soon as possible on a limited budget, you’ve got to break up your projects and make sure that you have the funds to overcompensate at each point. 

What Do You Realistically Need To Do Yourself?

Having a big project will mean that you’ve got to have a realistic idea of what it takes to get the project done within a reasonable timeframe. We all want to save money, but we’ve got to think about our capabilities. We are not superhuman. When it comes to renovating a home, we’ve got to decide what we can realistically do, not just in our budget, but within our expertise. It’s always a good idea to consult professionals, but you need to determine what you can do yourself. 

For example, there is a wide variety of flooring that you can piece together. This is something you can do yourself, rather than having a builder do it for you. It’s also a good idea to make sure that you are confident in your abilities, especially if you are considering adding light switches. Basic electrics is something that we can all have a go at, but if we are not confident in our abilities, we could easily make a big mistake that may result in a professional having to redo it, which adds to our costs but may also cause problems in the long run. 

You’ve got to ask yourself what you can realistically do yourself, not what you think you could do if the opportunity presented itself. 

Learning How to Stay Calm

For so many of us, being in the eye of the storm means that we are incredibly overwhelmed by the prospect of renovating. This means that we are stressed before we’ve even started any major work. Learning to feel calmer is so important. And this is why you may want to benefit from a number of tools that can give you the confidence and fortitude to deal with any renovation projects. 

There are tools like meditation and learning to relax, but there are also tools like visualising. If you can picture your dream home and what it takes to put these things together, this is a tool that many athletes and executives use to ensure that they are stepping closer to their dreams. Something like visualisation is a very good tool that is not utilised enough, but when it comes to ensuring you have those tools to stay calm, whether it’s anti-anxiety methods or visualising the end product, you can be sure that you are able to focus on the task at hand rather than becoming overwhelmed.

Great Ways to Use Leftover Party Food

Great Ways to Use Leftover Party Food

If you have ever hosted an event, in all likelihood, you had a lot of leftover food. That’s because the mantra have too much rather than too little for a party is ingrained in most of us. However, that leaves us with a quandary – what to do with all the leftovers? Throwing it away seems like one of the only options you have. You know the majority of it will get old and turn bad, so why wait? However, that is not entirely true. Leftovers can come in very handy. So, let’s take a look at some ways you can use those leftovers:

Tomorrow’s Lunch

Using them the next day is a pretty straightforward thing to do. Put in the fridge what you can see yourself eating the next day. It saves you a lot of effort when you will probably be feeling pretty tired after hosting an event. Instead of lunch, perhaps they will make a great evening snack. Sandwiches or rolls are pretty good examples of using something as it is the next day with minimal effort.

Use your Freezer

Chucking things in the freezer is a great option for those items you cannot see yourself eating any time soon. You can cut things up ion to portions sizes to make defrosting a little easier too. Things like curries or casseroles are good examples of this. The next time you are too busy to make a decent meal, you can pull one of these out of the freezer and heat it up. 


This is perhaps the best way to use your leftovers. It gets you thinking creatively and allows you to make brand new meals you may never have considered before. Who knows, you may be able to add a new recipe to your recipe collection. A turkey shepherds pie, for example, allows you to reuse all those turkey leftovers from Thanksgiving. If you have a lot of vegetable leftovers on a vegetable tray, treat them as individual items for a recipe rather than a lot of unused food. Fruit left over could be used to create a great fruit salad. Get your creative lenses out and start looking at the leftovers in terms of what could be. This is a lot more fun than throwing it all away. It may also save you a lot of money too. 

Swap Ingredients

How about joining a food group and swapping items left over with someone else? This may sound like a wild idea, but it is a notion that is gaining in popularity. If you host a lot of events, then this could well be a great idea for you. 

Be More Sparing

Obviously, prevention is better than cure. So, you could always learn from your mistakes and make less food in the first place. Ensure you know exactly who’s coming and try and work out how many pieces of food each person will have. That way, you will be catering in a more precise way and ensuring as little food goes to waste as possible.

Top tips before you give birth

Top tips before you give birth

Having a baby is very exciting but can be nerve-racking at the same time. If it’s your first baby, you won’t have gone through the physical changes that having a baby brings where you will have very happy moments but may feel down at others. 

If you are worried about giving birth, you are not alone! Many people give birth on a daily and hourly basis and have no problems at all (If you do have any issues you can contact a company like to help, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to this) Giving birth is a big deal which is why it’s important you prepare yourself as much as possible before the time comes.

To help you with preparing, here are our top tips before you give birth. 

Make and freeze meals 

On the days leading up to giving birth and the days after giving birth, you are not going to want to cook much food at all. Instead of having to add this unnecessary stress, prepare a range of meals well in advance and freeze them. This way you can get them out and defrost them in the microwave when you get hungry. This can help you eat more healthily instead of turning to fast food but also saves you the effort of having to cook for yourself when you get home. 

Make a care basket 

When the baby arrives you’ll want to have as many things nearby as possible and this is when a care basket comes in. Fresh bottles, nappies, baby wipes, Sudocrem, you’ll want to have it all prepared and ready so that you aren’t searching for it all when the baby arrives. Have multiple care baskets set up so that you can have one with you at all times. Have one at your, one at your parents and one at your grandparents, this way it doesn’t matter where you are, you have baby essentials ready and waiting. 

Do the laundry 

It sounds silly, but having the laundry done and dusted before you go will be a very positive thing. It means that not only is your home tidier but it’s one less thing to think about when you get back. All baby clothes should be washed before being used, so doing the laundry is the perfect excuse to wash them at the same time. Remember to use non-bio as this is less harsh on your little one’s skin. To save time, you can still use the tumble dryer to dry the clothes. It may also be worth investing in a new clothes rack as you’ll have plenty more clothes to dry when the baby arrives – you’ll soon be teaching your children to do their own laundry to help them grow up into respectable adults. 

What are your top tips before giving birth? Are there any tips that we have missed that you think should be included? Is there anything you would like to share that will benefit our readers? Let us know in the comment box below, we would love to hear from you.