How The Modern Working Environment Hurts Our Health

How The Modern Working Environment Hurts Our Health

When you go to your 9-to-5, you don’t expect to be entering into an environment, detrimental to your health. But so many of us have accepted that our professional lives come with risks to our minds and bodies. Indeed, for some occupations some dangers are unavoidable. Construction still remains the most dangerous line of work. But the average professional, shouldn’t be put into a position whereby they don’t feel mentally and physically protected. Here are some environments that hurt our health and how you can better take care of yourself.

Urban offices

If you work in downtown Manhattan in the US or in Canary Wharf in London, you will be familiar with what’s known as ‘smog attack’. This is pollution from buildings, cars, buses, ventilation systems, and the average person on the street (such as smokers) pouring into offices and making employees cough. It’s difficult to breathe when you’re in an office that is in the middle of a densely populated area. But there are some things you can do. Take a look at tactical window air circulation tips, as you can create a faster airflow in the office. You should also recommend the HVAC be increased on particularly bad days of pollution. This will extract the poisonous fumes and keep the office air clean.

Construction challenges

As mentioned, construction is inherently a challenging industry. If you work close to diggers, jackhammers, and large industrial vehicles, hearing loss is a very real and present danger. Excessive working environment noise can lead to tinnitus and permanent hearing damage. The average decibel level should not be more than 60. Anything that is in the range of 80 or above, is harmful to your hearing. Wearing silicone earplugs with industrial protective equipment is a great way to retain your hearing into old age. Audiologists warn that an exposure to noise over 80 decibels will cause damage to your hair cells in the inner ear. These can act as a cushion, absorbing some of the soundwaves to prevent the eardrum from being overloaded.

Earning more money?

Working overtime is something that is ingrained in our professional personalities. We want to be seen as the harder worker, someone who deserves the promotion more than the other employees, etc. but what untold damage is being done to our psyche? Working overtime too often can lead to stress that is directly linked to the cause of depression. Do you really enjoy life if most of the time you’re just working? Existing is not the same as living, so take care of yourself and value your personal life and time away from the office.

Personal trainers

Personal trainers that take an exclusively hands-on approach are in danger of over-training. Fitness fatigue is a generally new phenomenon, particularly felt by athletes and professionals in the fitness industry. It can lead to hypertension, cramps, and stress. It’s better to film your fitness sessions so clients can always workout from home from time to time. It helps you get some rest and the content can be used again and again.

Working environments come with hidden trade-offs to our health. It’s time we started noticing the negative impacts of modern professional environments and took better care of ourselves.

How to Protect Your Hearing Better

How to Protect Your Hearing Better

Protecting your hearing is something that you definitely need to think about doing if you haven’t paid much attention to it before now. Luckily, there are many different ways of approaching this challenge and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. If you want to make sure that your hearing stays in good shape both now and going forward, here are some of the ways in which you can make sure that’s the case.

Know the Warning Signs

First of all, you need to know which warning signs to be looking out for. This hearing loss guide will tell you what you need to know about hearing loss and what it looks like. That way, you can pick up on any of those signs early on and make sure that appropriate action is taken to get the treatment you need when you need it.

Use Ear Plugs When Exposed to Loud Noises

Whenever you’re going to be in a situation in which you’re exposed to loud noises, you need to use ear plugs. This will allow you to ensure you don’t sustain direct and potentially long-lasting damage to your eardrum and inner ear as a result of those loud noises. This might be in the workplace or when doing things such as listening to live music.

Give Your Ears Time to Recover

When you are exposed to loud noises, even if you weren’t expecting it and weren’t properly prepared for it, you should give your ears the time they need to recover. By doing that, you’ll be able to make sure that any damage you sustained can be fixed and doesn’t become permanent. Resting your ears from time to time is a good idea but lots of people don’t think to do it.

Keep Your Ears Dry

As you get older, you should take extra precautions to ensure your hearing is protected. And that means doing things like taking extra care to ensure your ears are kept properly dry at all times. Take the extra time to do this to ensure problems don’t build up in your ears. It’s a simple case of making sure your ears are dried whenever they’re exposed to moisture; it’ll make a difference.

Be Careful When Listening to Music

When listening to music via headphones in particular, you should always take extra care to ensure you don’t play it too loudly. Exposing your ears to those loud sounds at such a close distance can do permanent damage to your inner ear, especially if it’s something that’s sustained and repeated over time. Turn down the volume and get used to doing so if you want to protect your hearing better.

If you take the steps we’ve discussed here, you’ll be able to protect your hearing better and ensure hearing problems don’t develop over time.

Taking Care Of Your Future Can Be Simple

Taking Care Of Your Future Can Be Simple

When talking about the future can be a scary prospect, especially for those of us who never want to grow up. The Peter Pan idea is wonderful, and we can all stay as young as we feel for as long as possible. But there are certain things and we don’t necessarily think about and need to for the future. Not necessarily about our finances, because that is something that is obvious to everybody. We need to be able to pay for our care as we get older but more importantly about our health and our situation. Making sure that we are comfortable, leading happy lives, and have all of the health care that we need is Going to make our old are you is much more enjoyable, and comfortable. So here are some ideas on how you can take care of your future in small steps that you will thank yourself for later.


Your health is your number one priority, if you are eating well, staying hydrated, exercising, and doing everything that you need to prevent any mental health illness, means that you should be able to keep a good handle on your health at all times. We all like to think that we are doing our best to stay healthy, but there are certain things that we can do to improve this. Eventually, we may need to think about tools for our care, such as hearing aids. You can of course get rechargeable hearing aids which help reduce the overall cost of your care, and there are other things you can do to prevent excessive bills and charges when it comes to health tools. Whether it’s Some dentures, a pair of glasses, or a knee strap, there are things you can do to put down on the necessity of them, or at the very least reduce costs. Doing your research is essential, and taking care of yourself should always be your number one thing to do.


Keeping the mind young is as simple as having hobbies that you enjoy, that keep the cogs turning. A lot of people take up puzzles, or even play some online games with friends And quite often you will find that older people tend to use social events to incorporate card games such as poker or backgammon nights. Staying sociable, and keeping a hobby that benefits you in many ways is a brilliant connection that will help you stay young, and enjoy your time.


We are social creatures, and sometimes it can be tough to make social connections and keep them thriving, especially if we don’t see our friends and family on a day-to-day basis. But with modern technology, you can use apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, or even Zoom that will help you to see and hear from your left ones. Keeping these connections driving is something that will certainly improve our mental health and confidence levels. Going out and visiting people occasionally, or meeting up for lunch are wonderful ideas and something that many people look forward to

How To Help Elderly Relatives Maintain Their Independence

How To Help Elderly Relatives Maintain Their Independence

One of the hardest parts about getting older is watching your parents and grandparents get older as well. As their health deteriorates and they are unable to do the things that they used to do, they will start to lose their independence and that is tough to watch. Eventually, you may have to make some difficult decisions about their living situation, but before you reach that stage, there are some simple things that you can do to help them out. These are some of the best ways to help elderly relatives maintain their independence.

Home Health Care

If an elderly person has certain health issues that require treatment, you may be thinking about the possibility of them living in a residential care home. But that is not always necessary because you can use home health care services (like the ones at to cater to their health needs. This means that they can still get all of the care that they need, and potentially some assistance with simple day to day activities, but they don’t need to move out of their home. They are still able to live independently, but you can always be sure that they are safe and healthy.


Introducing elderly people to technology is actually a great way to help them live a more independent lifestyle. For example, teaching your grandparents to use the internet opens up a whole world of possibilities. They can find local clubs and organizations to join, so they can maintain an active social life. Online shopping also means that they can get all of their own groceries, even if they are unable to get out to the shop.

Other technology, like video calling, is great for elderly people as well. They can easily stay in touch with the rest of the family and call you for help should they need it. This helps to beat loneliness and keep them safe while they are at home, so you should teach them to use video calling if you can. If you take advantage of technology and you are patient when teaching elderly relatives, it can make it a lot easier for them to maintain their independence.

Home Alterations

In a lot of cases, elderly people struggle to live independently because they cannot move around their home and carry out basic tasks. But you can solve these issues with some basic home alterations to make life easier for them. For example, adding a stairlift or some ramps if they need a wheelchair will make sure that they can access all areas of their home. Some simple handrails in certain areas helps them to remain stable as they move around and reduces the chance of them having a fall. If you invest a little time and money on their home, you can help your elderly relatives to maintain their independence and keep them safe.

Eventually, your elderly relatives will not be able to live alone. But if you follow these tips, you can help them to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

7 Signs You May Have Diabetes

7 Signs You May Have Diabetes

One in eleven adults is thought to have diabetes. This disease occurs when your body is unable to produce insulin properly, resulting in dangerously high blood sugar levels. Getting diabetes diagnosed early is important – if ignored it can lead to kidney failure, blindness and even death. Here are just some of the tell-tale signs that you may have diabetes.

Frequent urination

A classic symptom of diabetes is frequent urination. When blood sugar levels are too high, the kidneys try to compensate by filtering out as much sugar as they can through your urine. If you find you’re constantly having to visit the bathroom – including during the night – you could have diabetes.

Excessive thirst/hunger

Frequent urination can cause the body to get dehydrated – which can lead to constant thirst. Accompanying this can be constant hunger as a result of low energy levels and the need to re-energise.

Lack of energy

If you feel tired all the time, diabetes could be to blame. Our cells are unable to effectively absorb sugar from the blood if there is too much sugar. This sugar absorption is essential for providing us with energy and keeping us active.

Slow healing wounds

If cuts and bruises take ages to heal, it could also be due to diabetes. High levels of sugar in the blood can negatively affect circulation and can damage blood vessels and nerves, leading to slow healing. This can sometimes lead to infections.

Blurred vision

Excessive sugar in the blood can lead to blood vessels around the body getting damaged – most noticeably in the eyes. This can lead to blurred or low vision. If caught early, this can be treated, but if ignored it could cause permanent damage.

Tingling in hands/feet

Damage to nerves in the hands and feet and low circulation as a result of high sugar levels can also lead to tingling in these extremities. If left untreated, this can evolve into total numbness in these areas, pain or severe itching. This is known as neuropathy.

Unexplained weight loss

Weight loss is more common in those that have type 1 diabetes (which is genetic) rather than type 2 diabetes (which is generally caused by lifestyle factors), but it can occur with both types. Because your body is not converting sugar into energy, it may compensate by burning fat. This can be dangerous if you were already slim.

What to do if you think you have diabetes?

There are lots of treatment options available for those with diabetes. The best thing you can do is visit a doctor who will be able to test your blood sugar levels. Depending on the type and severity, they can then recommend the best treatment options going forward. A healthy lifestyle consisting of a balanced diet and exercise is essential for managing diabetes – in some rare cases, it can even be reversed.

Don’t Forget About Your Health As A Parent

Don’t Forget About Your Health As A Parent

Are you worried about your health as a parent? You do need to keep this in mind because a lot of mums and dads forget about this completely. Understandably, they focus all their efforts on their kids and while this admirable, it can lead to problems. Particularly in terms of self-care. Don’t forget what’s good for you is also good for your kids. You need to be in the right health to ensure that you are looking after them effectively. So, let’s explore some of the options here.

Your Senses

Believe it or not, you do need to think about the health of your senses. It’s common for people to develop issues with these, particularly as they get older. For instance, you might notice that you start to lose your sense of smell. This might not seem like a big deal however, it can be a sign of a serious mental health condition. As such, you should make sure that you are getting this checked out by a health professional.

Of course, the main and most common issue is always going to be a problem with your hearing. You may find that as you get older, your hearing does start to deteriorate. Particularly if you are struggling to hear or you have been turning up the volume on the TV recently. There are many hearing aid benefits and one is that you will immediately gain a better quality of life.

Your Fitness

Don’t forget about your fitness as a parent. When you’re running around after your kids, you probably feel as though you are getting quite a lot of exercise. However, it is always going to be worth ensuring that you are including a fitness routine in your typical daily plan. It’s important to realize that this doesn’t have to be especially strenuous. You just need to make sure that you are staying active as much as possible. At the very least, this is going to keep the blood flowing through your body.

One of the best ways to do this is to treat it like a family activity. Get the kids involved too and you can kill two birds with one stone.

Your State Of Mind

Finally, you also need to make sure that you are keeping a check on your mental health as a parent too. It’s important that you don’t become too stressed or overwhelmed. When this happens, you will notice an impact on your physical wellbeing as well as your emotions. Stress is often the most common issue here. If you find that you constantly feel stress, you need to explore ways to calm down, relax and unwind. This is going to help you be a more positive person around your kids and it will help their mood at the same time.

We hope this helps you understand some of the issues that you can face with your health as a parent and why it’s important to keep a check on these as much as possible.