DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Balloons

DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Balloons

With just a few easy steps, you can transform any table into a whimsical Thanksgiving celebration. Add some turkey balloons to the celebration as a fun and cute touch.

With their long tails, these little wooden figures make charming decorations. Kids can craft with them or put them up on a wall. And don’t forget to set up a table for the whole family to serve their Thanksgiving feast.

DIY Turkey Balloons – Materials:

– Balloons
– Colored cardstock
– Scissors
– Double stick tape
– Large googly eyes

Step 1. You need to remove all your paper parts. Use a feather as a template to create multiple colored cutouts of the feather shape. For the nose, create a triangle and teardrop shape. For the open pouch on a turkey’s throat, use a triangle for the opening and a teardrop shape for the material surrounding it.

Step 2. To complete your turkey, use double-sided adhesive tape to attach the beak, eyes, feathers, nose and wattles to each balloon. Then inflate the balloons to big and crazy proportions.

Your cute and friendly turkey balloon is ready to play!

What would you like to add to your Thanksgiving table decorations?

Candy Corn Craft

Candy Corn Craft

A preschooler and toddler can easily make this Candy Corn Craft using free printables and glue. Just use scrap paper and your child can create their project.

Materials Needed for Candy Corn Craft:

  • Candy Corn Template (grab it below)
  • White, orange, & yellow construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

How to Make the Candy Corn Craft:

I printed my candy corn image out on cardstock but regular paper should be fine.

set up for halloween craft

Set your crafting station up by tearing up little pieces of each color of paper. This is a part that kids like to help with.

Since my little gal is three she needed a picture of a candy corn to look at so she knew where to put her colors. (I’m sure there is some fancy name for the skill to recreate an image she’s looking at.) We recruited a neighbor-friend to come help us craft.

kids making candy corn halloween craft
kids crafting for halloween

Both this three year old and five year old enjoyed the project.

Can you guess which one belongs to the three year old and which one belongs to the five year old? Bet you can’t…

Candy corn craft idea

It was a 15 minute project that anyone can do. Seriously.






Pumpkin Apple Stamps

Pumpkin Apple Stamps

These Pumpkin Apple Stamps are a fun way to celebrate the coming fall! Here’s a kids craft to keep kids busy creating art!

This is such an easy kids craft and I think it’s so awesome. Kids can stamp and paint their own pumpkins and add fun faces as the paint dries. This is a super fun fall craft for kids that will let their imaginations run wild and spark their creativity.

If you’re looking for easier crafts for kids, be sure to check out some of my other projects like I also have a collection of fun Halloween crafts including Bat Halloween Treat Mugs, Kids Line Learning Pumpkin Art and Ghost Bat Halloween Bottle Cap Magnets. When your kids finish making pumpkin art with apples, try asking them to find other fresh produce or recyclables to stamp. For example, the bottom of a soda bottle can be used for beautiful floral art. have fun!


Pumpkin Apple Stamps


Orange craft paint
Green craft paint
Paint brushes
Cutting board
White paper

These Pumpkin Apple Stamps are a fun way to celebrate the coming autumn season! This is a kids craft that will keep children busy creating works of art!



1. (Parent step) First cut your apples in half, dry inside and outside with paper towel

2. On a paper plate or scrap paper, squirt a little orange paint on one, and green on the other

These Pumpkin Apple Stamps are a fun way to celebrate the coming autumn season! This is a kids craft that will keep children busy creating works of art!

3. Using the inside of the apple as a stamp , dip the inside of your apple in orange paint, making sure it’s completely covered in paint, then stamp on your white paper

These Pumpkin Apple Stamps are a fun way to celebrate the coming autumn season! This is a kids craft that will keep children busy creating works of art!

4. Using a paint brush, paint a leaf and stem of the top of your pumpkins

5. Let your beautiful pumpkins dry and display proudly

These Pumpkin Apple Stamps are a fun way to celebrate the coming autumn season! This is a kids craft that will keep children busy creating works of art!

Alternatively once your pumpkins dry, use black markers or crayons to create Jack-o-lanterns for some Halloween fun!

Easy Pinecone Bats

Easy Pinecone Bats

Black felt, pine cones, and squishy eyes are all a small group of creepy and cute pine cone bats that kids need to get started! Kids of all ages will love these easy and natural crafts that are perfect for fall.


Aside from penguins, bats are my kids’ favorite animal. Last summer he was so excited to see them “free in the wild” (sometimes he said it as if he was Clutter’s third brother) foraging in the fields at dusk. This craft inspired him!


To make this craft you will need:

  • Pinecones
  • Stiffened black felt
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun



  1. Cut a set of bat wings from the stiffened black felt.
  2. Slide the wings into the pinecone, then secure with hot glue.
  3. Snip a couple of bat ears out of the felt scraps. Slide them into the pinecone, then secure with hot glue.
  4. Attach the googly eyes to the pinecone with a dab of hot glue.
  5. If desired, snip two little fangs out of white card stock (I just used junk mail!) and attach them with a tiny dot of hot glue.


Wouldn’t it be fun to experiment with using twine or fishing line to hang the bats from windows, wreaths, or trees?




Masking Tape Mummy

Masking Tape Mummy

This is a totally improvised Halloween craft. I put duct tape on the table and my daughter rummaged through the art closet for inspiration while she played. I turned around and asked her not to waste it, inspiration came! We can make a tape mummy. We make a lot of Halloween crafts for kids, but this is our first mummy craft. You can also make ninjas using light-colored paper and dark-colored tape.

Gather your materials. You will need some black paper, masking tape, a white crayon, scissors, glue, and googly eyes.

crafts for kids


Start by drawing the outline of a body.


simple halloween mummy craft

Cut or rip strips of tape off the roll and stick to the edge of the table. I didn’t get a good picture of this set up because my daughter was a speed demon with putting the tape on. Older kids should be encouraged to cut their own tape.


easy mummy craft for three year olds


Add the tape to the outline. If your child takes more than the 12 seconds my daughter did with this step you can talk about the different lengths of tape or dive into what mummies really are. I didn’t get into that with my 3 year old but if she was a little older I think it would have fascinated her.


What a great idea! Masking tape mummy craft for kids from

When they are sure that they have added all the tape they want to add cut it out.


Easy masking tape mummy craft for preschool. Great Halloween idea.

Grab the glue and add some eyes!


Masking tape mummy craft - glue on the eyes!

Let dry.