Father’s Day Printable Bottle Tags

Father’s Day Printable Bottle Tags

Looking for a clever Father’s Day gift? These Father’s Day Printable Bottle tags are a fun little gift for Dad! It couldn’t be any easier, just grab Dad’s favorite beverage and add these printable gift tags.

You might also find one of these gift ideas for dad to make him feel special and loved.

Download the tags and print them on cardstock. I chose kraft colored cardstock but any color works! Use a 1 1/4 – 1 1/2 inch circle punch to cut out the opening for the neck of the bottle. You can also send these to print at your local copy shop to save some ink.

father's day printable

ll you need now is your Dad’s favorite drink! A fun way to wrap up a gift for a dad who loves beer or wine. These little tags really are the perfect Father’s Day card and are sure to make him smile.


Gift a pop-top to the top pop! Isn’t that such a cute play on words? This saying is perfect for soda or beer bottles.

fathers day gift idea

Are you the reason your Dad drinks? He will get a kick out of this one for sure, lol.  These tags fit on wine bottles too.

free bottle tags fathers day

It’s Father’s Day and we can’t keep it bottled up! It is time to say thanks to all the awesome Dads.

Whatever you do make sure you write a note and tell Dad you love and appreciate him.  A sincere note means so much and will be cherished for years to come.  I hope you have a special day!
DIY: Rainbow Felt Table Runner

DIY: Rainbow Felt Table Runner

I prefer celebrating St Patrick’s day with bright rainbows (and…pots of gold!) over the usual green theme. Especially when it’s been a dreary, wet, muggy week like the one we’ve had here in San Francisco. Today I’ll show you how to make this pretty rainbow table runner that you can use for a St Patrick’s Day party, birthday party, or just to brighten your afternoon tea parties.

Supplies for table runner: Craft felt in a rainbow of colors, scissors, chalk marker (or pen), ruler, cotton strip of fabric, heat and bond iron on adhesive sheets, sewing machine and white thread.

Supplies for pots of gold: Mini mason jars, masking tape black or chalkboard spray paint, gold coins. Keep reading to see the full tutorial…

Step One: With your ruler and chalk marker, make marks on a piece of felt every 2 inches.

Step Two: Draw diagonal lines up so you’re making 5 triangles per felt sheet
Step Three: Carefully cut out your triangles. Repeat steps 1-3 on all the colors you’re using for the runner.

Step Four: Line up a rainbow strip of colors, markings side up on your ironing board. Match them up right against each other as neatly as possible (it might not be perfect).

Step Five: Cut a strip of heat and bond paper the size of your rainbow strip and place on top. Bumpy side down, touching the felt triangles. With a hot iron, iron the sheet to the felt which will adhere it.
Step Six: Trim the edges of the heat and bond sheet off.

Step Seven: Cut a piece of cotton fabric the width of your triangles and finish the edges on the sewing machine

Step Eight: Peel off the paper backing from the heat and bond sheet and place sticky side up on the ironing board.
Step Nine: Lay your white fabric carefully on top of the felt triangles (sticky side is up) and iron it on. Work in sections and use steam if necessary. Continue ironing until the entire section is adhered.

Step Ten: Repeat on the rest of your rainbow sets until the length you desire is complete. Make sure when you’re adding sections together that you’re careful to line them up right against each other.

For the pots of gold I spray painted mini mason jars with chalkboard paint and filled with fake coins. Writing names on the pots of gold would be a nice touch for a children’s party or for place settings.

Find adorable kids to join you in the celebration!


Rainbow Scarf Tutorial

Rainbow Scarf Tutorial

It’s super cold here today, the coldest day of the year so far by a long shot. It has been snowing in all kinds of places across the country (places where it doesn’t usually snow!), fortunately we are all cosy inside with the fire going.

You will remember the rainbow fingerless mitts I made a little while ago for Maia? Well after much pestering here is a crochet rainbow scarf to match.  I really love this colour combination, so bright on these cold winter days, and perfect for wrapping around a little neck to keep out the chill!


Very easy crochet rainbow scarf pattern.

Using DK (8ply) yarn of your choice and a 4mm crochet hook.

Leave a long end (approx 15cm) and chain 150 in pink. Turn.

Half double crochet back along your foundation chain. Fasten off, change to red and leave a long tail end on both the last colour (pink) and the new colour (red), these long ends will become your tassels.Turn.

Chain 2 and half double crochet along length. Fasten off, change to yellow and leave a long tail end on both the last colour (red) and the new colour (yellow).Turn.

Chain 2 and half double crochet along length. Fasten off, change to green and leave a long tail end on both the last colour (yellow) and the new colour (green).Turn.

Chain 2 and half double crochet along length. Fasten off, change to light blue and leave a long tail end on both the last colour (green) and the new colour (light blue).Turn.

Chain 2 and half double crochet along length. Fasten off, change to dark blue and leave a long tail end on both the last colour (light blue) and the new colour (dark blue).Turn.

Chain 2 and half double crochet along length. Fasten off, change to dark purple and leave a long tail end on both the last colour (dark blue) and the new colour (dark purple).Turn.

Chain 2 and half double crochet along length. Fasten off, change to light purple and leave a long tail end on both the last colour (dark purple) and the new colour (light purple).Turn. Chain one and single crochet along length. Fasten off and leave a long end in light purple.

Tassles 1Tassles 2Tassles 3Tassels.  You should have long ends at both ends of your scarf. Tie the two closest long ends together and secure each ‘tassel’. Cut two 30cm lengths of each colour of your rainbow stripes.Cut tassles

Matching your stripes to you additional tassels, lay the additional pieces of yarn over your tassels and tie together.

Cut the tassels so they are all the same length (obviously you don’t really need a photo to show you how to do this, but here is one anyway…)



Maia Scarf 2

Enough of photos, Im ready to get outside with the others, Mum…

Maia Scarf 3


May Day Made Better

May Day Made Better

May Day reminds me of how I’ve never been good the anonymous acts of kindness.

I do love to help. With three younger siblings there was always a child in need of shoe tied or a nose wiped.  When I was old enough to babysit for other families, I delighted in sweeping the floors and doing the dishes to please the returning parents. By junior high, volunteering was vital in my life.

First as a lawyer, now as an executive coach, helping is my jam. An enneagram assessment affirms my identity as a Number Two—The Considerate Helper. Being kind is easy.  Being anonymous not so much for me.

Unlike countless friends and family I could name (naming them would rob them of their incognito intention), I feel compelled to tell someone else about good things I’ve done. It’s quite unattractive.

I know people who’ve sacrificed vast quantities of time, money, and blood with most people in their life never knowing. For years they give and give without the need to mention it to a soul. The joy in their giving is enough.

When my children were growing up, we celebrated secret giving by making May Day deliveries. We fashioned little handled baskets with colored construction paper, filled them with candy and nuts, and hung them on the doors of neighbors. Ringing the bell and running away before anyone saw gave great delight to the giver.

For someone who is well loved by many, it both surprises and disappoints me to see how I seek assurance from the outside that I am a good person inside. Yet I make a boastful beg for the approval of others under the guise of simply sharing. In contrast to the joy in the giving, a sad dose of shame is delivered the instant I speak of the deed. While there are many out there inspiring good acts, I know myself too well to claim that’s my goal.

In this era of compulsory COVID adaptability, I now add staying silent more often to the list of useful skills to develop when the old ways of doing things no longer work.

Wanting to keep my neighbors safe, there will be no May Day baskets this year. I may do some other kind act, but I promise not to tell you if I do.

Happy May Day.

Free Printable: May DayGift Tags

Free Printable: May DayGift Tags

Give your May Day gift baskets a personal touch with these free May Day themed gift tags. All six are available for download and use them as many times as you’d like!

It may not feel like it, but May is just around the corner. And May Day falls right on the 1st day of the month, so in 6 short weeks we’ll be full steam ahead to spring.

I don’t know about you, but spring makes me feel excited and hopeful. The grass turns green again, flowers start to bloom, and I equally love patio weather and a good thunderstorm while I’m sleeping.

Free Printable: Six May Day Gift Tags

I’m plotting out a garden for my balcony this year; after 11 years in a house I miss my two large garden beds terribly, so I’m quite looking forward to growing what I can on my apartment balcony this year.

Free Printable: Six May Day Gift Tags

With all of that we have the May Day holiday where you may be planning to give May Day baskets to coworkers, friends, or if you have kiddos you may be putting together May Day gift baskets for their friends or classmates.

Free Printable: Six May Day Gift Tags

I’m so excited to have set of six May Day gift tags that you can print and use to create personalized gifts. Whether you want to wrap them around a cup of popcorn and candy or you’re wrapping individual gifts, these gift tags are prefect. Fun, colorful, and absolutely free to you, they’re perfect for adult and kids gifts alike!



Free Printable - Six May Day Gift Tags


Free Printable - Six May Day Gift Tags


Free Printable - Six May Day Gift Tags


Ribbon Weaving Art With Kids

Ribbon Weaving Art With Kids

Before the school year ended, we decided to use some ribbons on canvas to make this fun weaving art project. We used ribbons leftover from our egg baskets, so the weaving has a spring-like feel to it.



White canvas
Glue gun



Use the glue gun to secure the base ribbons to the canvas. Be sure just to glue the ribbons at both ends, and to the back of the canvas (I glued them along the 8-inch sides of the canvas, with some help from the kids). Be sure there is a little give with the ribbons so the kiddos can weave. Obviously, don’t let the ribbons be too loose either. Leave about a half-inch space between each of the base ribbons.

Weaving art with kids on a canvas - what a great way to work on fine motor skills while creating art

Next it’s time to add the ribbons that will be used to weave. Glue them to the opposite side of the base ribbons (I glued them along the 12-inch side of the canvas, again with some help). There’s no need to keep space between these ribbons, so just glue them side-by-side.

Little fingers get some fine motor work outs with this weaving art project

Let the kids begin weaving once the glue is dry. If needed, remind them that it’s like a pattern – over, under, over, under, etc. Keep encouraging them as they weave all of the ribbons along the canvas.

Love the colors and textures on this weaving art project with kids

Once all of the ribbons are woven, glue the edges down. Be sure the ribbons are pulled securely, but not overly tight. Then it’s just a matter of deciding where to hang the colorful weaving art!

Have your kids/students ever created weaving art?