Puffy Ghosts

Puffy Ghosts

This ghost craft is a super simple Halloween craft for preschoolers or toddlers using supplies you probably have on hand. Free ghost template included!


Supplies for the Puffy Ghosts Craft

This craft couldn’t be easier and requires very little creative gene or supplies on your part. 🙂 First, gather your supplies from around the house.

Materials Needed:

  • White card stock  paper
  • Free Ghost Template (See below)
  • Scissors
  • School glue
  • Cotton Balls
  • Black construction paper
  • Yarn or string (optional)

How to Make the Puffy Ghosts Craft

BEFORE YOU START: Download and print our free ghost template.

Picture of the ghost template

To make this craft SUPER simple for you, we’ve created a free ghost template for you to use. Simply download and print the ghost template from the form below and you’ll be on your way! (If you’d rather just freehand your ghost shapes, you can skip this step.)

Step 1: Start by cutting out a ghost shape (either use our free template or freehand your own). I just eyeballed the one below, which looks freakishly similar to Pac-Man. It doesn’t have to be perfect because it’s going to get covered with cotton balls anyway!

Cut out of a paper ghost

Step 2: Now let your little one have some fun with the glue. My three-year-old LOVED this part of it. Glue cotton balls on until the ghost is covered.

little girl making puffy ghosts
preschooler making a halloween craft

Step 3: Cut out some eyes and a mouth on black paper (or color them in with a black marker) and glue them on. Pro Parent Tip: make it a smile so the ghost looks friendly, not spooky!

puffy ghost halloween craft

Step 4: If you want, you can tape some yarn or string to the back, and hang your ghosts up somewhere in your house.

Halloween Kids Craft: Spider Web Plates

Halloween Kids Craft: Spider Web Plates

These little paper plate webs are so easy to make and are a great way for kids to practice their hand eye coordination.

Supplies Needed:

Black Round Paper Plates
Hole Punch
White Yarn
Step 1: Punch holes around the edges of the plate.
Step 2: Cut the yarn and tie it into a knot through one of the holes.

Step 3: Using the cut yarn begin threading it through each hole back and forth into a web like pattern.
If the yarn seems to long for the kids you can tie it off and two ends and thread it that way.
Cut extra yarn where needed.

Step 4: Get your spiders ready to place.  I found these felt spiders at a craft store in packages of orange, black, and purple.


They also have stickers on the back.
Step 5: Place the spider on top of the web.
Or place it below the yarn and your web is finished.
DIY Pool Noodle Pumpkins and Activities for Kids

DIY Pool Noodle Pumpkins and Activities for Kids

These DIY Pool Noodle Pumpkins are a fun fall craft to make with kids. There are also many ways for your little ones to use them for educational activities and games this fall.

Pool noodles are being discounted as summer comes to a close and now is a great time to grab up a half dozen or so for crafts that you can make all fall and winter long! These adorable and easy Pool Noodle Pumpkins lend themselves to tons of activities for your little ones. With just one orange pool noodle  (that I picked up for  $.30 on clearance) we were able to create a lot of cute little pumpkins for playtime and education activities as well!

Pool Noodle Pumpkins Tutorial

Your children can help make the pool noodle pumpkins, but an adult will have to cut the pool noodle into “pumpkins” with the knife.

Materials Needed:

  • orange pool noodle
  • wide craft sticks
  • green pipe cleaner
  • black sharpie
  • knife


1. Slice pool noodle into varying lengths from 1″-6″.

2. Draw jack o’ lantern faces on each pumpkin.

3. Cut craft sticks into various sizes, tuck inside pool noodle hole in the center to make a stem.

4. Cut green chenille pipe cleaners into 2″ lengths for the vine, twist, and press one end into pool noodles.

6 Pool Noodle Pumpkin Activities

Once your kids have made their pool noodle pumpkins, they are ready to use for all sorts of free play or you can use one or more of the ideas below to extend the play and use them in fun learning activities.

Stack the pumpkins

Show your child how to stack and puzzle the pumpkin pieces together. This is a simple and fun activity that also helps build fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills.


Pool Noodles Pumpkins and Activities for Kids- stacked pumpkins


Sort the pumpkins

Younger children can sort by height from small to large. They can also sort them by faces: silly, scary, etc.


Pool Noodle Pumpkins and Activities for Kids- sorting

Use the pool noodle pumpkins as stamps

Add a little bit of orange paint, some paper,  and a green marker to your pool noodle pumpkin play and you can create an entire pumpkin patch with stamping.


Pool Noodle Pumpkins and Activities for Kids- stamping


Count pumpkins

Use your pumpkins for one-to-one correspondence, skip counting, or have them match the correct number of pumpkins to flashcards or magnet numbers that you set out.


Pool Noodle Pumpkins and Activities for Kids- counting


Bath time play with pumpkins

Since pool noodles are already intended for water play they make a great bath time toy. They dry quickly, float, and are fun for little hands while scrubbing away the dirt. Remove wooden craft sticks before placing them in the water.


Pool Noodle Pumpkins and Activities for Kids- bathtime fun


Dramatic play with pumpkins 

Let your child use them for free play, to tell a story, or line them up in rows on a large sheet of green paper. They can also be placed in a sensory bin or used in any other way they can imagine! Let your child create the pumpkins themselves as well for an art project.


Pool Noodle Pumpkins and Activities for Kids- free play


Craft Stick Monsters

Craft Stick Monsters

Things have been rather busy around here. Not so much on the blog, but the baby has kicked things into high gear. That’s what they do, right? But he’s so snuggly and squishy and these days are so few that it’s very much worth it. And we still managed to find some time for these fun Craft Stick Monsters!

A fun Halloween craft, I actually love monster crafts any time of year. I just do. All the eyes placed haphazardly, the assorted wild colors, the crazy hair, and the fact that you can make them any way you want because, well, they’re monsters. And monsters aren’t supposed to look ordinary.

Colorful Craft Stick Monsters, Halloween Craft

These Craft Stick Monsters are made with craft sticks. That was obvious, right? Painted in assorted acrylic paint colors with googly eyes in various sizes. Then add bright construction paper hair and arms with a mouth drawn on in black sharpie, and you have a really fun and so easy that we can get it them done in one of the baby’s infamous 20 minute nap spurts.

Craft Stick Monsters

Supplies needed:

  • craft sticks
  • acrylic paint in assorted colors
  • googly eyes in various sizes
  • construction paper in assorted colors
  • black sharpie marker
  • scissors
  • glue

First, line up 6 craft sticks side by side. Cut a piece of scrap paper to fit the width of the craft sticks and glue on back. This will hold the craft sticks together. Let dry.

Colorful Craft Stick Monsters, Halloween Craft

Flip the glued together craft sticks over and paint in assorted colors. Let dry. Randomly glue on googly eyes in various sizes. Draw a mouth with the black sharpie.

Cut strips of construction and bend in an accordion fashion for the arms. Glue in place. Also cut a quadrilateral out of the construction paper to fit the width of craft sticks. Snip spikes or waves into the top of the paper and glue in place for hair.

Colorful Craft Stick Monsters, Halloween Craft

We’ve made some fun monster crafts before, but this has to be another one of my favorites! Be sure to check out more of our


Occupations Collage Craft for Labor Day

Occupations Collage Craft for Labor Day

You can make a great collage for Labor Day by cutting out pictures of workers from magazines and gluing them to poster board. Older kids can write an essay to accompany their collage.

Supplies Needed:
  • Old magazines
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Thick paper or poster board
  • Markers (to decorate your collage)




Cut a variety of pictures of workers from old magazines.

Cut out images to use in the collage

Glue the pictures artistically onto the paper or posterboard.

Glue pictures to the collage

Decorate the collage using markers.

For older students: Label each of your pictures and write a paragraph (on a separate piece of paper) about the profession(s) pictured in your collage.

Decorate the collage



Airplane Clothespin Kids Craft

Airplane Clothespin Kids Craft

In case you haven’t guessed, my daughter dictates most of what we do for these projects and events that I post. Yes…when she was going to lock, we made this toilet paper roll and shoe box lock. We made these toilet paper roll and ribbon roll dolls when she asked for her friend’s doll. This time Mia told me she wanted to build a plane… what? ? How do I do this? so! I came up with this quick little airplane clothespin kids craft.

I’m guessing she asked for an airplane because her Grandparents just left in one after visiting us for the holidays.  Although she’s only four, my daughter has flown on almost a dozen planes (includes layovers if you’re wondering). Both my parents and my husband’s parents live so very far away. So I was so happy to make this little craft with her.


  • Clothespins
  • Foam craft sticks
  • Glue
  • Scissors

I also had these clothes pins handy (I did go to the store to buy some that look like little dolls because we are just going to have to try and make clothespin dolls very soon!).

Mia got these foam craft sticks for her birthday one year and they are so fun to play with.

They are also extremely easy to cut! So, I cut one for the wings in the front and pictured here are the wings for the back.

I wanted Mia to be able to make these, so we used good old white glue to glue on the wings, but I used hot glue to glue on the fin on the back.

That’s it! I thought they turned out pretty cute for a little quick kid’s craft!