Valentine Kid Craft Thumbprint Heart Jars – Easy DIY Mason Jar Craft for Kids.

Valentine Kid Craft Thumbprint Heart Jars – Easy DIY Mason Jar Craft for Kids.

Sometimes I wish I started blogging when my kids were still young and carefree. A time when the house was always perfectly appointed and toys were always put away in their place and when mom (that’s me) could do no wrong. And a time when mom (that’s me) would always organize the best craft ideas to while away a boring rainy day …


That would be social media me. Where I would post on Facebook and Instagram photos of my kids creating perfect crafts with perfect smiles on their faces. The would even make perfect messes that would look arty in photographs. And of course there would be the photo of them holding out their perfect crafts in their two little hands towards the camera.


Oh the fun social media me and the kids would have had!


There would be no tears. No frustrations. No glue bottles spilled. No glitter knocked to the floor. No dogs stealing pencils and bits of paper. And especially no sibling fights.


But that wasn’t me. Not even social media me. As crafty as I may be, I wasn’t the mom who invited the neighborhood kids over for a craft party … complete with healthy snacks. I was the mom who invited the neighborhood kids over for Domino’s Pizza and Coca Cola …


But in my revisionist history scenario, if those neighborhood kids came over today we would happily make thumbprint heart mason jars for Valentine’s Day. With arty messes only …

Valentine Day Kid Craft Thumbrint Heart Jars


Valentine Kid Craft Thumbprint Heart Jars How To


Ball Quart Size Regular Mouth Mason Jar

Ball Pint Size Regular Mouth Mason Jar

Americana Snow Titanium White Acrylic Paint

Americana True Red Acrylic Paint

FolkArt Bright Baby Pink Acrylic Paint

80 Grit Sandpaper

Paint Brush

Clear Coat Sealant


Valentine Kid Craft Thumbprint Heart Jars DIY1. Paint jars in two coats of acrylic paint. Let dry overnight in between coats.  (Optional) Distress with 80 grit sandpaper once dry completely (again, let dry overnight for best results).

Mason Jar Crafts for Valentine's Day

2. Using your finger (I used my pinky but kids should use their thumbs), dip in paint and add finger print to jar.

Painted Mason Jar for Valentines Day

3. Dip in paint again, and add second finger print to jar to create heart shape.

Thumbprint Hearts with Paint on Mason Jars

Valentine-Kid-Craft-Idea-Thumbprint-Heart-Mason-Jar-Vases (6 of 16)

4. On the smaller jars, use thumb to create larger center heart. Once dry, create second inner heart with pinky.

Mason Jar Crafts for Kids for Valentine's Day - Thumbprint Heart Jars

The final step is to use a clear top coat to seal the jars.

Valentine Kid Craft - thumbprint Heart Jars

And now is when I would line up those perfect kids with their perfect smiles to each hold out their perfect Valentine’s Day thumbprint heart mason jar creations so I could take that perfect Instagram photo to show the world all the perfect crafting fun we had …

How to Nail the Perfect Valentine’s Day Photo

How to Nail the Perfect Valentine’s Day Photo

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it is the perfect occasion to take new family portraits. Contrary to common belief, celebrating love doesn’t necessarily limit itself to real-life couples. You can capture fantastic pictures of your children, siblings, and friends in a Valentine’s Day themed setting too. 

The best thing about February 14 is its deep meaning for all of us. It is a celebration of love, and beyond its romantic meaning, there are also many other ways to love each other. So, it is fair to say that photos taken on Valentine’s Day will have a special glow. 

However, capturing a timeless and beautiful Valentine’s Day photo that works for everyone is no easy task. Of course, you want the best couple portrait to hang on the wall. But how do you make sure the photos of those who aren’t romantically involved, such as siblings or your kids, will not look out of place? Here are a few tips to make the day a memorable moment for everyone.

Natural light

Valentine’s Day photos are special and should be taken in the best light possible. That is why sunset light is the perfect choice for creating stunning photographs. The soft glow of the setting sun produces a beautiful golden hue, adding warmth and romance to any photo. This type of light is ideal for creating stunning silhouettes against a colorful sky and is also perfect for capturing subtle shadows that can add an extra layer of drama to a Valentine’s Day photo.

It’s important to get outdoors to capture this natural light, as it’s the only way to ensure your photos look their best. If your garden has the right orientation and background, you can set up the stage for your photoshoot directly outside your home. No garden? No panic; you can find great spots for sunset light by visiting nearby parks, beaches, or anywhere with a nice backdrop. Look for a spot with a good combination of open space and tall trees or buildings, as this will help create beautiful silhouettes and shadows in your photos. When taking photos outdoors, always make sure to prepare for all eventualities. You want to pack a good insect repellent in your bag; you can find some of the best natural insect repellent brands here. Remember to check the weather beforehand and be aware of any clouds that may disrupt the light.

Themed and Beautiful Accessories

One of the best ways to create a memorable and romantic Valentine’s Day couple photo is by adding themed and beautiful accessories. A heart-shaped accessory such as a balloon garland is a great touch that will make your photo look extra special. Balloon garlands come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors and can easily be added to any space to create an eye-catching backdrop. You can also get creative and add other items to your garland, such as paper hearts, flower petals, or tinsel, to add more romance and color to your photo. This is a fantastic option if you can use your backyard, as you don’t need to transport your balloon heart. Alternatively, a single oversized heart balloon is easy to take if you drive to a location. 

Nail a Great Pose

A great pose can elevate your photos from average to extraordinary, so it’s important to take the time to ensure you get the perfect one. 

Start by considering what kind of vibe you want to create in the photo. Do you want to capture a romantic moment? Are you looking for something more playful? What emotion do you want your photo to convey? Once you know the feel of your photo, it’s time to decide on the perfect pose

Think about how you want to position the bodies and how close you want to be. You can go for traditional poses, such as a hug or embrace, or choose something more creative. There are no rules here – try different poses and play around until you find one that fits the vibe you’re looking for. Be aware that people will need time to feel comfortable in front of the camera. It’s okay to spend a few minutes chatting with everyone to relax the atmosphere and help them look more natural. 

At the same time, be aware of the lighting and surroundings. If the sun is behind you, make sure you adjust the pose so the faces are illuminated. 

Here is an important question: Should Valentine’s Day portraits be romantic? The answer is: It varies. Couples’ photos should be, of course, but there is no rule. Valentine’s Day photoshoots are filled with gorgeous accessories and decor, so why not make it a family photo day instead? 

Yarn Wrapped Hearts – Neutral Valentine’s Day Craft & Decor Idea

Yarn Wrapped Hearts – Neutral Valentine’s Day Craft & Decor Idea

Yarn Wrapped Hearts - Valentine Day Craft Ideas

I was toying with putting together a top 5 or top 10 posts of the year post.


But then I looked up from my computer screen at Kelly & Ryan on my television screen. And they were doing a show showing their top moments (or maybe it was favorite moments) from the past year. And it hit me …


the only people who enjoy a show featuring the show’s top moments from the past year are the people working on the show.




And that put a kibosh on a top 5 or top 10 posts of 2017 post.


Neutral Valentine Day Craft Idea - Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Instead, let’s look forward and open our (yarn wrapped) hearts to 2023.


But seriously, I don’t want to make any resolutions. Per se. Because then I’m destined for failure.


Instead I’ll call them minor improvements. And minor adjustments. Things I want to improve upon — and adjust — in the coming year.


Let’s start with health. Eating better. Exercising more. And, most importantly, trying to get on a real and sustainable eating-better-and-exercising-more schedule.


Then there’s the rabbit hole that is social media. In particular, a Twitter feed I used to keep apprised of current events. I hop on first thing in the morning and …


well ….


fall head first down that hole, only emerging for tea refreshes and bathroom breaks and sustenance.


To put it in perspective, over the past 12 months I’ve tweeted and re-tweeted 11.6K times. In my defense, 95% are re-tweets …

but, yeah, this Twitter habit needs to be cut back. Waaaaaaaaaay back.


Even as I type this post I keep jumping back on Twitter to peak at my feed.




Next up is blogging.


Last year was, quite frankly, lackluster. Weeks would go by with no posts. No projects. No motivation. There was even a time my blog was hacked and I didn’t realize it for days. Or maybe weeks?


Yeah. I was inattentive.


I hope to remedy that this year. I actually spent the past weekend putting together a list of projects. With deadlines. And creating an editorial calendar for January.


Fingers crossed I can keep to the schedule. Though this post was supposed to go up yesterday.




Finally (because I think it may be too ambitious to focus on more than four “improvements” when I’m already failing on “improvement” #2 on this 4th day of the New Year) there’s my heart.


I need to open it up more. Wider.


Okay, I truly do have an open heart. In theory. Now I need to take that open heart and put it into action.


In my community.


In my city.


In my state.


In my nation.


I started small yesterday. With a donation to a group in Chicago helping the homeless stay warm with clothes, blankets, and meals.


And I will continue to look for opportunities for open-heart-driven improvements. And adjustments.


In the meanwhile, I’ll be wrapping up my heart with yarn …


How to Make Yarn Wrapped Hearts




Heart Shape

Pen & Scissors

Masking Tape


Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Print out and cut out heart shape; trace onto cardboard (I used an old box that was originally destined for the recycle bin)

Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Cut out cardboard hearts.

Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Use a piece of masking tape to tape end of yard to cardboard heart.

Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Wrap yarn randomly around the cardboard heart. Continue until cardboard is completely covered.

Yarn Wrapped Hearts

When covered, cut off yarn and then loop the end through another piece of yarn and knot.

Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Cut off excess length.

Neutral Valentine's Day Decor Ideas with Yarn Wrapped Hearts

And you’re done.

Yarn Wrapped Hearts


Yarn Wrapped Hearts


And you know what the best thing about this project is? I used what I had.


Hey, that’s going to be my improvement/adjustment number five in 2018. Craft with what I have …


because I’ve accumulated a lot of crafting materials over the past 6 years of this blog.


What improvements and adjustments do you have planned for the coming year?

Valentine’s Day Balloon Heart

Valentine’s Day Balloon Heart

I realize this Valentine’s Day balloon heart tutorial is coming so late in the love day game, but the idea just came to me recently (based on this balloon arch from last year) and I had to try and rush to put it out there just in case anyone needs a last minute backdrop for a party or Galentine’s Day or something. You never know! As you know, I’m super last minute in everything so perhaps there’s a kindred spirit out there? Yeah? I was thinking it could be fun as a backdrop or just a fun decor piece. And this one didn’t nearly take as long as the arch, nor did it cost as much. Bonus!

Balloon heart tutorialBalloon heart tutorialBalloon heart tutorial

Balloon heart tutorialBalloon heart tutorialBalloon heart tutorial

Balloon heart tutorial



If you make this project, don’t forget to tag it with #larsmakes. I like to feature your work on my feed and on blog posts!



  • red balloons
  • pink balloons
  • pearl pink balloons
  • neon pink balloons
  • rose balloons
  • wild berry balloons
  • coral balloons
  • white balloons
  • clear balloons
  • light pink balloons
  • medium pink balloons
  • balloon pump (or for an even Faster alternative)
  • cardboard
  • glue gun
  • low temp glu gun
  • gaffer tape
  • glu dots
  • string
  • flowers (I used artificial ones this time)
  1. The steps are the same for the balloon arch, but the form of the heart I used heavy duty cardboard.
  2. Cut the cardboard into 2 1/2″ wide strips and then at a variety of lengths to fit the curves of the heart.
  3. Start with the center of the heart and create an “L” by gluing two pieces together.
  4. Continue gluing pieces onto each other. Trade off gluing under and over. This will help it keep flat.
  5. Once the heart shape is formed, add on the first base of the balloons. The trick to the effect of the balloons is to make a variety of sizes in various colors. I added on the biggest balloons first with gaffers tape to the cardboard.
  6. Once the biggest balloons are covering the cardboard, start adding on the smaller balloons with your lo temp glue gun or glue dots.
  7. Continue until you can’t see the cardboard anymore and you are layering balloons on top of balloons.
  8. Once the heart is filled with balloons. Attach the string to the top two sides of the heart and hang it in your desired spot.
  9. Add in the flowers. You might need to secure it with wire to the cardboard.



steps-to-make-balloon-heartBalloon heart tutorialBalloon heart tutorialBalloon heart tutorial


DIY Valentine’s Pom Pom Pillow

DIY Valentine’s Pom Pom Pillow

Last year I started a series doing DIY projects for under $15. I don’t know why it only lasted for a few weeks because I had so much fun making this polka dot infinity scarf, and this jewelry holder. I’ve been having the itch to get back into crafty things and wanted to make a fun pillow for Valentine’s this year. Pom-poms have been huge over the last year, and I’ve seen them everywhere, on everything. I thought making a heart pillow using pom-poms for the heart would be super fun, and I was right. Bonus points because this pillow was incredibly easy to put together.




White Pillow
Red, White, Pink Pom-Poms
Heart Printout
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue







On your computer, go into  paint and using the heart tool, make one large heart that will fill an entire 8×11.5 piece of paper. If you’re good at drawing you can skip this step and draw the heart straight onto the pillow with your pen. Print out your heart and then cut it out. Use the hear cutout to trace your heart shape onto the center of your pillow.
Using your hot glue gun, dab some glue onto a pom-pom and then adhere it to the pillow. Do the entire outline of the hear first, and then fill in the middle.
Pressed Flower Heart

Pressed Flower Heart

How to impress your mum with a pressed flower artwork

I like unique and one of a kind gifts. Here is how I make a pressed flower artwork for my loved ones.

Pressed flower artwork by the writer

What you need :

  1. Paper in any size and colour
  2.  Frame to suit your paper size
  3. Scissors
  4. Craft glue or stick glue
  5. Flowers/leaves/petals to press
  6. Pencil and eraser
  7. Paper towel
  8. Tissue paper
  9. Microwave
  10. A dog (optional)


Step one: Take your dog for a walk.

Step Two: Gather as many as flowers and leaves you can.
Pro tip 1: Purple orange and yellow flowers are the best for pressing.
Pro tip 2: Stay away from white flowers they tend to turn brown during the pressing process.

gathering flowers and leaves


Step Three: Go back home.

Step Four: Give your dog food and water.

Step Five: Organise your flowers and leaves.
Pro tip 3: If you have found bigger flowers, pull them apart carefully. Petals are easier to dry.

Pressed flower


Step Six: Play your favourite playlist.

Step Seven: On a dry flat surface, put down a paper towel and then a tissue paper on top of that. Tissue paper protects your flowers from paper towel imprints (pro tip 4)

Step Eight: Put your flowers on top of the tissue paper, put another tissue paper on top of them and another paper towel on top of that.

Pressed flower


Step Nine: Repeat Step 8 for three layers at the most. I prefer one or two layers for bigger and thicker flowers and max three layers for smaller flowers.

Step Ten: Put your flowers in the microwave and put a heavy microwave-safe dish on the top.

Step Eleven: Put the microwave on the lowest power and turn it on for one minute.

Pressed flower

Step Twelve: Dance around the kitchen for a minute.

Step Thirteen: Check the flowers. If they are not dry, repeat Ssteps 11 and 12 until dry.

Pressed flower

Step Fourteen: Draw your desired shape on a piece of paper. I use the eraser a lot at this stage as I am not good at drawing.

Pressed flower

Step Fifteen: Fill inside or outside of your shape with pressed flowers and leaves using glue.

Pressed flower

Pro tip 5: Do a preliminary arrangement before sticking everything down.

Step Sixteen: Fame your artwork.

Pressed flower

Step seventeen: It’ s done. Go and see your mum, take your dog with you if possible.

Pressed flower