Homemade Mother’s Day Cards – Free Printable

Homemade Mother’s Day Cards – Free Printable

Homemade mother's day cardsNothing is more special than Homemade Mother’s Day Cards.  I’ll always cherished the cards my children made me when they were you.  Now the grandkids give me homemade Mother’s Day cards and I cherish those just as much.

Homemade Mother’s Day cards don’t have to be fancy nor do they have to be perfect.  All that really matters is that they comes from the heart.  They can be anything from a pre-schooler’s crayon sketches, to your baby’s foot and hand prints, to elaborate watercolor painting.  In short they can be anything you want them to be.

The best things about homemade Mother’s Day cards is that you can say everything you want to say to Mom.  Somehow store bought cards can never truly convey how you feel, not to mention they’ve gotten very pricey!  I recently browsed thru Walmart’s greeting card section and was shocked to see just how pricey cards have gotten.  Some were almost $10!  Sure some record your voice, others pop-up into 3D scenes, and still others are embellished with all kinds of ribbons and jewels; but do you really need spend $10 on something that may end up at the bottom of Mom’s nightstand drawer?  Personally I’d rather add the ten bucks towards Mom’s gift instead of spending it on a generic card.

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on some Mother’s Day cards to send to my Mom, daughters, daughter-in-law, and other Moms in my life.  I really wanted to use the new Big Shot embossing machine my daughter gave me for Christmas and the cool embossing folders  I picked up on clearance.  I also wanted to try my had at gilting and other techniques.  In short I got a bit carried away with all my new toys!

But here are some of my cards, I hope they will inspire you to create Mom a Homemade Mother’s Day Card this year!  No worries if you don’t have the machines and other supplies.  You can use what ever you have on hand, just raid the kids school supplies, I’m sure they have crayons, markers, and even water colors.  You don’t have to buy blank card bases, you can cut out your cards using any color card stock or construction paper.  Get creative and glue on glitter, ribbons, gems, or whatever you want.  The main thing is that you have fun and Mom gets a special card this year!

I’m also sharing a Mother’s Day Subway art print I created.  You can download it, print it, cut it out, and paste it onto your card.  If you want to make a 5×7 card all you have to do is cut out a piece of card stock or construction paper that’s 10″ across and 7″ long, fold it and half and you’ve got your blank card base.  Have fun!

Handmade mother's day cardsI made a few cards by pasting on 4×6 panels which I’d embossed and painted with water colors to the 5×7 card base.  I also applied gold metallic accents to them and using metallic transfer paper.

For this peacock card I embossed a 4×6 panel I cut from water color paper.  I embossed it on my Big Shot then applied water color on the raised parts.  I also applied Therm O Web deco foil  with Therm O Web transfer adhesive.  Then I framed it with blue cardstock which I cut using my Cricut Explore die cut machine.  The Happy Mother’s Day is stamped on cardstock pieces also cut on the Cricut.

Handmade mother's day cardsThe inside of the card is just something I typed on my computer and printed out.  I cut it to fit the card base.

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Handmade mother's day cardsThis card was made using the same techniques I used on the peacock card.  I just taped on some butterflies which I punched out with my Martha Stewart Stamp and Punch set.  I wanted to add some dimension to the card and these butterflies were perfect.

I used foam mounting tape to lift the butterflies off the card.  Foam tape is one of my favorite adhesives, I love the 3D effect they give with so little effort!

Homemade mother's day cardsThen for a simpler card I designed this typographic card.  I’m really in love with Subway Art at the moment and Mother’s Day lends itself perfectly for this technique.  Really Subway Art is just a bunch of words typed out using different fonts then arranged in a way that looks good.  The words can relate to a theme, convey a message, or be the words of a poem or lyrics of a song.  Pretty much whatever you want to type.  In this case I typed “Mother” in different languages.  Easy!

I printed it out, then applied gold embossing powder with my heat gun to the words Happy Mother’s Day to make it pop.  Mounted it on the card base and framed it with pink card stock.

This card took about 15 minutes to make and really doesn’t require anything more than a printer and scissors.  You don’t have to heat emboss it at all.  I did because I wanted to use the heat gun, I told you I got carried away!

I’m sharing this design with you!  If you click here you’ll find the files for 2 different versions of this card in pdf format as well as a template for the frame.  Download the design or designs you like, pop it into a photo editor app if you need to adjust the size, print it, cut it, and glue on to your card base.  Too easy!  Again click here for the free printable!

If you liked this Mother’s Day Subway Art card you might want to make the matching Mother’s Day Subway Art tray that’s pictured just behind it!  Click here for instructions and the free stencil template!  Told you I was really into Subway Art right now!

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Mother’s Day Tea Party – FREE Recipes

Mother’s Day Tea Party – FREE Recipes

Mother's Day Tea PartyI think my most favorite meal is afternoon tea even though it’s a meal I rarely get a chance to indulge in these days.

On childhood visits to my grandparents house in the Philippines my grandmother always made sure everyone was home for “merienda”, the Filipino version of afternoon tea.   The light meal was always served on her wrought iron kitchen table at 4:00 p.m.  I don’t recall actually having tea, I think my grandfather did, but kids were served juice or hot chocolate.  I do have fond memories of small savory sandwiches which must be eaten before one could move on to the sweet treats.

These days afternoon tea for me is a decadent indulgence.  The only time we ever have a real tea complete with finger sandwiches, petite fours, and scones is when we’re on vacation, a birthday, or Mother’s Day.  I love it when my kids take me to tea on Mother’s Day.

This year instead of taking mom out to an overcrowded restaurant why not host an elegant tea party?  It can be an intimate tea for 2 (mother/daughter) or an elegant tea party for all the moms (mom, grandmas, aunts, etc.).  Hosting a tea is one of the simplest events to host, it doesn’t take too much prep time and best of all once the table is set the hostess can sit down and enjoy the meal with her guests.

Afternoon tea doesn’t have to be extravagant, it just needs to have the basics served in pretty dishes and tea cups:  tea, finger sandwiches, small sweets, scones, jam, and clotted cream, and of course lemon, sugar, and cream for the tea.  Turn these basics into an elegant meal by serving the tea in pretty teapots and dainty china tea cups and setting out the finger food on tiered stands and cake plates.  (You don’t have to invest in expensive cake or tiered stands, to learn how to make them click here!)

Here are a few ideas and recipes for your own tea party!

Mother's Day Tea Party

The Perfect Cup of Tea

Honest Cooking will show you how to make and serve the perfect cup of tea. They also have tips and ideas on hosting a very British Tea Party.  Click here to read more.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Mother's Day Tea PartyDainty Finger Sandwiches

Traditional teas always seem to serve cucumber sandwiches; the cucumbers are briefly bathed in white vinegar to bring out the delicate flavor.  To make the Traditional British Cucumber sandwiches click here!

Or try this alternative from Chew Out Loud, Lemony Cucumber Cream Cheese Sandwiches.  [spacer height=”-20px”]

Mother's Day Tea Party

Aside from cucumber sandwiches you can offer a variety of sandwiches; different fillings on different types of bread looks pretty and yummy.

These finger sandwiches from Southern Living are curried shrimp, ham salad, cucumber strawberry, and orange cranberry.  Click on the sandwich for the recipes from My Recipes.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Mother's Day Tea PartyAdd some interest to your tea party by mixing in a couple of open face sandwiches.  These Salmon Cucumber sandwiches from Cin Cin, Let’s Eat look too pretty to eat.  For recipe click here!

You can make many types of open face sandwiches using different fillings including egg salad, roast beef, or whatever your favorite fillings are.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Mother's Day Tea Party

Sweet Treats

Along with savory sandwiches sweet treats are also served at tea time.  You can include cookies, petite fours, truffles, and any of your favorite bite sized sweets.  These mini tarts from Salad in a Jar will make a great addition to your tea table.  For recipe click here![spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Mother's Day Tea PartyFrench macaroons add an elegant touch to a tea table.  You can purchase them the bakery, but that can be pretty pricey if you need plenty, or make them at home, I hear that’s pretty challenging.  I buy the frozen ones from Trader Joe’s, they’re very good and cost only $4.99 for a box of 12.

To learn how to make French Macaroons from Juneberry Lane click here!  [spacer height=”-20px”]

Mother's Day Tea PartyScones!

Don’t forget the scones, a tea party wouldn’t be complete without them!  Here’s the basic recipe from First Home Love Life, you can doll it up with dried fruit, chocolate chips, etc.
For recipe click here!

Remember to put out bowls of jam and clotted cream. Click here to learn how to make your own clotted cream from The View from the Great Island. [spacer height=”-20px”]


Mother's Day Tea PartyYou can also offer lemon curd along with jams.  Here’s a recipe for homemade lemon curd  from
Love Bakes Good Cakes! [spacer height=”-20px”]

Whatever you decide to serve remember that once the tea is
brewed most of your hard prep work is done, so sit down with your mom and enjoy a nice visit over a delicious tea!

Mother's Day Tea PartyHere’s a FREE printable Banner & Party Kit from Oh Happy Day.  You can use it to spruce up your Mother’s Day Tea!

Click here for printable!

Last Minute DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day

Last Minute DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is less than a week away and some folks are in a panic, still looking for something special for Mom. Well, it’s not too late there’s still time to make something Mom that special gift.  We’ve been sharing some super cute and easy to make Mother’s Day gifts all week.  Here’s  a couple more Last Minute DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day!  One for Mom and another one for Grandama.  Don’t forget Grandma, she’s a Mom too!

Last Minute DIY GiftsHere’s a Last Minute DIY Gift for Mom.  It’s super easy to make , won’t break the bank, and best of all Mom will love it!

It’s a Mom’s Stuff box!  She can use it for virtually anything.  I made this one to use in the kitchen.  You can fill it hand soap, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, and hand scrub so mom can have a quick pamper after cooking or doing the dishes.

I filled it with the homemade whipped hand cream and lemon & olive hand scrub I make and bottle in jelly jars.   The whipped hand cream is made with natural ingredients, it’s  light and creamy.  The perfect solution to dry hands, specially after scrubbing pots and pans!  The hand scrub is made with 3 natural ingredients you probably already have in your kitche: sugar, olive oil, and lemons.  I love it!  It’s great for getting the fishy scent off after handling fish and seafood.

Click here to learn how to make the hand cream!   Click here for the hand scrub how to’s!

To make the box I used wood scraps left over from my DIY Kitchen Garden project, if you don’t have wood scraps check the scrap bin at Home Depot or Lowes.  I painted the wood then used a stencil to write the words on the front with a white chalk marker.  As I’ve mentioned in other posts I’m really into the chalkboard look right now.

Best of all this project didn’t cost me a dime!  I had everything, including the ingredients for the hand lotion and scrub, it will cost you a bit more if you have to buy supplies.

By the way I’m sharing the stencil template with you!  You can use it to write “Mom’s Stuff” on the box or you can just write whatever you like on the box front.

Here’s what you’ll need:

(this post contains affiliate links)

Wood Scraps

Gorilla Wood Glue

Vice grip or tape

Black spray paint (or your choice of color)

Stencil – Click here for free template  (optional)

Exacto or craft knife to cut out stencil letters or a die cut machine like a Cricut Explore

White Chalk Marker (or your choice of color)

Mod Podge Clear Sealer or clear spray paint

My box measures 5″ x 5″x 3″ .  All you have to do is cut out 4 pieces of wood  each measuring 5 inches in length and 3 inches in width.  Cut 1 piece 5 inches x 5 inches for the bottom.

Glue the sides together to form a square using Gorilla Wood Glue then glue the bottom on to form an open topped box.  Follow the glue’s instructions for application.  Then clamp the pieces together using a vice grip or tape.   If you’re using tape wrap it around all sides of the box, front to back and side to side.

Allow glue to cure overnight.  Then paint the box using black spray paint, or any color you want.  I used black primer to get the chalkboard look.  Let the paint dry at least one hour before writing on it.

If using the free stencil template:  download template, adjust size if needed on a photo editing app, print it and cut out letters or upload the jpg file onto your cutting machine app

Tape stencil on box front and trace in the letters

Or if you prefer you can hand write any message you want

Don’t worry if you make a mistake, you can erase errors with soap and water.  Just let it dry completely before re-writing.

Your box is done!  Fill it with Mom’s favorite things or with some homemade hand cream and scrub!

Last Minute DIY GiftsHere’s a gift for Grandma!  A Subway Art photo frame!  I really love Subway Art, also known as Typography.  For this frame I designed a template using the word Grandma in different languages.  I combined it with my current passion, chalkboard style, to come up with this really pretty frame I know all Grandmas will love.

This frame is super easy to make!  It’s a great craft for kids to make with just a little help from Mom and Dad!

I’m sharing the stencil template for you to use, that’s probably where Mom and Dad need to help!  Click here for the free template!

Best of all this cool frame cost me $1.11 to make, that’s the cost of the wooden frame from Walmart!

Here’s what you need to make this frame!


Last Minute DIY Gifts

 7 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ Wood craft frame by Plaid

FolkArt Black Multi- Surface Chalkboard paint

Paint brush

White Chalk Marker

Mod Podge Clear Sealer  [spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]


Last minute DIY giftsStencil Template click here

[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

How to:

  1. Paint front of the frame with 2 coats of black chalkboard paint.  Dry completely between coats. Don’t forget to paint the edges around the frame, inner and outer edge.  Also the back of the frame.  You don’t have to paint 2 coats on the back and sides, just be sure the first coat covers all of it.  Also paint the peg that comes with the frame, the peg is to prop the frame up.
  2. Allow to cure 24 hours.
  3. Download and print out free stencil template.  If you need to re-size it pop it in to a photo editing app or use picmonkey.com , a free online photo editor before printing.  If you have a die cut machine you can upload the jpg file on to your machine and cut it.  If you don’t have a die cut machine you must cut out the letters using an Exacto or craft knife.
  4. Prep chalkboard surface by rubbing chalk all over the frame.  Then wipe off.
  5. Last Minute DIY GiftsPosition stencil on frame and tape into place.
  6. Write in the letters using chalk marker.
  7. Let marker dry and gently lift stencil off the frame.
  8. Spray front of frame with clear sealer.

Your frame is done!  Place a nice photo in it, and wrap it up!  You can add a homemade card to go with it, Nana’s love homemade!



Chalkboard Clay Pots for $20

Chalkboard Clay Pots for $20

Spring is in the air and Spring Fever has hit me.  This time of year I like to refresh my kitchen gardens.  It’s a great time to do so because garden shops have fresh inventory including plants that are hard to find any other time.  I love having fresh herb around.  Makes using them so easy and very economical!

Chalkboard Clay PotsThis year I thought I’d spruce up the area under my olive tree with new herb pots.  So I made these cute Chalkboard Clay Pots.  In case you haven’t noticed I’m so in love with Chalkboards these day using it in many projects.

These Chalkboard Clay Pots are super easy and very inexpensive to make.  This whole project cost me under $20, but really that’s because I already had the chalkboard paint and marker.  If you don’t already have them it will add about $8 to your cost, but you’ll have lots left over for future projects.

These Chalkboard Clay Pots can be used indoors or out.  Best of all if you change the plant you can also change the name on the pot, chalkboard marker easily washes off with soap and water.  Just be sure you wait for it to dry before writing something on it again.

I’m so excited about this project I just had to share it with you!  You can make them up in just a couple of hours. They’ll make great Mother’s Day gifts too!

Here’s what you’ll need to make them and the how to’s!

(This post contains affiliate links)


Chalkboard clay potsTerra Cotta Clay Pots and Saucers – any size you want, as many as you need.  I made 5 – 4 in the same size and a larger one for the Basil

Folk Art Multi Surface Chalkboard Paint in black

Brush or sponge brush any type will do

Painter’s or masking tape (optional)

Chalkboard Marker in white

Potting soil – I use Miracle Gro, but you can use any brand

Herb Starter Plants – I used Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, and Basil, but you can plant what ever herbs you like to use when cooking

How to:

Chalkboard clay potsPaint the bottom part of the pot, from the rim down, with 1 coat of paint.   If you’re careful you don’t need to cover the rim with painter’s tape as a guideline, use the the bottom edge of the rim as your guide.  If like you can cover the rim with tape to keep paint off.

Let dry completely – about 10-15 minutes.

Add a second coat and dry for 15 minutes.

chalkboard clay potsPlace pots upside down on a cookie sheet.

Place the cookie sheet in a COLD oven.

Turn the oven on to 350 degrees.

When oven temperature reaches 350 degrees set your timer for 30 minutes.

Turn off oven when the timer rings and allow the pots to cool inside the oven.

chalkboard clay potsThis step is very important as it cures the paint onto the porous clay surface.  It’s what gives the pots that real chalkboard look.  It’s very important to follow these directions.  The pots need to heat and cool slowly to avoid cracking.

Once the pots are cool you have to prep the chalkboard surfaces.  Rub chalk all over it then wipe it off with a paper towel.   No you can write the names of the plants you’ll be putting in them with your chalkboard marker.  Don’t worry if you mess up, simply wipe it off with soap and water, let dry, and re-write the names.  You can also write on them with plain old chalk, the kind you used in school!


Now it’s time to fill the clay pots with the herb starter plants.

Chalkboard clay potsFill each pot with potting soil about 1/4″.

Gently remove the starter plant from the plastic pot, shake off any loose soil, and gently spread the roots apart.

Place the plant into the pot and fill it to the top with more potting soil.

Pour enough water in each plant to wet the soil.  Stop when water starts to seep out from the bottom.

Put each pot on it’s saucer and you’re done!  Your Chalkboard Clay Plants are ready!  You can place them indoor or out and give some to Mom for Mother’s Day!

If you liked this DIY project you’ll love the DIY Kitchen Gardenimg11

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DIY Kitchen Garden for Mother’s Day

DIY Kitchen Garden for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th. this year.  Many of us are racking our brains searching for something different to give Mom for Mother’s Day.  Sure you can run to the mall and buy Mom a bottle of perfume like you do every year, or run to the florist to buy her the requisite bunch of Spring flowers.  Both are great gifts that I’m sure Mom’s will love, actually Mom’s love anything their kids give them.  But if you’re looking for something different to give Mom this year how about a DIY Kitchen Garden?


Kitchen Gardens are great gifts, especially if Mom loves to cook.  You can fill the garden with her favorite herbs.  That way she’ll always have fresh herbs for her favorite recipes!  It’s practical, pretty, and quite inexpensive.

Besides, I know that my favorite Mother’s Day gifts are those that were homemade.  That makes them super special!

I made this DIY Kitchen Garden basically with scraps of wood, quart size Mason Jars, potting soil, and starter plants I picked up at Walmart’s garden department.  I also used some aquarium marbles or gravel for drainage, black primer, a stencil I cut on my Cricut Explore, and a chalkboard marker from Walmart’s craft department.  I printed out labels with herb names using Avery stickers and stuck them on each jar.  I have to admit I was very pleased with the results, so much so I’m keeping the first one for my own kitchen.

The whole project cost me less than $6 !  But that’s because I only had to buy  4 starter plants.  If you don’t already have the supplies it should cost you about $25, still pretty good for a nice Mother’s Day gift I’m sure Mom will love.

I’m so pleased about this project I’m sharing it with you.  I’m also sharing the stencil template which you can print out and cut out with or without a cutting machine.  If you have a machine just download the jpeg file and upload it to your computer or the Cricut Design Space.  If you don’t have a cutting machine, no worries, download the file, adjust the size to fit your project using a photo editor like Photo Shop or the free online editor picmonkey.com, and cut out the letters.  Or you can skip the stencil and handwrite the letters yourself.

As for the stickers just print them out on sticker paper.  You can use Avery’s free online templates at avery.com or just a word program.  Just make sure you use a black background and white font.  That gives you the chalkboard look.  I used the chalkboard marker to outline the edge of each sticker to make the border.

Here’s what you need to for this DIY Kitchen Garden.  Make one for Mom this year!  She’ll love it!


For the box:

Wood scraps  at least ¼” thick cut to the following sizes – if you don’t have wood scraps on hand check the scrap bin at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

2 pieces – 16 “ x  3” for the front and back of box

2 pieces – 6” x 3” for the box ends

1 piece – 16” x 5” for box bottom

Gorilla Wood Glue

Vice grip or painter’s tape

Black Spray Paint or primer

Stencil – click here for free template

White Chalkboard Marker – Available at Walmart’s craft department and most craft stores

Clear Sealer in matte finish – you can use any brand, I used Mod Podge clear sealer spray

For jars:

4 quart size Mason Jars

Potting soil

Aquarium marbles or gravel – enough to fill about 1” of each jar

4 starter plants – I used Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme but you can use any 4 herbs you like or the herbs your Mom likes to use – you can buy starter plants at any garden shop or garden department

4 stickers with the herb names printed on them using black background and white font


How To:


Glue all the pieces of wood together form a box according to the glue directions

Secure all the pieces of glued wood in place with vice grips or wind painter’s tape.  If you’re using tape wind the tape tightly around the box – front to back and side to side.

Let glue cure overnight.

DIY Kitchen Garden

Remove grips or tape and spray paint all sides of the box, don’t forget the inside of the box

[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]



DIY Kitchen GardenIf you’re using a stencil place it in the middle of the front of the box and tape it into place

Fill in the letters with white chalkboard marker, let dry, then gently lift stencil off to avoid smudging the writing.

If you’re not using a stencil you can write the words on the front of the box carefully.  Should you make a mistake you can take the writing off with a wet paper towel.  Allow to dry before writing on it again.

DIY Kitchen Garden

Your box is done.  Set it aside until you’re ready to place the jars of herbs in it.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]



Herb Jars:

DIY Kitchen Garden

Remove jar lids and set aside.  You can save them to use for other crafts another time.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Fill the bottom of each jar about 1” high with aquarium marbles or gravel.  This is an important step, the marbles or gravel will provide drainage.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

DIY Kitchen GardenDIY Kitchen Garden










DIY Kitchen Garden

Fill jars about half way full with potting soil.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

DIY Kitchen GardenGently remove each starter plant from the plastic container and shake off some of the dirt, shake off enough so that the plant and dirt will slip into the jar.

Gently spread the roots out and slip the plant into the jar.

Fill the jar with potting soil, pressing soil around the plant roots.  Fill to top of jar, just below the jar neck (where the top screws on)

Water the plants with about ¼ cup of water per plant.  Pour the water around the entire plant so that the soil settles.

Add more potting soil to each jar, filling again to just below the neck.


DIY Kitchen GardenAttach stickers with herb names printed on them to each jar making sure you match the name to the correct herb.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

DIY Kitchen GardenPlace the herb jars in the box and you’re good to go!  If you’re going to wait until Mother’s Day to give Mom her new Kitchen Garden don’t forget to water the plants!




DIY Gilded Photo Hangers

DIY Gilded Photo Hangers

I think all Moms love family and baby photos.  I know I do!  I have family pictures hanging all over my house, in photo albums, on my laptop, smart phone, and tablet.  Who doesn’t these days?  But I’m always looking for creative ways to display photos.

DIY Gilded Photo HangersEarlier this year I used an address plaque to make a decoupage photo hanger to display my grandkids’ pictures.  I’m so happy with it I wanted to make one for each of my daughters and daughter-in-law, and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to give it to them.

I was going to use address plaques, but on a recent trip to the craft store I found thin wood plaques with rope hangers on sale for about $4 each, so much cheaper than address plaques and would do just as well.

I had decoupaged the one I originally made using letters I cut on my Cricut Explore, but lately I’ve discovered metallic transfer foils.  It’s so easy to use I just had to use it for this project.

DIY Gilded Photo HangersThat’s how I came up with these DIY Gilded Photo Hangers!

I made stencils of phrases I thought appropriate then rubbed the stenciled letters with Therm O Web Deco Foil.  Pretty easy!

I’m sharing the templates for the phrases here!

You can adjust it to the size you need, print it, then cut out the letters.  To adjust the size download the template and open it in a photo editor like Photo Shop or you can use Picmonkey.com, a free online photo editor.

If you have a Cricut you can upload it onto your project then cut it with the machine.

You can cut the stencils out of Dura Lar clear film or card stock.

The 3 phrases are:

…because every picture tells a story…

The Best of Times

Every family has a story…  Welcome to ours….

You can download all three templates by clicking here!

Here’s how you can make your own DIY Gilded Photo Hangers!

(This post contains affiliate links)


Wood Craft Plaques – the plaques I used had rope attached to the top for hanging.  If your plaques don’t have rope already attached you will have to attach a length of jute twine to the back for hanging.  Attach them with staples.

Spray Paint – Any color you want  – I used Design Master’s Tint It in Metallic Bronze, Metallic Silver, and Yellow


Thermo Web Foil Transfer Adhesive

Thermo Web Deco Foil – Any color you want – I used Gold & Turquoise

Mod Podge Clear Sealer – Matte Finish

Plastic Putty Scraper or a credit card will do

2 Drawer Pulls – any style you like

Jute Twine

Clothes Pins


Tape – masking or painter’s tape works best if you have some.  I couldn’t find my roll of painter’s tape and had to make do with regular tape.  Don’t stick tape on too firmly as it may peel off paint when removed.

Sponge brush

How To:

DIY Gilded Photo HangersDrill holes on both ends of the plaque.  Make the holes large enough to fit the screw end of the door pull.

Spray paint your plaque the color you want and let it dry completely.  At least 1 hour.

Place the stencil where you want the words to be then secure it in place with tape.

Squeeze small amounts of transfer adhesive in the stencil filling in the letters.

Using the sponge brush lightly spread the adhesive within the letters.  Be careful not to let the adhesive seep under the stencil.

DIY Gilded Photo HangersWhen you’ve filled in all the letters gently lift the stencil off.  Lift straight up so you don’t smear the adhesive on the plaque.

You should be able to clearly see the letters, they will be slightly raised off the surface.

Let the adhesive dry a few minutes.  It should be tacky but not liquidy.

Place a strip of Deco Foil SHINEY side up over the letters.  The side you want to show should be facing you, the dull side should be on the plaque.

Rub the foil on to the letters.  Use a credit card or putty scraper to firmly rub the foil.  You should see the outlines of the letters on the foil as you rub.

DIY Gilded Photo HangersWhen you’ve rubbed in all the letters lift the foil off.

Screw in the drawer pulls.

Attach a length of twine between the drawer pulls leaving some slack so the twine curves down a bit.

Secure pictures on the twine with clothespins.

Easy peasy!

Your DIY Gilded Photo Hanger is ready for hanging or gifting!

It’ll make the perfect Mother’s Day gift!  After all Mom’s love to display photos, Nana’s too!