Father’s Day – Show How You Care for your Dad

Father’s Day – Show How You Care for your Dad

Father’s Day has a great opportunity for kids show Dad just how much they love and appreciate him.  It’s one of those specials days that’s celebrated around the world to honor all fathers.It’s a day to thank Dad for loving and supporting us always.Celebrate the day this year with some new and unique ideas including sending some cards with your heartfelt greetings.

Greeting cards come in lots of different sizes and shapes, many with heart touching messages. But the best cards are those with your own words, and even those made by you especially for your Dad.   This is extra meaningful and will warm Dad’s heart.

Along with that card there are many activities you can do with Dad.  You can take him to his favorite restaurant or to do his favorite activity, such as golfing, fishing, or other sport; main thing is you do it together!  Or better yet, why not throw Dad a party this year!

When planning an event make sure you know your father’s likes and dislikes, this may require some detective work, or you could just ask Mom.  If you’ve never planned an event before you’ll find ideas online. You’ll find ideas for decorating, making a schedule, planning everything from activities, music, food, and venue.

Invite your father’s friends, relatives and other people close to him for a fun and memorable event.  At the event you can give Dad a gift and honor him with a poem.  Poems are really effective and heart touching. You can find some of the best poems that are available on the internet, or better yet write one yourself, then read it aloud to your dad. Afterwards present to him your gift give him a warm hug, this will make his day!

Chalkboard Style Subway Art Frame for Grandpa

Chalkboard Style Subway Art Frame for Grandpa

Father’s Day is on June 19th. this year.  I’m sure you’re busy looking for gifts to give Dad, maybe something other than the tie or cologne you usually give him.  Well, while you’re thinking about Dad’s gift don’t forget Grandpa! We’ve got lots of ideas for DIY Father’s Day gifts like our Comic Strip Decoupage Box or Frame or this Photo Frame we made last year.  Any of these projects would be an awesome gift for Grandpas too!

This year I’m really into Subway Art, also called Typography Art.  It’s basically words typed out in different fonts and arranged in a way that’s pretty to look at.   The words can center around a theme, like Father’s Day, be the words to a quote or poem, or they can convey a message.  In short Subway Art can be anything you want it to be.  You can even incorporate images.

Chalkboard Style Subway Art FrameAlong with Subway Art I’m really into the chalkboard look, it’s still quite popular.  So I thought why not combine my two current passions?  I came up with this great Chalkboard Style Subway Art Frame for Grandpa.  It’s centered around Grandpa and lists words for Grandpa from around the world.  I made one for Grandmas for Mother’s Day last month.  Click here for instructions and free template for that one!

I made the stencil for this frame on my Cricut Personal Die Cutting Machine, but if you don’t have a cutting machine don’t worry, I’m sharing this template too!  All you have to do is download it, adjust it to the size you want, print it, and cut out the letters with an exacto knife.

The frame is one of the inexpensive light wood frames I buy at the Walmart craft department.  I painted it with Plaid’s Folk Art brand chalkboard  paint in black.  Once it was cured I used a Bistro Chalk marker to stencil in the letters. Super easy!  And cheap too!  This project cost me $1.11, the price of the wooden frame.  But that’s because I had left over supplies from other projects, I used those too for the Grandma frame.  If you don’t have all the supplies it will cost a bit more, but still under $10, believe me you can make a bunch of frames with the left overs!

Anyway here’s what you’ll need to make this frame and how to make it.  It’s so simple once you have the stencil cut the kids can do the rest.


IMG_53901 Wood frame from the craft store

Chalkboard paint in black – or whatever color you prefer


Bistro Marker in white – you can use any color you want, you can find them at the craft store

Clear Sealer – I use Mod Podge Clear Acrylic but you can use clear spray paint

Stencil template – click here for the free template

Card stock or plastic film for the stencil

Exacto or craft knife to cut out the stencil or a cutting machine


How to:

Grandfather stencilDownload the template – click here for template

If you will be cutting it out on a Cricut or other cutting machine upload the jpg file to your app and resize to the size you want.  If you’re using a Cricut Explore you will have to upload it then create the svg file for cutting, just follow the directions to do this.  Or you can create an svg file using Photoshop or similar program.

If you will be cutting it by hand then upload the jpg file to a photo editor like Photoshop or similar or go to picmonkey.com, a free online editor. Resize the image to fit your frame then print it out on card stock or plastic film.  Cut out the letters using an exacto or craft knife.  Your stencil is ready!


Paint the frame with chalkboard paint, 2 coats should do it.  Allow to dry between coats.

When your final coat of paint is dry place the stencil on the frame, be sure it’s oriented properly.  The hole for the peg in the back should be on the bottom, the peg goes in the hole so that the frame will stand up when done.

Fill in the stencil letters with the Bistro Marker making sure you stay within the openings, try not to go under the stencil because this will cause the ink to bleed and you’ll end up with strange looking letters.

Allow the marker to dry and gently lift the stencil off.

Spray the finished frame with clear sealant.

Let dry overnight.

The frame is done and ready to give Grandpa!




Homemade Father’s Day Cards – Free Printables & Templates

Homemade Father’s Day Cards – Free Printables & Templates

It’s June already?  Wow half the year’s gone by so quickly!  Guess time really does fly when you’re having fun.  Not sure how much fun it’s been, but it certainly has been busy; it just gets busier from here on.  In our family summer has arrived even though the official First Day of Summer is still almost 3 weeks away, it arrived early at out house when the grandsons arrived Memorial Day weekend.  Can’t believe they’ve been here almost 2 weeks!  More fun times ahead!

This year we’ll be home for Father’s Day, it’s June 19th.  That means we can really do it up.  In our family holidays are big.  We love holidays, any holiday!  But Father’s Day almost always gets away from us because we’re usually away on vacation.  The dads in our family are lucky to get a Father’s Day gift on the road, assuming we remember to bring it with us.  Poor guys sometime feel neglected!  Well this year we’re celebrating Father’s Day for sure!

Father's Day CardsFor starters we’re making Father’s Day Cards!  According to greeting card companies nothing says you care better than a greeting card, well a homemade Father’s Day Card makes it extra special.

We’ve whipped up a couple of super cute Father’s Day Cards.  So easy!  And the boys loved making them!  Since Papa loves to go fishing we made the Gone Fishing card for him, and the Subway Art that centers around “Dad” by using words in different languages is fun!

In this post I’ll tell you how you and the kids can make these two cards, I’m sharing the templates and printables too! You don’t need a bunch of expensive supplies, just card stock or construction paper, glue, scissors or craft knife, and a printer.  I actually used my Cricut Explore Air to print and cut, but if you don’t have a die cut machine, not to worry, it’s easy enough to cut by hand.

Father's Day CardsLet’s start with the Subway Art Father’s Day Card.

This one’s super easy!  Here’s what you need:

Card stock or construction paper


Template for the frame

Printable of the words



Click here for the free template and printable!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1.  Cut out a card base – this is what you’ll be gluing the frame and words to.  You can make this any size you want, just remember you have to fold it in half so you have a vertical card.  I cut out a 10″ x 7″ rectangle so that when you end up with a 5″x7″ card.  But you can make it any size you want, just make sure the width is double the width of the width of your finished card.
  2. Fold your card base in Half and make a nice crisp fold by gently but firmly rubbing a plastic scrapper (the kind you use when you apply putty on your walls), bone folder (available at craft stores, it’s a card making tool), or even the edge of a credit card, along the fold.
  3. Measure the front of the card where you will be pasting the subway art print.
  4. Download the printable and frame template, click here! and save it on to your desktop (make finding it easier!)
  5. Father's Day Cards Father's Day CardsUpload the template and printable on to a photo editing app like Microsoft Paint or Photoshop.  If you don’t have either you can edit online a picmonkey.com, a free online photo editor.
  6. Size the template and frame to fit the front of your card.
  7. Print the template and frame and cut it out.  You don’t have to cut out each letter, just cut it to fit your card base.  You can use scissors or an exacto knife to cut.
  8. Paste or glue the printable to the card base then glue the frame on top of it.
  9. For the inside of the card you can cut out a white rectangle the side of the inside or smaller and glue that on to the inside of the card.  If you want you can write wishes on this sheet before cutting by typing out whatever you like on Word, print it out, then cut it to fit the card.
  10. You’re done![spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]


[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Father's Day CardsThe Gone Fishing card requires a little more work, mostly cutting.  The pieces are layered on to the card base.  If you have an electronic die cutting machine like a Cricut Explore cutting will be a breeze!  If not no worries, you can use a craft knife or scissors to cut out the pieces!

  1.  Make your card base by following steps 1-3 above. There’s a template for the card base on the download if you don’t want to measure it out on your own.   Just download it here and print it out.
  2. Father's Day CardsDownload the printables and templates here!
  3. Follow steps 4-6 above to download and resize.
  4. Cut out all the pieces using whatever color cardstock or construction paper you want.  The brown piece is for the background of the “sign”.
  5. If you have an embossing machine and folder you can emboss the brown rectangle to give it a wood grain look, if not it’s ok.
  6. Glue the pieces on to the card base, consult the photo for placement.
  7. The download also has a printable for the inside of the card, you can use that or write your own sentiment by typing it out on Word, printing, then cutting it to the size of the inside of the card.  Then just simply glue it on the inside.
  8. If you have double stick foam tape, available at your local craft store, you can use that to adhere the pieces of the sign, the fish, and tackle to the front of the card.  I like using foam tape to lift the cut pieces off the base and give the card like a 3D effect.  If you don’t have foam tape just layer the pieces on the card front and attach with glue.
  9. You’re done!

Rubber Stamping & Scrapbooking at Joann.com!

DIY Banner Cake Toppers

DIY Banner Cake Toppers

Banner Cake ToppersIf you’re a Pinner on Pinterest like we are you’ll have noticed how popular Banner Cake Toppers are these days.  If you’re not sure what they are they’re the string of miniature flags strung together on posts and stuck into cakes.  I love the idea!  It’s more fun than writing “Happy Birthday” on the cake itself.

You can buy these Banner Cake Toppers at most party stores and online. They start at about $8 for a basic kit.  But what you can buy are the generic types that say “Happy Birthday” or “Just Married”.  If you’re looking for something personalized with names or themes you may have to special order them, meaning they’ll cost way more.

But really they are so simple to make and won’t cost you nearly as much if you DIY it!  I made this topper for my grandson Devon’s 8th. Birthday.  It turned out a bit too big because I thought they were going to use it on his full sheet cookie cake, but they decided to put it on a 9″ round cake instead.  Next time I’ll make a smaller one.

I used chipboard Micro Pennants for this one, mainly because I had a pack of them I had gotten as part of a craft store grab bag I got on New Year’s Day.  Each pennant measure 1 1/4″ x 2″, that’s why it would have been perfect for that sheet cookie.  But you don’t need to use chipboard, you can use card stock, construction paper, or what ever paper you have on hand, just cut out small triangles.  This is less time consuming, using chipboard that was natural colored involved painting them, but on the other hand I didn’t have to cut out 18 tiny triangles.  I had a good time painting them and chipboard is much stiffer than card stock or paper.

Anyway the basics are the same whether you use chipboard, card stock, construction paper, or plain paper.  The idea is to use small triangles, rectangles, or whatever shape you want.  Because I used chipboard I painted each pennant with Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint.  For the letters I found stickers at Walmart that worked perfectly, you can also hand print the letters on the pennants if you like, or even leave them blank.

I used Baker’s Twine  to string them up and attached them to straws I had left over from the twin’s Onederland 1st. Birthday Party.  Easy!

Here’s how I made Devon’s Banner Cake Toppers, and really it cost me nothing because I used supplies I already had in my craft room!


Banner Cake ToppersTriangle cut from paper, chipboard, or card stock in your choice of colors (if you use chipboard you may have to paint them the color you want)

Paint & Brushes (if you’re using chipboard)

Baker’s Twine & Yarn Needle

Straws, Bamboo skewers, chopsticks, or dowels

Letter stickers




Cut out  triangles about 1″ on the top side and 1 – 1 1/2″ in length.  (or whatever shape you want).  Cut enough shapes for each letter of the words you are spelling.  If you are using card stock or paper cut the shapes out in the color or colors you want.  Quick hint:  You can even use paper or card stock with patterns or designs.  You can get really creative with this.

Banner Cake ToppersIf you are using pre-cut chipboard you may want to paint them to your desired color or colors.  That’s what I did.  Be sure you paint both sides!

Then using a something pointy, like an ice pick, make a small hole on either side of the top corners of the triangles or what ever shape you are using. [spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Banner Cake ToppersPrint your letters or place your stickers on each pennant.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

IMG_5253Thread Baker’s Twine in to the needle and string the pennants together.  Leave enough twine on both ends for tying and make the twine long enough to allow for some slack so the pennants drape in the center. [spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Banner Cake TopperTie ends to straws, dowels, bamboo skewers, or whatever you are using to hold the pennants up.  Stick the straws into the cake arranging it the way you want.  The example above isn’t the best, but you get the general idea!

I love these Banner Cake Toppers!  You can use them to dress up any cake.  Best of all they’re super easy to put together and you can have lots of fun with them.  You can put any kind of message you want or  add the celebrant’s name to make your cake extra special.  It’s a great idea for Mother’s Day next month, Father’s Day in June, Grad Parties, Baby and Bridal Showers, or just because days!