4 Tips For Planning A Memorable New Year’s Eve Party At Home

4 Tips For Planning A Memorable New Year’s Eve Party At Home

Soon, people will be ushering in 2022 with excitement, hope, and renewed commitments. Some plan on attending family gatherings or holding secret parties at home. The latter may look more attractive, especially with the UK battling a likely fourth wave led by the Omicron variant. Perhaps, you’re part of a UK household that spent about £700 on Christmas activities and still wants to end the year with a party on new year’s eve. If that’s the case, here are some tips for planning a memorable party with what you have.

  • Lighting

The type of lighting you use for a party can make all the difference at a New Year’s Eve party. For many people, it’s all about replacing existing lights with more colorful illumination to create the desired ambiance. On the other hand, if you’re not all for replacing your current light bulbs, you have the option to purchase inexpensive light bulbs you can plug into a wall socket and still get the same effect as a ceiling illumination. The trick to plugged-in lights is to set them up at vantage corners of the house as a way to bounce off walls. Buy different hues to enhance the party mood and for a more detailed effect.

If you’re opting for candles, you may have to exercise some caution here. First of all, beeswax or soy candles are recommended as healthier options as they do not release volatile compounds into the atmosphere. Secondly, it will be ideal to set the candles closer to concrete walls (not plasterboards) and secure them on steady candle stands. While at it, you can also take steps to ensure there are no movements close to your candle stands. If you still have your Christmas décor lights on display, they can add some vibrant color to your party.

  • Lots of drinks

One thing many people agree on is that the drinks make the party. Whether it is juices, punch, wines, or champagne, the idea is to have a wide array of drinks to quench your thirst and that of your party guests. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have hot beverages like tea or coffee close by for those who prefer something warmer. Besides, it’s still winter, and some party guests wouldn’t mind sipping a steaming cup of freshly brewed tea.

As you make plans for drinks, it is also a good idea to keep a large stock of disposable cups. Remember, it is still the COVID season, and you cannot afford to slack on the safety protocols. Champagne flutes and other wine glasses are ideal for a New Year’s Eve party. Therefore, if those are your options, you will have to ensure there are lots of them to go around. This way, you will not have to immediately clean them after someone uses them to make way for another guest to have a drink.

  • An abundance of finger foods

If you’ve ever wondered why finger foods seem like the standard meals at parties, this is why. They are convenient, can be eaten while standing, and do not require a formal dinner set up. Thankfully, there are tons of finger food options that you can choose from. The only precaution to take is to alert your party guests to what ingredients are in the finger foods. Remember that some people are allergic to nuts and lactose, and these two tend to be quite common in these treats. 

Better yet, if you’re setting up a buffet table, a noticeable note pasted on the table can inform your guests what ingredients are contained in the foods. This is how you can be ‘better safe than sorry.’ The last thing you want is to have a case of a sudden allergic reaction among some guests right in your venue.

Moreover, fruit portions will not be bad options on the menu. Once again, disposable cutlery may be ideal. The same applies to your plates and napkins. Since the party setting is your home, making things comfortable and convenient for you as the host makes sense. When your guests leave, you might be responsible for cleaning everything that isn’t disposable.

  • An eclectic range of party songs

Partygoers have different tastes, and once you understand that, it makes sense to have a wide collection of music that everyone can enjoy. Indeed, it is your New Year’s Eve party. However, your guests make the party vibrant, and that’s where music comes in. If you can afford it, hire a party DJ to play this role. If not, any of your friends or family members with appreciable turntables knowledge can help you out. However, the best option can be a wide music collection saved onto a pen drive and blaring from your home’s Bluetooth speakers.

A New Year’s Eve party happens once a year, so if you can, go all out to have a memorable merrymaking event that all your guests can remember in another year.

DIY Glitter Glasses for the Best Party Ever!

DIY Glitter Glasses for the Best Party Ever!

Make beautiful glitter glasses with Mod Podge to celebrate New Year’s Eve – or any other celebration. The best part is you can wash these!

DIY Glitter Glasses for the Best Party Ever!

Hello friends, and Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s almost a new year, can you? Crazy.

I must say, I love that before we focus on resolutions and get organized, we always kick off the new year with a party. New Years Eve is one of my favorite holidays!

I love making party decor for New Years, so I wanted to share a fun glitter glasses tutorial with one of my favorite Mod Podge supplies. You can use this glitter craft for any type of celebration, like a wedding, or a graduation, birthday . . . really whatever you like!

This is the Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Gloss medium, and it can easily turn your projects into waterproof, dishwasher safe dishes. If you want to Mod Podge on glass, using Dishwasher Safe with glitter is a great way to do it. Learn how to make the glasses below.

DIY Glitter Glasses


To make a pair of ombre drinking glasses for your New Years Eve soiree, all you need is two glasses, silver and gold glitter, a paintbrush, and Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Gloss.


Brush each glass with an even coat of Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Gloss. You can use painter’s tape to block off any areas you don’t want to get glitter on. You can also cover the entire glass with glitter, like I did.


While the glue is still wet, spread an even amount of bling all over the glass. The medium dries really fast, so be sure to put the glitter on quickly. I wanted a two-tone look, so I poured the gold glitter on first, then silver.


Be sure to cover your work space with paper towels . . . glitter can get really messy!

Make beautiful glitter glasses with Mod Podge to celebrate New Year's Eve - or any other celebration. The best part is you can wash these!

After pouring on the sparkle, allow your glasses at least two hours to dry completely. If your glitter is really thick, wait overnight.


When the glassware is dry, apply a generous coat of Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Gloss on top of the glitter. Allow to dry completely, and add a second coat if you feel like the glasses need it.

Be sure to read the curing instructions on the label.

Make beautiful glitter glasses with Mod Podge to celebrate New Year's Eve - or any other celebration. The best part is you can wash these!

That’s it! So easy. I LOVE how these glitter glasses turned out, and I think we will use them again and again. I can’t wait to try out Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Gloss on more glasses!


Glitter Glasses

These DIY glitter wine glasses are really easy to make! Perfect for New Year’s, weddings, birthdays, and any other party or celebration you like.
PREP TIME15 minutes
ACTIVE TIME45 minutes
DRY TIME2 hours


  • Two glasses
  • Glitter – colors of your choice
  • Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge
  • Painter’s tape (optional)


  • Paintbrush


  1. Clean each glass with mild soap and water; dry completely.
  2. Brush each glass with an even coat of Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe. Optional: use painter’s tape to block off any areas where you don’t want glitter.
  3. While the glue is still wet, spread an even amount of bling all over the glass. For an ombre look, pour the gold glitter on first, then silver.
  4. After pouring on the sparkle, allow your glasses at least two hours to dry completely. If your glitter is really thick, wait overnight.
  5. When the glassware is dry, apply a generous coat of Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Gloss on top of your glitter. Allow to dry completely.
  6. Be sure to read the curing instructions on the label to finish.



Christmas decorations from your garden

Christmas decorations from your garden

Christmas is a time for celebrating all that is festive and adorning our homes. However, due to the dormant nature of our gardens during winter many people won’t look to their garden for inspiration, even though there are many plants that offer up festive treats for decorations. Here are five ideas of plants you can take from your garden into your home this Christmas for decorations.

1 5


Christmas decorations with holly - an iconic Christmas plant.

Holly is an iconic Christmas plant. Create Christmas decorations with holly by cutting short branches with berries on. They can be added to wreaths and garlands, as well as placing sprigs around candle displays and mantelpieces. Tying small clusters together, perhaps to hang up with ribbons or to attach to gift wrapping is also an alternative.

2 5


Classic Christmas decoration which is grown in many of our gardens: Ivy

Ivy is also a classic Christmas decoration, which is grown in many of our gardens. Carefully pull out some tendrils, remove them and then lay lengths of trailing ivy using florist’s wire to hang around a banister or have running through the centre of a table.

Winding branches through wreaths and laying them along mantelpiece and windowsills with baubles and other Christmas staples is a very common option in regards to decorating your home during this festive period.

3 5


Create a mini Christmas tree out of Fir branches. Definitely a Christmas favourite!

Many people make the mistake of throwing away unwanted branches that they’ve removed from the Christmas tree to balance it out, Save them! The stems can be used to make more decorations. Removal off of othe trees (Pine, Yew, and Confier) are also fitting alternatives.

You can tie bunches together with ribbon and hang on doors and walls, or push small sections of Fir branches into an oasis to create a Christmas favourite: Mini Christmas trees!

4 5

Pine Cones

Pine cones make fantastic Christmas decorations and are extremely versatile.

Pine cones make fantastic Christmas decorations and are extremely versatile. Attach a few to your wreaths or pile them into bowls accompanied by fairy lights and baubles.

You can also use them to make ‘budget baubles’, by spraying them in colours, Red, Gold and Green to name a few. When sprayed Green, they can also be used to make miniature Christmas trees.

5 5


Mistletoes - a popular DIY Christmas decoration for as long as there have been Christmas decorations and definitely synonymous with the festive period.

This has been a popular Christmas decoration for as long as there have been Christmas decorations and are definitely synonymous with the festive period.

It is mostly found growing wild on trees, but if you’re lucky enough to encounter some growing near you, cut off a few sprigs, tie them into a bunch and hang from doorways or around lights.

Burlap Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Burlap Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone, are we now in December? ! How is this possible? !

I’m not sure how we got here, but I try not to spend too much time thinking about it! On the contrary, I have been busy preparing our home for the holidays! Yesterday I spent a lot of time decorating our home and I am very happy with how things are going! So, if you are okay, I think I will share another Christmas project with you today!

I hope you will like this burlap Christmas wreath as much as I do!


14″ Styrofoam Wreath form

1/2 yard of Burlap (approximate)

Christmas Picks/Sprays/Ornaments


Hot Glue



In addition, I also picked up a tree ornament & a handful of Christmas picks/sprays from Hobby Lobby while they were on sale. Then, I used my 40% off coupon to purchase the striped burlap ribbon you see below. I also grabbed a few things from my personal stash at home, but didn’t end up using anything from it.

burlap christmas wreath 3

I had about 1/2 yard of burlap on hand & wanted to use it to cover my wreath form, so I cut it into 2″ strips & wrapped it around the  wreath form, securing it with hot glue as I went. (My motivation to start this project struck at night, so you’ll have to forgive me for the poor lighting in the next few photos.)

burlap christmas wreath 4

Once the wreath form was covered, I started putting together the floral arrangement for the wreath. I started with my greenery & berries and then added things as I went. I secured the greenery & berries to the wreath by wrapping jute around the arrangement & tying it in a knot. Just for a little added protection, I also added a some hot glue around the knot to make sure it wouldn’t come untied.

burlap christmas wreath 5

burlap christmas wreath 6

Once the greenery & berries were in place, I added my ornament to the center of the arrangement using more hot glue. I also glued in a few loops of the striped burlap ribbon to bring a little more color to the floral arrangement. Using the left-over ribbon, I hung the wreath from our door.

Quick & Easy Burlap Christmas Wreath {Tutorial}

I have had several people ask me how I hang our wreaths, because you can see there is no visible wreath hanger on the door. My secret are these amazing magnetic wreath hangers from Hobby Lobby. They work like a dream!  To actually hang the wreath, I take a strip of ribbon & run it through the center of the wreath form until the two ends meet. Then I just cut a little hole in the two ends & hang it from the wreath hanger. To cover up the hole (and the wreath hanger), I make a small bow (seen below) & then just hot glue it on. It comes off easily later & makes the wreath & the bow lay flat & pretty! 🙂

Quick & Easy Burlap Christmas Wreath {Tutorial}

A few close-ups of the floral arrangement…..I love the mixture of pinecones, greenery, & ribbon!

Quick & Easy Burlap Christmas Wreath {Tutorial}

If you can’t tell already, I’m sticking to a neutral color palette this Christmas season and I kinda LOVE it! We bought a new tree this year & it inspired a whole new look for our living room/kitchen area. I hope to share photos of our tree & those living areas later next week! Stay tuned!!

Well, that’s pretty much a wrap on my Burlap Christmas Wreath Tutorial! As you can see, there really isn’t much to it!

Quick & Easy Burlap Christmas Wreath {Tutorial}


Giant 3D Paper Snowflake Pendants

Giant 3D Paper Snowflake Pendants

If you are looking for ideas to create a magical winter wonderland, try these giant 3D paper snowflake decorations!

These lighted big 3D paper snowflakes look gorgeous for the holidays, or any time of year when you want a little something special!


Materials and tools to make 3D paper snowflake decorations :

  • office paper, or white paper bags. The templates are for 8.5″x11″ paper since everyone has it!
  • LED string lights: if you plan to use them for a quick decor, these battery powered ones are great. If you plan to leave them up for a long time, these plug-in LED fairy lights are what I used.
  • clear fishing lines like these for hanging the pendants
  • a little secret weapon: white paper clips  – you will see why they are must haves!


Step 1: Make some “paper bags” using office paper. (Skip this step if you are using paper bags.)


I have included fold and glue lines in the templates at the end.



Fold each “bag” in half and glue a stack of them ( blue lines showing where to apply glue). I prefer to glue together 3 at a time for easy cutting. Each snowflake will need 8 to 9 “bags”.

16 inspiring gift wrapping hacks on how to make instant gift bags and beautiful gift wraps in minutes, using re-purposed materials for almost free! - A Piece Of Rainbow


After cutting three stack of  paper bags, glue them together to form a snowflake.

Leave an opening so the snowflake can be stored closed.



Here is a little secret on how to hold a snowflake together without gluing so they can be stored flat-

Step 3: add lights to your 3D paper snowflake decorations



I used white paper clips to hold the two ends of a snowflake together and it worked like a charm!

Add clear fishing lines for hanging, and of course – LED fairy lights !

IMPORTANT: please follow basic safety practices when using string lights. Only use good quality products specific for indoor or outdoor conditions, and choose low heat LED lights when using near paper. Always turn off lights before leaving your home or going to bed.



Joyful Bourbon Barrel Head Sign

Joyful Bourbon Barrel Head Sign


Americana® Acrylics

  • Country Red (DAO18)
  • Grey Storm (DA328)

Vintage Effect Wash™

  • Light Green (DCW09)
  • White (DCW02)

Other supplies

  • water container
  • palette or plastic plate
  • paper towels (and/or rags)
  • stylus or pencil
  • sandpaper
  • liner brush
  • chalk pencil
  • cotton swabs
  • rags
  • bourbon barrel lid
  • 3″ bristle brush


NOTE: Lightly sand the barrel head before starting the project to assure a smooth surface. To begin, paint the barrel head with White Vintage Effects, using a 3″ wide bristle brush, and wipe down with a rag or paper towel to let the wood grain show through. Let dry.


  1. Transfer the pattern onto the barrel head by using a chalk pencil: Place the printed pattern on the wood so that the design faces the wood. Use a chalk pencil to rub on the surface of the paper. Turn the paper over and use a stylus or pen to retrace the design gently. You will see the transfer completed once you remove the paper. (Or you can free-hand draw the design onto the wooden barrel head, following the provided pattern.)
    Step 0 Example
  2. Paint the holly leaves around the edges of the barrel head in Light Green.
    Step 1 Example
  3. Use a cotton swab and Country Red to make the holly berries.
    Step 2 Example
  4. Sketch out the word “Joy” in pencil and then paint with Grey Storm on a liner brush. Finish the details on the holly leaves and you are done.
    Step 3 Example