Christmas Popsicle Stick Craft

Christmas Popsicle Stick Craft

Are you stuck on what to make with your children?Begin with popsicle sticks.Take a look at this craft to see how versatile and simple they are to find.

These Christmas Craft Sticks are a lot of fun to make and simple to put together. They make great crafts for Christmas parties at elementary and preschool schools or just for fun. You can even make them into ornaments for your tree.



  1. Jumbo craft sticks
  2. regular craft sticks
  3. Craft paper
  4. Pom poms
  5. Wiggle eyes
  6. Buttons
  7. Chenille stems
  8. Ribbon
  9. Paint and or markers
  10. Glue
  11. Scissors




  1. Glue your craft sticks together accordingly (see pictures)
  2. Let the kids paint or color the craft sticks
  3. For the rudolph cut out some antlers and a nose from craft paper, Glue on the nose, antlers, some wiggle eyes and a red pom pom nose
  4. For the snowman glue on some wiggle eyes, a carrot nose and any embellishments. Color on a button mouth.
  5. For the gingerbread man paint a white squiggle around the outer edge, and some for a mouth. Glue on a some button cheeks, wiggle eyes and a bow.
  6. The penguin cut out and glue on some feet, a beak and some wiggle eyes. For the ear muffs glue on 2 large pom poms and a chenille stem to connect them.
  7. For the Christmas tree use a chenille stem for garland and pom poms for ornaments, lastly add a star or a snowflake to the top
Super Easy Pinecone Christmas Tree Craft

Super Easy Pinecone Christmas Tree Craft

This adorable Christmas tree made of pinecones is the craft tutorial for today!It is extremely simple to make and looks fantastic displayed on a mantle or side table.I made a lot of these charming beautifications to show around my home this Christmas season.

Even though I adore the holiday season, I’ve never been particularly interested in decorating.Don’t get me wrong, I adore Christmas decorations, especially the tiny string lights that shine like stars!However, the thought of putting away a lot of decorations after they have only been on display for a few short weeks typically prevents me from going overboard with the Christmas decorations in my home.But that must now end!

We could get away with skipping the holiday decorating when only my husband and I were present in the house.Naturally, we always had a Christmas tree in the house, but sometimes we didn’t decorate it until the week before.

But Christmas seems so much more special now that we have a son.We want him to experience the same magical sensation we did as children.As a result, I’ve been trying to decorate more and come up with craft projects that I can do on my own right now but that we can do together when he’s older.I would love to make those priceless memories with him by crafting during the holidays and displaying his creations throughout the house.

This pinecone Christmas tree craft is so simple that I wanted to share it with you today.It’s simple enough for kids to do and still enjoyable for everyone involved, including adults.


Supplies needed to make a pinecone Christmas tree:

  • Pinecones
  • Wood slices
  • Wooden stars
  • Acrylic Paint (Green, White, Red, Yellow, Blue)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Hot Glue Gun


The fact that the primary supply is probably already sitting right outside your front door is the best feature of this craft.During this time of year, pinecones can be found all over and are an excellent material for numerous projects with holiday themes.

In any case, at the time I was dealing with this blog entry, there weren’t an excessive number of pinecones around my home.That’s where Amazon came in, then.Who would have thought you could buy a bag of real pinecones?

Paint your pinecone solid green as the first step.I used a fairly small paintbrush and green acrylic paint.

Definitely try to squeeze into every nook and cranny.To ensure that nothing is visible through the pinecone and that everything is covered, this may require one or two coats of paint.Alternately, you could deliberately leave some pinecone exposed.This would result in a Christmas tree that looks more natural.

This step was so incredibly calming for me.Painting something without having to think can really help you clear your mind.One of my favorite aspects of painting and creating in general has always been the calming effects that it can have.

It’s time to move on to some snow once the pinecone has completely dried out.Paint the tips of the pinecones to create snow-covered branches with a small paintbrush and white acrylic paint.

pinecone tree

Next, use a smaller paintbrush to add a few tiny Christmas lights.My design was made with red, blue, and yellow dots.I would suggest painting the tops and bottoms of the pinecone needles with the goal that your Christmas Tree will look perfect from whichever point you end up being seeing it from.

These little wooden stars were purchased from a nearby craft supply store.In fact, I had previously purchased them with the intention of using them at some point in the future.Certainly I did!

I painted this wooden star a bright yellow color on both sides once more with acrylic paint.

An aside:On top of your Christmas tree, do you have a star?While I was growing up, my parents did not, and I have not yet made the decision to purchase one for myself.But I think this might be the year!

These fun little natural wood slices were another item I had purchased long before I even considered making a pinecone Christmas tree.To view the Amazon link where I purchased these, please click here.I decided that this would be the ideal base for my tree after looking through my craft supplies.

I adhered the painted Christmas Tree to the wood slice with a few dabs of hot glue.Now that this cute little decoration is all put together, it really is!

I adhered the wooden star to the pinecone’s top with hot glue once more as the final touch.I would suggest holding the star in place for a few seconds while you allow the glue to completely dry because it is a smaller, thinner area than the base of the pinecone.

This beautiful Christmas tree craft only requires a few simple steps.Create a fun little pinecone tree forest by making a lot of them!

Alternatives to Traditional Christmas Dinner

Alternatives to Traditional Christmas Dinner

What do you have organized for Christmas Day dinner this year? Do you want to go down the traditional route and have a roast turkey with all the trimmings, or would you rather break with tradition and try something new? In this article, you can find popular alternatives for a meal.   

Local Restaurant 

Forget about spending all day or all week preparing a Christmas feast for your family, and plan a day out at a local restaurant instead. Nowadays, there are plenty of alternatives to traditional Christmas Day meals, and local restaurants tend to take bookings for this special occasion. 

If you live in the Downtown Roswell area and need an option for a Christmas meal, check out this Downtown Roswell Restaurant. Unlike other restaurants in the area, this one offers a modern twist on old classics, so you are sure to find food that is both appealing and surprising. 

Indian Curry 

When you think of Christmas dinner, the last thing you think of is Indian curry, but that’s what makes it such an appealing prospect. Forget about a traditional Christmas this year in favor of one that is modern and full of flavor and spice; you can make a curry at home or head out. 

Indian food is ideal for Christmas because it is flavorsome, original, and filling. Enjoy your share of rice, nan bread, and an assortment of curries; all washed down with a light Indian lager. Again, you should be able to book an Indian or Indian-style restaurant in your local area.   

Take Out Meal 

If you want the enjoyment of restaurant food, but you don’t want to leave the house on Christmas Day, why not have a takeout meal instead? Most restaurants in your local area offer a takeout option, so all you have to do is pass the menu around to your family and make a call. 

Remember to check if the local restaurant offers a takeout option or not, and if they do, it’s worth getting your Christmas Day order in early to avoid the rush and any disappointment. Make your booking during Christmas week and contact them on the day to ensure that everything is ready. 

Pot Luck Dinner 

A takeout meal from a local restaurant is a great idea, but so is a potluck Christmas dinner. If you have a lot of family members coming over for Christmas Day, why not suggest that everyone brings something to eat and share the cooking responsibilities? It also creates variety. 

Pot lucks are fantastic because you never know what you are going to eat until your friends and family show up with their Tupperware in hand. Not only do you get a variety of food on Christmas Day, but you have much less to cook and organize thanks to the shared efforts.    

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to Christmas dinner, there are many conventional ideas going around. Christmas turkey is one of them, and there are plenty of trimmings to with it, but times are changing, and more people are considering the alternatives such as takeout, potluck, and local restaurants.

DIY Christmas Balloon Wreath

DIY Christmas Balloon Wreath

This Christmas balloon wreath has completely captured my attention.We initially intended to use it only as a prop for our holiday balloon photo shoot, but as soon as we all fell in love with it, I knew I had to show you how to make one as well!

For a holiday party, this is the ideal DIY project.It is easy to put together, has a big impact, and you can easily switch it out for one of your permanent wreaths or just hang it somewhere new with a hook that can be taken off!The facts are here!

DIY Christmas Balloon WreathDIY Christmas Balloon Wreath

DIY Christmas Balloon Wreath DIY Christmas Balloon Wreath

DIY Christmas Balloon Wreath



Total Time: One Hour


Green Balloons
Red, Peach and Pink Balloons
Balloon Air Pump (Not required, but incredibly helpful. Haha!)
24″ Wire Wreath
Zip Ties
Balloon Tape
Bow Template (Enlarged to 200%)
Poster Board or Ribbon
Fishing Line



1. Inflate about 40 green balloons. They should be under inflated so that they are round and small, and should be a variety of sizes! Also inflate about a dozen or so pink/red/peach balloons, also under-inflated!
2. Begin zip tying the green balloons to the wire wreath, pushing them together as you go. Fill the entire wreath.
3. Once the wreath is filled, you’re going to go in and add additional green balloons along with red and pink ones as “ornaments” using the balloon tape. Place each balloon where you think you want it BEFORE adding the tape, because it can be hard to move them around once the tape is on. You don’t want them to pop!
4. Move, add and adjust the balloons until you’re happy with it!
5. Make a giant bow using the template (enlarged to 200%) out of poster board for a more modern look and tie a piece of fishing line through the back loop. Then attach it to the top of the wreath! If you just use ribbon to make your bow, you can just tie or tape it right onto the wreath as it won’t be as heavy!
6. Hang and enjoy!!


Christmas Kid’s Craft: Holiday Character Candy Pots

Christmas Kid’s Craft: Holiday Character Candy Pots

What’s the Project? Looking for a a laugh and easy Christmas kid’s craft? These little vacation man or woman pots are clean to make and flip out honestly cute. The children will love it!

I’ve got a new project for you that I made myself, and it’s here today! It’s a Christmas miracle!I haven’t done that in a while.Recently, I needed a Christmas craft for a family party that could be used by children as young as four and up to 13 years old. We ended up making this.

We adorned miniature flower pots with characters from Christmas.I have an elf, a reindeer, a snowman, and Santa for you!I think this is a fun, easy craft for kids, and I think they will love it!

They are an extremely basic Christmas youngster’s art to make.You only need a few items and your imagination.

A closer look at each one is provided here.The elf, which my 13-year-old says is creepy, is as follows:

Elf Candy Pot

My favorite-Rudolph:
Reindeer Candy Pot-Christmas Kid's Craft

A cute little Santa:

Santa Candy Pot

And a snowman


You could make these for any sort of kids party! The paint dries pretty quickly too, which is nice so that you can transport them soon after making them.

Here’s a look at how.


Christmas Kid’s Craft-Character Candy Pots:


Supplies Needed:

  • Mini flower pots
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Felt
  • Ribbon or other embellishments
  • Hot glue or craft glue
  • Candy



Really, you can kind of let the kids do what they want to make these. My boys go VERY creative! One actually made his just a Santa hat which was fun. Another decided to do a Pokemon character. They can do what they want!

Just start by painting the pot and then letting it dry.

Add embellishments. If you are using hot glue, you’ll want to help the kids for this part.

A couple of tips for you. I painted felt to get the right color for the Elf ears. You could use cotton balls or fur for Santa’s beard if you want.

Then fill with candy and enjoy this Christmas kid’s craft!


Candy Cornucopia Thanksgiving Craft

Candy Cornucopia Thanksgiving Craft

Cute Candy Cornucopias are a yummy Thanksgiving table decoration! A quick and easy Thanksgiving craft that’s fun for all ages!

A cornucopia, also known as The Horn of Plenty, is a traditional symbol of the fall harvest and is closely associated with Thanksgiving.  The horn-shaped baskets are a symbol of abundance and nourishment and are often depicted as overflowing with newly harvested fruits and vegetables. Our candy cornucopias puts a sweet twist on the classic horn and are filled to overflowing with candy pumpkins, fruit jellies, candy corn, and marzipan fruits!




  • Paper Cones (pre-shaped or formed from stiff cardstock)
  • Brown Crepe Paper Streamers
  • Fringe Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Candy – Candy Corn, Candy Pumpkins, Fruit Gems, Marzipan Fruits


Start by using the fringe scissors to create a fringed length of crepe paper – you’ll need about 7′ for each cornucopia.

Starting at the base of the cone, use the glue stick to attach the fringed tissue to the cone, overlapping each layer slightly. (Just pretend that this green crepe paper is brown, mmmkay?) 

When your entire cone is covered in crepe paper, allow the glue to dry completely before rolling the tip of the cone up. Tip: Use a marker to help you roll the tip to create a tighter and more nicely shaped roll! Simply roll the tip of the cone around the marker, hold, and release!

Fill the paper cornucopia with all of your favorite harvest candies, and place on the center of your Thanksgiving table for a sweet holiday centerpiece! It’s perfect for the kids table, but I’m sure that the adults would love it, too!