How to Make Pretty Painted Flower Pots

How to Make Pretty Painted Flower Pots

It’s time to get your plants out of those sad plastic planters they came in and get them into something a little more custom. Painting your own terracotta pots is easy and the result is something that feels playful and modern—plus, since you can choose your own colors they’re guaranteed to fit in with your home decor. Taking the time to repot your little seedlings now, gives them plenty of room to grow and look good doing it!


What You’ll Need

Equipment / Tools

Paint brushes
Painter’s tape


Terracotta pots


Supplies for painted pots

1. Figure Out the Design

You might be asking yourself if this is worth an entire step. We’re here to tell you it absolutely is. Getting started with no plan and no inspiration will lead to mistakes that you might not be able to cover up. Take a minute to do a few little sketches of how you want your pots to look, especially if you’ll be making more than one. If you want to go even further, try painting out some of the designs you’ll be making on your pot just to get a feel for them. Practice makes perfect and it’s way better than having to cover up a mistake.

Drawing out ideas for potsDrawing out ideas for pots


2. Tape Off Your Pots

This isn’t always a necessary step; it really depends on whether or not you want to do a colored rim or a crisp line instead of something more abstract. If that’s the case you’re going to need to use painter’s tape. Place it on the terracotta pot and on the edge you want to paint, run your thumb over the edge to make sure it adheres completely.

Painter's tape on pot


1. Paint Your Pot and Allow to Dry

Get your paint together and then get started! It makes sense to have a variety of brushes on hand to vary the types of lines or dots you want. Just keep in mind that you’ll want to start on one side and work towards the other to avoid smudging. If you’re going to overlap colors start with a neutral color on the bottom and then work up to darker colors so it properly covers, working in the reverse will make it really hard to cover spots of darker colors. To make abstract leopard spots, start by placing a brown dot, let them dry and then put three black dots over top towards one side.

Then figure out which little plants to add to each pot, make sure you give them plenty of room to grow!

Painting terracotta pots

Creative Spring and Easter Signs to Enhance Your Home Decor for the Season

Creative Spring and Easter Signs to Enhance Your Home Decor for the Season

Here are some things to think about to help you choose your new spring and Easter signs. Before choosing your home decorations, think about your everyday style. Do you prefer understated or bold decor? Do you have a specific style such as country or Victorian? Maybe you like a little bit of everything and have an eclectic style. Once you know your style, choose a spring or Easter sign that is similar in style. This way it will enhance the beautiful decorating that you have already done in your home rather than clash with it.

You will also want to think about the space that you want to decorate. Is there room for a large wall sign? If so, then choose from the larger signs that come ready to hang. Do you only have some nooks and crannies on shelves to display a sign? There are many cute, little signs that can be tucked in around a potted flower or sit in front of a row of books on a shelf. Do you want it to be indoors or outdoors? Many of the signs listed here have been sealed so that they can be displayed outside safely. Be sure to choose the right sign for your space, and it will surely look fantastic.


1. Easter Tag Shaped Wooden Signs

Easter Tag Shaped Wooden Signs

These stylish signs make an awesome addition to your farm decor. They are handmade from pine wood and are available in five different designs. You can choose from several different rabbit pictures or from two different sayings which are painted in shades of sage, off-white, pink and gray. Each tag is adorned with twine that can also be used as a hanger. Hang one from a doorknob, tuck one into a wreath or add one to the base of your Easter floral arrangement. While they can be purchased individually, you can save money by purchasing them as a set.


2. Bunny-Shaped “Hello Spring” Easter Sign Decoration

Bunny-Shaped “Hello Spring” Easter Sign Decoration

This adorable sign is a wooden cut-out in the shape of a bunny. The words “Hello Spring” are carved in wood as well and sit in the lower part of the bunny. As you may expect, there are some beautiful flowers adorning the sign as well. There is a small bunch in the upper left and another in the lower right, creating just the right balance. The wood is left natural and the artificial flowers are white daises. This sign is simple, yet elegant. With a minimalistic approach to decorating, this is one of our best spring sign ideas.


3. Handmade “Welcome Peeps” Wooden Sign

Handmade “Welcome Peeps” Wooden Sign

Using a favorite Easter treat makes this one of the best Easter sign ideas you will ever find. Three peeps designed to look like the popular marshmallow Easter treats adorn this handmade sign. This vertical sign would look great on a door and can be used indoors or outdoors since it has a polyurethane finish. The word “welcome” appears at the top of the sign. There are three peeps in the middle. The word “peeps” appears at the bottom. The peeps are shown in blue, green and pink. If you would like different colors, simply let the artist know and she will gladly use other colors.


4. Wooden Carrot Easter Sign Decoration

Wooden Carrot Easter Sign Decoration

If you need a break from the traditional bunny-themed Easter decorations, then you will love this awesome idea. It is a carrot-shaped sign that is handmade from plywood, sanded down and painted. This vibrant orange carrot has a green top, black outlining, white highlighting and the words “Happy Easter” in black. Then for some added pizzazz, an array of colorful ribbons in multiple colors with polka dots and checkers are added to a beautiful mesh ribbon bow. This unique sign practically screams fun and unique. The bright and cheery colors are very welcoming and will bring smiles into your home.


5. Country Style Decor Welcome Bunny Pattern Packet

Country Style Decor Welcome Bunny Pattern Packet

This pattern gives directions for making this unique wooden post that holds a welcome sign on the top and has space to put a potted plant or flowers on the bottom. The pattern includes the directions for the post as well as the welcome sign and two cutout bunnies. There is a boy bunny and a girl bunny, decorated in country style. You can choose to follow the pattern exactly or add your own artistic flair by choosing different colors, ribbons and flowers. Three photos are included with the pattern to show you how to cut and assemble your bunny post.


6. Colorful Welcome Spring Digital Download

Colorful Welcome Spring Digital Download

Some of the best spring sign ideas come in digital downloads so that you can create and customize your own decorations. This is a cool way to make your own item without having to start completely from scratch. This 8X10 download includes a beautiful watercolor wreath in shades of pink, purple, green and yellow. The word “welcome” is in lavender and the word “spring” is in sage green. You can print your sign at home using a high quality paper. You can also print it at an office supply store. Then frame it or apply it to a wooden sign.

7. Reclaimed Wood Look Bunny with Buffalo Check

Reclaimed Wood Look Bunny with Buffalo Check

With a snazzy black and white buffalo check bow, this Easter bunny is ready to take on his Easter duties. The sign is made of a cut-out of a bunny. If you like the look of reclaimed barn wood or ship lap, then this bunny is for you. Along with his gorgeous bow, he has a smaller sign across the front that has “home” stenciled on it. A small wreath is attached to take the place of the letter “o”. He stands on the ground for easy displaying. This also makes him easy to move if you decide you would prefer in another room.


8. Personalized Primitive Spring Sign Decor

Personalized Primitive Spring Sign Decor

This hand painted wooden sign is adorned with a cute, country bunny. The bunny is understated so that the words on the sign pop. The sign has “Spring Greetings” painted at the top, with space at the bottom to personalize it with a family name. There is also a lovely flower painted just below the greeting that the bunny is holding. You have a choice of a saw-tooth hanger or a metal hanger. The metal hanger is meant to be seen by bowing above the sign and adds to the primitive style of the piece. The piece is sealed so it can also be used outdoors.


9. Rustic “Spring Has Sprung” Home Decoration

Rustic “Spring Has Sprung” Home Decoration

White-washed wood shows off a modern, yet rustic look, on this cool hand-painted sign. Each piece of wood holds its own beauty with knots and lines, which are enhanced by the whitewash. One of the most recognized flowers of the season is tulips, and you will find them proudly painted the whole way across the bottom of this beautiful sign. The tulips are shown in an array of pastel colors with the saying “Spring Has Sprung” painted in black. If you would like the colors or the saying customized, the artist will work with you to design exactly what you are looking for.

10. Framed “Hello Spring” Wooden Art

Framed “Hello Spring” Wooden Art

Adding framing to this sign makes it one of the best Easter sign ideas you will find. The frame is constructed of natural wood, showing off its natural beauty. This keeps the sign looking current with that bit of rustic charm. The background of the sign is painted white and is adorned in vines and butterflies in beautiful colors of the season. The words “Hello Spring” are done in fancy fonts to look lively and fun. The sign stands just over two feet tall making it the perfect home decoration for any door and one of our best spring sign ideas.


11. The Potting Shed Wooden Plaque

The Potting Shed Wooden Plaque

This gorgeous plaque has a decoupage design of a rustic garden scene. The plaque is designed from birch wood and is made to look like ship lap. There is a watering can, some gardening tools, seed packets and a beautiful bouquet of flowers in pastel colors on top of white-wash look background. The top of the sign bears the phrase “The Potting Shed”. Any gardener would love to display this sign to show their love of gardening. It comes with twine to use for hanging, which gives an awesome rustic look. Holes are pre-drilled, ready for you to add the twine.


12. Buffalo Check Bunny Sign and 3-D Carrots

Buffalo Check Bunny Sign and 3-D Carrots

The best Easter sign ideas sometimes come in an amazing set. This one comes with a sign and some accessories. This sign has a black and white buffalo check bunny with a fluffy cotton tail on a white background. It is framed out in natural wood, adding a warm yet rustic charm. Included in this set is a set of three stuffed carrots. They are made of black and white buffalo check fabric, sewn and stuffed. Green raffia is added to the tops for a fun farmhouse looking carrot. This set would look great on any table for Easter.

13. Wooden Spring Themed Sign in Dark Walnut

Wooden Spring Themed Sign in Dark Walnut

This pretty spring sign decor stands four feet tall. It is awesome for an entry way or alongside a door. The word “hello” is written across the top, and the word “spring” is written vertically over the rest of the sign. If you order this listing as is, the word “hello” will be in sunflower yellow. The word “spring” will be in white. If you are interested in having the colors the same as the picture, contact the artist and they will take care of your request. Also contact the seller if you would like to add on a hanger.


14. “Hello Spring” Sign Decor Digital Download

“Hello Spring” Sign Decor Digital Download

Another one of the best spring sign ideas comes as a digital download. These are super easy to use. Simply purchase the design, download it and print it. Many office supply stores have printing services if you are unable to print it at home. This 8X10 design comes with the phrase “Hello Spring” in black on the middle of the print, one word above the other. The edges have a floral design that purposefully extends beyond the page. The colors are pink, blush and green. These may vary according to your printer settings. Choose the background color by the paper you print on.


15. Decorated Wooden Letter Cutouts to Spell “Spring”

Decorated Wooden Letter Cutouts to Spell “Spring”

Each of these beautifully decorated letters stands nine inches tall. They are separate pieces and stand on their own, but there is a hole drilled in the back for hanging if you prefer to hang them. The listing is for the word “spring” but other custom orders can be placed as well. Each letter is decoupage with patterned papers. They are also decorated with an array of embellishments such as beads, ribbons, paper flowers, gems or rick-rack. These would look great on a mantle, sofa table or a side board. Add them to your spring sign decor for a cute, new look.

16. Hand-Scrolled Wooden Easter Egg Sign

Hand-Scrolled Wooden Easter Egg Sign

The hand-scrolled work on this sign makes it one of the best Easter sign ideas we have seen. The words “Happy Easter” mingle with vines inside of an egg shape. It is stained after it is hand-scrolled. Then it is attached to a framed white backing. The stain on the frame matches the stain on the egg. It is simply beautiful. Without a lot of color, it meets minimalistic design standards while showcasing the beauty of the wood. The sign has a saw tooth hook on the back so that it is suitable for hanging upon arrival.


17. Simply Stated Wooden Spring Sign Decor

Simply Stated Wooden Spring Sign Decor

This wooden sign captures the beauty of simplicity with its minimalistic style. It is smaller sign at 3.5X7 inches, and that makes it perfect to tuck in to any of your seasonal tablescape. Add it to a potted flower, to an Easter basket, to a silk flower arrangement or attach it to a wreath. There are so many options with this cute little sign. The sign is made of solid pine, and you have a choice of 4 different stains. The words “Hello Spring” are cut out of off-white vinyl and applied to the sign under two coats of polyurethane.


18. Bunny Kisses and Easter Wishes Wooden Sign

Bunny Kisses and Easter Wishes Wooden Sign

This handmade sign is just six by six inches, which makes it great for nestling in with your seasonal decorations. The background is white and the words are stenciled on with black. It says “bunny kisses and Easter wishes” along with some hearts. The use of different fonts makes this a fun design that is pleasing to the eye. The sign is framed out in solid birch stained wood. It is made to stand on its own, not to be hung. This is perfect for using in tiered tray centerpieces as or for simply setting on a shelf.


19. Metal Sign with Flowers and Bird House

Metal Sign with Flowers and Bird House

This home decoration is perfect for indoors or outdoors. It is made of metal and is weatherproofed. This adorable eighteen inch blue circle represents the sky. A colorful birdhouse sits in the middle of the picture with a flower in the center. There is a butterfly that looks like it just landed on the roof. It says “welcome” across the top. There are also colorful flowers all along the bottom. It is cheery, bright and fun. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors is sure to love this sign for sure, and it would look fantastic in a garden or on a fence.


20. Cottontail Station Delivery Service Wooden Easter Sign

Cottontail Station Delivery Service Wooden Easter Sign

This is one of the best Easter sign ideas in our collection because it is truly unique. This seventeen inch circle is stained in dark brown. Then the words “Cottontail Station” are painted in white following the curve of the top half, while the words “Delivery Service” are painted in white the same way along the bottom. Separating the two phrases are purple Easter eggs. The middle shows a pink Easter bunny hopping over the words “Happy Easter”. The sign is embellished with some pink glitter as well. This sign is sealed and can be used outside. It would look great on a porch or a front door.


21. Bright and Cheerful “Be Hoppy” Sign

Bright and Cheerful “Be Hoppy” Sign

This Easter sign decoration is one of the happiest signs yet. It is a vertical sign boasting the phrase “Be Hoppy”. The artist had the awesome idea to replace the letter o with a bunny face, and it truly made the sign adorable. The sign stands forty inches tall and ten inches wide and can be used indoors or outdoors. The background of the sign is stained on the front and the back and then yellow paint is applied to the front. It is then sanded down to look distressed. The words are in black and the bunny is white with pink ears and nose.


22. Best Spring Sign Ideas in Bloom

Best Spring Sign Ideas in Bloom

This cute sign may be tiny at six by six inches, but it certainly packs a big design punch. Simply stated, the word “bloom” appears on the sign. The frame and “bloom” are painted in white on a pink background. It is then sealed to protect it. Spring brings about lots of blooms, so why not add this sign to a flower pot or place it in a garden? It can also be tucked in around flowers on a tablescape or nestled in beside a canister on your kitchen counter. The options are nearly endless with the adorable sign.


23. Reclaimed Pallet Wood “Hello Spring” Sign

Reclaimed Pallet Wood “Hello Spring” Sign

Available in dark or natural wood, this beautiful sign is made of reclaimed pallet wood for a rustic farmhouse feel. The top of the sign has the phrase “hello spring” painted across the top in off-white. Below that is a gorgeous hand-painted bouquet of flowers and berries. This sign is super colorful and is sure to bring a smile to all of your guests. This sign is available in twelve by twelve, sixteen by sixteen, or twenty-four by twenty-four. These large sizes are perfect for hanging and a wire comes attached to make it ready to hang upon arrival.


24. Spring Sign Decor Welcome Spring Banner

Spring Sign Decor Welcome Spring Banner

This unique banner is made of four by four inch chipboard squares. The edges of each square are distressed. It is fifty-six inches long, so it makes a statement in any room. This listing is for black letters on a white background. One letter on each square spells out the phrase “Welcome Spring”. The words are separated with one square that has a beautiful yellow flower. The colors and the phrase can be customized upon request. The squares are strung together with twine for a gorgeous rustic look. Ribbon can be used in place of the twine for a softer look.

25. “Oh Hello Spring” Digital Download

“Oh Hello Spring” Digital Download

Here is a totally cute digital download for you to print. Simply purchase, print and frame. Be sure to choose a high quality cardstock for printing. Many local office supply stores are able to print for you if you prefer a professional grade quality. If you do not want to frame your printable, then perhaps you would like to decoupage it onto a wooden sign. This download is of a green wreath with yellow, green and red-orange buds. The phrase “Oh, Hello Spring” is painted in the center in matching shades of green red-orange. The background color will be the color of the paper you choose.


26. Colorful “Hello Spring” Rustic Wooden Sign

Colorful “Hello Spring” Rustic Wooden Sign

This sign is totally cool with the word “hello” written over top of the word “spring”. Using different colors and different fonts really makes the sign pop. It is twelve inches long and three and a half inches tall, making it perfect for adding to any wreath. It also makes a great shelf sitter or a fantastic addition to tiered tray display. It is sure to be noticed with its bright colors of daffodil, turquoise and lime on a dark brown stained wood. White is used to make the word “hello” appear to jump off of the sign. It is perfect for farmhouse or rustic decor.


27. Mixed Media Farmhouse Spring Decor Sign

Mixed Media Farmhouse Spring Decor Sign

This unique sign is a cool example of mixed media art. The artist used printouts of poems, sheet music, paint, paper, fabric, string and wood to create this amazing home decoration. At twelve inches wide and five and half inches tall, this sign can easily enhance any decor. It can be tucked in around a flower arrangement or just set on the mantle as a stand-alone piece. This sign boasts the phrase “Spring is in the Air” and has all of the signs of spring that we love. There is a flowering tree, a pot of flowers, a nest of blue eggs, an Easter bunny and an umbrella.


28. Farmhouse Style Framed Bunny and Chick Signs

Farmhouse Style Framed Bunny and Chick Signs

This listing is for two signs. The pair includes a bunny with the word “hop” as well as a chick with the words “cheep cheep”. Each stands at nine and a half inches tall and is seven inches wide. They are shown with a black background with an off-white picture and words. If you prefer an off-white background with a black picture and words, then contact the seller and they will work with you. Each is also framed out in wood stained in dark walnut. These make wonderful shelf sitters and are small enough to add to any room.


29. Word Block Easter Sign Decoration

Word Block Easter Sign Decoration

This mixed media sign is truly unique! There is a block for each of the letters in the word “Easter”. Those six blocks sit upon a long block with the word “Blessings” on it. The blocks are comprised of wood, scrapbook paper, and paint. They also add delightful embellishments such as ribbon, a rusty rabbit, buttons and brads for an extra rustic touch. This decoration is sure to be turn heads and let your guests know that sending Easter blessings is important to you. It is also exactly what you want to enhance your rustic or farmhouse decor.


30. Laser-Cut Birch Wood Spring Wreath

Laser-Cut Birch Wood Spring Wreath

This gorgeous sixteen inch wreath is modern, sleek and stylish. It has a very versatile look, however, and would also look great with farmhouse decor. A simple circle with some flowers on the left and the words “hello spring” in the center is all this wreath needs. The birch wood is a beautiful shade of gray to match any color scheme you are already using. The laser-cut wood is fragile, so it is recommended that you open it with care. Then display inside your home as this is not sealed for the outdoor elements. It would look great on a door or as part of your gallery wall.


31. Reclaimed Wood Spring Nail Art

Reclaimed Wood Spring Nail Art

This unique sign is made from old barn wood. Nails are used to create the outline of the letters in the word “spring”. Then string is used back and forth between the nails, creating a web of sorts. This adds color to the otherwise empty space. Each letter is done in a different color of string. A small pendant banner decorates the top of the sign. The pendants are made out of small pieces of fabric in beautiful pastel colors. This sign is twenty-three inches long and nine inches high, making it perfect to hang on the wall. It has a great rustic look for your farmhouse decor.


31 Pretty Spring and Easter Signs to Add Personality to Your Home

All of these wonderful Easter and spring sign ideas are sure to get you excited to decorate your home. With so many cool ideas to choose from, your mind is likely bursting with creative ideas of how to transform your space. Take some time to narrow your choices by what style works best with the decor you already have. Then decide what type of sign would work best in that space. Maybe one of the digital downloads would be just right for you so that you can do some customizing. You can choose any color paper to print them on, so that allows you to get the perfect match for your style. Then choose a frame that enhances the print, and you have a wonderful new home decoration.

Use inspiration that you have gained looking through these examples and choose some to go together. Many of these signs fall into the same category of decor, so mixing and matching them would look great. The best spring sign ideas and the best Easter sign ideas have all made this list. We hope that you have found many that you love so that you can incorporate these awesome ideas into your own style.

DIY Easter Bunny Shirt with Rosette Tail

DIY Easter Bunny Shirt with Rosette Tail

This is my baby girl‘s first Easter, so of course, she needed a cute Easter Bunny Shirt! And with only a few days left until Easter, I knew I had to come up with a quick and easy Easter shirt. So I made this adorable Easter Bunny shirt with Rosette tail. It turned out even cuter than I had expected! The rosette tail is the perfect fluff without sticking off the shirt too much. And…I sort of have an ever-growing collection of those shabby rosette flowers and needed another way to use them!

I wanted to use bright, happy, and youthful colors and I think the magenta and lime were absolutely perfect for that. You might recognize that cute bunny shape from the Bunny Butt card I did a couple years ago 🙂

Easter shirt for baby girls. Love the addition of the rosette bunny tail!

Little Miss D loves the fuzzy rosette tail on her tummy! Its like a built-in sensory shirt with the smooth heat transfer and fuzzy flower. haha

Easter Bunny shirt. Add a flower rosette for an adorable bunny tail!

 Easter Bunny Shirt Tutorial

silhouette portrait craft

Supplies: Silhouette Portrait, hook tool, magenta heat transfer from Happy Crafters {sponsor}, white shirt or white onesie, iron, thread, needle, and a 1.5″ lime green rosette.

I cut the bunny silhouette out with my Silhouette Portrait. Then I ironed the decal onto the white shirt. {for a more in-depth tutorial on how to use Heat Transfer, click here.}

Use a rosette flower for the bunny's tail. Genius!! Such a cute easter shirt.

Then using the thread and needle, I carefully stitched the rosette to the bottom of the bunny. Be careful pushing the needle through the heat transfer, you may want to use a thimble to protect your fingers.

*Tip: before you put holes in your heat transfer with the needle, double check that the tail is in the right place and that the hole will not be visible when you’re done.  

Adorable Easter Shirt! Love the colors and the rosette for a bunny tail.

This shirt is perfect for that Easter cutie in your life!

Easter onesie


Golden Seismograph Easter Eggs

Golden Seismograph Easter Eggs

Dubbed “seismograph” eggs after their beautifully uneven design, these cuties have quite a few steps but are definitely worth it.

A couple years ago a friend told me about dyeing eggs with silk ties – an idea she picked up from Martha Stewart Show staff member, Jackie Manzolillo, who picked it up from her Great Aunt Helen, who picked it up from her grandmother. It’s a family tradition. And if there is one thing I can’t resist, it’s a craft project with lineage. Of course I had to try it, and of course the eggs came out great. If you haven’t seen the original video, you should, ‘cause there be some serious granny cuteness going on. And yes, the results are mucho mucho impressive.
Since I like to try a new egg dye technique each year, and that one came out so well, as did my tissue paper eggs from last year as well, I thought; why not cross the two?



The end result is a swirling dervish of sparkly pastel Easter goodness. This is an easy project that relies on little more than bundling and soaking — both are very kid friendly, especially if you use hard boiled eggs instead of fragile, hollow eggs. Of course, I would avoid eating eggs that have been boiled in garment dye but I wouldn’t think twice about setting them out on the coffee table.




  • Eggs with their guts blown out (see this video)
  • Silk neckties (can also use scarves or fabric scraps – must be 100% silk)
  • Tissue paper cut into long strips (dark colors work best)
  • Non-metal pot (I used my slow cooker, but you can find ceramic and glass pots at the thrift store – no metal)
  • Vinegar
  • Coffee filters
  • Dental floss or strong white thread/twine
  • Mod Podge
  • Gold Paint Pen
Again: watch the original video. That way you can skip most of these directions. Or piece it together from the pictures. I love craft tutorials with more pictures than words, don’t you? Brevity is a virtue. I ramble too much but I’m good with sequins – that’s my virtue.



The number of eggs will determine how many neckties you need, but I would estimate 4-6 eggs per tie (I found these ties at the thrift store for 50cents each. Not all neckties have obvious fabric indication tags, but if a tie is 100% silk, there is a decent chance the manufacturer will brag about it with a big ol’ tag).
Cut the tie apart into pieces large enough to surround each egg, roughly 5″ square or larger.



The dying process is based on a simple bundling technique.
Egg > Tissue Strip > Silk Piece > Coffee Filter > Tied Together with Floss



Use tongs to submerge the egg bundles in hot water (not boiling) with a splash of vinegar. Leave them there to soak. Be sure to use a non-metallic pot, as it will react with the acidity of the vinegar and effect the dye process. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have any non-metallic pots sitting around so I resorted to using my slow cooker with a ceramic insert. The slow cooker also allowed for a clamp-on lid, which was helpful in keeping the eggs wet, even if they insisted on floating (fully submerging eggs in a crowded pot isn’t easy).



You will have to experiment to see how long they stay in there. Some dyes will release in a few minutes, some will take a few hours.



As you can see, the paisley print was a direct transfer in some spots, while the strip of green tissue created reverse-print stripes in other spots. The overall effect is very muted and pretty. And abstract. Which is a nice way of saying no one will notice if you make a mistake. Don’t you love that?



It’s important to coat the outside AND the inside with diluted Mod Podge (we went over this last week). I also added a dash of glitter paint to the mix. Because, you know, I’m tasteful.



Now for the fun! Use the ‘stripe’ created by the tissue paper as a guide on where to use your gold paint pen. I chose to draw staggered vertical stripes along the outer borders of the stripe. I was trying to give the visual impression of “music” but it came out looking more like an “earthquake.” Hence the name of this project, Golden Seismograph Eggs.



I almost gave them the name Earthquake Eggs but I like the word seismograph. I also like the words mercurial and besmirch. Last week I was on the phone with a guy who used troglodyte in a sentence without even trying. Man, some people are so cool!



Interested seeing some other folks dye eggs with neckties?


Endangered Animal Handprint Craft

Endangered Animal Handprint Craft

Today is World Wildlife Day a great day to focus endangered species.

The endangered species list has over 15,000 species that are either endangered or vulnerable, meaning they are at risk of becoming extinct. The list includes animals like the panda, which might be the most well known, but there are unfortunately thousands more.  Read this post for more information on some endangered species, and visit the World Wildlife Fund directly for current information.

Today we’re doing an activity that’s a great way to introduce younger kids to these animals and celebrate World Wildlife Day.  Not to mention it’s messy and fun!

Here are some animals on the endangered species list:

  • Cheetah
  • Giant Panda
  • American Alligator
  • Blue, Gray, and other Whales
  • Brazilian Three-Toed Sloth
  • Gray Wolf
  • Sumatran, Black, and White Rhinoceros
  • Several Species of Crocodile
  • Beluga Whale
  • Leatherback Sea Turtle (plus several other species of sea turtles)
  • Asian Elephant
  • Desert Tortoise
  • Lion
  • Jaguar
  • Leopard
  • Tiger
  • Koala
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Paper Plates –  Try to use eco-friendly paper plates!

Pencils – Be green with these Recycled Paper pencils!

Paints or markers in different colors we love Natural Earth Paint kits!


Take paper plate and turn it upside down.

Using pencil, trace hand print onto the back of the paper plate.

Determine the direction of the handprint depending on the animal.

For instance, for the Chimpanzee I had fingers pointing up. For the Brown Bear I had the fingers pointing down.

Paint the handprint the color desired for the chosen animal. Ensure to take into account special details like the Asian Penguin’s white stomach or the Rhinoceros horn.

Paint on special details and the face.  Let dry and you’re done!


animal handprint art


animal handprint craft

3 Ways to Introduce Arts and Crafts to Your Kids

3 Ways to Introduce Arts and Crafts to Your Kids

Many people developed a passion for art from childhood, including famous artists Georgia O’Keeffe, Albrecht Durer, and Paul Klee. They prove how early exposure to art and craft can spark a lifelong passion for this field. How art and craft savvy are you? The arts and crafts market value is pegged at over $ 41 million. Aside from its recreational value, art also gives your child the potential to develop a budding career out of it. Here are a few ways to introduce your kids to art.  

  • Consider your child’s interests

Every child is born with a talent, and sometimes, until you pay close attention to what that might be, it may not be easy to steer them onto that path. Children, in general, go through several stages of intense obsession with drawing and toys. While some love flowers, others prefer building blocks or enjoy the thrill of jumping hoops. No matter what interests there are, it’d help if you determined which ones are more arts inclined.

For instance, if your child is absolutely thrilled with trains or cars, now will be the time to introduce them to creating crafts. Fortunately, you can find many of these supplies in your local neighborhood store. Miniature tires, blunt metal connectors, etc., are not hard to come by. Also, the internet holds a wealth of information on how to create mini trains and toy cars that you and your little learner will find exciting.

On the other hand, if your little one is not interested in creating toy trains and cars, there’s an alternative. With adult supervision, guide them to cut out every train or car image they find in a magazine. The objective is to encourage them to create a children’s book project or a scrapbook with the cut-out images.

  • Draw inspiration from the environment

Arts and symbols abound everywhere in the environment; church buildings, skyscrapers, the Ferris wheel, and a long list of others have various shapes and colors. These are themes you can subtly introduce to your youngsters. For example, regarding church windows, you can encourage your little ones to make out shapes they see in the structure. It’d be best if you did the same for other structures at the playground or any child-friendly areas.

With time, a well-engaged child will begin to keep an eye out for inherent shapes they see in the environment. Some might even begin to draw their own versions of things they see around them. To make this exercise even more purposeful, you can introduce the concept of mosaic, which involves cutting out different images and gluing them together to tell a story.

  • Stock up on art and craft supplies

This works on a child’s psychology as what they see readily available is likely what they’ll be attracted to make use of. Supplies such as paper glue, art paper, markers, etc., should always be in stock to bring out your child’s inner artist. However, be cautious when dealing with children under five years who’ll likely put these in these mouths. To be on the safer side, make a few empty cardboard boxes available with varied markers. A child’s imagination will run wild even with the most basic of art and craft supplies.

As earlier indicated in previous paragraphs, you can only generate interest in a child when you make options available. Believe it or not, arts and crafts are one of the foundational blocks to early childhood learning. And you can make it fun and educational.