Patriotic Suncatcher Kids Craft For Fourth Of July & Memorial Day

Patriotic Suncatcher Kids Craft For Fourth Of July & Memorial Day

Kids can make a flag inspired Patriotic Suncatcher Craft for the Fourth of July (or Memorial Day and how about Flag Day too) that glows…

Kids can make a flag inspired Patriotic Suncatcher Craft for the Fourth of July (or Memorial Day and how about Flag Day too) that glows like fireworks when put in the sun. They turn out so enchanting, you will almost want to salute!

When my kids were done with their red, white, and blue craft they immediately wanted them hung on the window so the tissue paper would “glow”.  They were excited and I was too because their craft’s turned out perfect because each one was unique and made by my two kiddos. The other reason I was excited was because there was no mess to clean up except for a few scraps of tissue paper. I thought to myself, “Why don’t we do more Contact Paper Crafts because that was seriously so easy!


  • Red and blue Tissue Paper-affiliate link
  • Craft paper
  • Clear Contact Paper
  • White craft paper
  • White Paper Stars (I used 3 different sizes of  Star Paper Punches-affiliate link)
  • Ruler
  • Pen



To make the frame use the ruler to draw a line around the outside of the craft paper. Carefully cut the inside out.

Use the inside of the paper as a template. Leave extra space and trace around the template onto the contact paper.

Cut out the contact paper, peel off the backing, and stick it to the back of the frame. Use tape to secure the contact paper to the frame.

Have child decorate the contact paper with the paper stars.

Have child tear pieces of tissue paper and stick them to the contact paper. Little Tiger made big chunky pieces of tissue paper and Little Dragon made little tiny pieces. Once the kids are satisfied the craft is done and ready to be hung up. (Isn’t is nice that you don’t have to wait for it to dry!?!)


Thanks for crafting with us today. If you enjoyed this free printable and craft please pin & share it with others! Love, Katie & the Kiddos



Craft Stick Basket

Craft Stick Basket

Craft sticks have never looked so good! Here’s how to make this playful Easter basket:


– Large craft sticks

– Screw hole punch

– Hot glue

– Top of a round take-out container (ours was about a 4” circle)

– White acrylic paint

– Craft brush

– Burlap or another fabric scrap (for the inside)

– ½ burlap ribbon



  1. Make a template craft stick where you put a hole about ½” down from the top in the center. Using your ‘template’ mark 18 (or more!) craft sticks with where you need to make the hole and punch it out.
  2. Paint each craft stick white and let them dry.
  3. Hot glue the bottom of a craft stick (without the hole) to the round and hot glue the rest of the craft sticks until the entire plastic base is covered.
  4. Cut a piece of burlap or fabric and attach it to the inside of the basket with a few dots of hot glue to make a nicer finish.
  5. Finish the basket with a strip of burlap ribbon on the bottom of the basket. Attach the bow with a few dots of hot glue and trim it to fit.
Cute Easy Carrot Treat Cone Free Printable For Easter

Cute Easy Carrot Treat Cone Free Printable For Easter

Who is ready for a straightforward Easter gift idea this year? Because it makes such a cute gift idea, I can’t wait to show you today’s free printable carrot treat cone. Additionally, it is affordable! For Easter gifts this year, simply print, assemble, and fill these carrot treat cones with treats. Get your printer set up, get a bag of Robin Eggs or Mighty Malt Eggs (my favorite), and start working on this adorable carrot cone treat for a gift today.

The Easter bunny isn’t the only one who likes carrots — your guests will too (well these carrot-shaped treat cones, anyway)!


Materials Needed To Make A Carrot Treat Cone:

  • carrot template
  • coffee filters
  • orange paper
  • double stick tape
  • green craft paint
  • twine
  • a clothespin
  • a wire hanger
  • paper towel and scissors



  1. Mix a few drops of green craft paint with water until it reaches the consistency of milk. Soak coffee filters in the paint mixture until fully saturated (you can do this several simultaneously).
  2. Squeeze out excess paint and lay the filters flat to dry on paper towels or hang them from a hanger with a clip or clothespin. Download our template and trace it onto orange paper.
  3. Cut out and roll the template into a cone shape, adhering the sides with double stick tape. Cut out the center of the painted coffee filters.
  4. Attach the remaining paper to the inside edge of the cone with double-stick tape. Fill the “carrot” cone with small treats and tie twine around the top to close.


That’s it, buddy. I promised you that making a carrot treat cone would be easy, didn’t I? If you want, you can give these as Easter treats to friends, neighbors, family, and even strangers. I hope this free printable is useful to you. Also, happy Easter to you!


Paint Pen Eggs

Paint Pen Eggs

It’s fun and simple to decorate Easter eggs with paint pens. Paint pens can be used to decorate Easter eggs in a variety of ways. Following the supply list and step-by-step instructions, we have provided some delightful paint pen Easter egg decorating ideas.

When we made these, I wish we had more than 18 Easter eggs to decorate with paint pens because we had more ideas than eggs. We tried our best to demonstrate each paint pen Easter egg decorating idea with at least one example, but we had more ideas than eggs–lol!!

We had so much fun coming up with imaginative paint pen Easter egg decorating ideas that my husband, daughter, and I raced to get the last eggs to decorate! Natural brown eggs can even be colored with paint pens! Please take a look at the painted brown Easter eggs that we made.

Here’s a quick, easy, and mess-free egg idea. In addition, you just need white eggs (hard-bubbled or extinguished liked) and fine paint pens.

FLOWERS: Create flower patterns on the eggs, starting with dots. Expand on them to make more of a petal shape.

LEAVES: Make a vine pattern by drawing lines vertically from the top to the bottom of the egg. Add a leaf shape to the ‘vine.’ Let everything dry completely.

SWIRLS: For the abstract swirl pattern, create a swirl and add dots in between and around it. Make sure everything is dry before displaying!

DIY Felt Flower Easter Basket

DIY Felt Flower Easter Basket

Are you looking for a method to transform a simple basket into a sweet Easter basket? Check out how we made this homemade Easter basket with felt flowers.

It’s springtime outside! For Better Homes and Gardens, we made this adorable DIY Easter Basket with felt flowers. This one-of-a-kind spring basket was made with only a few craft supplies, like felt sheets and a hot glue gun.

You can make this gorgeous flower-adorned basket in less than an hour if you choose your felt colors, prepare your scissors and glue gun, and choose your felt colors. Making blooms that are reminiscent of ranunculus, dahlias, and even a small cabbage rose, is a lot of fun.

However, be careful because creating these felt flowers will make you want to keep making them. They really only take a short amount of time and are so beautiful. You won’t want to put them anywhere else! Head on over to for the full instructional exercise.

Think our daughters will adore their brand-new Easter baskets this year!

Make this beautiful spring DIY Felt Flower Easter Basket

Unicorn Easter Basket

Unicorn Easter Basket


  1. Pink or white basket with handle (found the one used at a local Walmart)
  2. Unicorn horn
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Gems
  6. Flowers
  7. Easter basket filler HERE


  1. Glue Unicorn horn and ears to the top, front side of the basket
  2. Cut eyes out of craft felt and glue on just below horn
  3. Glue on additional flowers and gems onto basket
  4. Fill basket with basket filler
  5. Add gift items into basket