Camp Banner

Camp Banner

Kids can make a cool banner to decorate their camp mess hall or cabin. All you need is paper, glue and buttons (or other found objects).


What You Need:

  • Construction paper: light blue, yellow, orange, brown, blue, red, purple, green
  • White craft glue
  • Buttons
  • Twine, about 5 feet
  • Glue stick
  • Pattern

What You Do:

Use pattern to cut two tents from light blue paper, 6 logs from brown paper, and two sets of fire from yellow and orange.

Cut 4 squares, 4.5” x 4.5”, from purple, red, blue and green paper.

  • Cut strips, 4” x 1”, from the following colored papers:
    2 each from yellow and light blue
    1 each from purple, red, green and blue

Assemble the campfires by gluing the yellow flame to the orange flame, and gluing 3 logs together, then combining the two.

Glue the fire patterns together.

Use white craft glue to write the letters C, A, M, and P on each of the construction paper squares. Place buttons onto the white glue and let them letters dry.

Place buttons onto the white glue and let them letters dry.

Use a glue stick to add paper strip hangers to the back of each of the letter squares, tents and campfires.

Use a glue stick to add paper strip hangers to the back of each of the letter squares, tents and campfires.

Lay the twine out onto the work surface. Find the center of the twine and attach the letter “A” to the twine by folding the paper strip hanger over the twine and gluing it around the twine and to the back of the letter.

Attach the twine.

Add each of the letters and the tents and campfires to the twine in the same fashion.

Add each of the letters and the tents and campfires to the twine in the same fashion.

Tips: Instead of buttons, you can use beans, dried split peas, pony beads or sequins.

Sunflower Letter Matching

Sunflower Letter Matching

Kids will have fun working on visual discrimination and learning their ABCs with these super cute sunflower themed, Letter Matching activity. This is a fun way to practice pairing upper and lowercase letters. This ABC Game is perfect for preschool, pre k, kindergarten, and first grade students.

Letter Matching

Whether you are looking for a summer learning activity, flower themed activity, or just a free engaging literacy center idea – you will love these super cute Sunflower Letter Matching printable puzzles. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or homeschooler – these cheery yellow sunflowers are a great way to make learning fun for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartens, and grade 1 students.

Printable Alphabet Puzzles

Start out by scrolling to the bottom of the post, under the terms of use and clicking on the text link that says >> _____ <<. The pdf file will open for you to save and print. Print the alphabet sunflower pages in color on cardstock or laminating for durability.

Letter Matching Activity

Cut the alphabet printable into separate cards. You will have a lowercase stem and uppercase sunflowers for each letter of the alphabet from A to Z.

Whether you are a parents, teacher, or homeschooler – you will love these low prep alphabet cards to help preschool, pre k, and kindergarten age children work on matching capital to lower case letters.

sunflower printable for hands on learning with kids

Alphabet Matching Game

In this literacy activity for spring, summer, or fall, students will match the upper and lowercase letters together to make complete sunflowers.

Sunflower Printable

Kids will have fun making a field of alphabet sunflowers! This is a perfect kindergarten activity for around labor day / fall when the sunflowers are in bloom.


DIY Tie Dye Headbands from T-Shirts

DIY Tie Dye Headbands from T-Shirts

These DIY tie dye headbands are easy to make from t-shirts and look great! Both kids and adults will love this fashion craft. Make a DIY headband for spring or summer using one of these three methods!

If you want to see this craft in action, scroll to the bottom of the post for a video!

Well, hi there! I’m Liz from The Pretty Life Girls and I love tie dye! It’s colorful, crazier you are with it the more awesome it turns out, and it is a fool-proof way to add some fun to your summer wardrobe.

If you like fashion crafts, you’re going to enjoy this project! Tie dye is also a great boredom buster, especially for tweens and teens.

I love tie dye! I made a tie dye dress before, and now I want to change things up a little bit!

I decided to take some white t-shirts that were taking up space in my closet and give them a little tie-dye makeover, turning them into a handful of fun DIY tie dye headbands perfect for basking in the summer sun. This is one of those easy crafts for adults you’ll have to try! It’s also a great summer craft for kids. Tweens and teens love this idea!


DIY Headbands

For my DIY tie dye headbands, I picked up a basic tie-dye kit you can find at any craft store. If you’re wondering how to tie dye a headband, this kit works perfectly.

However, if you choose to buy your tie dye separately, make sure you have rubber bands, gloves, and plastic wrap (these supplies are generally included in a kit).

Like mentioned before, I used a plain white t-shirt and turned it into fabric for the DIY headbands. You could also use any light colored t-shirt you have around the house.

Lastly, you will need a sewing machine and a good pair of scissors to put the DIY headbands together.

Applying tie dye to a white t-shirt

One of the most fun parts about using tie-dye is the different patterns you can make depending on how you fold and bundle your fabric.

I love the surprise of seeing how they turn out after the colors have set! Once you have chosen your pattern, fold and bundle accordingly, apply tie-dye according to package directions, and wrap in plastic wrap to keep moist.

For DIY headbands with the most vibrant colors, allow your shirts to set for 6 – 8 hours. If you want to produce more pastel colors, let set for 30 minutes or so.

Once the dye is set to your desired intensity, unwrap, remove rubber bands, rinse off the remaining dye, and toss the t-shirt(s) alone in a hot washer with minimal soap. Dry normally and you’re done!

You have now created some one-of-a-kind fabric for some adorable DIY headbands! Here are the kinds of tie dye headbands I made with my t-shirts and the steps and tutorials I used.


Tips and Tricks for Successful DIY Tie Dye

Before you begin, I want to share a few quick tips! DIY tie dye projects are relatively easy, but there are a few things you should know:

  1. Wear gloves unless you want your fingers dyed for awhile. Also wear an apron or old clothing and cover any working surface. Tie dye stains most things and it’s permanent on fabric!
  2. Use cotton items. Some poly blends will dye, but are much more likely to fade during the wash cycle. Stick with 100% cotton.
  3. Tie tightly as material (like a cotton t-shirt) expands when it’s wet.
  4. Make sure to get dye into the folds if you want the fabric completely covered with color.
  5. Remember your color wheel! Select colors that are next to each other. I’m sure you remember that ed and blue make purple. Don’t choose complimentary colors; you’ll make a brown mess if you combine orange and blue (for example).

Are you ready to make a DIY headband? Try one of the three methods below!


1. Braided DIY Headband

Braided DIY headband

If you can braid, you can make this tie headband! Cut your fabric into nine 1/2-inch strips, long enough to wrap around your head. Create three braids.

Connect the ends of each braid individually by running them through your sewing machine. Once each braid is connect separately, line up each braid and run through the sewing machine again, attaching them to each other.


2. Knotted DIY Tie Headbands

Knotted Tie Headbands

Once I got the hang of this tie headbands technique, I liked it so much that I made it twice! I can’t say that I came up with the tutorial for this one though. Instead, I followed the tie headbands tutorial shown here and adjusted them to fit my head.

Make a knotted DIY headband

Tie headbands are nice because you can adjust them easily on your head. I love that part!


3. Twisted DIY Headband

Twisted DIY headband made with tie dye

To make this twisted DIY tie dye headband I followed the steps shown. This was definitely the easiest to make, and I love the way this style lends itself to really letting the tie dye patterns stand out!

Which DIY headband is your favorite? I’d love to heard in the comments!

Are you ready to see a video of these DIY headbands in action? Just watch it in the post!

Learn how to make a tie dye headband three different ways! This is such a cute fashion statement for summer.

PREP TIME30 minutes

SET TIME8 hours
TOTAL TIME9 hours 30 minutes


  • Basic tie dye kit
  • Plain white t-shirt


  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Iron


Tie Dye the Shirts

  1. Wash and dry the t-shirts.
  2. Bind them with rubber bands and dye them according to package instructions.
  3. Let set for 6 – 8 hours and then proceed with one of the patterns below.

Braided Headband

  1. Cut a portion of a t-shirt into nine 1/2-inch strips, long enough to wrap around your head. Create three braids.
  2. Connect the ends of each braid individually by running them through the sewing machine.
  3. Once each braid is connect separately, line up each braid and run through the sewing machine again, attaching them to each other.

Knotted Headband

  1. Cut a large piece of fabric from the t-shirt.
  2. With the fabric folded, cut two rectangles 13″ long (along the stretch) and 2 1/2″ wide. Use a rounded object to trace a half circle on the open end (opposite the fold) of the rectangle and cut.
  3. You’ll have two long ovals. Place them right sides together, press a little with some steam if the knit starts rolling over on itself.  Use a serger or a zigzag stitch to sew all the way around the ovals. You want the knit to maintain its stretch, so don’t use a regular straight stitch. Leave a 1 – 2″ opening at the center along one side only for turning the headband right side out.
  4. Turn the headband right side out and reshape. Press. Cose up the opening. You can just zigzag stitch on the outside of the fabric since this spot will be at the nape of the neck and won’t show OR you can slipstitch it closed so it doesn’t show.
  5. Wrap around the head and double knot.

Twisted Headband

  1. Cut two long pieces of t-shirt about 6 inches wide; fold in half and sew. Turn right side out.
  2. Measure your head and trim the sewn pieces down. Fold the two pieces in half and cross over.
  3. Sew together each end. Make sure to not sew the wrong pieces together!
  4. Sew inside the slit to keep the pieces together..



DIY Spray Chalk

DIY Spray Chalk

While I was at 5 Below I also picked up a few empty mini spray bottles. For $1 I figured we’d use them for something this summer. I saw a recipe to make your own spray chalk and gave it a try. It took a few minutes to make and these little bottles have lasted us a while. I bought a set of Watercolor Magic colors on Amazon. They seem pricey but they are amazing. The color washes out SO easy. My kid hands and clothes were covered in paint after this activity and it washed right out. These are great to have on hand for all kinds of crafts with kids.



Supplies: spray bottles, Watercolor Magic (you can use food coloring too, but I have no idea how that would stain), baking soda and cornstarch


Directions: Put some baking soda and cornstarch in the bottles – a little of each, filling the bottle about 1/3 of the way. Add in some of the Watercolor Magic. Fill the rest of the bottle with warm water and shake it up. Then spray on the sidewalk!


My girls had fun spraying it on their hands and making chalk handprints. The spray goes onto the sidewalk like paint and dries really pretty like chalk.

DIY Sun Print Leaf Art

DIY Sun Print Leaf Art


Here’s an art project that is a science experiment, a nature exploration, a great kids’ activity, and a beautiful piece of decor all wrapped up in one! This sun print leaf garland was made using leaves found in our yard.

Hazel and I spent an afternoon outside gathering leaves and making prints using sun sensitive paper from Oriental Trading. Then I turned the prints into a pretty summery garland for our living room mantel. Have you ever used sun sensitive paper? If not, it is a must try!

I love the deep indigo blue created by the sun prints – it just happens to be one of the trendiest colors in home decor right now! The garland adds a nice punch of color and nature to our living room.

We found that ferns and plants with small intricate leaves made the most beautiful prints.

This is such a fun project to do with kids. Hazel was a big helper with gathering the leaves and making the prints.

DIY Lava Lamps For Your Dorm Room

DIY Lava Lamps For Your Dorm Room

How many of you have owned a lava lamp in your lifetime? I remember having one of those glitter ones when I was younger, and after leaving it in front of the window for too long it stopped working. Ha! I definitely learned that sunlight and lava lamps don’t work well together. Anyways, with all this talk about lava lamps, we’re obviously bringing them back today in a DIY way for your dorm room decor! It’s so easy to create a lava lamp-like reaction, and you probably already own everything you’ll need to do so. If you’re gonna use a lamp, you might as well have a really fun, colorful lamp, right?! Let’s get makin’!


Glass bottle

Vegetable oil

Liquid food coloring


Alka seltzer tablets

Waterproof tea lights

How To:

1. Put a small amount of water in a bowl and color it with liquid food coloring. Set aside.

2. Fill your glass bottle 3/4 of the way with vegetable shortening. Pour the colored water into the bottle, leaving a little bit of room empty at the top. Allow the water to settle at the bottom of the glass.

3. Drop your tea light into the bottom of the glass.

4. Break up an alka seltzer tablet into small pieces and place them one at a time into the bottle. Close the lid and watch the magic happen!

(Note: this reaction does only last a few minutes, but you can keep putting more alka seltzer in time and time again to continue the reaction)

How fun would these be to make with your roommates? I know I wish I would’ve had these for my dorm room! And if you’re looking for another back-to-school project, we’ve got a DIY for some sweet lunchboxes right over here!