Salt Dough Starfish Kids Craft

Salt Dough Starfish Kids Craft

Hi there, it’s Laura from Make Life Lovely. I’m so excited to kick off a summer of fun with your kids!

Living in San Diego, when I think of summer I think of sea shells, long days spent playing at the beach, and all things nautical. Today I’m sharing a fun starfish craft that is perfect for all kids, whether you live near the beach or not.

All you need for this starfish craft is some salt dough, which can be made from just two ingredients you already have and water. So easy!

A fun kids activity to fill those summer days.

Salt Dough Recipe

  • 2 c flour
  • 2 c salt
  • 1 c water

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Step 1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl until throughly combined. Knead for a few minutes until the dough is soft.

S Starfish Craft, Salt Dough Recipe, Sea Animals, Ocean Craft, Salt Dough

Step 2. To create a starfish shape, start with a ball of dough. Gently pull out five “blobs” evenly spaced around the center to become the arms. Try to make them as equal as possible. You can always add more dough or take some off if a starfish arm is too small or too big.

Salt Dough Starfish Kids Craft, Starfish Craft, Salt Dough Recipe, Sea Animals, Ocean Craft, Salt Dough

Step 3. Now just gently pull on each arm and shape it to look like a starfish. I like to push on the sides and pull the arms out, then lightly press on the top and sides to make the basic starfish shape.

Step 4. Now comes the fun part! This is where you and the kids get to customize your starfish just how you like it.

There are so many different varieties of starfish out there. A simple Google search will give you lots of ideas!

Salt Dough Starfish Kids Craft, Starfish Craft, Salt Dough Recipe, Sea Animals, Ocean Craft, Salt Dough

We made some starfish that were long and skinny.

Salt Dough Starfish Kids Craft, Starfish Craft, Salt Dough Recipe, Sea Animals, Ocean Craft, Salt Dough

We added small holes in some of the starfish with the top of a pencil to make them look more realistic.

Starfish 2

Some starfish even have small balls of dough added to the top to give them the bumpy look of some tropical starfish.

Step 5. When all the starfish have been created, you can either let them air dry over a few days or bake them. Baking is perfect for those of us who are impatient.

Place them in a 325 degree oven and cook until they are firm to the touch and baked thoroughly. This can take about an hour for a small starfish, and can take 2-3 hours for a bigger, thicker starfish.

After the starfish have cooled, you can either leave them plan and natural like we did, or paint them. I’ll probably let the kids paint them soon for another activity when they tell me they’re bored this summer.

Salt Dough Starfish Kids Craft, Starfish Craft, Salt Dough Recipe, Sea Animals, Ocean Craft, Salt Dough

Let the kids get creative with the colors they choose and have fun! I hope you’ve enjoyed this fun starfish craft tutorial. If you decide to make these with your kids, I’d love to see them!

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Learn how to make sidewalk chalk paint and keep your children entertained all day long with this quick and easy kids art and craft activity! A great outdoor summer craft for kids!

DIY sidewalk chalk paint is one of our favorite (and inexpensive!) outdoor summer activities! We’ve previously shared our favorite homemade chalk paint recipe before, but it is SO much fun that I couldn’t resist bringing it up one more time! Making your own sidewalk paint is super easy, and it only requires a couple of ingredients, so virtually ANYONE can do it!

Sidewalk Chalk Paint


  • 1/2 cup Cornstarch
  • 2/3 cup Water
  • Food Coloring

Mix together the water and cornstarch, and stir until the cornstarch dissolves. Our chalk paint recipe generally calls for a 1:1 ratio of cornstarch and water, but since we were painting on the sidewalk instead of paper, I incorporated just a bit more water and found that we liked it even better. We were able to paint longer brushstrokes without needing to reload the paintbrush with paint, which is always great for younger kids. Divide the paint mixture into the wells of a muffin tin or similar painting tray, and add food coloring to achieve the desired colors – note that the colors will dry much lighter on the sidewalk than they appear in the tin!

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Large kids paintbrushes work best, but any paintbrush will do!
Since the entire batch of paint only costs about $.50 to make, I never have to worry about them ruining expensive paints when it comes time to experiment with color mixing (Sutton’s specialty!).

When the kids were done painting with the paintbrushes, they decided to paint their hands and feet and make hand/footprints on the sidewalk. They had a blast with it! The paint washes off their skin easily with soap and water, and we didn’t run into any problems with the food coloring staining their skin or the concrete.

Of course, around here, you can’t play with sidewalk chalk without making hopscotch!
Sidewalk Chalk Paint
These guys hopscotched and painted with our homemade sidewalk chalk paint for almost two hours! That’s a huge parenting win!

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Giant Kiddie Pool Bubbles

Giant Kiddie Pool Bubbles

Make Giant bubbles the size of a kiddie pool.

I have always wanted to try these giant kiddie pool bubbles, and this summer we finally did it! If you have never tried it, you must! It is such a blast!


What you need to make giant bubbles in a kiddie pool:

-a hard plastic kiddie pool
-a hula hoop
-the perfect bubble solution

For the Bubble Solution you need:
– 5 Gallons of Water
– 10 Cups of Dawn dish soap (regular not antibacterial)


Helpful tips to make giant bubbles:

– Let this solution sit overnight in the kiddie pool…for some reason this helps.
– The less foam you make, the better your bubbles will be. Too much foam is the enemy to giant bubbles. Try to keep the splashing to a minimal.
-an overcast sort of cloudy day is optimal for these bubbles.

giant human bubble |
Learn how to make giant human bubbles |
DIY kiddie pool bubble -

Don’t forget the bubble beards.

make some bubble beards |

This might be the funnest you will have in your backyard all summer!
Don’t forget to crank your favorite summer soundtrack to add to the fun!

giant bubbles How To -

The air bubbles consist of a film of soapy water filled with air. When you blow bubbles, the film expands outward. The force acting on the molecules in the bubble causes it to form a shape that contains a sphere with one of the largest volume and the smallest area. This is why every shape becomes round. Create your own bubble mixture. Try different amounts of water, dishwashing liquid (dishwashing liquid) and glycerin, and get the perfect formula, then try adding a little corn flour to make it stronger!

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Simple Tips For Enhancing Your Families Health

Simple Tips For Enhancing Your Families Health

Health is the most important aspect of our lives. Both physical and mental health needs to be looked after every single day in order to achieve the best overall quality of life. If you have a family, their health will be so important to you too. You will likely put your children’s health before yours, which is fine so long as you do take time to look after yourself.  Enhancing your health will further enhance your quality of life. To better your health in simple ways, here are some tips. 

Efficiently recover after an accident

Whether you or a family member suffer an injury that wasn’t your fault, it is always important to recover efficiently for the sake of your physical and mental health. 

Firstly, you should seek medical help. After an accident, you will require medical assistance immediaetly. Even if you do not have any major injuries, minor injuries can cause long-term issues. Seeking medical help will ensure that no underlying issues are hidden. Catching them early will ensure that they do not cause you issues in the future. 

Furthermore, seeking medical help for major injuries will ensure that you can get the best treatment and be on the road to a speedy recovery. 

Secondly, you should seek help from the top personal injury attorneys who will help you with the claim from start to finish. They will help you gather evidence and make the best decisions when it comes to resolving your claim. You may be eligible for compensation if the accident wasn’t your fault, which may help with your recovery. 

Encourage communication

It is so important to talk to your loved ones about your issues and concerns. They will give you the best advice as they know you really well and help you get the best possible outcome for your issue. 

Although you might find it easy to talk and open up about your concerns, your family members might not. Thus, encouraging communication will help you understand and acknowledge the emotions and feelings of your loved ones. They might feel scared or embarrassed to open up. However, if you open up to them then they will see the benefits and understand that it is good to open up. 

Communication is also key to help improve mental health. If you bottle up your emotions inside and not let them out, they can build up and result in poor mental health. Thus, encouraging your family members to speak about their emotions will ensure that they do not hide how they feel and find comfort in sharing how they feel. 

Regular hygiene

Regular hygiene such as washing hands and using sanitiser might seem pointless if you are clean, however, washing away germs and bacteria could help you combat illnesses and viruses. 

Ensuring that yourself and your family keep up regular hygiene will reduce the risk of getting ill and passing on germs. Your families health is the most important and as you spend the most time together in close proximity, you should ensure that everyone stays on top of their hygiene to not make others vulnerable. 

Physical activity 

Physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It will help maintain good blood and oxygen flow, which can combat all kinds of medical conditions. 

If your family members are lazy, you should encourage them to join in on family exercise sessions. Exercise sessions should be fun in order to keep up the positive spirits and motivation. Here are some ideas:


  • Walking: family walks are one of the easiest ways to get people involved. You could go on a walk around your village, take a picnic, or have your dog with you. 
  • Yoga: Yoga is an exercise that all people can enjoy. You can partake in intense or gentle exercise to improve your mood, focus, and energy. Children can enjoy yoga sessions, which will help with their stretching and flexibility. Furthermore, adults can enjoy yoga to reduce stress and focus on their moods. Similar to yoga is pilates, which is more vigorous and strengthening. Thus, depending on your preferences and goals, you could choose between the two. Or, you could switch between them.
  • Sports: you can have a family sports day once a week to get everyone involved with fun games and physical activity. You could host rounders, football, or tennis. Whatever sports your family enjoys you should encourage and set up. You can play these games in your back garden or your local park. Do not let a lack of space hinder your family sports. There will always be an outside space to cater for your needs.
How to Look After Elderly Parents

How to Look After Elderly Parents

How to Look After Elderly Parents

Suppose your parents have become noticeably older overnight. In that case, it might be time to start thinking about how you can help them maintain a good quality of life in the near future. This might mean spending more time with them or helping them with daily tasks, like shopping and finances. In this post, we look at some of the most common issues you confront with elderly parents and how you can respond.  

Help Them With Daily Living 

When your parents start to get a bit older, or they suffer from a medical condition that restricts their life, it’s important to step in and help with daily living. This is sometimes called Assisted Daily Living (ADL). 

Even if your elderly parent is opposed to your assistance, you need to make their life as comfortable as possible. When you visit, offer to help with transport arrangements, financial planning, shopping, and meal preparation.  

Look After Their Safety

When parents get older, the risk of them injuring themselves with a fall is much higher. There is also a higher risk of them becoming sick due to lower immune systems responses. Other issues include financial vulnerability and driving concerns. 

Understand your elderly parent’s health and situation. Often there is a mental impact to new life restrictions for older people, so keep that in mind when offering advice or help. It’s more important that your relative is safe rather than mildly offended.

Monitor Health Issues

Health issues and concerns form a central part of life for people as they get older. Some people will have chronic conditions they have become used to over many years. Others will experience conditions for the first time and encounter limitations. 

To look after your elder parents, try to be aware of their health issues and concerns. Attend the medical practice with them and communicate with the doctors. This helps in two ways. First, it takes the pressure off your parents and keeps you involved in their treatments. 

Help Them With Financial Planning 

As we get older, our cognitive functions start to decline. We become less sharp, less focused, and less driven. This has a knock-on effect when it comes to finances and financial planning. Elderly parents may not have the motivation or the desire to look after finances adequately. 

This can be concerning. After all, your elderly parents need to be financially secure to remain comfortable and looked after. If you don’t have time to organize your finances yourself, consider hiring an accountant or an advisor to oversee things. 

Where Should They Live? 

This is the big question when it comes to looking after your elderly parents. Of course, there are many things to consider, such as the viability of “living in place” and the mental and emotional impact of moving into a nursing home. However, this might be the best option in some cases. 

If you decide to move your loved one into a nursing home, you want to make sure they are well looked after. Most nursing homes conform to high standards, but that isn’t always the case. There have been instances of neglect. If this happens, you should call a nursing home abuse attorney. 

Quality of Life

In reality, our quality of life diminishes as we get older. This is because we become less able to engage with the activities we once loved, and it can affect our mental and emotional wellbeing. But that doesn’t mean “quality of life” is unimportant; it has simply changed. 

You can help your elderly parents maintain their quality of life by encouraging them to connect socially or engage in suitable activities. This could mean local groups or small excursions with people in similar situations.     

Manage Relationship Dynamics

It can be tricky to relate to an elderly parent. The power dynamic changes, but they still view you as their child when it is them who needs looking after. This can be stressful and difficult for you and your elderly parent.  

It’s helpful to be aware of this changing dynamic, so you don’t get too upset with your parent’s behavior or comments. You can also gently remind them on occasions that they are getting older and need a little extra help. 

Final Thoughts 

Time catches up with all of us, and when it does, things change. We no longer have the strength and capability to live the life we want, which can be upsetting. If you have elderly parents, the task is to help them maintain a high standard of life with minimal intervention. But, of course, your level of intervention may well increase the older they become.

Hammock in 5 Minutes

Hammock in 5 Minutes

This Instructable shows one how to make a fully functional hammock in under 5 minutes with household supplies.

Steps DIY Hammock in 5 Minutes

Step 1: Materials

Hammock in 5 Minutes

Sheet (twin)
knife (Or anything that cuts)
10 feet of rope.


Step 2: Preparing the Sheet

Preparing the Sheet - Hammock in 5 MinutesPreparing the Sheet - Hammock in 5 Minutes

cut the sheet in half lengthwise, or at about 2 1/2 ft from the edge if its not a twin.


Step 3: Tying the Rope.

Tying the Rope.
Tying the Rope.Tying the Rope.

cut the rope in half, and tie each piece to the ends of the sheet using the sheet-bend knot.  will show you how, if you don’t know.


Step 4: Finishing


the last step: tie to a tree and relax.
Note- it may look incredibly thin, but it will widen when your in it.

There are few experiences more restful than relaxing over a summer’s afternoon — as the sun bakes well-being in your soul — inside the cradling arms of your good hammock. Of course, the swinging lounges can be quite expensive. But, if you possibly could scrounge some ten to twenty hours of labor some time and you could somewhat be in a position to tie a netted slumber nest of your own.

At now you must flip the gauge stick over so the shuttle cord hangs for the left side (you’ll work from left to right on each row). Then muster up just a little courage and retrieve the stick, letting the loops dangle free. Now, contain the gauge with your left hand, slightly below the work, bring the shuttle as well as cord down in front, up behind and with the first cast-on (not starter) loop, and down in front from the stick again. Pinch the twine along with your thumb, create a half hitch across the two strands with the first cast-on loop, and carry the shuttle down and across the gauge stick again. This time, pass the shuttle over the second cast-on loop, and continue as before. Repeat the process through each cast-on loop consequently, ensuring to maintain the project even. (This initial row can be a pain inside neck, but don’t allow it reach you. If you persevere, the task will — honest! — get easier afterwards.)

Soon each of the cord in your shuttle will probably be used. Reload, and knot the free end in the new twine to that particular of the previous cord, using a square or weaver’s knot.

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