Ghoulishy Fun Halloween Appetizers

Ghoulishy Fun Halloween Appetizers

Halloween is around the corner!  I love, love, love Halloween!  It’s such a fun holiday!  I love the decor, the costumes, and of course the treats.  But treats don’t have to be all about candy.  There are some cool and yummy things you can make that are hearty and a bit more healthy than all those sweets we tend to overload on.  Here are some Ghoulishly Fun Halloween Appetizers I found around the web.  They’d make great additions to your Halloween Party or you can serve them to your family just before you head out for some trick or treating!

Just click on the links for the recipes!

halloween appetizersMummy Meatballs from High Heels and Grills.






halloween appetizersMummy Dogs are a spooky variation of the traditional pigs in blankets.  They’re easy!

All you need are cocktail sausages like Hillshire Farm’s Lil’ Smokies and refrigerated crescent roll dough.  (you can use hot dogs too, just cut them in halves or thirds).  Wrap sausages or hot dogs in the dough, be sure you leave a space on the top for the mummy face!  Bake them according to the roll directions and serve with a dipping sauce of mustard or ketchup.



halloween appetizersFirst for Women’s Wonton Bats are a seasonal adaption a popular Asian appetizer called Crab Rangoon.

They’re so cute and tasty you’ll want to fry up several batches cause they’ll fly off the plate!



halloween appetizersSpeaking of flying off the plate Kraft’s Spicy Vampire Bat Wings are sure to be a big hit.




halloween appetizers


Mummy Jalapeno Poppers from the Hopeless Housewife will end up a family favorite!





halloween appetizersCookin’ Canuk’s Devilish Avocado Sriracha Eggs is an interesting twist on a potluck staple.






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Ghoulishy Fun Halloween Appetizers
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Ghoulishy Fun Halloween Appetizers
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5 Important Steps To Take After A Car Accident

5 Important Steps To Take After A Car Accident

We all hope that we’re never going to be in a car accident but regardless of how sensible you are, you can never be sure about other drivers on the road. Even if you’re the safest driver in the world, there is always the chance that you will be involved in an accident because other drivers are acting dangerously. It’s an incredibly scary situation to be in, but it’s important that you know how to react in that moment. As long as you take the correct steps immediately, you can deal with the situation effectively. These are the important steps that you need to take if you are involved in a car accident.

Check For Injuries

The very first thing that you need to do is check yourself for any injuries. It’s important that you do this before trying to move or get out of the car, in case you have any serious injuries. If you are ok, make sure to check your passengers if you have any in the car with you. If you or anybody else in the car has an injury, you need to make sure that you call for medical assistance straight away.

Get To Safety

Next, you need to get to safety, especially if the car is crashed in the middle of the road. If you are not injured and you can get out, you need to exit the car and move away to a safe distance. Once you are safely out of the way, you can begin to think about your next steps. If you are unable to get out of the car, you need to call for help right away and have passengers exit the car if they are able to. If the car is still able to drive, you should try to move it out of the road where possible, so you can avoid any further accidents.

Call 911

Unless you have already called for medical assistance, now is the time to call 911. A lot of people don’t bother, especially if it’s just a small accident, but it’s important that you do. In a lot of places, it’s a legal requirement, regardless of how serious the accident is. If you don’t call and the police find out about the accident through your insurance company, you could end up in trouble. It’s also a good idea to have the police there to make an official record of the details of the crash because you may need them later. If the accident was not your fault, you may want to consult a company like The Derrick Law Firm and make a compensation claim. If there is a police report outlining the accident and giving some indication about which driver was at fault, it can really help your case. But if there is no official record, it’s your word against theirs, and that’s a lot harder to win in court.

Exchange Insurance Information

If the vehicles are damaged and they need extensive repairs, it’s important that you have good insurance coverage to pay for it. While you are waiting for the police to arrive at the scene, you should take the opportunity to exchange your insurance details with the other driver. Make sure that you have their full name and contact information, the name of their insurance company and the policy number, their driver’s license number, details about their vehicle, and the location of the accident. If you are missing any of this information, it will make it more difficult to make a claim, so make sure that you get it all down.

Get Some Photographs

When it comes to making an insurance claim and potentially even a compensation claim, it’s important that you have a lot of evidence, especially about the damage that was done to the car. If you get it all fixed up and you can’t prove what damage was sustained during the accident, it will make it a lot harder to make a claim. The insurance company needs an accurate picture of the damage so they know how much to pay out, which is why it’s a good idea to get some photographs while you are at the scene. Get some pictures of the overall state of the car, and some good close ups of any damage. Even small scratches and dents will cost money to fix, so make sure to get photos of those as well. The more pictures you can get, the easier it will be to make a claim later on.

As long as you follow these steps to the letter after a car accident, you will be able to deal with the situation in the right way and avoid any big problems.

Awesome Halloween Decor from the Dollar Store

Awesome Halloween Decor from the Dollar Store

Halloween is fast approaching, decking out your home in ghostly glory is half the fun.  Who says you have to break your budget to have an awesome Halloween display.  With a little creativity, items you probably already have at home,  and a quick trip to the dollar store you too can have some ghoulish fun to fit any budget. Here are some awesome Halloween Decor made from dollar store finds!

Take a trip to the Dollar Store for some witches hats and other gruesome stuff for this Halloween Decor.

Floating witch’s hats, like these from , creepy crawly spiders, spooky skeletons, and bloody hands are no problem.  With a bit of fishing line, some tape, black paper, twigs, paint, and some imagination your “haunted” house is sure to get raves from friends and family.


Here’s another cheap Halloween Decor idea using dollar store spiders!

Have plastic spiders crawl on doors and walls.  To see more creepy ideas check out my blog about decorating with glow sticks.






Learn how to make this plastic tablecloth wreath from Mother’s Niche.

I’m sure you’ll find plastic table cloths at the dollar store to make this wreath part of your Halloween decor.  It will definitely set the mood!





Spooky door by 

This Halloween Decor is a bit more elaborate than a wreath, but it’s pretty awesome!





More spooky ideas from





All this Halloween decor can be found at the dollar store!
 has some cool ideas.  Check it out!

You can make all this Halloween decor with just one trip to the dollar store!








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Adult Halloween Party Ideas

Adult Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is lots of fun.  I’ve mentioned many times that it’s my second most favorite holiday, second only to Christmas.  I love the décor, the costumes, trick or treaters, treats, and most of all the parties.  I’ve been planning and hosting Halloween parties since my kids were young, now we host them for the grandkids and their buddies.  But Halloween parties aren’t just for kids, adults love them too!

Throwing an adult Halloween party is pretty much like throwing a kids’ Halloween party, but with a bit more.  When throwing kids Halloween parties you to keep decorations less scary, the food simpler, the games and activities geared for the appropriate age groups, and of course the drinks all non-alcoholic.  Adult Halloween parties can be spookier and more sophisticated.  You can go to town with the décor; you can go for gory themes à la Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a subtler vintage theme like the Haunted Mansion, or a more sophisticated theme like maybe channeling trendy designers like Kate Spate and decorate with black and white stripes and polka dots.  Really the possibilities are endless.

Adult Halloween parties also require food that’s a bit heartier and more sophisticated than mummy pizzas.  You can spread out a dinner buffet or for small parties host a spooky sit down dinner.  And of course you can serve booze!

As for party activities you have lots to choose from, including some drinking games!  Or if you prefer you can watch scarier movies that you wouldn’t want the kids to watch.

Here are some ideas to help you plan your Adult Halloween Party this year!

adult halloween partyVintage Halloween décor from Wedding Paper Divas

You can order cool Halloween invites from them too!  Click here! (affiliate link)[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

adult halloween partyHere’s a spooky idea from the Krazy Coupon Lady.  Glowing patio stairs!

Click here to learn how!

She’s got lots of ideas for decorating with glow sticks too![spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

adult halloween partyBubble, bubble toil and trouble!  I love this spooky cauldron from Home and Style![spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

adult halloween partyI love this classy dessert table by Smash Cake Southern California!

Sophisticated and spooky!

adult halloween partyFloating candles are cool, specially for Harry Potter fans!  Your theme can even be Harry Potter.

Learn how to do this and get more Harry Potter ideas from Eating Bender!  Click here![spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

adult halloween partyChic and sophisticated, I love this spooky stripe setting by Elle Decor!  It brings the trendy look of Kate Spade to mind.

adult halloween partyJello shots, literally”brain” dip!  Learn how from the Stylista!

adult halloween party
[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

adult halloween partyFor drinking games with a Halloween twist check out Celebration’s ideas here!

This is the Halloween version of classic beer pong![spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

halloween cocktailsAnd don’t forget the booze.  Click here for some spooktacular cocktail recipes from around the web![spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Tiny Prints Halloween Invitations and Cards

How To Prepare Your Home For A Move

How To Prepare Your Home For A Move

One of the most difficult things when it comes to moving is knowing how to prepare your house for the move. Although you know you’ve got to pack all of your belongings up, there is much more to moving than putting your things into boxes. Whether you’re cleaning your house from top to bottom or you’re repairing any damages, you need to be as prepared as you can possibly be. With that in mind, here are a number of different ways to prepare your house for a move:

– Make Sure Everything Is Packed Away

One of the first things you need to do when it comes to preparing your house for a move is to ensure everything is packed away. Although packing can be tedious and stressful, it is incredibly important when it comes to moving house. Whether you’re packing everything over the space of a few days or you spread it out over a few weeks, it’s definitely one of the most unavoidable aspects of moving house.

If you don’t want to pack up all of your belongings yourself, hiring a removal team is a great alternative. For more information when it comes to hiring a removal service, you can visit Bekins Moving Solutions here.

– Carry Out Any Repairs

If you have any repairs that need doing before you move, now is the best time to do them. From repairing any holes in walls or fixing the broken glass on a window, the house needs to be in the same condition as it was when you moved in. If you don’t want to carry out the repairs yourself, it might be worth hiring someone to come and do it for you.

– Clean Your House From Top To Bottom

Once you have removed all of your belongings and repairs, it’s time to start thinking about cleaning your house from top to bottom. Although it can take some time, you need to ensure you’re not incurring any further charges when it comes to your deposit. If you’re selling your house rather than renting, it might be best to hire a professional cleaner. For tips and tricks when it comes to hiring a cleaner, you can visit this site here.

– Redirect All Of Your Mail

Once you have everything ready to move, you need to set up a redirect for your mail. Although it may not seem important at the time of moving, it’s the best way to ensure you don’t miss anything important.

– Let Your Neighbours Know You’re Moving

Finally, it is important you’re letting your neighbours know you are moving. Whether you built up a good relationship or you only spoke to them in passing, letting them know you are moving is the perfect opportunity to thank them. Whether they took in your parcels when you weren’t there or they offered to look after your garden whilst you were on vacation, a little thank you can go a long way.

Are you getting ready to move soon? What can you do to prepare your home in advance? Let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

3 Easy Homemade Halloween Treats

3 Easy Homemade Halloween Treats

Nothing says Halloween than sweet treats.  Sure you can buy bags and bags of candy and have at it, but you can turn that candy into special treats in just a few easy steps with these easy homemade treat recipes.  You can even let the kids help out!

Here are 3 recipes for Homemade Halloween Treats I found on the web.  Each really cute and super simple to make.  Enjoy!

Homemade Treats

Courtesy of

Pumpkin Sandwich Cookies use store bought ready to bake cookie dough. So easy!  Let the kids make them, they’ll have a blast!

For a variation use different cookie doughs; I’m sure you’ll find various fun Halloween themed cookie dough in your local supermarket.
Recipe click here.

You won’t be able to stop eating these salty sweet treats.  These Pretzel Hugs by Sally’s Baking Addiction really are addictive!

We made several batches, they disappeared quickly!

Recipe click here.


Homemade Snacks

Courtesy of Just A TasteThese frightfully cute Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops by Kelly Senyei on will be a hit at your Halloween Party.  You can make them ahead of time and store in your fridge until you need them.

Recipe click here.


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