It’s not something we like to think about, but every one of us are getting older by the day. Some people do need some extra care as they get older, and others just don’t. You need to consider if your elderly relative is going to actually need, care or not. However, even if it isn’t necessary, we should think about ways in which we can help our elderly relatives, purely because they deserve it and it’s the right thing to do. Not every elderly relative needs dementia care or nurses visits, but they will have no doubt helped you at some point in the past, so it’s only fair you give back. 

Everyday tasks can actually become a little bit more difficult the older we get, just popping to the shop or even just pottering around the garden can become tiresome. So visiting your elderly relative with a pair of garden shears, or offering to do the weekly shop for them can actually make a massive difference to their lives. You may We met with some resistance, as independence is very important. But also just offering lets the relatives know that we care, and that’s sometimes enough.

Depending on your personality we don’t always make time for entertainment or “fun“ so arriving with a board game, or something entertaining for your relative to do is Going to break the day up quite a lot. Many elderly people are happily arranging their own activities during the week, such as walks or cinema visits. But if not, then it will make a big difference to your relative to know that you want to spend some time enjoying an activity together.

Technology can be a fantastic tool for any of us at the best of times. But someone who isn’t as active as they used to be will have a whole range of new information, resources, and services at their fingertips. A simple laptop or tablet device attached to the Internet will ensure that your relative has access to all of these things. Spending time going through everything and asking and answering any questions that they may have regarding these new tools, Is also very helpful, and will improve their day significantly.

Just because we get older, doesn’t necessarily mean that we want to stop seeing our friends and family. It does, however, mean there are extra challenges in the way at times. So just asking your elderly relative if they would like a lift to an event that you’ve been invited to, or arranging a get together for your family is easy to do. Even just a weekly or monthly visit to your relative seems like not a lot, but can also mean the world to your relative.

Being a decent person extends far beyond holding the door for someone occasionally. We all have relatives, neighbours and friends who may struggle in certain aspects of life, due to ageing or other factors, so helping these people when we can is essential.