On October 11, 2021, our Canadian neighbors celebrate Thanksgiving. To celebrate this celebration, the FreeKidsCrafts team specially designed a Thanksgiving phone for them. For young children, this is a simple and inexpensive craft.



The meaning of Thanksgiving is slightly different in Canada and the United States. Historically, in Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated to commemorate the journey from the explorer Martin Frobisher’s successful crossing of the Northwest Passage in 1578 to the time of the World War. Victory, and America’s focus is pilgrims and Mayflowers.



  • White Paper
  • String
  • Wire Coat Hanger
  • Hole Punch
  • Tape


  1. Click and cut out the components under Printables for your mobile.
  2. Punch holes in bottom of Canadian flag and tie string for Cornucopia, fruits and vegetables.
  3. Tape Flag to coat hanger and you have your mobile to swing in the breeze.