Bun BeaniesBun Beanies have taken the internet by storm. They’re popping up on Pinterest, Etsy, and Amazon in all styles and colors.  I’ve heard that it was THE gift for girls of all ages last Christmas.

What you might ask are Bun Beanies, also known as Messy Bun Hats and Ponytail Hats?  They’re fun crocheted or knitted hats with a hole on top so you can show off your messy bun or ponytail.  I think it’s a great way to avoid hat hair this winter.  They’re too cute too!

So now that Christmas is done and I have a bit more time I’ve decided to play around with this fun hat.  They’re easy to make, even for first timers.  Not only that they don’t take more than one skein of yarn and about an hour or so to whip up!

I’m working on some patterns to share and posting some Bun Beanies for sale in my Etsy shop, Savvy Nana Crafts. I hope you get a chance to browse my Etsy shop!

Bun beaniesThe first  pattern I made is this fun Cable Look Bun Beanie.  I love the cable look and my favorite way to make it is by using the Jacob’s Ladder technique.  This Bun Beanie takes about an hour to make and uses about a half a skein of medium weight yarn.  The hat is worked in chains, single crochet, and slip stitches.  Easy!

I used a size K or 6.50mm hook and Loops & Threads Impeccable medium weight yarn in Earth.  I love how the colors are blended and how they complement the light wooden buttons I stitched on the sides.

This hat is worked in rows and is held together with 4 buttons along one side.  It’s worked as one piece starting with the ribbing on the bottom, then the Cable look body is worked along the length of the ribbing.  The crown of the beanie is worked in decreasing rows of single crochet and ends in a row of slip stitches.  Four button holes are worked along one edge of the entire piece starting with one in the ribbing, 2 in the cable look body, and the last worked in the crown section.

You can use a K size hook or any size that will meet the gauge:  5 sc = 2″   6 rows = 2″.

Work this Bun Beanie as one piece do not fasten off until you finish the last row.

Buttons are tacked on to the edge without the button holes with a yarn needle.  Be sure you match up each button to the correct button hole.

To keep the crown from opening up when the beanie is worn button closed and tack the crown edges together.  The hat will stretch so you can slip it on without unbuttoning.

The finished measurements of this Bun Beanie is 22″ circumference and 7″ in length.  It will fit most teens and adults.

Here’s the pattern!  I hope you have fun making and wearing this Bun Beanie.  Don’t forget to share pictures of your project, we’d love to see them!


1/2 skein medium weight yarn

Size K (6.50 mm) crochet hook or the size you need to obtain gauge

4  (3/4″) Buttons

Yarn Needle


Ch – Chain

SC – Single Crochet

SCblo – Single Crochet Back Loop (insert hook into the back loop of stitch and pull yarn thru, then work like a regular SC)

SC2tog – Single Crochet 2 Stitches together (decrease)

Sl St – Slip Stitch


Begin with CH

Row 1:  SC in second row from hook and in each chain after, Ch 1, Turn (5 SC)

Row 2: SCblo in each st, Ch 1, Turn (5 SC)

Repeat row 2 until piece measures 22″, do not fasten off, continue to next row

Next Row:  SCblo in first 2 stitches, skip next st, Ch 1, SCblo in last 2 stitches, Ch 1, Turn ( first button hole) (4 SC, 1 Ch)

Next 2 Rows: Repeat Row 2

DO NOT fasten off.  You will now turn the ribbing so that you can work the beanie body along the long edge of the ribbing beginning with the stitch closest to your hook.

Beanie Body:

Begin by making a foundation row.  Work 50 SC evenly  along the LONG edge of your ribbing, Ch 1, Turn and begin the first row.

Row 1:  SC in first 4 stitches, Ch 8, (SC in next 5 stitches, Ch 8) 8 times, SC in next 6 stitches, Ch 1, Turn.  (9 Ch8 loops, 50 SC)

Row 2:  2SC in first st, skip next stitch, Ch 1, SC in each stitch across, Ch 1, Turn (Button hole row – 50 SC)

Row 3-4:  SC in each stitch across, Ch 1, Turn (50 SC)

Row 5:  Repeat Row 1

Row 6-7:   SC in each stitch across, Ch 1, Turn (50 SC)

Row 8:  Repeat Row 2 – Button hole row

Row 9:  Repeat Row 1

Row 10:   SC in each stitch across, Ch 1, Turn (50 SC) – This is the last row of the Body, the next row you work will be the beginning of the beanie crown, so you will start decreasing.

Row 11:  SC in first 4 stitches, (SC2tog, SC in next 8 stitches) 5 times, SC2tog, SC in last 2 stitches, Ch 1, Turn (44 SC)

Row 12:   SC in each stitch across, Ch 1, Turn (44 SC)

Row 13:  SC in first 4 stitches, (SC2tog, SC in next 9 stitches) 4 times, SC2tog, SC in last 3 stitches, Ch 1, Turn (39 SC)

The next row will anchor your cable pattern so you must thread each row of chain 8 loops thru each other (loops in rows 1, 5, 9)

Here’s a quick video I made showing how to do the Jacob’s Ladder Technique.  The video is for my Jacob’s Ladder Legwarmers  which is worked with DCs, but it will give you the basic idea of how to thread the loops thru each other.

Row 14:  (Thread the loops thru each other as I said above – you will catch the top loops of row 9 when your work row 14, which is a button hole row.)

2SC in first stitch, Skip next stitch, Ch 1, SC across, (work SC thru the top of the loops of row 9 as you reach them, make sure the threaded loops are lined up before you work the SC thru the top loop.  This row anchors the loops in place.)

Row 15:  SC in first 3 stitches, (SC2tog, SC in next 8 stitches) 3 times, SC2tog 2 times, SC in last 2 stitches, Ch 1, Turn (34 SC)

Row 16:  SC in first 5 stitches, (SC2tog, SC in next 9 stitches) 2 times, SC2tog 2 times, SC in last 3 stitches, Ch 1, Turn (30 SC)

Row 17:  SC in first 4 stitches, (SC2tog, SC in next 8 stitches) 2 times, SC2tog 2times, SC in last 2 stitches, Turn (26 SC)

Row 18:  Sl St in each stitch across

Fasten off, leaving a 3″ tail for tacking.


Line up the buttons with the button holes on the opposite edge.  Tack buttons to work.

Button Bun Beanie closed.

Tack crown edges to each other with the tail you left when you fastened off.

Your Bun Beanie is Done!  Now make a messy bun on top of your head and slip the beanie on!

Don’t forget to post a photo of your Bun Beanies in our comments, we’d love to see your work!

Don’t have time to DIY?  No worries, order one from my Etsyy Shop today!  Savvy Nana Crafts on Etsy

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