Best Wellness Advice for Busy Families

Nov 22, 2022 | Family Activities & Events

These days, everyone is busy, even the kids who have console games to complete instead of homework. A busy family life like this might not have been your idea of a happy family in the beginning, but this is what has developed; that said, there are some easy ways to change things around and create more quality family time and opportunities for bonding with the right people. 

Family Mealtime 

If you want to make family life healthier and connect more with family members, you need to make priorities. These days, it might be unrealistic to sit down together every night for a family meal, there are simply too many distractions, but it should be possible every now and again.

Family mealtimes are traditional, but they are also a nice chance to get to know your family members and learn about their lives; in one of your family meetings, make an agreement that you will sit at the dinner table at least one or two nights a week for a meal and a check-in. 

Family Schedule 

We all have busy schedules these days, even the kids, but often our business is a self-imposed distraction; we are often far less busy than we need to be. Chances are you and your family members can adjust your busy schedule to include more time together for bonding activities. 

Is it necessary for your children to play on the computer console all weekend, or would it be better to take a road trip and visit the local area? You might think you are too busy yourself to take time off for a family holiday, but it’s amazing what is possible when you put your mind to it.     

Family Time 

Children grow up fast; one day, they are tiny babies in your arms, and the next, they are standing in front of you, giving you their opinions; there is no time to waste when it comes to family time, so make sure you schedule it into your week so you can develop enjoyable and lasting bonds.  

Family time can be as simple as watching a movie together or playing a board game; in fact, the simpler and more routine you can make it, the easier it is to create a schedule that lasts and improves the overall wellness and quality of your family life. Don’t underestimate family time.  

Family Meetings 

If you don’t plan for success, you plan for failure, as the old saying goes, meaning that planning is super important. Everyone is used to planning for their work engagements, their family holidays, and their monthly budget, but few people think about planning for family wellness. 

A family meeting is a family planning session when you gauge how your family feels about how things are going and set little schedules for the next few weeks. If it sounds a bit square, why not make it less formal with some snacks and seating arrangements to make people more relaxed? 

Therapy Sessions 

Therapy isn’t only for people with ongoing issues; it can be used to improve wellbeing along with resolving internal conflicts. There are many wellness therapies to choose from, including talking therapies, massage therapies, aromatherapies, sound therapies, and pediatric services for kids. 

If you have a child with a pediatric issue like an infection, skin rash, or ear pain, you should contact professional pediatrics to find out more about their services and how you can access them to improve the health and wellness of your family. Find out more about the therapies today.  

Road Trips 

The price of everything is rising these days, and it’s harder for families to get away and experience some quality bonding time together. If you are interested in a quality family holiday that is budget-friendly and gives you plenty of bonding time, then hire an RV and hit the road. 

Road trips need to be organized in advance, but the planning is also part of the family fun. Use your weekly family meetings to plan your road trip together, making sure you have a list of all the places you want to visit and things you want to do. It’s a chance to make long-term memories.    

Reduce Toxins 

Hopefully, your home is a toxin-free zone, but it’s unlikely since most of the products we buy and the food we eat contains toxins that can harm our health without us realizing it. If you want to reduce toxins in your family, buy eco-products when possible and eat a more wholesome diet. 

Many of the cleaning products used to clean the home contain harmful toxins that run off into the water supply and enter the food chain. These toxins then harm your family’s health when you buy items from the supermarket. Reducing the toxins in the environment supports health.  

Sleep Better

Sleep is probably one of the most important wellness factors, that’s because not having enough sleep can affect the way your family functions mentally and emotionally. When your family doesn’t get enough sleep, you might find they are grumpy and less productive than normal. 

Sleeping better might sound easy but not if you are a light sleeper with some insomnia. That said, there are a number of things you can try, such as exercising throughout the day – but not at night – and drinking a valerian root tea before you go to bed. Also, visit a doctor for more advice.  

Reduce Stress 

Stress is the opposite of wellness, but it has become an ordinary part of the way we function in our daily lives. Stress can be very harmful to our overall health and wellness, but with the right approach, we can reduce stress and increase happiness at any time during the day or night. 

The first step is to notice that you are feeling stressed; you can even tell yourself that you are feeling stressed at the moment and need some time out. Next, set a timer and try a three-minute meditation which involves using awareness and breathing to connect to the body.

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