bunny ears headbandI know Easter was yesterday.  So this bunny project is a bit late.  Sorry, but I just found this free pattern the other day and just had to make it for my granddaughter Harper.  I love this crochet bunny ears headband with flowers!  They’re just too cute not to share.!

I found this pattern for bunny ears headband on Pinterest last week.  It just popped up on my feed and I figured it was meant to be.  I immediately clicked on the link on the post and found that it was a free pattern from Grace & Yarn.

My brain went into over drive when I saw the adorable bunny ears.  She shows the bunny ears headband in 3 different colors on her site; white, beige, and gray.  I figure I could make them in different pastel colors; pink, mint, lavender, yellow, peach, the possibilities are endless!  Of course I didn’t have time to make all those colors this year, but that doesn’t mean I won’t!

These bunny ears headbands are super easy to make.  I made mine in less than an hour.  Ok if you’re new to crocheting it might take you a bit longer.  It’s also a great way to use up yarn scraps.  I know every crocheter or knitter has baskets or tubs full of yarn scraps!  That’s why making these bunny ears headbands are super cheap too!  All you need, unless you don’t have yarn scraps, are the headbands.  And like Stephanie on Grace & Yarn says you can grab a pack of 6 headbands from the Walmart Girl’s Department for $3.  That’s 50¢ a headband!

Hey if you’re a craft fair vendor you can whip up a bunch of these and sell them at your next fair.  Stephanie is gracious enough to allow you to sell her design as long as you credit her for the design.  That’s too awesome!

I’m already thinking of ways to not just make more bunny ears headbands in different colors, I’m thinking up ways to adapt the ears for different critters.  Wouldn’t cat ears and lion ears be awesome?  Stay tuned, I plan on creating and sharing just as soon as I can find the time!

Mean while click here for Stephanie’s free pattern for Bunny Ears Headbands!  Hey if you do make them take a picture and share them with us!