DIY Projects, Recipes, Parties & Travel are my passion!

Hi! I’m Carmina, also known as Nana. I love DIY projects, parties, crocheting, and traveling. In this blog I share patterns, recipes, DIY projects, pet tips, party ideas, and travel tips. In short pretty much all the things I love and everything that catches my attention.

My husband, Steve, and I live in Honolulu with our Siberian Husky, Cannoli, and my eldest daughter and her two sons ages 16 and 10. We have three children and six grandchildren. My son, his wife and their twins live close by. My youngest daughter, her husband, and their 2 two sons live in Italy. Though we lid in different countries we are very close, thanks to technology, namely Face Time, we see each other almost everyday. And of course visiting my daughter in Italy is not exactly a hardship!

We own a small business in Aiea, where my husband and son work. I am a home based travel specialist and have a website called I help families plan worldwide travel. I’m also an Etsy seller with a storefront I sell custom crochet hats, party stationary, and other cool stuff! Check it out, you might find something you love! In short I do and sell the things that I love most!

One of our most favorite activities is traveling. We travel all around the world as a couple and with our children and grandchildren. When we’re not traveling we are planning and hosting events, specially birthday parties, we just love to host themed birthday parties! We also love holidays, Christmas and Halloween are our favorites!

My daughters and I also love to craft, cook, and bake. My older daughter Jenny is currently into upcycling, she loves to hit garage sales for old wooden drawers and tables which she turns into amazing furniture. Jaime, my younger daughter makes beautiful wreaths and other home decor. I dabble in whatever catches my interest. I crochet, sew, decoupage, and more. My current passion is creating party decor with my handy dandy Cricut machine.

I hope that you enjoy my posts and find them useful! If you have any ideas or suggestions I’d love to hear from you!