A few years ago I was telling a couple of girlfriends that my husband and I had gone for an evening drive around the island the night before; they both giggled and said, “Oh how cute, you had a date night”.  That was the first time I’d every heard the term “date night”, and I liked it!

The “date night” concept wasn’t a new and revolutionary idea, in our 30+ years of marriage my husband and I have gone out many times.  We just didn’t call it “date night”.

We called them going out to dinner for our anniversary, birthdays, and Valentine’s Day; these fell in the special occasion category.  When we went to the movies, the beach, and other places we just said we were going out.  Going out covered many activities including a trip to the ice cream shop, fishing, and evening drives around the island.  When I think about it I guess “going out” really was a “date night”. So clearly I been having date nights all my adult life.

I think the term “date night” can be misleading, implying that the date must be in the evening.  It can give the impression that you must go somewhere and do something special and romantic the whole night.  It can also be interpreted to mean that a date night must cost a small fortune.  It can be all of that or none of them.

In my opinion a date night can be anytime, anywhere, and last as long as you want it to.  It can be extravagant or almost free.  It can be romantic, fun, educational, or just about anything you want. The idea of date night is to spend alone time with your partner in an enjoyable environment.

Here’s some date night ideas for every month of the year to fit just about any budget.  I like to mix it up, do something extravagant at times and something cheap at others.

I’ve listed 3 different ideas per month ranging in price from extravagant $$$ to almost free $.  You’re not limited to doing an activity once, if  you both enjoyed it the first time, then by all means do it again.  Remember the idea of date night is for you and your partner to spend time alone doing something you both enjoy.  If you have kids plan for childcare; love the kids but date night is adult only!

January – Ring in New Year’s Day with a date night.  Drop kids off at grandma’s New Year’s Eve for an over night stay if you can.

Found on donebrilliantly.com

$$$ Check-in to a luxury hotel, bed-and-breakfast, or resort on New Year’s Eve.  Ring in the New Year in style at a near by night spot.  Wake up on New Year’s Day and enjoy a romantic champagne breakfast in bed.  If you have kids this will only work if  you have overnight childcare for them.

$$ Have a lovely brunch at a restaurant near you.  Arrange to leave the kids with a friend or relative for a few hours if you haven’t already dropped them off to spend the night at grandma’s the night before.

$DIY breakfast in bed.  Plan to feed the kids earlier and have an activity that will keep them entertained for a couple of hours, better yet drop them off at a friend’s house if possible.

February –  Folks dealing with nasty winter weather are more than likely sick of it and are dreaming of a tropical getaway by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around.  Make this month’s date one of those special occasions.  Turn the heat up by planning a fabulously romantic Valentine’s Day date.

Date night
Riviera Maya – Image from Savvy Nana’s Travels

$$$ Fly off for a weekend at a tropical resort or set sail on a Caribbean cruise.  Bask on sun soaked beaches or enjoy a fruity drink on the pool deck.  Watch romantic sunsets on the beach and pamper yourselves with a couples massage at the spa.

$$ Reserve a table to dine at a romantic restaurant in your area. After dinner go home and snuggle up to a nice romantic movie.  Set the stage for romance with candles and flowers, and don’t forget the bubbly!

$ Create a romantic nest in your living room floor with cushy pillows, soft blankets, flowers, candles, and soft music.  Then have a picnic in your living room and let nature take its course.

March – Spring is in the air, warm breezes are ushering old man winter out.  Take advantage of warmer weather and take your date outdoors.

Date night

$$$ Spend a day or two in our Nation’s capital while the cherry blossoms are at their best.  Visit a museum or two, dine at one of the fine restaurant this city has to offer, and stroll along the Potomac on a moonlight night.

$$ Go for a horseback ride in the country.  Many ranches offer trail rides and horse rentals.  Find one not too far from you and plan to spend the day there.

$ Go for a walk at your neighborhood park and play on the playground equipment.  Don’t be afraid to push each other on the swings and ride the teeter-totter.

April – Spring is definitely here bringing along some April showers.  Spend rainy days doing something fun indoors.

Date night
Bridge in Paris -Image by Savvy Nana Travel

$$$ Nothing is better than Paris in springtime.  Fly over for a few days of dates.  View masterpieces at the Louvre, stroll along the Champs Elysees, and have dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

$$ Spend the day at the local museum and go out for lunch at your favorite bistro.
$ Whip up a meal of your favorite rainy day comfort food.  After dinner surf the web together and explore new places.  Spend the evening making your travel bucket list.
May – Summer’s almost here which means the kids will be out of school very soon.  Take some time this month to charge up for the summer.
Date night
Courtesy of groovetravel.com
$$$ Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in San Antonio, Texas.  San Antonio’s Market Square turns into party central on May 5 with concerts, dance performances, and more.  End the day with dinner at one of the fine restaurants on the River Walk where you can get some awesome Mexican food and mean margaritas.
$$ Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at a Mexican Restaurant near you.  Enjoy the food, the drinks, and the mariachi band.
$ Cook up some hot tamales, mix up a pitcher of frosty margaritas,  and watch a DVD of Nacho Libre in your living room.
June –   The kids are out of school and in your hair.  The first days of summer are fun times with the family, the summer doldrums have yet to set in.  Take some time for yourselves to recharge from all the summer activities.
Date night
Ballooning in France – Image by Savvy Nana’s Travels
$$$ Go on a balloon ride.  It’s amazing!
$$  Meet your partner for a long leisurely lunch at  your favorite cafe while the kids are at their friend’s house.  It’s a good time to catch up with each other and plan the rest of the summer.
$ Go for a hike at a nearby nature trail at sunset.  Pack a picnic dinner and gaze at the stars.
July – For many July is family vacation time.  We’re busy traveling by planes, trains, and automobiles.  Squeeze in a date or two wherever you may be.
Date night
Courtesy of Broadway.com
$$$ Find a concert, Broadway show, or ball game nearby and score some front seat tickets.  Indulge in a romantic candlelight dinner at a fabulous restaurant before or after the show.
$$ Spend an evening at the county fair.   Enjoy childhood favorite fair foods such as funnel cakes, BBQ, and sno-cones.  Ride the thrill rides and play carnival games.  End the night on the ferris wheel just before you go home.
$ Watch the Fourth of July parade in your town then head out to the park at night to watch the fireworks
August – By now the summer doldrums have set in, the kids are bored and you’re ready for school to start again.  It’s a good time for a break.
Date night
Roman Forum – Image from Savvy Nana’s Travels
$$$ It’s the best time of year to be in Rome.  The locals have left town for their vacations so there’re less crowds.  Enjoy a romantic dinner in an out of the way trattoria, toss a few coins in the Trevi Fountain, and rent a row boat at the Borghese Gardens.
$$ Play a game or two of miniature golf at the local fun park, looser buys ice cream.
$  Go for a moonlight stroll along the seaside or lake.  Take some time to stargaze and dream.
September – It’s autumn and the kids are back in school.  Life is getting back to “normal” and we’re gearing up for the busy times ahead.  Get away before the holiday chaos begins.
date night
$$$ Take a Fall cruise to New England and Canada.  Enjoy a few days to take in the colorful foliage.
$$ Get a couples massage at a day spa.
$  Go for a drive to see the fall colors
October – The leaves are definitely falling!  In our house October ushers in the holiday season.  From Halloween to New Year’s everyone is busy crafting, baking, shopping, and entertaining.  Don’t forget to schedule  some couple time in the midst of the madness.
Date night
Courtesy of adirondackcabin.com

$$$ Rent a cabin  in the Adirondacks one weekend.  Spend some time outdoors before the weather turns cold, and romantic evenings snuggled up in front of the fireplace.

$$ Take a ghost tour or visit a haunted house
$ Rent a horror film to watch once the kids are in bed.  It’s a good excuse to cuddle, just in case you need an excuse!
November – This is a very busy month, too much going on.  Be sure you plan a break or two to unwind and relax.
date night
$$$ Book a full day for two at a fancy day spa, the relax and be pampered from head to toe.
$$  Go to a  Murder Mystery Dinner, it’s lot’s of fun.
$ Romantic movie night at home.  Choose one chick flick and a guy movie to watch and curl up in front of the TV with a bottle of wine, cheese, and chocolate covered strawberries.
December – This is the most wonderful time of the year, and it’s also the most hectic.  Our lives center around family activities and it can get a bit crazy when relatives come home for the holidays.  Scheduling a date night or two will help you keep your sanity.
 date night

$$$ Get away for a day or two to a ski lodge before guests arrive.  Even if you don’t ski the food is good, and sipping wine in front of the fire place is romantic.

$$ Have high tea at a local teashop, it’s a great place to find a quite corner and just enjoy each other’s company

$ Put the kids to bed early and enjoy a glass of wine in front of the fireplace.  That’s so romantic!


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