As we get older, so do our parents and when our parents are elderly there are things that change in their life. Things that they can no longer control or certain aspects where they cannot look after themselves in the same way. However, there are a few ways in which you can help your parents when they do get older to make things easier for them. It doesn’t have to always cost a fortune, sometimes the small things make all the difference.

So, one of the more important things is to make sure you and other family members still visit them regularly. With your own families to run and work and life getting in the way, sometimes this can be moved and rearranged so much. But to them, it can feel like they don’t matter. This time with them is precious and will be the memories you carry with you forever. Not to mention as well as making time for the more special and loving with people who mean a lot to them. So it is certainly an important one. Be sure they still see you regularly and you could even do it on the same day each week as part of your routine and theirs so it is something they can look forward to.

There are times where they need a bit more support than you can offer, so look into what support is out there for them at home. There are things that happen to us that may result in needing more care at home or round-the-clock care. Dementia Care is an example where things will change in their life and you won’t be able to do everything so there is different support available. They can assist with safety supervision, personal hygiene, medication reminders, and meal preparation all while helping them set a daily routine with maximized independence. 

Sometimes you will have a parent who lives alone. When you are cooking for one every day can be really boring and simply quite depressing. This can end up with people missing meals and not looking after themselves properly which is not a nice thing. When you are making dinner for your family do an extra portion and drop it over to them or you can simply invite them over for dinner every so often. They can then still have some enjoyable mealtimes rather than just sitting alone. These small gestures will mean the world to them just the same as a simple phone call to see how they are doing.

A simple thing you can do to help them be a bit more independent and social is to look for groups that meet up with similar interests of theirs. There are groups of people who meet up all over the place, it could be a book club, a knitting circle, or simply a gathering of friends for a cup of tea. Sometimes just need that friendly nudge in the right direction and it can really transform their lives and how they spend their days.