8 Tips For Keeping Your Elderly Parents Safe

Dec 12, 2022 | Parenting Tips

It’s a known fact that everyone wants to look after their elderly parents. You’re going to want to offer nothing but the very best for them. However, you’re also going to want to ensure that you know what you’ll be able to do to keep them safe. As people get older, they fall into more risk, not just health-wise, but more suspectable of falling, dealing with theft, abuse, and so much more. So, here is everything you need to know about keeping your elderly parents safe through all of this.

Gather the family to discuss your loved one’s needs

Bringing the family together to discuss your elderly parent’s needs can be an important step. The process can be stressful, especially if family members don’t know where to begin. However, taking advantage of the many tools and techniques available can help. To make the most of this process, you’ll want to gather as much information as possible about your parent’s health. 

The better informed you are, the more likely you are to make the right decisions for your parents. You’ll also need to consider the best way to help your parents. Working with a financial advisor to get a clear picture of your parent’s financial situation is a good idea. This can help you make the most of your assets and settle any debts.

Assessing how much to keep them safe

After you gather your family to see what the needs are and how everyone in the family can meet these needs, you’ll also need to look into what can be done to help. Getting the right information can help you avoid crises and extend your independence. This is a major thing to consider, as elders will still want to maintain independence.

The first step is determining if your aging parent requires assistance with daily tasks. If so, there are many support services available. You can hire a professional in-home care service or find a friend or relative to assist with certain activities. You should also ensure that your aging parent is taking all his or her medications. Consult your geriatrician about how to administer these medications properly. Have a conversation with them about all of this. If you want to keep them safe, then have the discussion.

Organizing for their needs

Organizing your elderly parent’s needs can be a daunting task. The process can take weeks or months to complete. If your parent isn’t physically or mentally capable of doing it alone, then you could do it alone or hire someone to help. Alternatively, you could look into home assistance for them. Organizing your elderly parents’ belongings is a necessary part of aging. Having a safe and organized home can make life easier for your loved one. Not only will it be easier to keep clean, but it will also reduce the stress they feel.

Fall proofing the home environment

Keeping your elderly parents safe from falls is integral to maintaining their health and independence. A fall can be a serious injury, resulting in head injuries, broken bones, or other severe effects. Plus, a fall can also cause a loss of independence, requiring a caregiver to take over care of the child. The older you are, the worse this will get.

The best way to prevent a fall is to ensure the home environment is safe. Some modifications might be as simple as adding lighting to a room. For example, install task lighting near a bed and other important areas. You can also add night lights to the hallways. These can alert caregivers in the event of a fall. The main risk factors for falling include clutter, uneven flooring, and unsafe surroundings. It is important for seniors to identify and remove any hazards in their homes that may increase their risk.

Using strong passwords

Keeping your elderly parents safe should also mean keeping them safe if they go online. This requires you to use strong passwords. It is also important to watch out for scams and avoid using the personal information on unsecured sites. 

Whether you are using your computer or a smartphone, having a strong password is a must for online security. Your email, banking, and health-related accounts are the most important accounts to protect. You should also make sure to keep your email accounts restricted. Watch over their accounts very closely.

Organizing the home to avoid injury

Organizing the home to avoid injury for elderly parents can be daunting. This is especially true in the face of unexpected health conditions. For starters, keep an eye out for any potential hazards before you take the leap. This includes any wet areas containing a loved one’s prized possessions. It’s also a good idea to have a designated area to contain items such as medication or clothing that can be easily transferred to a more suitable locale. While there is no such thing as an accident-free home, a little TLC can improve the quality of life.

Do your homework before choosing a nursing home

Choosing a safe nursing home is a big decision, so do your homework. The best way to determine the quality of care offered by a particular facility is to have a personal visit. This will allow you to gauge the staff’s attitudes and level of commitment to the residents. Another way to do your research is to go online. 

Medicare and Medicaid have websites that provide information on nursing homes. The government website is a great place to learn about the benefits and costs of care, and you can also read inspection reports. You’re also going to want to look to see if there was ever a nursing home abuse lawsuit at one point in time at the nursing home.

Expect setbacks

Setbacks are normal, especially when having to move into a new home. Taking care of an elderly parent in a nursing home can be a difficult and frustrating task. You should expect setbacks, but it is important to remember that they will pass. You can avoid some possible issues by preparing beforehand. If you have concerns, discuss them with the facility’s staff.

This will help you get an objective assessment of your parent’s needs. You can also avoid potential misunderstandings by establishing a regular schedule for family visits. This is especially helpful if your parent has difficulty adjusting to a new environment. You should make every effort to make your parent feel comfortable.

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