When it comes to getting your children to become healthier, one of the best ways to do it is through exercise. Children have a lot of energy, they have much more energy than adults do. So that energy needs to be put out and exerted. Working out and getting regular exercise is going to allow your child to build strong bones, get them taller, and in general, they’re just going to feel a lot healthier too. By encouraging your child to exercise every day, you’re going to be helping them maintain a good weight that is necessary for their physical and mental health. But it’s also going to help in preventing diseases and other possible health conditions. Here are some fabulous tips for getting your child to become interested in regular exercise.

Limit their screen time

While this may not sound ideal, it’s really for the best. This includes limiting their time on their phone, laptop, computer, video games, and television. There should be time within the day where they can exercise, even if it’s for 30 minutes. However, other ideas can be done such as watching TV together. Then you can get your child to exercise during the commercial breaks. Another idea that can be done is providing your child with a video game that encourages exercise. There are so many exercise-related video games out on the market that there is bound to be something that they would enjoy.

Be a role model

If you want your children to become healthy and active, you’re going to have to be a part of it as well. Being a part of it, especially leading the change will allow your kids to be interested in mimicking what you’re doing. If your children see that you’re having a nice time being physically active and that you’re having fun they’re going to be interested in it as well. While this does mean eating healthy and staying active, it also should mean keeping on top of your health in general such as your hearing health. It’s best to learn more about planning your hearing health such as hearing aid fittings.

Be A Role Model - 7 Tips for Getting Your Children into Exercise

Get your children competitive

Children love competitions, they’ll get competitive about almost anything. Try to use this competitiveness to your advantage to get them to exercise. Making it a contest about who can run the fastest, who can do the most jumping jacks, who can keep the hula hoop the longest, or even who can jump rope the best are fantastic and very sneaky ways to get your children active. This is also a wonderful way to get them into having some fun as well.

Plan an active trip

Whether you’re going on a day trip, weekend getaway, or even an entire vacation, try to utilize this. This allows you to spend time with your children, your partner, and all of you can get healthy and active at the same time. Some fun activities you can do with your family include hiking, cycling, river rafting, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, rock climbing, or even just sightseeing. This gives you the chance to have some fun, and it also allows your whole family to get out, spending some time together, and explore new places. You’ll want to keep your family healthy every day and this is an excellent way to do so.  Some of the weekend activities have the potential of becoming hobbies that your whole family could enjoy for years on end.

Get Your Children Competitive

Get your children involved in household work

Getting your kids active around the house by doing some chores will give them the opportunity to learn some responsibility while also helping you by getting more time back into your day. You’ll want to plan the chores accordingly based on their age.  Some activities could be walking the dog, cutting the grass, pulling some weeds, washing the car, or doing some vacuuming around the house.

Buy them some exercise equipment

You may be surprised to know that there is some child-friendly exercise equipment. These don’t even need to be big and dangerous either! Some ideas for kid-friendly exercise equipment can include a trampoline, a jump rope, and even a hula hoop. These are usually fairly affordable and are very easy to store as well.

Pick an activity that your child will like

It’s so important that you pick an activity that your child is going to enjoy. If they don’t enjoy it, it’s only going to leave resentment and tension between the two of you. So before you make any major decisions, you’ll first want to talk it over with them. Try and look into activities that they’ll enjoy. This can include introducing them to activities. The goal of getting them to have an active lifestyle is for them to enjoy what they’re doing so it doesn’t feel like some sort of punishment.