6 Ideas To Keep The Magic Alive And Teens Entertained This Christmas

Dec 4, 2020 | Christmas, Family Activities & Events

There are countless ideas, images, and inspo online about creating a fantastic Christmas gathering, activities, games, and so on for kids to enjoy the festive season. No doubt, their belief in Santa makes each day leading up to Christmas exciting and magical too.

On the other hand, tweens and teens are entering a stage where they’re kind of stuck in between. They’re not old enough to drink and be merry at an adults Christmas party, and they may feel too mature to visit Santa’s grotto or sit at the kid’s table on Christmas day. 

Plus, they may have lost their belief in the man that clumsily slides down the chimney. As such, they often need different entertainment and treatment to keep the magic of Christmas alive.

To add the spark to the festive holidays for your teens, here are a few ideas to create Christmas gatherings and activities they’ll adore. Just as much as any of your youngest children.

Get Teens involved In Setting Up Christmas

Teens who have a knack for style, DIY, or crafts may love the opportunity to get involved in designing the Christmas theme for their home, so why not let them? 

By giving them the chance to make Christmas unique in their home, it will boost their self-esteem and make them feel much more Christmassy while also exercising their creative skills.

Whip Up An Unconventional Christmas Dish Together

If there is anything tweens and teens love, it’s tasty food. This year you could bring them into the kitchen to cook up some traditional or even unconventional dishes they might love this winter. Like buffalo chicken from Yellow Bliss Road, making pizza from scratch, or some yummy quesadillas. 

Let Them Choose A Christmas Outfit

Christmas jumpers can be hit and miss with tweens and teens. It’s the age they begin to become a lot more conscious about their appearance and personal style. And so, why not give them the means to choose what they want to wear this Christmas so that they can express their Christmasy side their way instead?

Play Co-op Video Games

Despite the lousy rep video games get, studies have shown that video games have multiple benefits. From boosting happiness to developing memory and hand-eye coordination skills. 

This is why you needn’t be so quick to ban video games during Christmas events. You could even set it up in the living area for everyone to join in. 

Video games for your teens over Xmas is bound to be something they’ll enjoy doing, more so if you and the family get involved. 

Give To The Less Fortunate

Explaining to your youngest that others don’t have as much as they do, is difficult for toddlers and preschoolers to comprehend. 

But tweens and teens are more equipped to take this message on board. To encourage your teen’s appreciation for everything they have, why not recommend they choose things they no longer need to give to the less fortunate. 

In doing so, teens are likely to feel much more grateful for their loving family and home this Christmas.

From cooking up new dishes together to letting them take over the decor and gifting things to goodwill, there are numerous ways to make your teens feel magical, entertained by Christmas this year.

Why should you let kids be creative with Christmas?

Kids love getting creative, and Christmas is the perfect time to let them go wild with their imaginations; this can be anything from preparing food to wrapping gifts with these innovative Cheap Stickers. Here are five reasons why you should encourage your kids to be creative with Christmas: 

  • It’s a great way to get them into the holiday spirit  

When kids are busy making Christmas decorations or wrapping presents, they also get into the holiday spirit. The more they’re involved in the festive preparations, the more excited they’ll be about Christmas. 

  • It’s a great bonding activity. 

Christmas is all about spending time with family and friends, so what better way to bond with your kids than by doing a creative activity together? Whether making cards or decorating the tree, you’ll be creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


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