Two White Puppies on Brown Wicker BasketPuppies are amazing. They are so adorable that once you get one,you want to spend all your time around your new bundle of joy. However, the challenge comes in taking good care of it. For instance, when it comes to feeding a puppy, you need to be careful about what you feed them. Otherwise, you may end up hurting your little friend.  To help you take better care of your puppy, here are the 5 things that you need to know about puppy food before you feed your little furry friend.



1.    The food needs to come from recognized brands

When it comes to puppies, you don’t just feed them anything. You need to feed them food that has very specific nutrients. To ensure that you feed them right, go for recognized puppy food brands. For instance, Royal Canin Puppy Food is one of the best when it comes to puppy food. They have food that is specifically for puppies, as well as, instructions on how to administer it. By feeding it such food, you are sure that your little furry friend will grow up healthy and happy.


2.    Different puppy breeds have different quantity requirements

When it comes to puppy food, the dog breed matters. You cannot feed a Chihuahua puppy the same food quantity that you would feed to a German shepherd puppy. To ensure that you feed your beloved puppy the right food quantity, go for recognized dog food brands. These brands usually come with specifications on how much food you should give to your dog. You don’t want a situation where you hurt your little friend, by trying to determine the quantity of food to give it by yourself.


3.    Changing food brands can lead to allergies

Like human babies, puppies do get allergic reactions too. As such, if you want to change dog food brands for your puppy, do so gradually. The idea is to allow the puppy’s body to transition well to the new brand that you want to feed it. In fact, before you feed your puppy a new type of food, talk to the vet first. An acute allergic reaction can easily kill your lovely puppy.


4.    There is puppy food for puppies with special needs

Like human babies, you may find yourself with a puppy with special needs. The most common of them is weight gain tendencies, where your puppy gains an unhealthy weight level even without feeding too much.  In case you have a puppy with such needs, go for a puppy food brand that has special needs food. This ensures that your puppy grows up healthy and happy, just the way you want it.


5.    It is very affordable

With all the benefits that come with good quality puppy food, you are probably thinking that it is expensive, right? Well, here is the good news, it isn’t! Good puppy food brands such as Royal Canin puppy food is within most people’s budget. It even cheaper if you buy it online at a store like Vet Send.