Neuropathic pain is a serious and uncomfortable condition that can get better with treatment. However, treatment can take a long time, depending on the cause of the nerve pain such as diabetes, HIV, side effects from drugs, chemotherapy, or injuries. There are several treatment options for nerve pain that vary based on your health, the cause of the nerve pain, risk from side effects, and the cost of treatment. The cost of treating nerve pain can be high, considering the length and procedure for treatment. Having to consult a doctor every time you experience pain or going through surgery is expensive. However, there are inexpensive self-care and home treatment ways to get rid of nerve pain. This article has some basic nerve pain treatment options that you can try:

1) Over The Counter Medication
An affordable way of treating nerve pain is buying OTC painkillers, antidepressants, and topical treatments. Painkillers are non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs that work best in relieving mild nerve pain symptoms. Antidepressants help to ease nerve pain by altering the pain chemical in your brain so you will not feel the pain. You can also try topical ointments, lotions, and creams to relieve nerve pain. These topical creams have ingredients that work as anesthetics by numbing pain in the applied area. The advantages of using topical creams for nerve pain is that they are inexpensive, and you only apply the specific area. To find the right pain relieving topical cream, you can check out the reviews for these creams at

2) Exercise
Working out is a useful and affordable non-drug treatment for nerve pain. Exercising helps your body by releasing endorphins that are natural painkillers. You can start with having daily walks or stretching to improve blood flow to the nerves in your legs. Improved blood circulation causes the blood vessels to expand and in turn, triggers the repair for damaged nerves. Also, studies show that regular low impact exercise can relieve neuropathic pain by reducing inflammatory substances known as cytokines.

3) Heat
Nerve death or damage occurs when there is poor circulation of blood to your arms and legs. Using heat will improve blood flow and alleviate nerve pain fast but temporarily. Taking a warm bath or hot foot bath is a simple way of fixing poor circulation to your legs. Still, make sure the water temperature is not too hot to cause burns or numbness. You can also place a heating pad on the affected area for an hour to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

4) Lifestyle Changes
Some habits such as smoking, heavy intoxication, unhealthy diet, and lack of sleep worsens the symptoms of neuropathic pain. Experiencing chronic pain can cause anxiety and depression, which leads to the usage of cigarettes or alcohol as a coping mechanism. However, using these substances might make nerve pain worse. Choose healthier ways of dealing with the neuropathy condition such as exercising, relaxing, and getting enough sleep. Sleep is essential for repairing damaged nerves, so make sure you rest for at least eight hours every night.