4 Tips For Throwing a BBQ Your Guests Will Never Forget

Jan 31, 2023 | Family Activities & Events

Everyone loves a barbecue. The smell of cooking meat, the sunshine, and the convivial atmosphere of spending time outdoors with loved ones. But when you’re hosting the barbecue yourself, it can be a little stressful.

You have to buy all the ingredients, invite the right people, and make sure you’ve catered to all possible allergies and dietary requirements. Not to mention the fact that you spend all your time hosting and cooking and rarely get a chance to wind down and enjoy some great food.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a barbecue, but the following tips will give you some helpful advice to ensure you throw a gathering your guests will never forget.

Cook something spectacular

Everyone expects the basics when they go to a barbecue. Some hot dogs, burgers, and maybe some grilled corn on the cob. But why not make a big impression with something a little more spectacular. Cooking something memorable won’t require a huge amount of extra effort on your part, since it’s all going on the same barbecue. But it will leave your guests’ mouths watering and send them home with a smile on their face. Why not try some amazing BBQ pulled pork or a tomahawk steak cooked to perfection?

Ask for help

Don’t suffer in silence. If you give yourself too much to do, you’ll spend the whole day stressed out and won’t be able to enjoy yourself. Ask a relative or close friend to give you a hand. Invite them round a little early to help you prepare sides and salads. And don’t forget there will be plenty of people at the barbecue who are desperate to show off their grilling skills, so don’t be afraid to ask someone else to man the cooking station while you grab something to eat. Lightening your load will make you a better host, and you’ll have more energy and enthusiasm left to keep your guests entertained.

Plan some activities

The food is the main focus of any barbecue, but having some entertainment can take it to the next level. While most people will be happy to sit around in the sunshine and chat with their friends, some people, especially younger kids, might get bored. Unless you have your very own swimming pool or hot tub, this can be a bit of a challenge. A paddling pool and some garden toys are a great way to keep little ones occupied, but you could also have some outdoor activities like cornhole, beer pong, or lawn darts for the adults.

Enjoy the evening

It’s a sign of a successful barbecue when your guests don’t want to leave. And if you’re happy to keep the party going, why not carry it on into the evening? Have some outdoor lighting ready to go when it gets dark, and if the temperature is going to drop, make sure you have a fire pit or a patio heater to keep guests warm. Activities like toasting marshmallows or singing karaoke can be fantastic crowd pleasers.

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