Soon, people will be ushering in 2022 with excitement, hope, and renewed commitments. Some plan on attending family gatherings or holding secret parties at home. The latter may look more attractive, especially with the UK battling a likely fourth wave led by the Omicron variant. Perhaps, you’re part of a UK household that spent about £700 on Christmas activities and still wants to end the year with a party on new year’s eve. If that’s the case, here are some tips for planning a memorable party with what you have.

  • Lighting

The type of lighting you use for a party can make all the difference at a New Year’s Eve party. For many people, it’s all about replacing existing lights with more colorful illumination to create the desired ambiance. On the other hand, if you’re not all for replacing your current light bulbs, you have the option to purchase inexpensive light bulbs you can plug into a wall socket and still get the same effect as a ceiling illumination. The trick to plugged-in lights is to set them up at vantage corners of the house as a way to bounce off walls. Buy different hues to enhance the party mood and for a more detailed effect.

If you’re opting for candles, you may have to exercise some caution here. First of all, beeswax or soy candles are recommended as healthier options as they do not release volatile compounds into the atmosphere. Secondly, it will be ideal to set the candles closer to concrete walls (not plasterboards) and secure them on steady candle stands. While at it, you can also take steps to ensure there are no movements close to your candle stands. If you still have your Christmas décor lights on display, they can add some vibrant color to your party.

  • Lots of drinks

One thing many people agree on is that the drinks make the party. Whether it is juices, punch, wines, or champagne, the idea is to have a wide array of drinks to quench your thirst and that of your party guests. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have hot beverages like tea or coffee close by for those who prefer something warmer. Besides, it’s still winter, and some party guests wouldn’t mind sipping a steaming cup of freshly brewed tea.

As you make plans for drinks, it is also a good idea to keep a large stock of disposable cups. Remember, it is still the COVID season, and you cannot afford to slack on the safety protocols. Champagne flutes and other wine glasses are ideal for a New Year’s Eve party. Therefore, if those are your options, you will have to ensure there are lots of them to go around. This way, you will not have to immediately clean them after someone uses them to make way for another guest to have a drink.

  • An abundance of finger foods

If you’ve ever wondered why finger foods seem like the standard meals at parties, this is why. They are convenient, can be eaten while standing, and do not require a formal dinner set up. Thankfully, there are tons of finger food options that you can choose from. The only precaution to take is to alert your party guests to what ingredients are in the finger foods. Remember that some people are allergic to nuts and lactose, and these two tend to be quite common in these treats. 

Better yet, if you’re setting up a buffet table, a noticeable note pasted on the table can inform your guests what ingredients are contained in the foods. This is how you can be ‘better safe than sorry.’ The last thing you want is to have a case of a sudden allergic reaction among some guests right in your venue.

Moreover, fruit portions will not be bad options on the menu. Once again, disposable cutlery may be ideal. The same applies to your plates and napkins. Since the party setting is your home, making things comfortable and convenient for you as the host makes sense. When your guests leave, you might be responsible for cleaning everything that isn’t disposable.

  • An eclectic range of party songs

Partygoers have different tastes, and once you understand that, it makes sense to have a wide collection of music that everyone can enjoy. Indeed, it is your New Year’s Eve party. However, your guests make the party vibrant, and that’s where music comes in. If you can afford it, hire a party DJ to play this role. If not, any of your friends or family members with appreciable turntables knowledge can help you out. However, the best option can be a wide music collection saved onto a pen drive and blaring from your home’s Bluetooth speakers.

A New Year’s Eve party happens once a year, so if you can, go all out to have a memorable merrymaking event that all your guests can remember in another year.