3 Top Family Vacations In The U.S.A

Jan 13, 2023 | Travel Tips, US Travel

Family vacations are always an enjoyable experience, which is why so many people want to go on them. Parents will have fond memories of their childhood vacations, and would want something similar for their kids. Going abroad might be too expensive, especially with a lot of kids, however.

You can have more than a few family vacations in the U.S.A., which could be a much more appealing and budget-friendly option. Knowing where to go to make the entire family happy could seem difficult, but it shouldn’t be.

Three top options stand out, as they’ll be sure to keep everyone happy.

Family Vacations In The U.S.A: 3 Top Options

1. Disney World

There’s no point in talking about the best family vacations in the U.S.A without mentioning Disney World. Designed solely for family enjoyment, it’s somewhere you and your kids are sure to enjoy. It’s worth being prepared for the crowds and how complicated it can be to get around here.

A Disney World park map is more than recommended here. With a bit of preparation and planning, you won’t have a problem having a holiday the whole family will enjoy. There are also countless rides, more than a few restaurants, and multiple hotels to choose from when you’re here.

If happiness was a place, this would be it.

2. Hershey

You might’ve heard about Hershey sweets before, but you mightn’t have known about Hershey itself. Located in Pennsylvania, it’s named after Milton Hershey, who founded the famous sweet company. What makes this one of the top family vacations in the U.S.A is Hersheypark.

Beyond hosting countless sweets, it boasts a zoo and waterpark, alongside countless rides to enjoy yourself on. If you want to get a closer look at the sweet company’s history, there’s also the Hershey Story museum. You’ll pack your vacation with more than a few activities when you’re there.

3. Jackson Hole

If you want a family vacation that’s a little more off-the-grid, then Jackson Hole in Wyoming is one of the more notable picks. Surrounded by beautiful national parks and the Grand Teton National Park, there’s no better place to escape for a while and get your kids away from their screens.

These can all be some of the more beautiful and scenic places to visit, with Grand Teton itself being a wonder to behold. After getting your hiking done for the day, The Jackson Hole Playhouse is the perfect place to visit. It boasts quite a few family-friendly activities, and you’ll enjoy some great food while you’re at it.

Family Vacations In The U.S.A: Wrapping Up

Having family vacations in the U.S.A. can be appealing for more than a few reasons. They’ll be relatively affordable, shouldn’t involve too much travel time, and let you create fond memories for you and your family. All you’ll have to do is choose the right place to go.

Jackson Hole, Disney World, and Hershey can all be great options for this. With a bit of planning, you’ll make sure it’s one of the more enjoyable vacations you’ll ever be on.

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