Valentine’s Day is next week.  It’s time to get those Valentines ready so the kids can take them to school.  When my kids were school age it was easy, pick up a bag of Valentine packaged candies from the supermarket, write their names on them, then send them off to school on Valentine’s Day.  Unfortunately these days lots of kids have all kinds of food allergies, I know 3 out of my 5 grandchildren all have various food allergies.  In fact allergies are so common many schools have banned students from bringing food treats to school.

I know this is true at my grandsons schools; Devon’s elementary school, and Jett’s Pre-School.  This requires a bit more thought, but don’t despair, there are many alternatives out there.

Non-candy valentine cardsHere are 3 Non-Candy Valentine Cards I made for the boys’ classmates.  They really don’t take long to make nor do they cost a lot of money.  Actually these Non-Candy Valentine Cards cost less than candy Valentines!



non-candy valentine cardsSince watching the new Star Wars movie Devon’s been all about Star Wars.  He was quite happy to pose for this Star Wars themed Non-candy Valentine’s Card with glow sticks.

All you need to make this card is to take a photo of your child holding anything that resembles a sword.  Devon wore his Darth Vader shirt, but really anything will do, and was reaching for his toy light saber.  (His brother was actually off to the side holding the tip of the light saber and Devon was reaching for it.  He wanted to give the appearance that the saber was flying into his hand.)

Then I uploaded the photo into photoshop, if you don’t have photoshop you can use Picmonkey a free online photo editor app.

Using the editor I cut out Devon’s picture with the sword then overlayed the photo with a space image I had snapped a photo of.  I then added the text I wanted and saved the photo.

I printed the photo on cardstock (4 photos per sheet), cut them out using a paper cutter, scissors will work fine, then made a small slit on the sword hilt large enough to slip a light stick in.  I used Bracelet glow sticks I found at the Walmart party section.  A pack of 5 cost about $1.  Then I taped the glow stick on the back of the card.  Done!  I had an extra card which I glued on to a plain brown bag and stenciled Star Wars sayings on the front.  He’s using the bag to carry the cards to class.

non-candy valentine cardsFor Jett’s pre-school class I made Race car Valentine Cards.

These were super easy to make!  I just popped a picture of a race track into photo shop, added the text and printed them out on cardstock.  (4 to a page)

I poked holes spaced to hold the plastic race car in place.  I used plastic zip ties to hold them on the card, but you can use twine or thin ribbon.

I got the race cars from Walmart, a pack of 6 for $1.  [spacer height=”-20px”]








non-candy valentine cardsFor Jett’s Day Car buddies I made these Dinosaur Valentine Cards.

These were made exactly the same way as the race car Valentine cards, just with a different background.

I bought the little dino figures from Walmart as well.  A pack of 6 for about $1.


These are just 3 ideas for Non-Candy Valentine Cards, I’m sure you can come up with many more.  Just walk down the party section of your local discount or dollar store and you’ll find many fun things you can turn into Valentine treats.  (think play-doh, crazy straws, maze games, etc.)

Then find a cute saying that will coordinate with the toy like “You make my heart race” for plastic race cars or “You are Dino-Mite” for the mini dinos.  You get the idea!

With a bit of time and imagination I’m sure you’ll come up with great Valentine Cards for your kids to share with their classmates!


Here are some cool heart shaped animals from Personal Creations you can make with the kids!

They would make a great gift tag or card embellishment!

Download the templates from Personal Creations today!  They’re free!

Click here for templates!