There are some life skills that all children need to learn. This involves being able to socialize and share, so that they can build friendships and grow over time. It’s also important for them to learn how to manage their finances when they come of age, be that through learning how to save, how to judge the value of a given purchase, and how to work a little harder for more money.

Yet there are also life skills that are so important, we can begin teaching our children from the moment they’re able to understand the associated concepts. The ability to cook will be a life skill they keep with them until their golden years, and keeping that in mind will encourage you to involve them in this process as of the moment. In this post, we’ll discuss how that can be, and a few select measures for getting the most out of our efforts here. 

Furthermore, we’ll discuss how safety and fun are two essential elements of teaching our children how to cook:

Show Them The Basics

Cooking can seem rather complex for children, as all of the heat, chopping, stirring, and seasoning can seem like an art that requires a lot of refinement to get right. This is why it’s always a good idea to bring it back to basics. You can show them the basic food groups, such as a meal that has carbohydrates (rice), protein (chicken), vegetables, and dairy, such as a glass of milk or milkshake after the meal. This way they can more easily understand how a balanced plate should look.

Make A Fun Together-Meal

It’s good to focus on how fun cooking can be to begin with. Nurturing a love for the craft is key. For instance, this taco dip recipe from Magical Slow Cooker can provide a fantastic dip to enjoy during a large together-meal, or when eating dip-snacks such as nachos. A meal like this can bring everyone together, perhaps with some finger foods surrounding our plates. This way you show just how tasty and versatile cooking can be, and how it brings everyone together. Giving them some authoritative control over the recipe, such as helping them season it too, can allow them to see the value in taking some time for your craft.

Try Your Hand At Baking!

Baking can also be a great way to show that indulging the sweet tooth need not be unhealthy. For instance, putting together a beautiful cake made from natural ingredients, rolling pastry for a fruit pie, or crafting some vegan cookies and brownies together will help them see that despite the mess, baking and cooking can be tremendous fun, and if you’re patient, you’ll often come out with something better than what you could buy prepared in the store.

With this advice we hope you can more readily involve your children in the great art of cooking. Who knows how far they’ll take it? Perhaps one day, they’ll give these lessons to their own kids.