12+ Tips for Cleaning Your Bathroom

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Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of Anyone Can Decorate

It’s spring time which means many of us are in spring cleaning mode.  The best way to tackle such a big task is one room at a time. I like to start in the bathrooms.  Here are some tips on cleaning your bathroom and so they will sparkle all year long.

Toilet Bowls

For me getting rid of hard water rings in the toilet has always been a challenge.  I usually resort to scrubbing it off with a pumice stone, nasty!

Here are a couple of things that may make the job easier, depending on how much build up you have, you may have to still scrub with the pumice stone or better yet a Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover.

Once you’ve got the ring removed you can keep it off with one of these methods.

*Clicking on linked product names i.e. Pumie is an Amazon affiliate link that will take you to the site making it easier for you to purchase that product if you wish to. 

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of Anyone Can Decorate

Anyone Can Decorate uses unsweetened Kool-Aid to get rid of the ring.  She also uses it to get rid of hard water and soap scum buildup in the dishwasher.

Click here to find out how!

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of Buttoned Up

Use denture cleaner, like Polident, to remove toilet stains without scrubbing.  Just drop a couple of tablets in, let it dissolve, and flush.  This tip came from Molly Maids via Buttoned Up.[spacer height=”-20px”]









My next biggest issue is the tub/shower.  I’ve always used harsh products to get rid of stubborn mildew, they don’t always work as promised and seem more harmful to my health.

Here are a couple of tips to make your tubs and showers look fresh and new.  Some do use bleach so be sure you work in a well ventilated bathroom, wear old clothes, gloves, and a mask or respirator when working with anything that contains bleach; also read labels before mixing bleach with other chemicals, you may end up mixing something toxic that will emit fumes that can make you sick.  Use tips containing bleach with extreme caution and proper safety/protective gear!

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of This Blessed Life

This Blessed Life uses bleach soaked CelluCotton (that cotton coil the hairdresser puts around your head when you get a perm or hair coloring, you can get a bag on Amazon or a beauty supply store like Sally’s) to get rid of the mold in the grout around her tub.  She soaks the cotton in the bleach than lays it over the grout.  Let it sit overnight and removes the next day.

Click here to learn how!

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of Practically Functional

Get rid of mold on shower walls using this homemade cleaner by Practically Functional.  All you need is bleach, baking soda, and a toothbrush (or any other brush).

Click here to learn how!

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of The Craft Patch

Clean tubs and get rid of bathtub rings without bleach and no scrubbing with this homemade cleaner by The Craft Patch.  She uses a mixture of Dawn and Vinegar, spray on, let sit for an hour, and wipe off.  No scrubbing involved!

Click here to learn how!

*Tip:  For easier application pour mixture into a soap dispensing dish cleaning wand, like the one pictured.  You can get it at any discount store or on Amazon.  To maintain the clean tub/shower keep the wand by the tub/shower and wipe on while you shower and let it do it’s magic.  That’s multi-tasking!

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of Finely Ground

For more stubborn dirt and grime in your tub/shower floor use Finely Ground’s method, 20 Mule Team Borax and a stiff brush.   You can get both at Amazon or most discount and grocery store.

Click here to learn how!

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of Giraffe Legs
Slow drains?  Your drains may need cleaning.

Before you call a plumber clean them by using this method by Giraffe Legs, it uses vinegar and baking soda which costs less than hiring a plumber.  This method unclogs drains from hair build up, if your drains are still clogged you may have something else plugging up your pipes or a number of other issues.  If cleaning the drains don’t work, you may still have to call a plumber, but at least you tried!

Click here to learn how!

Clogged shower head?  Unclog it and remove hard water stains too using this method by A Real-Life Housewife.  She uses vinegar!  (Vinegar really does have many household uses!)

Click here to learn how!

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of First Home Love Life

Clean shower doors using this method by First Home Love Life.
She uses a paint brush to “paint” on Weiman Glass Cook Top Heavy Duty Cleaner.

Click here to learn how!

*Tip:  Once you got the shower doors keep them clean by rubbing on Rain X Water Repellent you can get some on Amazon or at the automotive department of any discount store.

For everyday cleaning wipe shower door with a dryer sheet like Bounce.

Another method for getting rid of stubborn soap scum is using the Vinegar and Dawn Mixture mentioned above for cleaning tubs/showers.

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Found on Listotic

Clean bathroom fixtures by rubbing a lemon on it then wiping with a Microfiber cloth.

*Tip:  Consider using Microfiber cloths to wipe all bathroom fixtures, surfaces, and mirrors.  They absorb well, leave not streaks, and clean easily.

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of Family Handyman

Instead of vacuuming your air vents blast them with canned air like Dust-Off Compressed Air Duster.  Learn how from Family Handyman.

You can get canned air at Amazon or at any hardware or discount store.

Cleaning Your Bathroom
Courtesy of Rifles and Ruffles

Mix up some of this All-In-One Magic Bathroom Cleaner by Rifles and Ruffles.  It cleans, polishes, deodorizes, and disinfects everything in the bathroom.

Click here to learn how!

Counter Tops & Mirrors

Don’t forget the counter tops!  After you remove the clutter you can really deep clean your counter tops.  Here’s a great article from Tipsbulletin on how to clean and seal your counter tops!  Click Here!

Last but not least the mirrors.  You can use any type of glass cleaner they all work pretty much the same.  It’s not the cleaner that’s important, it’s what you use to wipe!

For streak  free mirrors make sure you have plenty of dry material to wipe them with.  The best wipes to use are newspaper pages!  They’r large and dry, perfect for wiping windows.  It’s also a great way to use old newspapers!


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