Father’s Day is June 18 this year.  Sometimes I think Dad’s are under appreciated.  Everyone seems to make a big deal on Mother’s Day, being a Mom that’s just fine by me, but as far back as I can remember Father’s Day wasn’t such a big deal.

 As I child I recall going to the store to buy my Dad a new tie every Father’s Day, and perhaps we’d go out to lunch.  When my children were young they’d bring home a Father’s Day project from school and buy their Dad a new mug, he doesn’t wear ties.  Now that my kids are grown with families of their own they call their Dad on Father’s Day.  I’m not too sure what the grandkids do for their Dads, I think they take him out to lunch.  Whatever the case may be Father’s Day doesn’t seem to come with all the hoopla Mother’s Day does.

I suppose it could be because Dads, at least in our family, don’t make a big deal about it.  Unlike the Moms who expect our husbands and kids to make Mother’s Day a big celebration.  It doesn’t help that Father’s Day usually falls during our family vacations, many years it gets lost in the vacation whirlwind and ends up forgotten until the day of.  This year I’m determined to change all that even though Father’s Day will be the day before we leave for vacation.

I’ll start with having the grandchildren make something special for their Dads and Poppa.  I’ve been looking around for some gifts they can make.

Ditch the tie and make Dad something really cool this year!  Here are 12 of my favorite ideas I found around the web.  I hope they inspire you and the kids!  Click on the links for instructions.

DIY Father's Day Crafts

I love these Comic Strip decoupage frames.

I got the idea  from Crafts by Amanda my grandson Devon love it!  It’s right up his alley, he used to dress as a different super hero daily.  He stopped only because he’s in school now, but still loves his super heroes, he just celebrated his 7th. birthday with a Super Hero themed party!  Click here to see his party!

We made 4 frames, once each for his Dad, Poppa, and Uncles.  The frames are very inexpensive and easy to make!

Click here for instructions!

We also made these decoupage Comic Strip Boxes.

The idea is also from Crafts by Amanda .  They go well with the frames.  Dad can keep cuff links, loose change, or other trinkets in them.

Click here for instructions!

DIY Father's Day Crafts These comic strip magnets also from Crafts by Amanda makes use of any comic strip scraps from the previous projects.

You could put them in the decoupage boxes for Dad to use in his workshop or office!

Click here for instructions!



DIY Father's Day Crafts Bespoke Bride has a video tutorial on how to make these cute cufflinks.  They’re super easy to make and very cheap!

All you need are paper and cufflink blanks with glass dome tiles which you can get on Amazon; it costs $12.99 for 10 sets!(Affiliate link)  

You can customize the cufflinks to your Dad’s interests by using sheet music, maps, comic strips, newsprint, etc. And for under $20 you can make sets for Dad, Grandpa, and all the other Dads in your life!  They’d make great                                groomsmen gifts too!

Click here for video tutorial!

DIY Father's Day Crafts Here’s another cufflink idea, this one’s from Dream a Little Bigger.

All you need are thin pieces of square lego, spray paint (if you want them silver, gold, or other color – if you’re going to paint them it’s a good idea to also spray them with a clear coat to seal them), glue, and square cufflink blanks.  You can get the lego from the kids’ toy box and the blanks from Amazon 10 sets for $11.44! (Affiliate Link)
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DIY Father's Day Crafts For handyman Dads and Grandpas these personalized hammers from My Happy Crazy Life are perfect.  The kids will love painting them too!

Grab a hammer or two from any hardware or discount store and some craft paint.  Easy peasy!

Click here for instructions!

DIY Father's Day Crafts Great idea from Little King’s Nest.

Buy or make an “A” and “D” from wood, foam, or cardboard.  You can even paint them in Dad’s favorite color!  Snap photos of the kid or kids holding each letter.  Print and frame in a triple frame you can buy at any discount or dollar store.  So simple, yet so special!

If you prefer instead of spelling out dad the kids can hold signs that say “Best” “Daddy” “Ever”  or whatever message you want to say.


DIY Father's Day Crafts I found this on Pinterest, it was pinned from House Hunt, but there were no instructions on that site.

I don’t really think instructions are necessary, just looking at the image should work.  All you need are photos with Dad, a frame, cardboard, and glue.  You can use “Dad”, “Daddy”, or whatever name you call your father.

Cut 2 pieces of cardboard the size of the frame, one for the backing, the other for the matting.

Cut out the word you are using – like making a stencil.  Place the backing in the frame.  Position the photos on the backing, making sure the parts you want to show will be visible thru the stencil you just made.  Glue photos to the backing.  Place your word stencil over it, glue if you like.  Put the whole thing in the frame and you’re done!

DIY Father's Day Crafts This monogram picture collage from It’s a Ginger Snap is a great Father’s Day gift, just use the letter “D” for Dad!

Click here for instructions![spacer height=”-20px”]







DIY Father's Day Crafts I just love these photo bookmarks from Nearly Crafty!

Great gift for the Dads who love to read, and even if they don’t they can hang them on the car’s rear view mirror; so much cuter than fuzzy dice!

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DIY Father's Day Crafts Here’s a new twist on the hand print gift from Shanty 2 Chic.  You can cut the wood to fit one child or many. There are free printables to customize the gift from one child to multiple children and different names for Dad.

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DIY Father's Day Crafts Have your own DIY craft idea for Dad this year but need a printable to make it?

Here’s a list of links from Everything Etsy for Free Father’s Day printables for all your Father’s Day projects.

Click here for the links!