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Finding new creative hobbies is a great way to give yourself a sense of purpose, and feel more productive. Plus, you never know where your new creative pursuits may lead!


Participating in creative hobbies has so many benefits for your health and well-being, and is a fun way to relax after work or school. Now is the perfect time to take up a new creative hobby. With so many tutorials online, picking up a new skill is easier than ever – all you need is the materials and some inspiration. Here are 11 creative hobbies to try.


Hand lettering is one of the biggest creative hobbies right now. Hand lettering is the process of creating decorative letters and fonts. One of the most appealing parts of lettering is that there is are near-endless ways to do it. You can use virtually any type of writing or drawing utensil, ranging from pens to markers to brushes and beyond. Hand lettering also allows you to develop your own unique style with just a little bit of practice. In particular, hand lettering can be used to create cards and signs, and it’s a popular technique for creating wedding invitations. Lettering can be intimidating at first, but this guide will help you get started.



If you like plants, consider taking up flower arranging to express yourself through this unique medium. Many local flower shops offer classes for beginners, and there are many books and websites that offer tutorials. Floristry is something anyone can get into, and you can use the things you make to brighten up your home. You can even wear your floral arrangements by making them into crowns, corsages, and more.

Additionally, floral arrangements also make great gifts, particularly if you are on a budget.

florist workplace, still life with bouquet of tulips, scissors and tools


Bullet journaling is a technique that you can use to record the events of your day, stay organized, and plan for future goals. All you need to start bullet journaling is a blank notebook and a pen. The principle is simple: rather than buying a pre-bought planner, you create one yourself that only includes the things you need. There are three main things you’ll write down each day – the tasks you need to get done, notes about things you don’t want to forget, and noteworthy events that you want to remember.

Bullet journaling is a quick way to express yourself and get your thoughts on paper. Bullet journaling is a fantastic and diverse hobby. You can create your bullet journal to be as simple or as complex as you’d like. If you want to be more even creative with your bullet journaling, you can experiment with using different colors and layouts, or you can keep it simple. This bullet journal guide can help you explore the many different ways you can make a bullet journal your go-to creative hobby in 2021.


You don’t need to be the next J.K Rowling to start writing. It can be as simple as just sitting down and writing in a journal every day, or even just brainstorming a short story you want to write. Maybe you’ve always had a dream of becoming a published author but never knew where to start, well, 2021 is the perfect time to start chasing that dream. Just don’t try jumping into writing a novel right away, take some time to build up, and get in the habit of writing every day.

A great place to start is by starting a journal or doing morning pages every day. After you get in the habit, try taking a Skillshare course on how to write a book.

Women typing on laptop


Cross stitch has become very popular over the last few years on Pinterest and Instagram, and it’s a very soothing creative hobby that anyone can take up. Cross stitch is done by creating stitches in an X pattern on a grid, which creates very even stitches. In particular, there’s been a trend toward cross stitch designs with sassy sayings and charming nature themes. However, you can use cross stitch to make any design you want. There are thousands of cross stitch patterns online, but once you learn the basic technique, you can experiment with your own unique designs.

Preparations for embroidery (Cross-Stitch)


Starting a blog is one of those hobbies that actually makes it easier to keep doing all of the creative hobbies in your life. Plus, it has the potential to actually make you money and become your job. It did for me. Before starting a blog, I never watercolored or lettered on a daily basis. Now I do pretty much every day. Head here to learn how to start a blog.

Person blogging on their laptop pursuing their creative hobbies


Photography is a great way to get your juices flowing, and no, that doesn’t mean you need to drop a couple thousand dollars on a professional-grade camera. You can even start with just your cell phone. Consistency is key when trying to pick up this creative hobby. I recommend grabbing my 100-day challenge printable from my resource library and trying to take a picture every day for 100 days.

Man taking a picture on his DSLR camera


Watercoloring is probably one of the more intimidating creative hobbies on this list, but trust me, it’s not that hard. Learning to watercolor is a freeing experience because you discover that you can’t fully control the water no matter how hard you try, and you have to let go of control. If you have a hectic life, then this is the perfect hobby for you. You can find the basic supplies you need to start here, and here are a few tips for getting started.

Painting with watercolor paints


Origami, the classic Japanese art of paper folding, is another hobby that is both creative and relaxing. Making beautiful plants, animals, and other nature-inspired folds is a great way to challenge yourself and is sure to put a smile on your face. There are thousands of different designs to learn, and practicing helps with hand-eye coordination.

Origami Crane


Give meditation a try this new year, and you’ll be surprised by the benefits. Meditation isn’t what most people think of when they think of creative hobbies, but when you let your mind slow down a bit in this chaotic world, you’d be surprised by the benefits. Try morning meditation for a ton of benefits.

A man meditating early in the morning


Creating delectable treats is a creative hobby that comes with a truly sweet reward at the end. Not only is baking very satisfying, but it will also endear you to your friends and family, who will love your cakes, cookies, and other creations. Cake and cookie decorating can be complex, so it may be helpful to take a class to learn the basics.

Decorating cake


These are just eleven of the many creative hobbies that have been trending recently. Taking up a creative hobby is the perfect way to kickstart productivity and feel more productive. Creativity will make you happier and is a very effective way to help relieve stress.


If you’re looking for inspiration to help you get ready for the new year, you can check out all of my new year bullet journal and productivity content in one convenient place!

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a quick way to get ready for the new year, you should check out the Fox Den Resource Library. The library is packed with tons of free printables and lettering worksheets, including a January printable to help you tackle the new year.

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