Children are but vulnerable to a lot of things, and often it is a result of carelessness that they land up in situations a parent wouldn’t want them to. While children learn and pick up things as they grow, there are certain rules that need to be imbibed within them at a rather early age – or let’s just say, the sooner they know these rules the better it will be.

As parents, it is only natural for them to worry about their kids, and if only there could be certain ground rules that they were made to follow, you’d be much more relieved yourselves!

Here’s our list of 10 general safety rules that your child should know!

1. Contact information!
It is mandatory for your kid to be well versed with his/her own name, your contact number and home’s address. In case any emergency crops up, or the kid might have lost his/her way, they should be capable enough to help someone elder track their way down to home. For starters, help them memorize the details, and once they are thorough with it, have a second number memorized too.

2. Their approach towards a stranger
Irrespective of how old one gets, parents always have instructions with regards to how one should deal with strangers. Set strict ground rules for this one. They shouldn’t let any stranger touch or hold them without consent, never eat something given by a stranger, or, never let them believe that they are here on behalf of you. Set safety words that ensure the kid can trust whomsoever is visiting them on your behalf, or, let them know who else would ever come to pick them up or to drop them off if not you.

3. No one but you as parents are allowed to touch them
Once the kid is old enough to understand the difference between a good touch and a bad touch, they should be made aware that no one can touch them and no one should touch their body unless it is you.

4. Say no to secrets
It is essential that the communication between you and your child is crystal clear, so as to even if there is something that they shouldn’t have done, they can confide in you when something goes wrong. It is important for them to know that you have got their backs.

5. When lost, stay still and do not wander
While it is only true that no parent would let their kid out of sight, certain circumstances aren’t all that simple. If in case the kid gets lost, you must instruct him from well before hand to not go wandering around. Or, at the most, go visit a cop/get help from officials.

6. Help them identify peer pressure
Kids are the most influenced by the company they keep, and hence it is essential that you teach them not to do something that they would regret, or something that they know you won’t approve of. Even if not doing it means stepping aside from rest of the peers, teach them to not let anyone force them into doing anything they don’t want to, or, are not comfortable in doing it.

7. Teach them a mantra: No fire play, or wandering alone or, going off the limits
Set certain borders beyond which your kid is supposed to take you along with him. Teach them to follow the boundaries created, and abide by it. Explain to them how fire is dangerous and that they need to be away from it.

8. Keep them safe while on the road
You could be driving or just walking, you must ensure that the necessary protection has been taken. Ensure the child locks are locked during your drive or don’t forget to watch both the sides while crossing the road and hold their hands firm.

9. Don’t give out personal information
It is necessary for the kid to remember the information you made him memorize, but he must also be taught that it isn’t for everyone to be taken and he shouldn’t be the one giving it out to random strangers or anyone he doesn’t want to.

10. How to call for help!
Not always can you come to their rescue, and so it is a must to teach them the basics of getting to a police official and when should he get to a police official. Tell them the probabilities, and explain to them how to get through it.