halloween 2016I guess it’s that time of year again!  We’ve already started the countdown for Halloween  at our house.  I’ve been busy making costumes for the grands, Halloween cards and decorations.  We’re also starting to plan this year’s Halloween party for my grandson Jett.  It’s supposed to be a small one, but we’ll see.  Our parties tend to grow as we plan.

One of the activities we love during the Halloween season, in our family that’s pretty much the whole month of October, is the neighborhood game “You’ve Been Booed!”.  We play it in our neighborhood every year.  It’s a great way to get to know some of your neighbors and a good way to teach kids about sharing and giving.

The older kids love helping prepare the gift baskets, but the highlight is really dropping them off without being seen!

halloween 2016If you’re not familiar with the game I’ll explain.  The object of the game is to anonymously drop off a Halloween treat to 2 of your neighbors without being seen.  You must include a copy of the poem and game instructions with your treat, as well as a sign that let’s everyone know that house has been booed.

The treat recipient hangs the we’ve been booed somewhere visible so everyone knows that house has gotten a treat.   Then each recipient will continue the game by giving treats to 2 other neighbors who haven’t been booed yet.


I know I said it’s a neighborhood game, but really you can play it in school or at the office too!

By the way the treat doesn’t have to be just candy, you can include stickers, decor, and other fun Halloween stuff.  You can be as creative as you want!

To help you get started we’re sharing 2 new designs for Halloween 2016!  Each design has the instructions and the sign hung by the recipient.  You have a choice of “I’ve been booed” or “We’ve been booed” .  If you’re playing in school or at the office you may want to display the I’ve been booed sign.

Just click on the link, download and print!  Enjoy!


Click here for this design!




Click here ghost-collagefor this design!