Last year while visiting my daughter in Sierra Vista, Arizona we participated in the friendly neighborhood game, “You’ve Been Booed!” It’s sort of a mix between a chain letter and the Secret Santa games we played in school when I was a child.

We’d never heard of it and were surprised to find a Halloween gift basket on the doorstep one morning.  It came with 2 cards, the first was instructions on how to continue the game, the second the card we had to display on the front window indicating that we’d already “been booed”.

The instruction stated that we must “boo”, anonymously drop off Halloween baskets, to 2 neighbors who hadn’t already been “booed”.  We had a great time making up the gift baskets, scouting the neighborhood for potential gift receivers, and planning our strategy on the best way to drop off the baskets without getting caught.  We also tried to figure out which of the neighbors “booed” us.

I’ve since learned that this game is played in many neighborhoods around the country. I also found different variations on the theme, such as “You’ve Been Spooked!” and “You’ve Been Punked”.  There are also themes for other holidays through out the year.  I think it’s a fun way to interact with neighbors, some of whom we may not know well.

Here are some ideas for gift baskets as well as websites that offer free printable signs you can use to start the game in  your own neighborhood.  It usually starts a week or so before Halloween and can continue until every house in the neighborhood has been “booed”.

Free printable from
Free Printable from
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Printables from

For more fun Halloween ideas visit my You’ve Been Booed Board on Pinterest.

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