Steam cleaning has become a popular cleaning option for homeowners seeking better ways of keeping their homes spotless. Cleaning using steam involves the use of vaporized water that is heated to the highest degree and then applied to a surface using steam cleaners. When the heated water gets into contact with the floor or a carpet, it breaks down stubborn stains or dirt, making it easier to clean it. 

Guide on types of steam cleaners

The rise in popularity of steam cleaning has led to the introduction of different kinds of cleaners for the benefit of homeowners. The steam cleaners vary in the type of output they give after cleaning and their overall look. So far, the main types of steam cleaners can be classified into the options listed below.


  • Vapour cleaners


Vapour steam cleaners are designed to deeply clean surfaces as well as objects without leaving them damp. The ability to “dry clean” surfaces makes them a favorite among homeowners that would like to use their floor as soon as it is cleaned. Although these steam cleaners are costly, they are worth investing in for future use. To learn more about vapour cleaners, click here for details.


  • Steam mops


Steam mops are the most affordable option for those looking to buy steam cleaners. They are suitable for deep cleaning and sanitization of a variety of floors leaving them spotless. Also, the cost varies in terms of power, accessories, versatility and the brand. 


  • Cylinder cleaners


Homeowners with large residences will appreciate the services offered by cylinder steam cleaners. These machines are versatile and can be used to clean floors, counter surfaces and rugs, among others.


  • Handheld cleaners 


If you are looking for a small and portable steam cleaner for home use, you need to check out the handheld version of the machine. Handheld cleaners are the best for removing tiny floor stains and can be used to reach tight corners as well. 


Reasons to use steam cleaners

Steam cleaners offer a wide array of benefits to homeowners with large or small living spaces. Some of the top reasons to use these cleaning machines include:


No pollution

In most cases, intensive cleaning is associated with the use of chemicals which can be harmful to humans and pets in the home. However, the situation is different with steam cleaning that only uses vaporized water which is safe for any home. Also, steam cleaning can sterilize carpets and surfaces that have pollutants from the previous cleaning. 

Superior cleaning capabilities

Deep cleaning is possible when using a steam cleaner because the heat from the machine weakens dirt bonds and staining compounds in different types of surfaces. When the bonds have been broken down, cleaning is easy and fast, resulting in spotless surfaces or rugs.

Eliminates unwanted microorganisms

Besides providing thorough cleaning for different surfaces, steam cleaners also kill unwanted microorganisms that may be residing in the carpets. The hot vapour quickly eliminates fungus, mould, bacteria, dust mites and mildew, among others. 


Overall, buying a steam cleaner is an excellent investment for homeowners that want to enjoy a sparkling home all year round.