A couple of years ago when my grandson Devon was 4 he developed a fear of sleeping in his own room.  He claimed there were monsters in his room just waiting to get him.  Bedtime became a nightmare.  Many nights we’d find him sleeping in our bed.  Other nights he’d sneak in to his brother’s room and curl up on the floor.

We tried night lights and leaving the door open.  I’d even stay in his room until he fell asleep, but he’d wake up in the middle of the night and move to a different room or start crying until someone went to comfort him.  Nothing seemed to work.

I searched online for more suggestions and ideas on how to get this child to sleep in his own bed.  I came across a company that was selling “Monster Repellent” for $7.99 a bottle, it comes with a little tale to tell the child as you spray the room.  It was really aroma therapy, a small spray bottle filled with this magic liquid that keeps monsters away.  I thought it was worth a try and was ready to buy it, then the light bulb went on…why buy something I could easily make with ingredients I already had at home?

That afternoon I told Devon about my new found knowledge… I’d found the recipe for “Monster Spray”!  He was intrigued and wanted to know all about it.  I explained that together we could make this spray and use it every night at bedtime, I assured him that the spray would make the monsters go away.  He loved the idea and wanted to make the spray right away.

Together Devon and I mixed up a batch of Monster Spray in the kitchen.  I really think having him help make it up made it more believable, it also empowered him to overcome his fear of monsters.

That night he was ready for bedtime, armed with our Monster Spray and the Magic Words we sprayed his entire room, his closet, and under his bed.  We sprayed everywhere a monster could be hiding.  He had a very good night’s sleep.  He told me the next morning the Monster Spray worked great.  We sprayed his room every night, we had to mix up several more batches until he started kindergarten, at that time he assured me that he was over his fear of monsters.

The recipe for Monster Spray is below, it uses lavender essential oil and water, all natural, but don’t let the child drink it or rub it directly on the child’s skin. Most essential oils are safe to use but should always be diluted.  To avoid any type of irritation don’t spray directly on bedding.  Devon has asthma and allergies but the spray did not cause any ill effects. If your child has allergies it’s best to check with your doctor if a diluted lavender spray is safe to use around your child.

Click here for the FREE printable Label and Magic Words!

You will need:

Spray bottle – you can use any kind, I used an old one I had from L’Occitane that was used for linen spray.  I rinsed it well and removed the label.  You can buy new Fantasea Fine Mist Spray Bottle, 2.5 Ounce on Amazon.com

Bottled water – enough to fill the spray bottle

4-5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil.  You can buy   NaturEarth French Lavender Oil 4 oz 100% Pure Premium Essential Oil w/FREE SHIPPING on Amazon.com

Bottle label & Magic Words  FREE Printable click here!

1.  Fill spray bottle with water.
2.  Add essential oil.
3.  Secure bottle cap and shake well.
4.  Glue on label.
5.  Spray room while saying the Magic Words.  Be sure you get the corners, under the bed, and the closets.  Avoid spraying directly on bedding and clothing.  Don’t spray on child’s skin.  Don’t let the child drink the mixture.

Hope this helps your child overcome his fear of things that go bump in the night!